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The Anarchic Consort

The Anarchic Consort

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Author: Zhan QishaoTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Misty Cloud Translations, Larbre StudioEditor: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Misty Cloud Translations, Larbre Studio


4.38 (1,445 ratings)

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She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste!
Betrayed? With the Ancient Manual in her hands, she will astonish all the despicable men and cheap women!
Wait! Didn’t everyone say that she was an evil woman which everyone feared? Why is his Third Highness, full of mystery and charisma, so interested in her?

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    Website : qidian china Views : 2.14million Rating : 9.1(32) Chapters : 1352 Status : completed Word count : 2.75million author level : great No of works : 3 Comments : 9 Year started : 2015 Chinese title : 一世盛欢:爆宠纨绔妃 Other works : National school prince is a girl

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    THIS IS MY FAV NOVEL! btw PotatoGodofTime is trolling (it's fake ML doesn't betray) Honestly, it's a good novel about a badass Female lead who face slaps, takaes care of white lotuses.The male lead is cold hearted but tries his best to win her cold heart with his many disguises. Meaning yes, she trash talks about him to himself cuz she didn't know he was wearing a disguise. IT'S SO CUTE AND FUNNY. Of course if you hate that there is rape and ML turning into the devil then I guess don't read it? It's overall a good novel to pick up and read.They have a good ending just in case you're wondering.

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    My first issue with this story is the COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL TRANSLATOR. This translator like to delete chapters that do not fit his moral requirements. The readers are often confused do to missing critical plot points. In my opinion this is the worst thing a translator can do. Their job is to translate the story, not to create or edit. I like this story, but there are problems with the World Background. I lot of things are improbable or completely unexplained. For example, the MC is a genius Armsmaster. However, there is no real description of this magical profession. We are only told that the MC knows how to assemble and disassemble machine guns and other modern artillery. So naturally she can assemble magical components as well...

    View 32 Replies
    LV 5 Badge

    Yes! Now, the only thing missing is GDBBM. On another note, I thought you decided to stop translating this novel because of some issues, Misty. Can we expect that this will be translated 'til the end? For those looking for a review, have you read 'National School Prince Is A Girl'? If so, this novel was penned by the same author. Expect epic face-slaps, whining white lotuses, overbearing ML, overpowered pets, artifacts-- enough said, basically everything belonging to the MC is OP. So what are you waiting for?

    View 57 Replies

    Chinese racism never fails to cool my interest in a series. There's nothing done to change Wei Wei's bone structure, her sink is just brown. Yet, she's considered ugly with dark skin and beautiful with pale skin. Is this why skin bleaching is so popular in China? This cancerous logic can only produce self hating people and a false sense of superiority.

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    LV 15 Badge

    The story is good but not worth paying because the translator skip out ALLLLLLLL the smutty chapters!!! 😠😠😠 What's the point paying when you cannot read the main interaction between the main leads 😑

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    Thank you for finally uploading this novel. It is one of my favorite novel and I was going crazy for waiting for the story to continue. The story is a topically reincarnation story of a strong female lead who grows stronger with the time and is merciless with her revenge. Next to her is a strong and sometime crazy ML who causes more problem for her in attempt to cage her.

    View 10 Replies

    A great story so far I just want to know if this novel is going to continue or is it being dropped as it hasn't updated in a while. I hope more regular updates will come as I am missing the interaction between the no and fl

    View 0 Replies

    love you so much misty...yay, my fav novel...hope update frequently..hehe..cant wait for more chapter...thanks for your hardwork too..hohoho..really want to see wei wei and Baili Jia Jue romance since both are black bellied and 3rd prince is shameless pervert ml..

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    At first you think that the story is bit slow and the description is provided by the author seems bit too much but after some chapters you see the same at everything. in every scenario when the people are bad mouthing the female lead there are same feeling in each and every chapter you get bored easily.... The male lead always harass the female lead but she doesn't do anything even her thoughts are not clearly described by the author....

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    It's a short chapter and nothing happened even. The update is slower than the other project from Misty too. I don't think it should be costing 7SS; I might end up dropping this & returning later if it picks up and the reviews better. Anyway, will be back to check later.

    View 3 Replies

    Mainly feels like missing 2 diff stories into one but still good . Both leads mainly show dark in nature , that's makes slightly more interesting. The way they challenge each other for dominance was just WOW what a big deal buddy . Keep going through dark side .

    View 0 Replies

    This novel only have 1375 chapter. Not too long. I love the FL and ML. I still mtl this novel. Just read first so you can know this novel is good 👍👍👍👍 For the translator i hope you can do your best to finish this novel 😇😇😇

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    The story is really nice and both ML & FL are really very strong character who are fighting there battles very strongly against all their enemies .i love reading it . Awaiting more chapters from the author Keep up the good work All the best

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    I was enjoying the first 200-300 chapters or so but i really cant read how Fl is just getting walked over by ML and getting sexually assulted and nobody in the comments seems to be bothered by it

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    More than three weeks and still counting since the last update... When a chapter is posted, it’s a satisfying long read... Wondering if they’re dropping this novel..?!

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    THIS NOVEL IS VERY GOOD💕💕💕 My only complaint about this novel is it's inconsistent and slow release. Seriously, I kept on checking for new releases everyday only go turn up disappointed. But as a huge fan of this novel(Its my #1😭) I keep on voting for this novel because it's sad to see my fav novel keep dropping in ranks. Anyway, please inform us if there's any issue so we, the loyal readers won't be kept around waiting.

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    This story can catrarte from the beginning. The protagonist has a strong character and does not stop at anything or anyone... or maybe her destined partner is the one who can stop her? If you want to know your destination, you have to read this interesting novel

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    Gosh ! Dear Writer - You seem to have gone on a winter break and forgotten us readers. Its been a while since you sent any mass updates. The story was positively building up. Cant just keep sweatting it out with Bali ju. Please progress....

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    would it ultimately comes down to is it the male lead consistently sexually assaults a female lead until she finally gives in and realize that she has feelings for him which is wrong chapter 450 I think? The male lead as of this point since I've just decided to stop reading has yet to respect her as a person, still occasionally refers to her as pray, or it, consistently threatens to change her into a cage and actually did change her to a bed inside of a cage during their wedding night. many times he sexually forces himself on her while she is passed out or sleeping. he claims ownership of her and the author actually encourages that by writing the female lead who is supposed to be the strong amazing mercenary genius into a gradually submitting to him instead of you know not getting herself into these situations. I wasted way too many coins. Way too many coins for a book that's basically about consistent sexual assault and manipulation until the female lead acquiesces. And sometimes occasionally the author blesses you with a little bit of plot

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    Author Zhan Qishao

    Translator Nyoi-Bo Studio Misty Cloud Translations Larbre Studio

    Editor Nyoi-Bo Studio Misty Cloud Translations Larbre Studio