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  • CopyCat


    Adam, a hardworking university student has been killed by a loose tiger so that he could save his mother. He meets a mysterious voice who told him that he was being reincarnated into a world of cultivators. To his surprise and hatred he gets reincarnated as a cat, watch as he goes from a tiny little kitten to a powerful force to be reckoned with. How will he survive this new world with a system and a mysterious skill.

  • Records of the Weakest Emperor

    Records of the Weakest Emperor



    Calvin Villanueva was once heralded as the savior of the world. His might was unrivaled despite possessing the weakest class in Las Felipinas. But in a cruel twist of fate, his achievements were turned against him and in a span of a single night, he went from experiencing heaven to plunging into the deepest parts of hell.Captured and imprisoned by the Sucklings, an alien invader who came from a different realm. Calvin became their Scribe, the Keeper of History, and ultimately... He arrived at the peak of the weakest Writer Profession and became the Author of Fate. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The world was now in ruins and Calvin only had a single choice in front of him. It was death.He may have chosen death but he had proven before his death that he was indeed the true savior of humanity.Manipulating fate, twisting time and space... Calvin went back to the past for a second chance to turn things around!This is a story of someone who was once at the peak, striving to return to the summit while correcting his past mistakes, against all odds, and clashes against unscrupulous gods and the supernatural he shall once again find his own path to the top.Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Evil Gods, Evil Religions, Goddesses, Hidden Abilities, Industrialization, Mature Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Mystery Solving, Mythology, Nobles, Time TravelDisclaimer: Reviews comparing the novel to scog will be deleted. Don't be so braindead to think that just because the mc has similar circumstances to the mc of that novel the novel is now a copycat of that awesome novel.By that logic, all isekai is a copy of the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court and all FPS games are a copy of Halo.Read on and if you hate the similarity then, move on.Thanks!Want to contact me? Come into my discord!

  • The copycat.

    The copycat.

  • Killer Copycat

    Killer Copycat


    What happens in the shadows? No one has to know. The truth is in the gallos— it will burn, but won’t let go. A serial killer on death row. A copy cat that won’t back down from a challenge. A reporter with a sense of justice and a shallow wallet. Jayce Morgan is a twenty one year old serial killer, he thinks he has had his fun and thrill when he gets caught and taken into a isolation prison facility on death row. Suddenly the unspeakable happens… another serial killer as arisen from the shadows of the now remotely peaceful city. Jayce thinks nothing of it until he starts to feel a sense of familiarity in these murders… was it a coincidence? They need him. He needs them to survive, One month to get shit done. The police force— and a serial killer with a burning arrogance and pride, how will they ever get along…?A/U: Updates = 1 chp. Week (Maybe More)

  • Extraordinary Copycat

    Extraordinary Copycat


    Magnus Carlson is a weakling born in the wasteland to rot in the wasteland, he lives there his whole life and when he fights a monster for the first time, he realises that he isn’t a weakling but an extraordinary and from then on he learns, he copies and he grows.

  • Copycat Killer

    Copycat Killer

  • I'm a copycat

    I'm a copycat



  • The Copycats

    The Copycats

  • Dread World Undead: Amnesia of a genius copycat

    Dread World Undead: Amnesia of a genius copycat


    Marlin Subaru Smith has amnesia that made him forgot everything. Waking up with no memories of his past, he wracked his brains out and tried to remember them. He then was told that he was a test subject. With pieces of memories being slowly recovered, he learned that he was not just an ordinary person with a normal background. It was then, when he woke up, he discovered that he was in dire straights. The world was currently infected with the Zombie virus and he was still regaining his memories at that time. He was shaken as he was trained in just three days to prepare for their suicide mission. Making also his life harder as he was chosen on a mission to save humanity even his memory were still not recovered. Bronze winner on WPC#242 Post-Apocalypse Please support me: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know.

