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  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention


  • Dark Rift Convention

    Dark Rift Convention

    The 11th Einsten-Rosen Bridge (AKA Rifts or Wormholes) explored on the expasion days, led to a place near the borders of the galaxy. The problem was that it was also connected to 9 more Bridges wich led to the unknown. Thus the 11th Einsten-Rosen Bridge was nicknamed the Dark Rift, and left outside the original expansion plans. Many years later as Humanity had already established itself among the stars; war also began, in a scale before seen. Many Rifts were lost, planets already colonized were left unconnected to the Galaxy. New routes needed to be explored, this brought a exploding economy to the galaxy. The Dark Rift was one of the 3 most important Einsten -Rosen Bridge Nexus, however it had been filled with outlaws, brigands and pirates. That is, until the creation of the Dark Rift Convention, a company wich transformed the most backwater route in space, to one of the most lucrative. Wich in turn brought the attention of the galaxy to this forgotten place. Evans Raleigh, the man behind the Convention. Many questions appear whenever his name is called, Who is He? Where does he comes from?, What does he want?. However the one that matters is, Will he be able to make the Convention hold, as everyone focuses on the rift?, or would he and his convention, vanish as quick as they appeared?

  • Conventional Thought

    Conventional Thought

  • 10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start

    10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start



    There was a Senior Brother and a Junior Sister. One of them was transmigrated to this world and had cheats while the other was the reincarnation of a Great Emperor. The Senior Brother wished to stay away from trouble so that he could live forever, but he was ruthless and crafty. On the other hand, the Junior Sister wanted to go against convention and conquer the Nine Heavens. She was ready to slay all kinds of enemies. [Ding! Congratulations on living peacefully for 100 years on the mountain. Your reward is 100,000 years of cultivation.]

  • Beyond Conventional Imaginations

    Beyond Conventional Imaginations

  • I went to a convention. Then I married a voice actress

    I went to a convention. Then I married a voice actress


    Fukuda Yuuma is just a normal college student who often goes to different conventions when he has free time. At one convention that features a new anime releasing next season, he accidentally bumped to a beautiful girl that was almost familiar to him. Who is this girl he met at the convention and why all of a sudden, a pack of crowds surround them both in a convention?

  • Alien Evolution System

    Alien Evolution System



    Consume and evolve to become the strongest. The Collector, an alien warrior on a mission to absorb all life, transmigrates to a world of fantasy and magic. However, a battle with a god forces it to begin its journey as nothing more than a weak grub. Used to fighting against spaceships and machines, the Collector must now navigate its strange new world where instead of dealing with bullets and aircraft, it must now face magic and dragons. It must evolve from the weakest of the weak, the lowest of the low, and become strong, stronger than anything on the planet whether it be a knight, monster, or the very gods themselves. ===Foreword===Evolution/Non-Human/Unique MC: If you like evolution based novels and nonhuman MCs, then you've come to the right place. The whole novel will be about consuming creatures and their bloodlines and evolving. The MC is also not the average isekai'd by truck average dude in most transmigration stories, it is an alien monster from the very beginning if that interests you any. Cold/Ruthless/Villain - Anti-Hero MC: If you like MCs that are on the colder and more ruthless side, the MC does not operate by conventional human morals and starts off as a villain and will be a questionable anti-hero at best.Slow Pace: Like my other novel on this site, this novel will have a slow pace compared to other works. Hopefully, this will enhance your experience as a reader with description rich, vivid and engaging fight scenes and environments. The slow pace will also contribute to fleshing out a significantly developed world as well as setting up for plot events that will have relevance throughout the entire novel.'===Discord Link=== free to pop in anytime to ask questions!

  • Sex With Mr Dangerous

    Sex With Mr Dangerous

    LEILANI. I'm an orphan who was picked up by the roadside and left on the gate of a convent when I was a baby.I was raised by Reverend sisters and I spent all twenty three years of my life in the convent.I went to school there and did everything in the big convent, I've never been on my own until six months ago.When I told the sisters that I want to go out on my own, Sister Bernadette was scared because I've never been on my own before.Six months later, I'm doing fine. In a small quiet town, everything is great. The people are good.All was going really well.....until the day he showed up. The scariest man I've ever seen. And the way he looks at me? It's a look I don't understand but it never fails to send shivers down my spine.Who is he?What does he want from me?ZEROHE IS DARKNESS.... I am the bad guy of this story. Every story has a villain, and I am that villain.You can call me, Number Zero. Or Zero, for short. Frankly, I don't care.I am a born killer and I'm called The Killer Machine in the dark world, the part of the world do-gooders don't see.Think of every name you would call a professional killer, and give me that name, because you wouldn't be wrong.I would like to tell you that I try to do good, to do the right thing but that would be a lie. I don't see any need why I have to lie here.I am a very bad man, don't go searching for good because it's not there. I have so much darkness in me that if you stay in my mind for a long time, you go dark too.Don't mistake this for a confession because it is not. I'm not seeking for forgiveness and if you give it, I won't accept it. I'm not seeking for redemption here. My sins are my own.The first day I saw her, I just knew something.My new fascination. My first fascination in all my thirty three years of life.I must have her.I must make her mine.

  • Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions

    Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions



    (Check out my other work, 'A Dersireless Agelong Migrant'.)Young monk Lee Shen of Kathmandu ends up in a different dimension! He became the first person to enter a dimension unknown to earthlings.Through a fortuitous encounter, he got bound with a soul which introduced itself as the Sovereign of the Dimension. After analysing Lee's memory, the soul metamorphosises into a sentient system!And believe me, this is one system you would wish to have!!Here, the eastern fantasy of Qi meets the western fantasy of Mana! Dwarves join sects and cultivators join guilds!In a planet with 20 realms of Qi Cultivation and Mana mastery with 10 levels of progression, the lives you can live are plenty. Join the adventure of Lee Shen, as he unlocks his memories, while the sentient system empowers his journey!Read as he simultaneously cultivates and masters! Track his actions as he unravels the most horrifying secret behind the existence of multiple dimensions! Witness the multidimensional world through his eyes!To all readers, if you didn't like the initial progression, you could just skip to chapter 335.(This novel will be a long run, so the doubts and question mark popping up in your head will be eventually clarified. Please be patient and I assure you a beautiful work to read.)(I repeat, the MC was a monk and the character creation is not done without any homework. Please don't assume that the MC or the story progression is flawed. This is not a conventional story.)(Please note that the 3rd chap, unfortunately, comes after the 6th one. I apologise for the inconvenience.)(The cover was of free source, and I edited it.)

  • A Wish Come True

    A Wish Come True

    As a kid, astronomy professor Marty Brooks kept in touch with a pen pal who lived on the other side of the country. Eventually that pen pal stopped responding to Marty’s letters, which always ended with “Making a Wish” for Marty’s love of stars.<br><br>Now, as adults, Marty and his brother are big fans of a series of famous sci-fi movies. At the convention, they hope to meet up with their favorite actors. Marty is especially interested in meeting one particular actor who is openly gay, but instead he bumps into the star of the movies, Sebastian Lookinland.<br><br>Before long, Marty learns the world really is small, when it is revealed Sebastian is the pen pal he used to write. Marty has an affair with the hot actor at the convention, knowing it will end when the convention does, but at then Sebastian suggests they stay connected through texts, emails, and weekend get-togethers. Is something more permanent too much to wish for?

  • Isekai: A World of Endless Grief and Missing History

    Isekai: A World of Endless Grief and Missing History


    A group of friends were attending a cosplay convention for the sake of entertainment. They were having a tea break discussion as they watch their acquaintances perform on stage. But then, a sudden event of two gigantic magic circles materialized on both the floor, and the ceiling. Without any clue to what was going on, they lost their consciousness and were transported somewhere.

  • Carey'd Away

    Carey'd Away

    Carey Thornton is tired of couples. All his friends have someone special and he feels like the odd man out. Painfully single, Carey cruises the nightclubs and gay party scene, flirting with any hot guy who looks his way, but he always seems to be the one to go home alone.<br><br>It's comic convention weekend at the Omni Hotel where Carey works, and somehow he got roped into working the registration desk in the dealer room. While checking in the vendors before the crowds arrive, he meets the sexy Pat Dix, setting up the booth for Kryptonite Comics.<br><br>Painfully shy, Patrick has never dreamt an outgoing, fun-loving guy like Carey would ever find him attractive. He's surprised when Carey asks him to hang out after the convention hall closes, and he surprises himself by saying yes. A late night in the hotel pool with Carey's rowdy friends might just be what Patrick needs to break him out of his shell. But it isn't until the friends leave them alone that Patrick gets "Carey'd away."

  • tranference (warframe x mcu)

    tranference (warframe x mcu)

    what happens when you get transproted to the world of the mcu with the help of a little game called warframe will you save it, will you destroy it, will you be killed or will you violate the geneva convention like its just another tueday, will there be farming involved? no there is none (or is there?) dun dun duuuun!!!find out in the next episode of drago-*cough* anyway the updates will be a bit iffy atleast until tennocon 2022(still gotta farm ducats sooo yeah :




