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  • Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

    Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!



    A Young woman dies on her trip to Japan in the most anticlimactic way possible, buried by a pile of manga, light novels, and even lewd doujin after an earthquake. In her last moments, all the wishes she has suddenly become reality and materialize in all sorts of Special Abilities before she finds herself reincarnated into a corpse! Wait... Why is the corpse not moving? No matter how much she tries, it doesn't move, she's not even a zombie or something! Wait... Why is she stuck with the unmoving corpse? The corpse is actually not part of her anymore! Wait... Why is she not a physical being? Her hands are translucent, and so is her entire "new" body! "Ah... I am a ghost?!" Accompany Maria as she survives as a ghost in a brand new and unwelcoming world, raises her own skeleton as her friend, and seeks the truth behind her second life’s death and how exactly she turned into a ghost. Not only will she have Phantasmal Powers and Dark Magic, but even the ability to raise her own Undead Army! Will anything be able to stand before her path for revenge? Over 100000 words (100 Chapters) available for free! Daily Chapters Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 10 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 20 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 50 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week Join My Discord:

  • aku seorang Army

    aku seorang Army

  • Army System

    Army System


    Li Fang was killed by a thunderstorm after playing a video game for 30 hours straight.He also has received a system that allows him to buy an army using money or demon beast core. He also has become a great demon god. watch as Li Fang become a legend.

  • skeleton army

    skeleton army


    Death...One word, four letters ...But eternal eternity for his soul ...“There was nothing he could not do to get rid of these four walls.He gave his back to the wallstared his gaze acrossHe didn't mind the blood written on the glass.All he wanted was freedom. "WRITTEN INSPIRED BY THE 100 SERIES.



  • BTS Army

    BTS Army

    It's about all my experiences being an Army.

  • Hati ARMY

    Hati ARMY

  • Army Men

    Army Men


    He was sent to the battlefield, but he sat paralyzed when his platoon was fired upon in response to a firefight into a surprise ambushed, afterwards, a strange, mysterious event took place, the sky turning dark and fog took away the field of vision for him, and that's when, it all happen.A bright eruption hit the center of the battlefield. Falling on the wet ground silently with shock, he couldn't see what it was but shielded his eyes with his arm, listened closely and noticed that the eerily quiet battlefield begun to erupt into a gun fight once more.Not without investigating the mysterious crater in the center of his attention, he soon were able to determine what it was after closer inspection, it was some kind of metal machine looking object, possibly even artifact intelligence.By unknown reason, it has begun to activate at his very touch. Unable to comprehend what had just happened, he frantically tries to pull back his hand, his fingers were immovable, and stuck to the object as it start to glow blue, over his body, and began to glow himself, and soon disappear.

  • Golden army

    Golden army

    Fantasy Romance MYSTERY

    The gold six has returned home



  • army lover

    army lover

  • army wars

    army wars

    A girl enters "Army wars" people with powers fight each other. She didn't want to be put there but she has to deal with. There is something about her that's a different from the others. Read to find out more.

