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  • The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

    The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]



    As soon as Luo Yan graduated, he immediately got an offer from a prestigious gaming company. He thought all his hard work finally paid off. And he would finally reach the pinnacle of life. But then, on his first day of work, a potted plant fell on his head and he died. Surprisingly, when he thought he would cross the Yellow River, he suddenly woke up and found himself in the body of a 17 year old boy. This body had the same name as him but completely different background. Because the original was the second young master of the Luo family - one of the most powerful family in S City. Luo Yan almost cried. God probably took pity on him and decided to give him a loving family with a wealthy background. He didn't have to work hard anymore. Studying like his life depended on it and pretending to be a holy father just to cater to people. So Luo Yan decided to be a salted fish and just shamelessly sell meng. A certain male god who always bought Luo Yan's meng: Yan Yan is so cute! Why is Yan Yan so cute?? Cold faced on the outside, a cinammon roll on the inside Gong X Super beautiful, black-belly Shou.Cover art by Revereine

  • Fantasy Assassin in a modern world

    Fantasy Assassin in a modern world



    Fade was a legendary assassin that could kill just about anyone, as long as the price was right and the reason was just. One day as he was reminiscing about his life when he lost someone important, he fell asleep. When he woke up he was in a weird place, a different body, a different world.

  • The Assassin's Enemy Lover

    The Assassin's Enemy Lover



    Enemies always meet on a narrow road and when they meet war breaks out. They met as kids and fought but Zi Han lost. They met in the army as recruits and even then Zi Han lost. He lost again as he remained a sergeant while Yi Chen was promoted to the position of Marshal. Even when his dark history swallowed him whole and shifted allegiance to become the Universe's most infamous assassin he still lost to Yi Chen. Zi Han, "Damn it! Why won't you let me win." Yi Chen, "I can let you win in bed if you like?" Zi Han, "......" When did enemies graduate from rolling in the dirt fighting to rolling in the sheets..... fighting? That's the million-dollar question. Updates: Sporadic and depends on popularity. Enjoy!

  • The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective

    The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective



    "Fateful encounter of a cold-blooded assassin and a gentle detective: She wants to avenge her parents’ death, no matter the cost. He wants to redeem her and teach her forgiveness. One of them must give in. Merciless, fierce, vicious, and ruthless were the words that people would associate with her. That's how they would describe her, a living devil. Elle is known as the mysterious and meticulous assassin feared by both the underground syndicates and the government. But she finds herself helpless and at the end of her rope when she meets with despair on one of her missions. Erick, a chief detective, comes just in time to rescue the devil turned damsel. His kindhearted nature had led him to take the cold and aloof girl under his wing. With his protection on the line, Elle couldn't possibly get close to him in fear of being revealed. Can she let him into her walls or will she push him away, like all the others? Can he close his eyes to her crimes or will he punish her?" «»«»«»«»«»«»«»«» *Excerpts* "What if I had killed someone? What if I am a criminal, what will you do?" Erick kept silent for a few seconds, thinking. Elle could almost hear her pounding heart amidst the silence of their surrounding. Erick looked into her eyes and met her nervous gaze as he gave her his response. "If that is the case, then I will have to put you in prison," he said in a serious tone. Elle's heart sank when she heard it. She felt like her world fell into pieces. "So... if I ask you to surrender yourself to me, will you do it?" Erick asked her softly as he cupped her troubled face in his two hands. "Will you?... will you marry me Elle?" he added. Elle:"..." Erick took advantage of that chance when Elle was still in a trance as he brought his face closer to her and sealed her lips with a gentle kiss. -------------------------------------------------- COMPLETED [ 530 Chapters ] { Warning: This Book Features Mature Content [R-18] } Award: Writing Prompt Contest #93 First Placer- Villainess Female Lead The Devilish Assassin meets The Angelic Detective Volume I: Fateful Encounter [ Chapter 1-275 (Completed) ] Volume II:Their Paths Crossed Again [ Chapter 276- 530 (Completed) ] Author's Other Book: 1. The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter (Contracted) Award of this Book: WPC #133 Gold Tier- No Humans Allowed! Female Lead 2. Help, Cupid! I'm Falling For You Note* The artwork/illustration/photo in the cover is not mine. If the owner wants it to be replaced, it will be replaced. [The Author is slowly editing all the chapters. Please bear with me if you see grammar mistakes and awkward sentence structures along the way. Only the first 32 Chapters had been edited so far.] Curious about this author? Follow me in Instagram: elle_zar Please like Author Facebook page: @AUTHOR.ELLEZARG18

  • Assassin's Chronicle

    Assassin's Chronicle



    A skilled but unfortunate modern-day assassin was killed in a freak accident. However, he soon found himself summoned to another world by an evil wizard, who had him possess the body of a boy as an experiment. After successfully planning the evil wizard's downfall, he used the wizard's body as a springboard to gain influence and power in his new world.

