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  • Consort



    Makiro travels across the desert to be an addition to the sultan’s harem but after meeting Halim she doesn’t know if she can be loyal to her new lord.

  • The Anarchic Consort

    The Anarchic Consort


    She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With the Ancient Manual in her hands, she will astonish all the despicable men and cheap women! Wait! Didn’t everyone say that she was an evil woman which everyone feared? Why is his Third Highness, full of mystery and charisma, so interested in her?

  • Hell's Consort

    Hell's Consort



    "I will make you my queen." He grabbed the chains attached to the bed and closed the shackles around her wrists. "I'm the High Priestess. You can't—" Fear trembled through her mind and body. She couldn’t consummate this marriage if the Blood Beast truly decided to make her his queen. Luna must remain a virgin High Priestess in order to remain a vessel for Hecate's magic. "What are you planning to do?" “I will make you mine no matter what so that I can take control of the Vampire King's consciousness forever. He won’t be back anytime soon." Luna thought the Blood Beast was out of his mind for wanting to make the virgin High Priestess his mate. The consequences of that would… Her mind raced through all of the possible consequences. There was no way she could allow the Blood Beast to gain any more power. Especially if he gained that power by drinking the blood that was, laced with Hecate’s magic, running through her veins. She needed the Vampire King back. The Blood Beast moved on top of her body. He stopped when he was eye-level with her. The sudden intimacy was shocking, especially since she was tied down. Chest to chest, he removed her cloak and peeled off her flimsy dress. He growled. "If you struggle, I will rip your head off." +++ Luna was one of the few remaining Amazons who worshipped the goddess Artemis. As an Amazon, her ordinary life took an unexpected turn when a pack of rogue werewolves took over their home--the Sacred Valley. Left with no other choice, Luna flees into the nearest kingdom, the Vampire Realm, where she was captured to be part of the Vampire King’s Consortium. To avoid the fate of living and dying as a Harem girl for vampires, she offers to become the High Priestess and study dark magic in order to break the King's curse. If she is successful, she could request the King to grant her her well-earned freedom. There has not been an official High Priestess in the Vampire Realm for centuries. Not since the first High Priestess cursed the King to become the Blood Beast. When the Blood Beast tries to take the reins of the Vampire King's consciousness, the King was cursed to drain the blood and his victims' life force in order to pacify the other immortal inside of him. In order to try and maintain some semblance of control, the Vampire King is forced to maintain his strength and immortality by kidnapping women from all over the realm to be used for food and sex. But, what will he do when he finds a woman worth keeping, but he can't even touch her? Will he be able to control his hunger for blood and lust when he looks upon her delectable body? As the new High Priestess, Luna was able to become more powerful than ever before. As she did her best to break the Vampire King's curse, what will happen to her when the 'curse' latches on to her instead? Note: If you are curious about ML and FL relationship dynamic, check out CHAPTER 447 (Sweet Talker) #RuthlessMLtransformsintoDotingHusband #UNDER EDITING Fun Fact: Plot and Storyline are decided by Tarot Cards :) Please make some noise on my discord server:

  • My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

    My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!


    A genius talisman practitioner is reborn as a seven-year-old girl! However, her innocent appearance belies her vicious personality. In the remote countryside, the Crown Prince runs into her, beating up her enemy. She is indifferent, but it’s love at first sight for the Crown Prince! “Not good, Your Highness the Crown Prince, Her Highness the Crown Prince Consort used an immobilization talisman on His Majesty the Emperor, and His Majesty is currently eating dirt in the main hall.” “Isn’t that normal? Who told that dog emperor to provoke my wife? I say it’s a job well done! Pour a bucket of ice water on him to cool him down!” “Your Highness the Crown Prince, it’s really not good this time! The great Crown Prince Consort threw out three explosion talismans and destroyed Noble Consort Zheng and her house!” A certain crown prince laughed madly. “Job well done! She’s truly my wife; she’s as awesome as always!” “Crown Prince, Crown Prince, it’s seriously bad this time! A beautiful man appeared in the great Crown Prince Consort’s room!” You got cuckolded again! The crown prince harshly picked up the handsome man half laying on her bed. “Who are you?” A certain consort replied with a stoic face. “I drew a deity-inviting talisman and summoned a venerable immortal of love.” “Get lost as soon as you finish fighting!” “Oh, sorry, it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away!” I’m not leaving! Embark on this adventure of a little stoic who just wants to grow stronger and protect her family but unwittingly ends up with a merry company of troublemakers. A riveting cocktail of cultivation, zombies, and sci-fic!

