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  • A Chaotic World

    A Chaotic World

    Eastern Fantasy CULTIVATION


    In a world where demons and beasts reigned supreme, humanity had been pushed to the edge, living in constant fear. Lu Tianzi was a genius cultivator, determined to one day grow strong enough to fight for his race and bring humanity out of the darkness. But by a twist of fate, he was betrayed by the people whom he respected the most, even almost losing his life as a result. Lu Tianzi managed to survive by a stroke of luck, but now his heart had chilled. What feelings for his own race? What pride as a human? All that crap had died along with his past self when he was mercilessly cast away! Now no matter if it was humanity or the demons, none shall be spared as long as they stood between him and the pinnacle of the world!

  • Chaotic Romance (BL)

    Chaotic Romance (BL)

    Azarel Lancaster, a billionaire's gay son was forced by his father into marriage for an unknown reason. The only good thing was that he could choose his own spouse and who is better than the perfectly proud gold digger Evren Frazer that could anger his father to death for that position? Watch as the two enter a Contract Marriage that leads into a Chaotic Romance between the two of them!

  • Chaotic Universe

    Chaotic Universe


    [Second life] a virtual released in 2025. It took the world by storm. It gave the opportunity for the poor to become rich and famous. The game was a masterpiece for the people but in 2028 something happened which changed the lifestyle of the people.Yang Feng, a skilled swordsman and a genius strategist came back from the future. Realising the opportunity he gained he swore never to let the fate of the world to repeat again even if he had to take the path of the devil or unorthodox. He slowly rises in power in [Second life] to the point his name was feared by the people all around the world but Yang Feng knew this wasn't enough.If he wants to save the world he would have to unite the world but his enemies were his stepping stone. Using every opportunity to defeat him or give a heavy blow.

  • Chaotic Fate

    Chaotic Fate


    A sequel to Face of Fate.




    Hartaj was standing on the terrace with his hands fisted. It was cold , but he couldn't care about it. The fire in him wasn't letting him see anything else. "Son, go to your room. It's already late ,she must be waiting for you " his mom requested."I can't care less about what she wants!! I have married her just because of dad. But I can't forget who she is!!!!!" he said barely containing his anger."Don't forget that she is also your wife now. Don't think about her only as the sister of your enemy "she said softly trying to make him understand."No! she wont ever be my wife "he said with finality and went downstairs.His mom sighed in despair. She knew the impulsiveness of her son.She didn't want him to do anything he would regret later.Hartaj had married for the peace between the families ,she wanted it to work. She prayed for her son's happiness in this relationship . __________This story is about 3 brothers, their fate and their love. If you want to know more, join the journey

  • Chaotic Chaos

    Chaotic Chaos


    Alvah, a young girl, finds herself in a new world she never heard of before. superpowers, magic, mythical creatures, crimes, deadly competitions..etc were all normalized in this world, it's the "CHAOS" itself. - if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade right? this world is Chaos, why not make it even more chaotic!? - Alvah~ under the high pressure and deadly events she's about to face, how would she survive and rise from the ashes to rule this great mayhem?

  • Chaotic Duality

    Chaotic Duality

    One pair of twins with powers unknown in them and an unpredictable fate that lies ahead of them, they go against the set paths of life forging their own way in the universe one step at a time with all kinds of people they meet along the way.

  • Chaotic Heaven

    Chaotic Heaven

    Zhoudong is a kingdom whose culture is very alike Ancient China's culture. A Kingdom filled with people, through the process of cultivation, improve their health, increase their longevity, and develop powers beyond ordinary people's imagination. In this kingdom, cultivating Qi and training in martial & mystical arts is part of the quotidian. However, only a few can become Immortals or even attain godhood.Zhoudong is a place where the commerce of cultivation items is free, and it can be seen everywhere in the streets. And some people, who have mastered the art of cultivation, have decided to make it their work. They are called Cultivators. Cultivators have united in sects, and work on request. These sects are numerous and spread across all the kingdom.And in this kingdom, there is the one sect whose cultivator's strength and might have inspired minstrels for countless generations. A sect whose members are legendary. This sect is named Chaotic Heaven, and this is its story.

