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  • M A F I A

    M A F I A

    Fantasy ANIME

    Levi Ackerman was planning to kidnap his cousin, Shelly Ackerman the daughter of Kenny Ackerman but, instead his squad kidnaps Lilac instead since she resembles Shelly a lot. She lived with Levi and the squad until she finds herself falling in love with Levi.. What will happen?Disclaimer~I do not own Attack on Titan which belongs to Hajime Isayama. I only own my characters and the story plot.Sorry if my English sucks! English is not my first language!!

  • Taken By The Mafia Lord

    Taken By The Mafia Lord



    [Completed] Nemesis!  If Arianna had known that irritating man would change her life in the worst way possible, perhaps she would have poisoned his coffee the first day they met. Arianna who was tricked and about to be married off to a Loan shark by her uncle's family, finally found a way to escape. However, that was all ruined when Marcel, the feared lord of the underworld captured her. The one thing she desired the most - her freedom - was taken from her. Marcel prided on the fact that he was well feared, respected, and revered in the city. His name caved terror in the hearts of people, however, his reputation is put to test when a familiar stranger relieved him of his property right under his nose. Anger simmers in his veins as he goes on a manhunt against the pickpocket who robbed him. When he gets Arianna, Marcel is sure to show her that nobody steals from Marcel Luciano and goes scot-free. On the other hand, Arianna loathes him so much and would do everything to escape that crazy Mafia. Unfortunately, what if she ends up stealing his heart as well. Read to find out. ~~~~~ "You're a monster, Marcel," "Don't monsters deserve to be loved too?" *Note - this book has strong sexual themes, strong language, violence, and gore. It would leave you on the edge and get you screaming for more. So if you can't handle the burn, drop it without abusing me in the comment box (I won't take it lightly if it does happen). If you can handle the burn, then welcome to the Mafia world!

  • Mafia King's Possession

    Mafia King's Possession



    [MATURE] "You belong to only me, Forever Mine" It was a great mistake for Prudence to have agreed to attend a high-status party at her friend's place. Maybe the bigger mistake was agreeing to that dance, or maybe that wine she threw on one of His men. But he did not care about his gang member. His red eyes shone with desire. The desire to make this girl his. The possession of her very soul. [The story is set in the 1890s] [Mature content warning] ——- The cover credits belong to the respective owner, no wishes for copyright defragmentation.





    Reminder: English is not writer main language so read at your own risk. __________What will you do if you, as an heiress of a mafia organization in this modern world, suddenly jump into another dimension? Historical era?The worst in this world is when a girl needs to be girlish, polite, wearing a dress with thick layers, and too traditional for her liking!But, of course, she will ruled this world, too, right? ~~~~~~~~~::VOLUME 1 : WHERE IS THIS WORLD?::=> Ariana Rose Conrad, heiress of Mafia from Black Eagle Organization in modern world suddenly jump into another dimension which totally different than the world that she know. ::VOLUME 2 : MARRY THE ENEMY::=> New life of Ariana as a Duchess. She also began to focusing on her mafia organization here. Her first case to investigate regarding the disease suffered by her mother-in-law. Love also started to blossom between her and her husband but something like this definitely not that easy as they started as enemies. After a big event, Ariana decided to leave the Silver Palace and divorce.::VOLUME 3 : THE STRUGGLE OF LOVE::=> The Duke does not want to give up and keep on searching for his wife desperately even if she already left him. Reunite at some point but Ariana refused to coming back. Things getting complicated after Zayn collapsed, making Ariana have to make another big decision in her life. ::VOLUME 4 : THE FAMILY::=> The Basileious and the Conrad are now in a tense state after what Ariana said to the King, her own father. The empire also is in uproar because of that. People opinion is now divided into both of the household.~~~~~~~~~~