  • Assassination System

    Assassination System

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM HAREM


    Check out my other work! of the Weakest EmperorIn a world fraught with innumerable dangers where living day by day is a struggle, a young man from the modern age transmigrated into such a world, accompanied by a peculiar system made for assassination.[Move footsteps three inches apart for enhanced stealth.][Strike at the indicated acupoint to ensure a quick death!][Host has successfully assassinated the designated enemy! Gained one Assassination Point!]

  • Dysfunctional - An Assassin's Guide to Reincarnating in Another World

    Dysfunctional - An Assassin's Guide to Reincarnating in Another World



    Following a brutal and tortured death, a former assassin, known only by his codename Kuro, is given the opportunity to reincarnate in another world, a world with magic and monsters. Armed with an unrivaled healing factor and an inhumane pain threshold, Kuro opts to go for a reckless direct approach in this world instead of a stealthy and cautious one, and as a result, slowly gains attention bit by bit.Having previously been a loner in his old life, he interacts and befriends people for the first time in his existence, however, his blunt nature also sees him making just as many enemies, both big and small. By combining his old assassin skills with the magic powers of this world, along with his high resistance to pain and rapid regeneration, he doesn't take long to establish himself as a formidable force in this world. Initially, Kuro only faces minor threats, like weaker monsters and bandits. But before too long, the threats slowly but surely become more and more severe...from Zombies to a bloodthirsty empire to Vampires and Demons, and even divine beings...however, as the enemies he faces grow stronger, so does Kuro, gaining rare powers that have never or rarely ever been seen in this world...Genre - Fantasy Sub-Genres - Isekai, Action, Magic, Dark Fantasy, Romance, Comedy Age-Rating - Pg-13 Warning: Mild Profanity, Mild Sexual Content, ViolenceFor updates and discussions, join my Discord server: character designs and other posts, visit my Instagram page: @aimdaqs

  • My Wife Is A Secret Assassin

    My Wife Is A Secret Assassin

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY MYSTERY

    Chance is suffering from Foniasophobia, a fear of murderers and murders.As luck would have it, when he is holidaying in Hawaii, he meets a beautiful woman, Samantha and falls in love with her.Samantha is a delicate, lady like, gentle woman who runs a florist shop in San Diego but that is what everyone believes.The truth is Samantha is a secret assassin who doesn't even blink an eye before killing someone.She meets Chance while on a mission in Hawaii and no matter how hard she tries to avoid him, she just couldn't and ends up falling head over heels in love with him irrespective of knowing his phobia of murderers.What happens when a man who fears murderers falls deeply in love with one? Is Chance really as innocent as he seems to be? Or is he hiding something big which is even more shocking? ...Disclaimer: This cover does not belong to me, if the creator has a problem I will get it removed.

  • Assassination Through the Netherworld

    Assassination Through the Netherworld



    You get your throat slit open by your own father only to find yourself within the infamous netherworld, will you repent? will you conquer? A mortal assassin whose hobby and profession are to topple tyrants and slaughter those that believe the law is beyond them… For such people, he’s the law! Known as the ‘Bringer of Euthanasia’, ‘La Guadaña de la Parca’, ‘Shinigami’, and so on… some addressed him as Hero, some cursed him as a bloodthirsty murderer seeking dissension, and others labelled him a heartless assassin. Be it as it may, as all things, his unholy endeavour eventually came to an end. Cornered by the most elite assault team in the world in a sealed street in the United Kingdom, Valentine met his end believing he had cleaned this world as thoroughly as he could from evil, he would get to realise that Evil has a beginning, never an end. Nothingness may finally claim his wretched soul as he believed he would never go to the same place where those he longed for remained. But, would that be the case? … So he believed until he found himself falling in a free fall, in a red sky with black clouds and three bright moons hanging on the landscape. What is this new world? … The author here, I advise this book has a ridiculous amount of sensitive content, and I don't mean lemons necessarily... read under your own discretion, this is a book about survival of the fittest about though conditions beyond anything humans could conceive, this is a book of Hell... ************* Cover by BlackSnowAngel#3884

  • Ascension of the Master Assassin

    Ascension of the Master Assassin

    Video Games VIDEOGAME


    Venn was a nobody in life. Heaven Descent was everything he had.Having spent every waking moment playing the game as a game rat, he found himself back in time to the first time he started playing Heaven Descent after drowning himself with alcohol the day his sister died.With no knowledge of stock market nor sufficient capital, he is determined to rise to the top of the game this time to save his sister from her illness."Watch me! I shall take everything that belongs to me and more this time, even if it meant prying them from the clutches of Heaven!"Check out my discord: you wish to donate via paypal:

  • Unleash The Assassin [BL]

    Unleash The Assassin [BL]

    Adrian a young man, who has graduated school extremely early, goes down the wrong path of crime, murders, and even becoming a teacher to try and change his ways.