  • Chaotic Love

    Chaotic Love

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    Everyone thought that Liam, the famous student of BSU is living a perfect life. He's good-looking, smart, and can afford things he want in life. One day, one person would come into his life and sees the darkness in Liam's eyes - Jerard. BSU SERIES 3

  • Chaotic peace

    Chaotic peace



    didunia yang kacau ini akan ada yang di sebut akhir adakah yang di sebut mutlak....perjalan seorang makhluk untuk mendapatkan kekuatan yang absolut disertai dengan banyak intrik dan tragedi serta cerita roman yang panas .....(NSFW)#fantasi #action #handmade

  • Chaotic Sword

    Chaotic Sword

  • The Chaotic Nebula

    The Chaotic Nebula


    In a galaxy ruled by tyrants, can peace last? No. Peace canot last while people are fighting to gain the upper hand. Peace cannot exist where it is not wanted.Leo lost everything. with his is home destroyed, friends and family dead, he turns to revenge, but can he do anything without power? In hopes of gaining the power necessary, he joins his enemy with vengeance in his blood.Will Leo be able to find the secrets of the war and kill the ones who started it, or will he die and let the vengeance dissipate with him?***So, this is my first shot at writing a scifi, so please give any criticism that is needed. My hope is that I finally follow through with a story. It will probably be a bumpy ride(due to not having a lot of free time to write), so strap in and get ready.I will write a chapter a day untill may 16.

  • The chaotic world

    The chaotic world


    Some people said " The democracy the is the important thing to achieve the development of the humanity "... I have no grudge against it... but it will not be suitable for humans... humans are the weakest thing in this world... his desires turned our world into THE CHOATIC WOULDhello everyone, this series will be 1 ch / day because I have another series to write and also I am still in the college so it out of my hand. but I will try my best to right a chapter everyday, and thank you for reading, just make a real review, rate or vote to know how good my writing is

  • Chaotic Cultivation

    Chaotic Cultivation


    Song Zhong’s parents were the geniuses of the sect. But they were apparently killed while on a mission when he was barely 6. As he apparently did not excel in any of the 5 elements, in fact, all 5 elements are in balance in his body. Thus, our fatty is deemed to be trash and does not deserve the respect his parents had. He is allowed to have one task, to collect garbage of the sect until he reaches the initial test-age where he has to prove that he is worthy to stay in the sect. Our fatty has no choice but to cultivate the only heritage his parents gave him. A mysterious black pearl. Unfortunately for him, this pearl seems to be only useful for… collecting garbage…

  • The Chaotic Journey

    The Chaotic Journey

  • My Chaotic City

    My Chaotic City

    Video Games LEVELUP


    # towerdefense [Infinite World] open beta had begun. Li Hanqiang entered the game and chose a rare archetype – The Chaos Ruler. This archetype cannot level up or switch to other archetypes, and it would be forced to fend against waves of mythical beasts. Other people’s games involved slaying monsters and leveling up, while his game involved getting beaten up by monsters. Fortunately, he could hire other players to help defend his fortress. To fight for player resources from other fortress rulers, Li Hanqiang posted an advertisement… “The most perfect and complete logistics support system! No need to worry about supplies if you come here to kill monsters!” “Still worrying about other players surpassing you in level? Come to Chaos City, level up faster, get more equipment, and experience less risk!” “Our powerful sorcerer’s defend tower would be your strongest backup. This is the only place where you can slay monsters without worries!”

  • The Chaotic Exor

    The Chaotic Exor

    Kevin Junior was a kind young man. He always took care of his father who was hospitalized and had a good reputation at school. At least, that's what people think of Kevin. But behind his smile, Kevin hides darkness. The father, that he cared for, was a multi-million dollar gambler who abused Kevin as a child. Poorness and being motherless also made Kevin feel frustrated and often shunned by his classmates. One day, Kevin's inner pressure exploded when he heard that a classmate he liked had been chosen as God's child. This triggers a drastic change in Kevin.

  • Chaotic Marriage

    Chaotic Marriage

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

  • Chaotic Recurrence

    Chaotic Recurrence


    It was far more hard than he could take. Delusions, inexplicable occurances, strange figures, cryptic dreams. But no one would believe what he has to say. After all, he killed his wife and two children. Everything he say will just be an excuse to escape. But is he really makings things up or what he say is true ? Can anyone believe that a mysterious figure from his dreams made him murder his family ?! Or is there something more to it than just a dream ?