  • Mafia Boss wife

    Mafia Boss wife


    Lara Carter, eighteen years old, was forced to sign a marriage contract at the age of sixteen to Scott Miller, a.k.a Blade, the person she feared, by her grandfather. After signing the contract, she runs away from home. Blade, a heartless Mafia Boss, killed and tortured anyone who crossed his path without mercy. His face was always cold and void of emotion, but everything changed when a high school student saved him on the verge of death.  He felt something he had never felt before, he felt his heart skip a beat, and her face won't leave his mind. Her eyes, lips, smile, and voice sound like a singing angel, pulling him out from the darkness. And he wants all those feeling, and he can only have them if he has her. He wants Lara Carter, and he'll do everything to have her, but how could he do that when just a mention of his name scared her? His men feared blade, but no one knew what he looked like except those close to him. He always had a mask on every time he faced his men.  Everyone thought that Blade was an ugly, scary man hiding behind his mask.  Let's all follow Blade and Lara's Journey in discovering each other secrets, fighting for their life, and love from the claws of Blade's enemies, as well as from Lara's hidden identity.

  • Owned By The Mafia Boss

    Owned By The Mafia Boss



    His dark eyes stared into mine with no emotions at all. “Xav—” “Shut up!” I flinched and let out a shuddered breath. He came closer and took a hold of my neck as if trying to choke me or something. I stared at him and breathed heavily. “Just shut up.” I looked down and closed my eyes. “I own you.” His words resounded in the room. They were like torture to me and I couldn’t escape. I was trapped with him and there was no way out. ______________________ Join me on the roller coaster ride of love and hate, following Xavier Valencian -- a handsome, yet devilish mafia boss and his new interest -- Scarlett Walker. What happens when Scar's dad sells her to the mafia boss for three million dollars? Can she buy her back & save her life, or will she be always a prisoner to his little tricks? [Updated regularly. A long book with over 200k words intended, dark romance.]

  • Mafia King's Obsession

    Mafia King's Obsession



    WILL The sheltered, secret daughter of my arch nemesis sounds like a good pawn on my chessboard, until I meet Catalina Rossi. She is no protected princess. She is a warrior, a fighter with more willpower than her messed up family could ever possess. I hate her. I want to strangle the life out of her every time I see her. And I want her more than I've ever wanted anything in my life. She is my enemy, but I think that will be the best catalyst to the spark between us. CAT I have always deemed myself unlucky but being kidnapped by my father's enemies takes the cake. I don't know these men but I know who they are. They are ruthless, cold, unforgiving beats. They are the De Santi mafia syndicate. And the most ruthless of them all, William De Santi, has his eyes on me. *Dear readers, this is not a fairy tale. It's a dark, intense, steamy, enemies to lovers revenge tale with themes that may upset certain readers such as weapons, gore, mature content and violence, but this does NOT include sexual abuse. I do not condone that.

  • Mafia And His Angel

    Mafia And His Angel


    "I hate you!" Angelina cried while beating his chest with her hands. Danzel just smirked at her little attempt. He lowered himself until he could feel the fear from her breaths and said, "Love, you can hate me all you want. It doesn't affect me either way!! But one thing you get straight into that brain of yours that there is no escape from me. I am never letting you go!" Angelina's eyes widened in fear and she cried, her petite figure struggling in his arms. Little did she know that she was just waking up the dead feelings in his heart. She was going to be the queen of his life.

  • Possessed By The Mafia Devil

    Possessed By The Mafia Devil

    "You belong to me."His husky voice washed over me, and I felt myself arching towards him, despite my resolve not to allow him to own me."You are mine, love. No one else is permitted to touch you, except me."****Being a young boy desperate to complete high school and pay off the debt his mother owned, Kon never expected to run into the mafia Lord known as the 'DEVIL'A man who has no emotions. The sadistic devil who cares for nothing else in this world but to bathe in the blood of his enemies.Just one meeting with him and his fate was rewritten. He was not only bought by the Devil, he was possessed by him.Now, he's on the run, from the devil who's determined to have him, back where he belonged.Back in his bed, and on chains.