  • Indean army

    Indean army

    Which are the best books to read about the Indian army or the Indian defence forces?I have come up with a list of 5 books which meant the most to me, from the war-classics to less-known books which deserve the larger audiences. These are my picks, pick yourself a cuppa & enjoy.Black Tornado: The Military Operations of 26/11: Sandeep UnnithanThe 26/11 attack on Mumbai shook up the nation like never before. India has always been perceived as a soft state whose response to numerous terrorist attacks have been quite ineffective. After reading this book, if one reflects on the Indian response over the years to the attacks, the picture is even more dismal. This book describes the gThere are various books about the Indian defence forces.Some are based on the true story of our brave soldiers. Like,India’s Most FearlessIndia’s Most Fearless 2The Brave: Param Vir Chakra StoriesShoot Dive FlyThis all books cover the true stories of soldiers from the Army, Navy, and Airforce who appeared in different operations and risk their lives to protect the nation.Some are Non-Fictional books that cover the journey of a soldier’s life very well.This book is my favorite one. It covers the story of one army brat Sidhhant Mishra who lost his father in the war and wants to join the Indian army to fulfill his father’s dream. But his life took him to a different destination. He starts his journey from The National defence academy, Khadakvasla, where he spent six terms each of 6 months duration in rigorous and strenuous training, which mend him from schoolboy to cadet. Then, He joins the Indian Military Academy, Deharadun, where he spent his one-year training and became Lieutenant Sidhhant Mishra. Then, He joins the madras regiment of the Indian army where he falls in love with one of his colleagues. His life was going very well but destiny wants something different from him. One day, He met with an accident in which he got injured very seriously that doctors have to amputate his right arm. After the operation, when he comes to his consciousness and doctors informs him about his accident and right arm, the first thing he speaks is “ Can I have a chocolate milkshake? “. His girlfriend also left him after that. But then, He decided to pursue a management degree. This is what the army teaches you, Shit happens, Life goes on. He appeared in different tests like CAT, GMAT, XAT and got admission to IIM Ahmedabad. Then he got a job in one of the famous M&C companies and spent his further life happily.2. The Shadow RunnerThis is also a great book with a suspensive and emotional ending that turns lazy gentlemen cadet of IMA to join Special forces of The Indian army.3. Boots Belts Berets ( Covers the journey of four cadets in National Defence Academy )4. On the Double ( Covers the journey of four cadets in Indian Military Academy )#2People in India still havent acquired taste in reading much about the conventional or uncoventional war fare . Though there are a number of books on the wars fought by the Indian Armed forces in contemporary history ie after independence in 1947 , most of them are written by the members of the armed forces themselves, Dont get me wrong but i still feel people need to connect more with the military books highlighting the adversities faced by men in uniform and the grit shown by them in those tough times.Here are some of the many books you may read to get an insight of the various wars fought by our armed forces

  • Reaper army

    Reaper army


    this is a story of a guy who had a family and was. a Soldier and been through a lot but after he lost his family and Wrong Place Wrong Time scenario. he couldn't let go and signed signed a contract with death in order to get revenge on those who killed him and his family this is his story.

  • Pakistan army

    Pakistan army

  • Wolf Army

    Wolf Army


    The smell of blood fascinates me .

  • Army Definition

    Army Definition

    An army (from Latin arma "arms, weapons" via Old French armée, "armed" [feminine]), ground force or land force is a fighting force that fights primarily on land. In the broadest sense, it is the land-based military branch, service branch or armed service of a nation or state. It may also include aviation assets by possessing an army aviation component. Within a national military force, the word army may also mean a field army.Afghan Army soldiers on parade, 1950sIn some countries, such as France and China, the term "army", especially in its plural form "armies", has the broader meaning of armed forces as a whole, while retaining the colloquial sense of land forces. To differentiate the colloquial army from the formal concept of military force, the term is qualified, for example in France the land force is called Armée de terre, meaning Land Army, and the air and space force is called Armée de l'Air et de l’Espace, meaning Air and Space Army. The naval force, although not using the term "army", is also included in the broad sense of the term "armies" — thus the French Navy is an integral component of the collective French Armies (French Armed Forces) under the Ministry of the Armies. A similar pattern is seen in China, with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) being the overall military, the land force being the PLA Ground Force, and so forth for the PLA Air Force, the PLA Navy, and other branches.The Sikh Regiment marching contingent of the Indian Army on parade, 2015By convention, irregular military is understood in contrast to regular armies which grew slowly from personal bodyguards or elite militia. Regular in this case refers to standardized doctrines, uniforms, organizations, etc. Regular military can also refer to full-time status (standing army), versus reserve or part-time personnel. Other distinctions may separate statutory forces (established under laws such as the National Defence Act), from de facto "non-statutory" forces such as some guerrilla and revolutionary armies. Armies may also be expeditionary (designed for overseas or international deployment) or fencible (designed for – or restricted to – homeland defence).

  • Army lover

    Army lover

    I want to do something for my life country

  • Pak Army

    Pak Army