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    Bela Diri BTS

  • The Fire
-Jung Hoseok

    The Fire -Jung Hoseok


    Hoseok seorang idol yang tiba-tiba mendapat kenyataan yang sangat mustahil ada di dunia nyata. dan karena itu juga ia dipertemukan dengan salah satu penggemarnya sebagai penyemangat hidup saat ia dihindari oleh publik karena terlalu berbahaya.

  • What are we, hoseok?

    What are we, hoseok?

    "Hoseok..."He hummed, shivers spreading everywhere around my body from his vibrating voice."What are we?"In which an hyperactive guy takes his role as a 'life partner' for an handicapped and depressed girl.

  • MY SIXTH SENSE (Jung hoseok FF)

    MY SIXTH SENSE (Jung hoseok FF)

  • I miss you |Hoseok x Reader|

    I miss you |Hoseok x Reader|

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE BTS

    One of Hoseok's friends, Yoongi, had a sister, (Y/N). Hoseok had looked at her differently than everyone else. He fell for her and everyone knew. That's when they targeted her. They bullied her day in and day out and it doesn't help that her parents didn't care about her. They only care about the son. Yoongi didn't like the idea of them not liking her, so most of the time they would stay over at one of there friends house. Mostly hoseoks house. "Hoseok, let's go." ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is told from Jhopes pov None of the events are real in this book. Created: September 12, 2020 (on wattpad) Finished: September 19, 2020 (on wattpad) Created: December 2, 2020 (Webnovel) Finished:??? ------------------------- Will contain violence and cursing. ⓒ this-is-my-trash

  • YOUNG FATHER(BTS Jung Hoseok Ver.)

    YOUNG FATHER(BTS Jung Hoseok Ver.)


    "Sejak aku lahir hingga sekarang, aku tidak pernah mersakan kasih sayang seorang ayah. Aku tahu,kehadiranku diusiaanya terlalu muda yaitu 13 tahun. Merenggut masa mudanya yang indah.Bahkan, baginya akulah penyebab kematian Oemma dan kehancurnya.Iya,Oemmaku adalah Park Hyemi sekaligus sahabat dan Istri dari Ayahku Jung Hoseok. Seorang Idol yang tergabung grup BTS. Andai aku bisa memilih, aku tidak mau dilahirkan di dunia ini.Karena kehadranku banyak orang yang terluka. Termasuk Appaku, Jung Hoseok.."-Jung Raena-"Maaf, hanya itu yang bisa lakukan kepadamu. Andai aku tidak menodai Hyemi, mungkin kau tidak terlahir dan mendapatkan siksaan dariku. Jujur aku sangat bangga menjadi Appa. Namun kau hadir di saat usiaku terlalu muda..."-Jung Hosok_

  • Taehyung Jungkook Namjoon seokjin Hoseok  Yoongi and Jimin

    Taehyung Jungkook Namjoon seokjin Hoseok Yoongi and Jimin

  • The Seven Princes || A BTS FANFICTION || BTS X READER

    The Seven Princes || A BTS FANFICTION || BTS X READER


    "Are you all brothers?" You pointed at the men scattered around the room. They all nodded in their way. Others raised their eyebrows once, others send thumbs-up, and others nodded normally. You put two and two together and sighed out and groggily slumped back down the chair. The pain on your thigh that started to subside had returned in a flash but you gulped down the wince that almost forced it way out of your mouth. The closest people close to you reached out towards you, alarmed with how you sat down. "So, do you guys share the same mate?" You asked weakly. From your travels, you found out that those who have mythical blood running down their veins and are siblings and are the same gender would share one mate. It happens rarely, only to those who have royal blood. When you observed their situation, with their consent, of course, their mate would always turn out to be a human. Might the siblings be sirens or nymphs or vampires, their mate would always turn out to be Namjoon coughed and rubbed his nape."That's actually the reason why you can't leave," He slowly let the words go. You closed your eyes for a moment. "Well, You should have told me that I'm staying for a chat," You grumbled out. Hoseok brightened up and clapped his hands."Then we shall drink tea back at the house," He announced.-Being known as Nyx, you never had an easy life. With the expectations of being the world's best-renowned assassin and hunter, protector of your people, and a babysitter of five children, you can't really expect to have time in your hands to relax, the world being run by werewolves, witches, vampires, mermaids and more.But now, another role has been added.After hearing the princes of the biggest empire in the world, the Asian Kingdom, say the word "mate", you're scared for what is about to come.But then again you're Nyx, one of the very few humans that survived and became known, you could take a challenge like that.



    There are seven important stages in human life were we face problem.We start our life journey from 7th stage guided by our angels and lead to the 1st stage which is almost the last stage of life to face that problem. So Jieun,a delicated girl started stream to live her harshfull life.Metatron(powerfull among angel)send 7 angels from the heaven as her guardian angel to guide her life till this 7 stages.......Guys....First of all,this is my first novel.Comments and feedbacks are very welcome.I'm not good at literature so,please don't mind my poor english and please enjoy the story THANK YOU....!!!Staring:BTS-----RM(Kim Namjoon)Jin(Kim Seokjin)Suga(Min Yoongi)Jhope(Jung Hoseok)Jimin(Park Jimin)V(Kim Taehyung)JK(Jeon Jungkook)