  • Kidnapped by the Italian Mafia

    Kidnapped by the Italian Mafia



    Do you ever wonder what your life will be like when you cross paths with your arch nemesis? Yes? Well buckle up, it’s a wild ride. Katarina Montenegro is what everyone would simply call spoiled. She was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and a custom Tiffany’s diamond tiara on her head. She was referred to as The Spanish Princess by everyone who knew of her existence, and she revelled in the nickname. She was young, cunning, and powerful. There was nothing Katarina wanted that she didn’t have. On the other hand, Marco DiBiancci was known by everyone as The Emperor Lynx, due to his ability to see through deception as easily as he could breathe. Unlike Katarina, who lived a mainly pampered life, Marco was raised by a strict father who wanted him to be in the front lines of the job since he was fourteen years old. He had spent his years getting his hands dirty and washing them again. He was young, strong, and powerful. There was nothing Marco wanted that he didn’t take for himself. The common ground? They were both set to inherit their father’s thrones as King and Queen of their respective organised crime kingdoms. The problem? Marco wanted Katarina, or more importantly, he wanted what she was set to lay claim on. Even though the two had never met, Marco was determined to get his hands on her by all means necessary, and that’s how we’re here. This is how I, Katarina Montenegro, was kidnapped by the Italian mafia. [WARNING: highly foul language and mature themes]

  • Marriage to The Mafia Boss

    Marriage to The Mafia Boss

    Their destinies start when she marries the most powerful person in this world by arranges marriage. Emma Lin was granted a second life after she was killed by her adopted sister. She is just an ordinary girl who believes in the fairy tale’s story. However, life is not always like a fairy tale. Emma Lin a prodigy in medical school is married to her love, Luo Han Zheng and wishes to lead a happy ending life with her prince charming. Don Vito Mancuso is the most powerful person in this world. In his cold hand, he manages the balance between his business empire and the underworld. He led all the mafia and all the affiliate organizations in the underworld. In her second opportunity of life, Emma is running to Vito Mancuso. She just wants to get the title of the madame of the most powerful man on this earth. She wants to use his resources to revenge on her previous life. Despite coming from the express marriage and their own agenda on their marriage alliance, Emma is determined to build her career as a surgeon. From clashing endlessly to gradually opening up to each other, Emma and Vito overcome any hurdle together as they learn to love and support each other as husband and wife. Can Emma have the courage and capability to avenge her and her unborn baby death? -------------------------------- please be kind as English is not my first speaking language. thank you

  • Chained By The Mafia Lord: Mafia Series

    Chained By The Mafia Lord: Mafia Series

    "What's your name again?" "M-Maria Isabella." "And you're nineteen?" "Yes,""I paid you. You're mine now."In every challenge, there's hope. In every tear, there's a smile.Maria Isabella accepted the offer of her friend to be a waitress in a club to save herself from poverty and survive. One night, Maria met Marco Mondragon, who saved her life. She admitted, that the man was hot and handsome. He offered her help, scholarship, shelter, and money.It was not easy to get along with this domineering man, every day, Maria lived in fear.One day, she discovered a gun and a picture of her, which made her feel terrible.Will she stay despite what she found out, or will she leave because of fear?What would she choose? Leave or will be CHAINED BY THE MAFIA LORD?"

  • Bos Mafia Playboy

    Bos Mafia Playboy

    Realistic ACTION ROMANCE


    Warning 21+Bijaklah dalam memilih bacaan! Brian Prayoga, seorang Bos Mafia Playboy yang telah jatuh cinta kepada Imelda Mahendra. Seorang Dokter Bedah yang tak pernah jatuh cinta selama hidupnya. Hingga sebuah kesalahan besar telah mereka lakukan malam itu."Brian! Jangan tinggalkan aku! Aku bisa mati," seru Imelda dalam tubuh polosnya."Jika aku sudah memulai, aku tidak akan bisa berhenti," ucap Brian lirih pada wanita itu, sembari mendekatkan wajahnya ke telinga Imelda.Dua keluarga yang saling menyerang, terpaksa harus mengikat tali perkawinan. Namun ... banyak hal tak terduga terjadi setelah pernikahan mereka. Pasangan itu diperhadapkan dengan sebuah rahasia yang selama ini tertutup rapat. Sebuah rahasia besar yang membuat dua keluarga itu harus saling membenci. Bagaimana perjuangan Sang Bos Mafia Playboy dalam menaklukkan cintanya? Rahasia besar apa yang telah disembunyikan selama bertahun-tahun silam? Ikutilah kisahnya .... Cerita ini hanya fiktif belaka. Jika ada kesamaan nama tokoh, tempat kejadian ataupun cerita, itu adalah kebetulan semata dan tidak ada unsur kesengajaan.

  • Claimed by the Mafia

    Claimed by the Mafia

    "Shut your fvcking mouth close!!" Zach yelled out of anger.Madison had been frustrating him for the past few days and deep down it hurts him, it was an emotional frustration."I thought you liked it wide open huh" she replied with a smirk and walked to his table.He felt his body twitch at her dirty words, she had known him too well."I am remaining a Doctor!, Who do you think you are to tell me to quit my profession?!' she yelled out and he stood up from his table and walked to her while he was opening his suit jacket." Wha-wha--" "I am your Daddy like you cried last night, and you are mine" he replied and crashed his lips on her before she could say anything.***** Darly Madison, a well trained medical doctor and surgeon has been living a peaceful life until one day her best friend asked her to go with her to a night Party in one of the popular hotels in the city.There she had a one night stand with no other person but Zach Westley, a dominant and possessive Mafia boss.Now her world changes from being a surgeon to being claimed by the Mafia.

  • Candy Of A Mafia Leader

    Candy Of A Mafia Leader



    James Harristian, aka James Belgenza, is the mafia leader of Daga Nero, a splinter group of the oldest famous mafia families in Naples. Despite of his powerful ruler of the town who controlled the underground weapon industry in Europe, James was also an owner of a successful high-tech motor company in the world. One day, James was deceived in a scam dinner had by his mistress. It was strived to kill him, but somehow, he escaped. Being trapped in gunshots with his enemy, a flower girl saves James' life from his shameful miserable dying. Delilah is a flower girl who runs a small flower shop in an alley in Naples, Italy. She thought innocently by helping James to get to the hospital without wondering who James Belgenza was. When James has another chance to breathe, he does not feel grateful to his savior unless to kidnaps her. Unfortunately, Delilah turns out to be a guaranty of her father's debt, which fleeced off unable to pay. Therefore, James intentionally kept Delilah in his mansion and added more debts to confine her forever. What will happen when the debt is only a plot to kill James and Delilah is a pawn? Meanwhile, James falls for Delilah, who tried hard to pay her unpaid debt. Read it to find how Delilah wants to leave James, but he traps her into love. *** "W-What do you want?" Delilah asked as she was caged in the wall by James. "I want to see the girl who saved me. Do you know who I am?" James sharply gazed up at Delilah's blue eyes. Delilah innocently shook her head to him. "From now on, call me, Mr. J." WARNING FOR 21+ SMUT SCENE (THIS STORY IS PART OF THE SEVEN WOLVES SERIES) Please bear with my English since it is not my first language, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun! follow me on IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

  • Shackled by the Mafia Lord

    Shackled by the Mafia Lord


    “I will never get married,” a young Anna had once vowed to herself a long time ago due to her experience with her parents. She promised that she would not allow herself to be wrapped in someone’s shackles and stay trapped in a cage. But as she grew older, she realized that she at least wanted a child of her own, especially now due to her grandparents. Her grandparents had been hounding her to get married but she still had a negative image of marriage that she loathed. She only needed the cute little angel but not the father. But when her grandmother’s health failed and the old lady kept wishing for a grandchild, Anna had to stop procrastinating and have the baby she wanted no matter how she got it. And in a desperate impulse, she ventured into a famous club to make herself a mother. And so started a journey that she never expected as she unknowingly got tangled with a Mafia Lord. She had a steamy night with a stranger and finally got her wish. She got pregnant. And she fully intended to raise it on her own. But the child’s father, whom she did not know was a mafia lord, suddenly appeared and insisted on marrying her. Will Anna compromise on her beliefs and get married or still raise the child on her own? (Gold Winner of WPC 285)