  • The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

    The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny


    No one told Xie Qiao that the after effects of transmigrating into a fetus would be so great. The moment she did it, she became sickly. Fortunately, she had maximum affinity with living creatures. The animals she reared could fight, the herbs she planted could live. She could write talismans, read fortunes, and get rid of love interests. She could perform divination, detect aura, and read Fengshui. She could also good at the chess, music, literature, art, carving, and cooking, so she could earn a lot of money. And she was now taken back by the crown prince. “I heard that the princess consort brought about a lethal fate to her parents since young, and she has a lethal destiny. She’s someone who will not live long. If she marries the crown prince, she might not be able to protect her life. Very soon, she’ll kick the bucket!” This was the secret news of the imperial city. Several years later… “Grandfather, Grandmother, did anyone place bets on when you’re going to die today?”

  • The Evil Consort Above An Evil King

    The Evil Consort Above An Evil King



    In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general's daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need. How does she intend to adapt and survive in such a foreign and hostile world? Follow Gu Xijiu on her journey to discover her one true love!

  • [BL] Wolf King and his Fox Consort

    [BL] Wolf King and his Fox Consort



    [ABO/ Omegaverse - Mature Content]Once a single nation, now the Kingdoms of the Zui wolves and Xin foxes have been enemies for ages, with the humans from Su just trying to survive the fallout.Chu Yun is a pampered nine-tailed fox who lives a life of leisure and contentment, until one day his uncle, the king of Xin, calls him over to announce that a marriage agreement has been signed between Zui and Xin.Xiao Zai might be a prince, but despite his noble birth his position is anything but stable. He and his omega father have struggled to survive the royal harem's cruel games and the king's displeasure.One day, the king informs him that he'll be marrying Chu Yun as part of the treaty between Zui and Xin.It would have been an ideal situation, if it weren't for the fact that both Chu Yun and Xiao Zai were alphas.---Chu Yun: we're in this mess now, let's try to make the best of itXiao Zai: ok, how?Chu Yun: ....Xiao Zai: if you come any closer I'll rip your throat outChu Yun: okay, let's see who has the bigger....teeth.---Spoiled, cunning proud alpha fox MC x smart, determined, belligerent alpha wolf ML

  • Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

    Evil Emperor's Wild Consort



    She has come a long way. Orphaned, born a weakling, and being the infamous good-for-nothing of Azure Dragon Country. Gu Ruoyun was the shame of the proud Gu household. Falsely accused of a crime she did not commit, she was betrayed by her family and beaten to death by her own grandfather. But life took a fateful twist on that very day — she was revived. Newly awakened, she is now the Master of an ancient treasure that resides within her body. Precious cultivation pills, treasures beyond her wildest imagination and spiritual beasts, all within her grasp... She is the apple of the eye of all under the heavens, including that of a mysterious, handsome man. Now she only has one goal — to conquer the world.

  • Strongest Eccentric Consort

    Strongest Eccentric Consort


    As the daughter chosen by the Heavens, she was already extraordinary from birth. However, with her talents concealed, she was treated like trash and mercilessly betrayed. So, she decided to let her supreme capabilities shine! From then on, her bloodline had been awoken. Everything was possible—refining antidotes and weapons through alchemy, taming the dragons and phoenixes, and even being the ultimate ruler of the world. Since then, millions of people admired her and she lived up to her name as the strongest concubine in the world! Only that cold, evil and immensely domineering Ice Emperor, whom she had accidentally provoked, loved, protected and helped her everywhere… “Oh dear, after he has treated me like that, how can I ever like someone else? This man is really cunning!”

  • Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

    Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss


    The destitute young miss of the Ling family was weak, had lowly qualifications, was ugly and frequently bullied. In the end, she was pushed into the freezing river by her so-called love rival. However, when she opened her eyes once again, her gaze was cold yet captivating! Everything had changed drastically! When her ugly looks faded, she became a peerless beauty. When she displayed her graceful bearing and talent, it was blinding and earth-shattering! I'm a foodie and I'm proud of it. I have a venomous tongue to infuriate people to death, but I won’t compensate with my life. All the handsome men would give their all just to make her smile, which provoked his desire to dominate and possess her. However, in the end, was it him who dominated her…

  • The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking

    The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking



    Xia Muqing is originally an archaeologist when she unexpectedly transmigrates. In another life, she becomes the useless daughter of a reputable family who is mocked and bullied by everyone. A brand new Xia Muqing is reborn from the ashes. From then on, she uses her skills and medical knowledge to subdue beasts and to seek revenge! She uses poison to repay her sister who was born of her father's mistress. She swears to make those who harmed and betrayed her pay with their blood!

  • The Fallen Consort

    The Fallen Consort



    Cursed with a beautiful face, Losing love ones till left with no one by her side. Yi Ling vowed not to ever let anyone see her true self. She believed that she was a curse. A face that can topple Kingdoms and Countries. So she dressed up like a man. Not until, Mu Xin came along. Letting her realized that she was part of a bigger world. -------- This is my 1st Novel and English is my 3rd language. Sorry in advance, for my grammatical errors. Reviews are greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading. ^U^ -------- Also Read my other novels : The Wretched Mistress & Phoenix Rebirth : The Unruly Empress -------- JOIN THE DISCUSSION !!! Discord : ---- Also please support me by buying me a coffee!




    All it took for him to have her in palm was a marriage proposal threateningly done by him. In order for her to keep the secret she had been keeping from her adoptive parents, Enchantia didn't hesitate to give herself to the man who made her heart skip and sent shivers down her spine.So what if he was dangerous? Enchantia believed that between the two of them, she was more dangerous than him but for the sake of her beloved ones, she wouldn't mind attaching herself to this devil.What could she fear when she can be herself around him?

  • The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

    The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness


    "Ride this, my beloved consort!" Instantly rewarded with a punch in his charming face. He looked hurt, "I just wanted you to try out the mythical beast mount!" Having died a cruel and excruciating death in her past incarnation, she was reborn into a body imbued with an impeccable talent for cultivation. A good-for-nothing? Fire, water, ice, wind, thunder, and nature; switching between the six elements is easy as pie. Supreme grade pills? She scatters them in the air like candies. Legendary beasts? They're begging her to form a contract. She is the arrogant Queen almighty! You say that heaven is undefiable? Then she will defy it! "Bad news, my Lord! The consort has beaten the Empress of the Heavenly Phoenix Nation into a pulp!" He raised an eyebrow and brimmed of pride, "It's nothing. Send a million troops to back up my beloved consort. Tell them that I'm the one who's pampering her!"





    Arianna had no idea that her new life would be loaded with so much baggage, secrets, and horror when she found herself living the life of the affluent and famous. She was alone in a world that was nothing like the one she had known and grown up in. She needed to find a way out, and happily, she was aided by a system that will transform her into an entity that will be worshiped by everybody. Arianna was privileged, pampered, and never lacked anything because she was born into a noble family and was a member of the aristocracy. Others, including her cousin, became envious of her and plotted against her as a result. Arianna will be forced to demonstrate her intelligence as she transforms concepts into genuine wonders in order to defeat her foes, converting her from a pheasant to a phoenix. Arianna will be driven to fight against a power of immense evil in order to battle for what she believes in and for the person she loves so deeply. Will Arianna be able to accomplish the goals she set for herself at the start and become the virtuous wife she was groomed to be? Will she mature and become the person she set out to be? Will she be able to defeat her formidable foe?