    Young Yao Xuan, traveled through the Douluo Continent, awakened the Super God System, signed to the Ancestral Dragon Martial Soul at the beginning, and embarked on the road of legend: Encounter Na’er by chance, capture the heart of Gu Yue, in the spirit tower, apprentice Tianfeng; Studying in Shrek, going to Star Luo Continent, Soul Master Competition, bravely competing for the first place; Dragon Valley seizes good fortune, the Sea God Fate Convention, and the sentient people will eventually become family members; Repeatedly town the abyss, break the conspiracy of the Holy Spirit, the sage of the abyss, the ashes disappear; Untie Gu Yuena’s heart knot, hold a grand marriage, break the shackles of the gods, reestablish a new order, and create an invincible myth! p.s. Don’t enter the Tang Sect, don’t lick Tang San, no tragedy, Dzogchen plot

  • A Seal Upon Your Heart

    A Seal Upon Your Heart

    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: Jane used to have a different name, a different life—but that was before she was rescued from the refugee camp after the Rwandan genocide and brought to the convent to be raised. Now she is being dismissed, told to go out into the world. Tim Singleton lost his wife to breast cancer less than a year ago and yet the pain and anger is still fresh in his mind. When Corrine died, so did Tim’s faith…so when he received the call from the convent, Tim isn’t quite sure why he agreed to help the young African girl with a job. She didn’t quite fit in with the others at the law firm that wore thousand dollar Chanel suits while her clothes were picked with care from the donation bin at the church. At nearly six feet tall, the shy girl tried to become invisible in the hectic world around her. But if her ill-fitting clothes didn’t draw attention to her, then it was a beauty that couldn’t be hidden so easily. Soon Jane sees Tim as not only her benefactor, but her one true love. But can Tim finally open up and allow someone else touch his heart? Can he forget their difference in race and age? And more importantly, would being with him mean the loss of her innocence?

  • Ascension Of The Unparalleled

    Ascension Of The Unparalleled


    The legend of a boy from humble birth that will break the conventions of the world and reign on it Unparalleled.

  • No Rulebook for Flirting

    No Rulebook for Flirting

    When Gabriel goes to the annual gaming convention, planning to play as many games as he can during the next three days, he doesn’t expect to be glared to death in the parking lot by a really cute guy. So when the same guy joins the game Gabriel is playing, Gabriel is determined to make him smile, even if it takes some awkward flirting.<br><br>When Aitor makes it inside the convention center after someone steals his parking spot, he doesn’t expect to be so attracted to the man he decided to hate just a few minutes earlier. But as he gets to know Gabriel through gaming and flirting, he just can’t look away.<br><br>The game of flirting has no rulebook, but for Gabriel and Aitor, it may just have two winners after all.



    when you talk with a stranger slowly fall in love with there story or with then . this story tells the convention in a night by to people who falls in love

  • Celebrations


    For two successful actors, the convention circuit’s part of the job, but for Jason and Colby, it’s a challenge.<br><br>Jason’s been a convention guest before. But he’s never let himself relax and enjoy it, too busy being an action hero to indulge his dice-rolling, fantasy-loving, science-fiction geek side. And Colby loves the idea of conventions, but has never been to one. He’s not comfortable with crowds and contact and demands, especially not these days.<br><br>But they’ve got a very epic, very gay, new fantasy movie to promote. So they’ll navigate panels and photos and excitable fans together. And at the end of the day, Jason can give Colby some much-needed comfort ... and together they’ll discover how much fun this new adventure can be.

  • eFate: An MMO Story

    eFate: An MMO Story

    Video Games MAGIC ESPORTS


    Fate, the world's first true virtual MMO. Where realism and fantasy meet. And where fates are shaped and legends are born. Hurricane is a famous game studio, but it has been years since they last released a new game. Amidst dwindling sales and news articles discussing its fate, Hurricane holds a press conference in the main auditorium at G3, the world's largest gaming convention for the first time in years. Here they announce that after almost a decade of silence, their new game is finally ready to be revealed. Follow as one of the greatest guilds of Fate is born, watch as new players burst onto the scene and old legends re-emerge. Come experience the world of Fate!-----------------------------------Release rate:3 Chapters a week. I'll do some extra chapters if we hit top 50 or higher. Probably.Scheduled releases on:Mon, Wed, Sat.More chapters may come if I get enough patrons on patreon. I may also be generous and simply release extra chapters if I feel like it. But don't expect that too often ;)-----------------------------------This novel is primarily about gaming in a VRMMO. The MMO is the main setting of the story. There will not be unnecessary drama in real life. There will not be weird subplots about the implications of VR technology. This is a novel about an MMO setting and I plan to keep it that way. Do be warned that the first ten chapters of vol1 (Fate Revealed) is almost entirely worldbuilding and character development. Hopefully everyone can enjoy the first volume all the same!-----------------------------------Please review and support the novel! I plan to do my best to keep the quality high ^.^(And if you could donate, I can spend even more time on the novel and less working on other things :shamelessplug:)Discord: