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  • Augmentation



    Ryu Kim is a normal college freshman, a nerd attending Princeton University. But one day his life turns upside down when something happens in his school. Now he finds himself in a battlefield, fighting in different earths to prevent the destruction of worlds and dimensions. He must go through every anime world there is in order to save them from complete annihilation.

  • Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

    Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM


    Jiang Li takes a meal and gains the status [Satiety]. [Satiety: Restores 1 Stamina per minute. Duration: ∞] He no longer has to eat. He sticks a talisman on himself and gains the status [Armored Horse Divine Travel]. [Armored Horse Divine Travel: Increase movement speed by 1000%. Duration: ∞] Taking pills, gaining spiritual qi, refining the body, nurturing the soul, and increasing life expectancy... He only needs one pill for the status to take effect for the rest of his life. Those crippling secret techniques that boost power for three seconds but result in three-year feebleness? They are now the most powerful and most amazing techniques! Waiting for a thousand years to comprehend the Dao after using one enlightenment pill? No, he is comprehending the Dao every day! He is Jiang Li, a Prince Charming who can turn an instant into eternity →_→...

  • Augmentation 2

    Augmentation 2


    Before anything was created, there was darkness and from that darkness came light. But who could have created that light, and why hasn't a god shown up yet. So many questions unsolved, so many religions to cover but who could possibly be the one watching us. Will they show up one day? Will they save us all? Or will they destroy their own creation?

  • Augmentation 3

    Augmentation 3


    Nothing's never over, the multiverse will constantly be in danger. After discovering a completely alternate dimension problems hit the fan. Not just with the multiverse but with my relationship with two specific people. I just hope I can save the multiverse once again.

  • Heresy of the Holy Augmentation

    Heresy of the Holy Augmentation


  • Let Me Game in Peace

    Let Me Game in Peace


    1 drop of blood = 1-Up Other people game overnight, I game overnight and bleed. Ever since the dimensional storms descended upon Earth, numerous dimensional zones have appeared, bringing with them all kinds of dimensional creatures—Immortals, Buddhas, Devils, Angels, Elves, etc. Yet, all these strange dimensional zones can turn into dungeon instances on my phone. Other people risk their lives adventuring, I spend all my time gaming. Monsters drop dimensional crystals that boost stats, imbue new skills, and join me as Companion Beasts. These Companion Beasts fight alongside me or alone, augmenting me with their skills and strength. Rare monsters in real life? I'll just restart the game with a drop of blood to grind it. I really need a blood transfusion.

  • Surviving the Apocalypse While Being Tempted by an Elf and a Dark Elf

    Surviving the Apocalypse While Being Tempted by an Elf and a Dark Elf



    On an apparent normal Sunday, Luke suddenly woke up after hearing a voice warning him of something weird. After assuming that it was just a bizarre dream, he felt an earthquake that nearly destroyed his dormitory. As if things weren't odd enough, a zombie suddenly appears in his room and targets him. Somehow, Luke survived several encounters against the zombies thanks to his skill Weapon Augmentation, but then he suddenly finds a mini-sized elf and a mini-sized dark elf telling him that they want to help. After a stranger offer, Luke learns that something very big is happening with the planet, and now he will have to find the strength to fight against zombies and all kinds of weird creatures that want his neck... he will do all that while avoiding being tempted by those two very suspicious elves. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. The image on the cover doesn't belong to me, if it is yours and wants me to remove it, just say so.

  • Cosmic Professional Gladiator

    Cosmic Professional Gladiator



    In 2036, mankind steps foot on Mars for the first time. In 2052, Earth holds the first World Martial Arts Tournament, a global martial arts competition watched by the entire planet. Top professional gladiator, “Spear Demon” Xu Jingming, retires at the prime age of 26 with a body ridden with injuries. One day, the United Nations announces that mankind would be ushering in a new era for human evolution. Advanced technology had been found on Mars, a secret kept to this day. Research had been carried out to use science to augment human evolution. All of mankind can now evolve themselves by partaking in this VR experience using the freely distributed VR headset. How will Xu Jingming use this opportunity for all mankind to his advantage?

  • My Cultivation Augment System

    My Cultivation Augment System


    Luckas was a young man with a promising future in the cybersecurity business, but, his life ended tragically while working. Due to unknown circumstances, he woke to a cultivation world, and there with help of his newly acquired system, he decided to live a full life and cherish all his new opportunities.