  • Mafia Indebted

    Mafia Indebted

    "Don't please," she sobbed, shaking badly. The fear of her situation was slowly sinking in. "Please let me go, I want to go home." She cried. He smirked and cupped her face. She immediately stiffened upon his touch and stared into his Smokey grey eyes. "You are home, tara, this is your home now, by my side." He spoke firmly. She saw the determination in his eyes and her eyes widened with shock. "No!" she shrieked and tried to push him away but he didn't budge. Before she could retaliate, he had caught her wrists in a vice-like grip with one hand and locked them down  while with the other hand, he firmly griped the back of her neck, his fingers digging into her scalp, making her whimper. "Refuse me again tara, go on, I fucking dare you." He hissed, his eyes blazing with rage, the grey had darkened. But she wasn't one to give up so easily. "Let me go..." she tried to shout but was immediately silenced by his lips crashing against hers into a fiery harsh kiss. Meet Anissa Ghalib, a young doctor, possessing a strong, kind and confident character. She's a known beauty and has a very high moral sense and regard. For her, family is everything and she would do anything to protect her family. So, what happens when a certain grey eyed crime boss claims her as his? Shehryaar Ghulari, the cold and ruthless mafia leader of the country's most dangerous Mafia; He's a powerful man who gets anything he wants. He's cold, brutal and absolutely inhuman, a borderline psychopath. For him, morals and ethics hold no meaning, Family is nothing. He rules with tyranny and loves every bit of it. What will happen when the country's most powerful and dangerous man becomes indebted to a certain doctor? It starts with a twisted malice, obsession, murder, lust, politics, darkness, sacrifice and love.   A story where Innocence clashes  with culpability. Simplicity with sophistication. Bloodlust with conscience. Lust with Love. Good with Bad.

  • Mafia Baby

    Mafia Baby


    PLEASE RATE MY NOVEL, AND GIVE ME FEED BACK SO I WILL KNOW WHAT TO FIX,AND TO HELP ME WITH MY WRITING. THANK-YOU my linktree. ( ).(WHEN I COMPLETE THIS STORY I WILL FIX ALL THE MISS/MISS SPELLING) You move to a new town (New York). on your night off you go to a club. you meet this gorgeous man with blue eyes and black hair. he has tattoos every where. and piercing on his eye brow. you guys have a one night stand and you leave in the morning. what happens when you bump into each other 2 years later?.. and you have 2 year old twins. but you already know who he is, but you have a secret that know body knows except 1 person. will he find out who u really/used are. read to find find out.

  • Entangled with the Mafia

    Entangled with the Mafia


    Forced to make a living as a stripper, Sofia's life isn't as good as she had once hoped it would be. Just when she thought things couldn't get any more complicated, she finds herself offering to spy on a certain irresistible soon to be mafia boss, Vincenzo Moretti. A man who keeps family above all else, Vincenzo Moretti is as compassionate as he is ruthless. When he finds himself fascinated with a certain too hot, too smart of a stripper, he decides to use her intelligence and make her work for him, not realising that love could be a part of the deal as well. But what happens when Sofia realises that Vincenzo isn't as bad as she had thought he was? And what happens when Vincenzo finds out Sofia isn't who he thought she was? As tension rises and secrets are spilled, Vincenzo and Sofia are forced to question everything they knew. Will they conquer all? Or will the weight of the lies they've hidden rip them apart?




    “Please, let me go…” I cried while he kept walking forward towards me, making me shiver more. While his eyes fixated on me, he brought the cigarette to his lips and inhaled deeply while I gulped. As he exhaled, a slow stream of smoke escaped his lips, dissipating into the air and he started, “You shouldn’t have done that… You did a big mistake” “I am sorry…” I cried again and shook my head. “It’s done. It’s time for the punishment now…” He said and my heart skipped a beat. . Allison Wesley was living a normal life as a journalist until she gets involved into a task which leads her to slap the mafia boss in town. Her one mistake gets her life upside down as she enters the world of thrill, excitement, passion and danger. Read on to find out more!