  • Reincarnated Assassin

    Reincarnated Assassin



    Killed on his escape from a failed assassination. The protagonist wakes in a fantasy world as the decedent of a powerful noble with a unique magical blessing.It starts light-hearted in the beginning but heavy moments will come. Be warned

  • Assassin!


    Martial Arts ACTION



    Contemporary Romance CEO KILLER ABANDONED

    "I know you and I know your secrets as the Sex Assassin, the one the police have been looking for. I have evidence of your mischievous deeds. So you will use that power of yours to seduce him. when that is done you can kill him and bring me his manhood. I know you can do it". He sends me an evil smirk and at this point, I know I have no choice but to accept his offer. The police is not my friend. Sofia Jones is a seventeen years lady who have been molested by men when she was just 7years old. When she could face her fears and stand up for herself, she made it her mission to kill any man who dares makes a move on her, by brutally destroying their manhood. She later named herself; Sex Assassin. In one of her missions, she was taken by someone who knew all her dirty secrets. He offered her a contract worth billions to kill the young, charming but notorious leader of the underworld mafia. who is said to be a great competitor and rival of many organizations. Would she succeed in her mission or does fate have other plans for her?. Let's find out in SEX ASSASSIN. A lot of secrets to be revealed.

  • The assassin

    The assassin



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION

    what happens when a woman broke all the rules and became the first female Godfather of the Mafia' secrets, lies, betrayal, action' everything awaits for you" read how the most infamous assassin end up becoming the first female Godfather

  • THE LAST ASSASSIN(Rinleigh's Legend)

    THE LAST ASSASSIN(Rinleigh's Legend)



    Ayesha Marquez is a 12 years old little girl who was caught up inside a cruel fate having an ex convict dad, and an unemployed mom, inside a poor family. But then, fate was still cruel enough, that it didn't get contented with just giving her that kind of life. Because when she decided to look for her dad, who lost his job. The day after she found him, is also the day she was sold to hell. She became a slave inside that hell. But since she has the talent of killing, she has been promoted as an assassin with the title of Rinleigh the Beheader.... What will be her future inside that hell? Can she get herself out? Or fate would still be cruel, to make her stay?

  • Vengeful Assassin (Strongest Assassin)

    Vengeful Assassin (Strongest Assassin)


    What would you feel if your loved ones got murdered while celebrating a special day right in front of you?Our protagonist named Eu was abandoned at the age of eight. His family were killed by the authority.To take over their state the regime were killing those people who do not want their leadership.He aims to become the strongest assassin by cultivating his skills to achieve his dream of defeating their government and avenge his murdered family and to protect those vulnerable people.His mission is to enter into the famous school in their country owned by their administration and to study the system how they can overthrow their president to end the chaos in their nation.Come and join me to kill those bastard who are abusing their position to kill the innocent people.

  • The Assassin System

    The Assassin System



    In the modern - era of 20XX. Gamers all around the world were on anticipation of the new 'realistic' MMORPG.Astral Fantasy.It featured tags like 'swords and magic' and 'sci-fi'. In short, on Astral Fantasy you could be anyone you want. Be it the heroes from Fantasy Novels or those Space Mercenary on the Sci-fi genre.Now, Lilia Evergreen, a famous gaming streamer, became a beta tester for the anticipated MMORPG, which of course gained the envy of many.On the day of its beta release however, she suddenly heard a voice in her head.*Initiating power up* Amidst her confusion at the voice on her head, she suddenly noticed one thing."Why does the sky have Hexagons on it?"(THIS NOVEL IS ON HOLD!!!)Disclaimer: I do not own the photo. Credits to Shadowfox on pinterest.

  • The Assassin Princess

    The Assassin Princess


    A journey of a transmigrated assassin from 21st century to a place of history.An Xuilan who was perfect in all the way hates how she died. it wasn't perfect in the least causing her to feel disdain towards her death.Grew up with two wolves taking care of her, animals listening to her, she had no idea of her special power until one day a fairy called her spirit to a place called Gentle Wind pagoda that weirdly resides in her brain.She has to level up to complete quests after quest to achieve what she was meant to achieve and therefore she shall start now.Opening a restaurant? CHECK!Making money? CHECK!Having a... husband? CHEC—WAIT WHAT?!From a single thirteen year girl with a thirty one years old soul, she suddenly became wife of some prince yang who loves her deeply from the moment he saw her?WHAT THE HELL??!"Prince, princess ran away to the restaurant!"A certain man holding deeds of restaurant "Just within my reach. HAHAHA!"Join the journey of a quirky assassin leveling up to become the world's top cultivator and princess to her prince.A certain protagonist holds up her knife and says "Join me or else..."Also on inkitt by 2 chapter ahead.