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  • Hitman with a Badass System

    Hitman with a Badass System



    Have you ever thought about having a cool system at your disposal? What would you do if you suddenly received a system that can help you achieve anything? Would you go save the innocents and damsels in distress or use it for your own advantage? This is the story of a normal human (well, not very normal) who crossed over to another world with such a system under his command. But the question is, who’s controlling who? Is the system under his command or the other way around? What was the origin of this system? Why did it choose him? What’s waiting for him in the future? A hero is only as good as his villain? So who is the villain for our hero? Lots of questions right? Jump right into the book and see the answers for yourselves.Current update Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturdaydiscord link : my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!!

  • Triplets: Lucky Mommy is a Beautiful Badass

    Triplets: Lucky Mommy is a Beautiful Badass


    A huge scandal rocked the Qi family. Young Miss Qi gave birth to triplets before she was married! After being driven out of the Qi family, Young Miss Qi lived with her three children, but she became unbelievably lucky. Good news never stopped coming! She would find money on the road. Handsome hunks fell for her. She also had help from powerful people. Those who had looked down upon her were envious of her good luck. Not only were the three children intelligent and cute, but they also hunted for prospective husbands for their mother! The matchmakers fought among themselves to find a match for the woman, and her house could not fit all those suitors! When someone from the Imperial Capital came and saw the three children, they gasped. "Eh? Why do these children look like the master of the family…?" Why would a young lady from a rural village have any relation with an official from the capital?

  • Badass husband's badass wife

    Badass husband's badass wife

  • Badass System

    Badass System

    His name is John Smith, he is a badass and because of that, he acquired the Badass System. Tags: Harem, Pansexual Protagonist, Multiple Systems, Game Elements, Brotherhood, Sword and Magic, Vengeance, Unique Cultivation Technique, Multiple Bodies, Action, Adventure, System Creation, And System Generation.

  • Pretty Badass

    Pretty Badass


    A girl named, Elvita. A girl with a perfect attitude, perfect beauty and perfect life. Ah-ah. I forgot 'nobody's perfect'. Let me say that this girl has a 'almost' perfect life. But one day, all of the perfectness disappeared. Because of the boy named, Asher. A boy that has a similar attitude with the girl. Will they get along?Or not?Let see in Pretty Badass

  • The Badass Sharpshooter

    The Badass Sharpshooter

    Zlatan Germoncy seorang anak yang terlahir piatu, ibunya meninggal ketika negara merekaPrancis diserang tentara dari negara Jerman.Ayahnya merupakan jenderal besar negara tersebut menghilang kala misi penyerbuan, ia pun menghabiskan masa kecilnya di negara Spanyol. diasuh oleh teman ayahnya yg mempunyai perusahaan ternama di negara tersebut.Beberapa tahun pun berlalu...Zlatan kembali ke Prancis setelah menjadi juru taktik yang handal di setiap peperangan bersama pasukan Spanyol, ia dikenal sebagai seorang Sniper yg handal dan hebat dengan gelarnya yg terkenal yaitu "Badass Hitman".Ia juga diangkat sebagai komandan perang dari negara kelahirannya itu, kini ia pun berambisi untuk mengalahkan Jerman dalam peperangan dan berjanji akan menemukan ayahnya yang menghilang saat ia kecil serta mengungkap rahasia kematian ibunya yang misterius.

  • The Badass Librarian

    The Badass Librarian

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN BETRAYAL

    "She walked into the library, into the class and into my heart."They met at a library; with his badass attitude and endeavours, he captured her heart without knowing it. Now, she tries capturing his. He doesn't let her in at first, refusing to give her a chance. She persists, but after seeing him float away slowly, gives up on her feelings.Soon, he comes to realise that even though she stopped trying, she had already captured his heart.

  • Badass Detectives

    Badass Detectives

    We are badass, badass detectives. Crimes. Clues. Mystery. Action. and RomCom?

  • Badass Girl

    Badass Girl

    Teen ROMANCE

    Meet Lianne Anika Lim. The Bad Girl.

  • Badass Lady

    Badass Lady

  • Taming The BADASS

    Taming The BADASS

  • The Badass Girl

    The Badass Girl

    She is Lisa park a successful, rich and a famous model in Seoul. She has a beautiful face that every man can dream of.But despite of the beauty that she have, she's a spoiled and a badass woman.But what will happen when she finally met a man that will change her attitude into a good one? Will she fall in love to him or not? Let's simultaneously consider the story of her life.

  • That Badass Girl

    That Badass Girl


    That Badass GirlRevenge, that's all Mai had in mind. Take revenge on those who killed her love one's. Everything is planned. She even pretend to be a so called 'normal school girl' just for it.She changed her name, from Mai to Mika. And even changed her looks. She meet this so called Fabulous 4 when she started going to school in Luhan University together with her friend Three. Meeting those guys changed her life.Scene :" So its really you....we finally meet....AGAIN." A red hair guy said to Mika. His with his friends."Speak up. Were you surprised? Or your just scared?" he said while smirking. Mika got pissed off. He hates guys like this." Sorry but I don't talk to chicken." Mika said in a cold tone then left the Red hair guy and his friends hanging.Authors Note :Please support my story..It means a lot to me. Thanks

  • A Badass Heiress

    A Badass Heiress

    Contemporary Romance ACTION

  • High school badass

    High school badass

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • My Badass Boyfriend

    My Badass Boyfriend

    I'm a single college student, living with my best friend, Soo-yeong, who's always trying to get me dates. I've never met a guy who I like until one day at the bar. What happens next changes everything.



    Teen COMEDY

    Hello people! Read this comic if you want to see a whole new level of grandma-roasts(not the turkey)Please leave a comment after reading. I'd love to know your suggestions and advices. yours sincerely, author. :))

  • My Badass Queen

    My Badass Queen

  • The Badass and The Assassin

    The Badass and The Assassin

  • The badass and the nerd.

    The badass and the nerd.

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    She's a badass who sits in the popular group. She's beautiful and knows what she wants. She is not afraid of anyone. And...He's is a nerd. A hot one, but as confident as a rock...He blends in with the ground.But he wants to be.What happens when Justin becomes Selena's tutor.Will they fight or learn to work with each other? Or will they both become the teachers and the students?God knows, but read on