  • Day Dreaming

    Day Dreaming

    Wendy comes to have a crush on a man called Jung Hoseok when he saved her from an abusive man who is hitting his wife ....when they were all on vacation in Jeju. It is her first time to like a man. Later she learns that their fathers are friends and would like them to marry. The problem is Wendy finds out that Jung Hoseok is a gay (although it is a not true). Wendy would like to refuse to the marriage even how much she is fond of him, but the fathers insist they work together at his family's hotel to get to know each other. Wendy and Hoseok gets to near each other more and become friends. Wendy also meets another man who seems to interests in her, one of the most important man in hotel management team, Mr Lee Min Hong. Her appearance with Lee Min Hong makes Hoseok realises his feeling for Wendy is more than a friend and he doesn't want to lose her. Especially when Lee Min Hong is known to be a womaniser very unlike him, who he considers himself a boring normal guy and a loser in first love. How will he try to tell his feelings to Wendy? ......... (Chapter 19) Wendy: "Hope...you behave so badly today .. especially how you appear in here. it's so  rude.." Hoseok: "I know. .I can't help it...!" Wendy: "Why!" Hoseok: "Do you like him ...do you like Lee Min Hong?" Wendy: "Well I'm getting to know him.. what's wrong if I like him!" At that... Hoseok just couldn't control himself more..he just grab Wendy's face and kisses her on the lips. .... Wendy: "What does this mean Hope ...you like both women and men? but you should never cheat Jimin. ." In this, Hoseok remembers she has mistaken him as gay man...and somehow an idea just come to him. Hoseok: "Er....I'm very sorry Wendy.. I just want to know how it feels like to kiss a woman." Wendy: " it's just that?" ...... Hoseok continues,  "Will you marry me? Wendy" Wendy: "Are you crazy.... whatever is happening to you ??" Wendy looks up at Hoseok..His face is very serious. ........ Wendy: "I will need to think about it!!" ..... The story has completed.




    Jung Hoseok, a kpop idol of the biggest boy band BTS. Hoseok has no flaws not even one, he's perfect in everyone's eyes. People refer to him as sunshine, a ball of happiness and hope for people. His bright smile is the reason for many people's happiness. His fans & member thinks he's always happy and positive and his life is perfect, it's what they think~ Hoseok has a alter ego disorder and no one knows about this and he even has this tragic past which he wants it to be in the closed book. He doesn't want anyone to know about his real self or it would be the end of them.

  • Who am I?(Revenge)

    Who am I?(Revenge)

  • Love From Seven Stars

    Love From Seven Stars

    Teen BTS

    Montgomery Luna goes back to Korea after years of New York life. New house and new life. And a school.... Well first time . In school, she meets her first enemy and later on finding herself seven enemies. . Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Min Yoongi Kim Namjoon Kim SeokJin Jung Hoseok Jeon Jungkook . Life was pretty much a mystery to since she didn't really have the best childhood or had a childhood at all. But once she meet her seven enemies, things start to unfold... BTS x AU's Original Character Author's Note: The start is really bad, but once you get into it... it gets better + TXT, MAMAMOO,REDVELVET, etc. Kpop idols are in here :) + Also pls leave suggestions in the comments :) Insta: @mluna_writer for updates :)

  • Wrong Number  (FF PARK JIMIN)

    Wrong Number (FF PARK JIMIN)

  • Stay With Me {Taehyung}

    Stay With Me {Taehyung}


    "Eunha noona is still alive!!" - Taehyung"JUST SEND HIM TO THE HOSPITAL ALREADY!!" - Hoseok"Taehyung, please eat at least a little" - Jimin"HE ISN'T TRAUMATIC......HE IS INSANE!!" - Yoongi"I will always be with you" - Eunha

  • -Al Borde De La Muerte- •Yoonmin•

    -Al Borde De La Muerte- •Yoonmin•

    NO ROBAR PORTADA Jimin y Tae son amigos desde hace mucho Suga un extraño que viene a sobrevivir Nam y Jin una pareja de chicos que son novios y también viven para sobrevivir y acoger a los supervivientes Hoseok y Yong dos novios que son bastante amigables pero tienen que sobrevivirJungKook es un chico solitario hasta que se encuentra con alguien masatt: ?_Sakiko-chan_?Hola nueva historiahistoria, espero que os guste ?

  • My pleasure SiR!

    My pleasure SiR!

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE

    Gadis Bar-bar dan galak berhasil menarik perhatian anggota sebuah Boygroup ternama di Korea selatan. Namun tidak bagi seorang Jung Hoseok lelaki misterius dan aneh jika berada di depan gadis itu. Itu semua disebabkan oleh trauma nya."Kau? Seorang, Gay ya?"BTS X BU@Syfsooshiiiii2020

  • Fall In Love With my Stepbrother and his Friends!

    Fall In Love With my Stepbrother and his Friends!

    Y/n:It's weird that i live with seven hot boys and I'm still a virginimin: Finally i have chanceYoongi: I Love You Y/nHoseok: I hope you like this BabygirlJungkook: Aaahh---You're so good Y/nTae: Wrong name Babygirl , it's DADDY for tonightJin:Does it hurt?Namjoon: I'll be gentle

  • EvAng [VHopeKook] !BxB!

    EvAng [VHopeKook] !BxB!

    Bagaimana jika dirimu yang masih umur 12 tahun di perebutkan antara dua orang yang kadar ketampanan nya melebihi kapasitas? dan lagi sifat di antara mereka berdua itu adalah topeng sesaat?-jung hoseok

  • friendship or love (BTS J-HOPE)

    friendship or love (BTS J-HOPE)

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE BTS

    hoseok from bts and y/n where friends sense they where kids but society has separate them from each other but destiny has a nothing plans for then .⚠️as the story goes some chapters have 18+ on them ⚠️