  • Fate's Little Feral Consort

    Fate's Little Feral Consort


    Yu Xiaotong’s new novel "Fate's Little Feral Consort". She was a world-famous miracle doctor in the 21st century. If The King of Hell wanted a person to die at mid-day, she would only let that person die in the evening. After going back in time, her soul was now in the body of a cowardly and incompetent lady of Eternal Peace Marquis's Residence. On her wedding day, she was sent to the bandits by her fiance. Immediately, she gave the useless man a letter of divorce. Get lost! Vicious stepmother, hypocritical stepsister, cruel father; all of them wanting her life. She has her own Spirit Beast, she could refine elixir pills; she could even effortlessly master new skills. But why did the handsome and domineering ninth imperial uncle entangle her when she was dealing with those hateful scum? She looked back and sneered, "is our relationship that good?". The man narrowed his eyes and looked as fierce as a beast, "I’ve already held you and kissed you. Do we have to be in bed together? "

  • The Consort

    The Consort

    Anna's dreams are where she escapes to. But what happens when the dream turns out to be an entirely different dimension? She falls asleep one night finding she'd been half transported to another world. When she awakens from the strange dream, it's as if only a night has passed, yet she carries the injury she dreamed about. The next night she's back. Labeled as a "Dream walker" by the people of this other world. Anna soon grows accustomed to going back and forth between worlds, but to survive, will she have to give up her humanity in the process? Lastly, after everything, she's experienced between these two dimensions. When Anna gets offered the chance to remain, will she accept it or will Anna flee back home, never to return?

  • The Devil's Consort

    The Devil's Consort



    [MATURE CONTENT] They say the devil has no soul, that his heart had frozen over as soon as he was cast down from the heavens and tumbled straight into hell. They say a man like him could never love, that he is merely an empty shell devoid of romantics, driven only by the twisted nature of his games, the thrilling chill of lust, and of death. But I know differently. Some say he is beautiful- dancing through the night with a seductive sway of his body and a tender caress of his honeyed word that could make any mortal fall, others berate him as a monster. When I was younger, I never used to know what to believe. Never knew which legends told the truth, and which ones voiced a lie. Until one day, I tumbled straight into hell- straight into him. And that's when my whole world changed forever.

  • Persistent Consort(From Consort to Queen)

    Persistent Consort(From Consort to Queen)

    Fei Shu, princess of Shengxin kingdom, given to the king of Son Hui kingdom, Wei Dong Song as a consort to seal a peace treaty between the two nations. Wei Dong Song takes a liking to her making her his favorite. She is then exposed to schemes initiated by the other consorts and Queen. She becomes an isolated consort when she is accused of trying to poison the Crown Prince. But her determination to live and rule elevates her from the Cold palace to being the Queen to rule alongside the king and making several decisions bringing peace to the two nations at war.




    Warning[Mature Contents] ‘’Poor girl,you fell on the most dangerous family ever’’ he said with serious expression April thought he was joking but looking at his expression he was not. ‘’You are in the presence of the 7 monsters sons of the king‘’ he said with a cold frightened smile . She looked at them and suddenly the color of their eyes changes. Each of them had different eyes colors. ‘’What’s that?!’’ She thought frightened He approaches her and wanted to touched her . Even though she was frightened she made an attempt to slap him but the man hold her hand brought her near him and said ‘’If you want to slap me then do it with your lips’’ he said with deep mesmerizing voice ,a smirk on his lips. After that her father has been held back by the most influential and cruel man in the village because he owed him a huge amount of money. April want to get her father out of that situation,even if she had to married one of the seven brother princes of the kingdom to have the required money and pay off her father’s debts. But rumors are circulating about the princes of the kingdom saying that they are cursed and possessed. Since she was a sceptic girl she didn’t believe in all those rumors.... Will she put up with her new husband and this new Life ?, will she support the true nature of the Envel family ?,will she succeed in getting her father out of the cruel man of her village . . Note of the author I’m a newbie..this is my first story. Please take note that English is not the first language of your author so don’t mind the mistakes. I will try and correct it. Any positive critic of the book will help me to improve ^^ The cover is not mine.

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