  • The Augmented War

    The Augmented War


    Humanity’s history was divided into two major parts: The Fall and The Rise.The Fall began with the Zon.War against their race left civilization in ruin and humanity on the brink of annihilation. When everything seemed lost and defeat felt inevitable, the ECHO’s appeared. It heralded the Rise.They were super soldiers capable of using the CAPE and displaying abilities far beyond anyone’s comprehension. With them at the forefront, humanity fought back and slowly rebuilt itself. But war was never too far and threatened to destroy everything.Born in such a turbulent world, Noah rises up to be humanity’s savior.

  • Augmented Souls

    Augmented Souls


    BREAKING NEWS!!!The underground game, Augmented Souls had officially been released into the public! The controversial game that claimed the lives of over 100 people had finally been announced as a sole title under the Logaeth Inc.***Merle Christine is one of the gamers whose playing the controversial game and is tasked to capture all of the specters on her booklist.What she thought was a fun past time is now slowly morphing into a nightmare turned reality as the specters are now attacking the players, proving the rumors to be true.Join her as she uncovers the mystery of the game and unveil the secrets of the Logaeth Inc.

  • Augmented Online

    Augmented Online


    The year is 2227 and the 2nd fully immersive VR game ‘Augmented Online’ is released.The story follows the protagonist Derin Walrin, a fast food worker that saves up money to buy the game. One day, he mysteriously has dreams and memories of the future. Armed with knowledge, Derin uses it to rise to the top and discovers the secret of Augmented online.––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Hello, I’m a beginner novelist, please go easy on me with the ratings and insults.

  • Pocket Augmented Reality Monster: Online.

    Pocket Augmented Reality Monster: Online.


    Hello Trainer of Old, welcome to the world of Monsters my name is Researcher John from Astral Town I welcome you to a new world of Reality.whose new it was the beginning of a journey which will become a new reality for everyone.In 4567 of New Calendar, Humanity saviour Red Queen introduce AR gaming pro Virtual reality, In this while lying down on a pod an energy based life form it will be created on which the human inside the pod will have 100% control and had all the senses co join.In short lay down inside the pod, you can control a virtual body or energy augmented body to live a new life, the energy augmented body has much faster response time and development series due to which the time he experience is 5 time normal the normal short human life can be expanded, when it was first released a whole new wave of excitement and festivity raise the world excitement to a new level.

  • The Supreme Satanic System

    The Supreme Satanic System



    Synopsis: This is the tale of the time when mighty dragons and legendary phoenixes ruled the world. Under the shadow of such powerful beings, the feeble humans lived lives worse than slaves. 1560 BC, Jerusalem The darker-than-ink night sky was torn asunder by the tongues of purple lightning. The nocturnal macabre was augmented even further by a priestess that was busy performing a forbidden ceremony. Around her were six innocent kids that watched the priestess in silence as she performed her ritual with a ceremonial bowl in front of her. A drop of blood could be seen, making its presence known inside it. The priestess was unperturbed by the earsplitting noises of the incessant lightning outside her abode as she chanted the spell in old Hebrew. The ritual was complete when she placed the drop of crimson blood on the tip of her tongue and gulped it down with her eyes closed. "Heed my prophecy, my little ones. From today onwards, you shall walk on the path of greatness that will make you the rulers of this world. Here, drink this to your heart's content and unleash the power that is bestowed upon you." She cut her two wrists and filled the bowl to the brim with her blood by cutting her wrists. The lightning noises could be heard even louder than before at this time. The children obliged and drank the merlot drink one by one. But the macabre of the night was increased even further when the children started shape-shifting. One turned into a vampire, while the other changed into a werewolf. There was a witch among the children now. And being turned into a chimera and an elf were the fates of the other two. The children changed into something else before turning back to humans again. This was the phenomenon that happened with five children. But the sixth child remained human. Why did he not shape-shift? ------------------------------------------------ Tags: System, Vampire, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Werewolf, Slice of Life, Overpowered MC, Harem, Dragons, Phoenix, Witch, Magus, Cultivation, Military, Strategist, Arrogant female leads, Romance, Humor, Assassin, Angels, Celestials, Titan, Devas, Asuras and many more to be added with the progress of this arcs. Joined me here: ----------------------------------------------- # Editor wanted!! Proofreaders and critics are also equally welcome to come here and flood here with your hard-core convincing and powerful arguments here in the comment sections. # The cover is not really mine. Every contribution goes to the genuine artist.

  • Reincarnated in a Cultivation World with a Augmented System

    Reincarnated in a Cultivation World with a Augmented System


    Zhen Jiao-long was 28 year old man who had nothing left in his life although his family was rich in the past they were betrayed by those closest to them his mother, father, sister and brother were all killed.Even though he survived due to his young age at 6 years old the money he inherited was squandered by his relatives and once it was all gone he was tossed aside to die but he managed to build himself back up and make something of himself until he was betrayed a second time by his best friend and lover. =================================*cough* "w-why why did you do this?" Zhen Jiao-long said as he looked down at the knife that protruded from his stomach as he coughed up blood from his mouth.His best friend Ying Zhi and his lover Zhan Xiuying looked at him with looks of contempt "Jiao-long this is what you deserve" Ying Zhi said as he looped his arms around Zhan Xuiying's waist before pulling her in for a passionate kiss.Zhen Jiao-long looked at the treacherous pair "you'll never get away with this" Zhen Jiao-long said as his breath's became shallower.Ying Zhi broke his passionate kiss with Zhan Xiuying and looked at Zhen Jiao-long "We already have do you really think anyone is going to care what happens to a loser like you" Ying Zhi said as Zhen Jiao-long looked at Zhan Xiuying.Zhen Jiao-long then looked at Zhan Xiuying with hurt in his eye's "I loved you how could you do this to me" he said with obvious pain in his fading voice.Zhan Xiuying looked at her former lover with apathetic eye's "hahaha Jiao-long I never loved you don't you realise I was just using you" Zhan Xiuying said as she crouched down in front of him and twisted the knife in his stomach.Hearing what Xuiying said any love and care he had for his ex girlfriend and ex best friend disappeared and was replaced with rage he wanted to make them pay but knew it was too late.Zhen Jiao-long grunted in pain as Zhan Xuiying twisted the knife "I'" Zhen Jiao-long said as his vision faded to black while the sounds of the voices of the two who betrayed him was the last thing he heard."I can't believe his uncle and aunt paid us to do this I would've done it for free" Ying Zhi said as he and Zhan Xiuying laughed rocking his mind at this comment.As his vision got darker and the sounds of laughter faded away Zhen Jiao-long had one thought through his mind 'so this is how I die after everything I've been through' he thought to himself as the last of his consciousness faded away.Zhen Jiao-long felt his once cold body covered with something scratchy and rough causing him to open his eyes with gasping breaths as he looked around with wide and confused eye's to see that he was in what looked to be a wooden carriage "I... I'm alive.... but how?" he said while clutching his chest. =========================Now watch as Zhen Jiao-long starts his new second life in a cultivation world just as he was heading for testing will he be able to become one of the prominent figures that change the world or fade into the annals of history.

  • I Transmigrated with the ability to augment my stats

    I Transmigrated with the ability to augment my stats


  • Cardinal Factor ( Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Story )

    Cardinal Factor ( Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Story )


    Raymond Robinson, a scientist at the University of Harvard in the United States of America, has developed a full functioning full immersive Augmented Reality device known as the Augmatrix, along with a VARMMORPG game called "Cardinal Factor". With the aid of the "Augmatrix" technology, players can log into the game, and have real life interactions with the world while facing a bunch of monsters and bosses. However, sometime into the game, things don't seem normal, especially when players are suddenly feeling real pain and sustain real injuries

  • A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher

    A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher



    When Alex was twelve, he was told that his destiny was to protect the sea of worlds that made up the realmverse and the large numbers of races living in them, as they felt he was chosen by the realmverse because he had a peerless and unique Body Constitution. Born with vast and astonishing godly abilities, he is now in a race against time to reach the apex stage of cultivation called: 'Guardian of Sea of Life' or 'Master of Realms', a stage where he would possess the absolute power to defend the realmverse from an enormous, overwhelming armies of tremendously proliferative Alien beings; strange humanoid lifeforms that also practice cultivation and whose sole intent is to maraud realmverses and enslave all inhabitants in them. But this cultivation stage is impossible to attain as he must comprehend and cultivate the ultimate energy called 'Genesis Realmforce Energy', an energy that would result from the fusion of hundreds of Originforce energies. Although the 'Master of Realms' cultivation stage is an impossible stage to reach, Alex would try to attain it by seeking for the lost 'LIBRARY SYSTEM' which would infuse his memory with the complete comprehension of the mysteries of Originforce energies, and the hidden 'GENE SYSTEM' that would inject his powerful divinely blood with the primordial genes of extinct, monolithic ancient races whenever he accomplishes insanely difficult tasks set by the godly, primeval creators of the systems. Also, he would seek for the 'ANCESTRAL BEAST SYSTEM' that would produce mutated or evolved copies of extinct primordial beasts that once existed countless eons of years ago. Then he would try to augment his damaging power to unparalleled degrees by seeking for Marvel-Weapons; Treasure-weapons of tremendous, apocalyptic-level devastating power which belonged to dead, ancient divine experts that birthed the four forms of cultivation. But would he be able to discover the Library System and the Gene System to gain new powerful abilities? The Ancestral Beast System to summon cloned versions of inexistent, planet-sized, havoc-wreaking abyssal creatures to aid him in the far-future deadly battles? And ultimately, Marvel-Weapons to vastly increase his overall destructive power? Would he able to achieve all these before the next, full invasion of his Realmverse? Or would he grow to become very powerful that he would then invade other Realmverses and become their hegemon? ***So, journey with our stunning hero, Alex as he begins to conquer known and unknown realms and dimensions, and unifies kingdoms and territories with the help of the 'Worlds Domination Ultimate Support System' which he would awaken later.***Tags:--> # SYSTEM [Multiple Systems]--> # ACTION [Epic Battles]--> # ADVENTURE --> # CULTIVATION [Energy, Soul, Body & Bloodline (physique) Cultivation] --> # ROMANCE--> # HAREM--> # WEAK-TO-STRONG MC--> # KIND-AND-GENEROUS MC--> # NAIVE-TO-SMART MC--> # RUTHLESS MC--> # OVERPOWERED-MC--> # OVERPOWERED-ENEMIES --> # BEAST COMPANIONS & MONSTER PETS--> # MATURE (Above 18)--> # MYRIAD NON-HUMAN RACES~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*PS: This novel is set in a fantasy/quasi-technological universe. So anything that happens in this fantasy-genre story cannot be defined by logic or by the laws of our planet, Earth.***NB: This is my first project as a writer. And I sincerely hope that my work keeps you entertained :) ------------DISCLAIMER: I don't own the image (source: If you are the owner and want it taken down, contact me on Discord @: Kolade!#9863.Thanks for Adding to Library.

  • Killing Gods

    Killing Gods


    If you had Super Powers, would you be a hero? It didn't work out that way on Earth.The Super-Apocalypse destroyed cities, leveled mountains, and killed billions. After the Supers finished killing each other, 97% of Earth's population was eradicated, and the landscape was unrecognizable. The Super Council was formed to end the war and protect the remaining humans. Each Super formed a nation and organized the humans into Armies and Military Academies. Earth entered an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity, but it was a peace bought by the near extinction of Humanity.Shin is a 15 year old boy attending a Military Academy, trying to do well in his studies and focus on his future as a Space Force Specialist. He lives in a world obsessed with becoming stronger, and people can! The talented earn the right to unlock their genetic potential, and enter the elite brotherhood of the Augmented.Why do the Supers push humans to become stronger? What dark secrets do they hold about Earth's place in the Meta-Verse? Can Supers protect the Earth from the dark gods hunting for it, or will it be up to the humans they are desperately augmenting? Shin doesn't know it, but his potential is 0. Will he be successful in school and romance? Will he uncover the secret to Killing Gods?

  • God-Level Hero

    God-Level Hero


    Heroes are divine beings that are not only powerful themselves, but able to augment the troops they lead with greater power. "Heroic Genesis", a world-class online game developed by the United States, China, the European Union, Russia, India, Japan, and South Korea combines fantasy, adventure, war, trade, territory construction, navigation, sports, and leisure. Every gamer in the world is fanatical about it, and the top gamers in various countries shine on the stage of the national wars. Dafei, a former internet addiction treatment expert, sees the infinite business opportunities available in Hero Genesis after quitting gaming for many years and joins the game with the aim of becoming a professional player. The whole world is filled with positive energy because of him.