  • Isuke copyCat?  vamp series volume 1

    Isuke copyCat? vamp series volume 1


    - [ ] All my life I had some misguided hope that I was born to be great . To be more than just a lowly servant boy groveling at the feet of the pompous upper class society . You know what’s worse than being a “peasent“as they call it ? - [ ] .- [ ] ...... To be the one to serve for the man who murdered your family in cold blood .. tell me what greater misery is there than this ! I swear one day I will avenge my FAMILY AND TEAR THIS HYPOCRITICAL KINDGOM APART !!

  • Bittersweet Life

    Bittersweet Life



    SHEWho had fair and glowing skin... Thick, long, and shiny black wavy hair... A pair of aqua-colored, sparkling eyes. And the one who'd been loved by elders, admired by children, and the pride of the family.SHE is my sister...My sister, who had everything that I don't, who got all that I want and received all that I've longed for.I hate her, but I want to be like her.Despite being a boy, I strived to be an equal to her. I've grown my hair and took good care of my skin. I achieved the perfect replica of her.But just being only a copycat has never been enough.I lived as a living picture of her image and became the scenery of my family who misses her. I'm still not equal.Then one day, no one saw it coming...A circumstance occurred that twisted the cycle of our world which I did not expect would change everything that we used to and opened the door to the next chapter of my bittersweet life.The circumstance that crossed my path to the girl I never thought would play a huge part in my life...That one girl who spoiled me with attention and filled my empty existence with genuine affection.But... In just a blink of an eye, death took her from me.Her sudden death caused dubiety to all of us...Suicidal? No... Someone surely murdered her...But... Our only question is......Who?~~~

  • Prototype System

    Prototype System


    ¿Qué harías con una segunda oportunidad?Ser un héroe?Tal vez un villano?Te motivan el bien de los demás?O simplemente es un deseo egoísta?El camino que te ponen delante no siempre suele ser el correcto, entonces ¿Aceptarías ese camino?¿O crearás uno nuevo?

  • The Dragon Emperor In Beyblade Burst

    The Dragon Emperor In Beyblade Burst


    This story is purely a fan fiction about beyblade burst original. Ryuga will be reincarnated in this world when mysteriously disappeared from his original world after passing down the star fragment to Kenta...(Not any random Otaku... it's Ryuga himself who will be sent to another world)... Watch as how he rose from nowhere(i mean new world where he never born so it means nowhere, right?..)to world strongest undefeated blader in the world.ALSO DON'T GO COPYING MY STORY.....COPYCATS.. _____________________________________________!WARNING! Beyblade burst series belong to its original author, I asked for permission to writer this story, so no copyright issues will be implemented... except Ryuga character, all are same in this fan fic. In my story, Ryuga is the main character in beyblade burst not Aoi Valt. Also I will not explain how each beast come out of the bey.. I will explains some ...For example:- Like how Valt's Valkyrie rise from his bey. Okay.!.. So, you can check in the internet yourself if you want.I will only changes some events... But first u have to watch all the original episodes, then read this later it will give you some satisfaction to read properly. Also I am an inexperience author and this my first story, so please help me in spreading this story. Also there will be some grammar mistake, sentences I will try my best not to make many mistakes. In This, Ryuga will be Op as hell, will have many rivals (guess who's them). I changed his Beyblade to my liking...will explain in chapter..And also he has the same pride that he showed in his world.. The Dragon Emperor's pride.THANK YOU!YOURS TRULYAUTHOR ====================================

  • hwjjqjj


  • The Great Werewolf System

    The Great Werewolf System


    You have all heard of ‘My Vampire System’‘The Great Demon System’And ‘The Great Ghoul System’But have you ever heard about ‘The Great werewolf system’?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this world humanity has had a great leap in technology, Flying cars, Holographic phones, Floating hoverboards you name. But who knew it would be our greatest mistake, Rifts appeared out of nowhere and an alien race named the Kix came out. They had a wooden face with 3 eyeballs and long boney fingers with nail sharp as a knife. They went on a rampage killing anyone at first site, Humans were starting to become instinct only 50,000 remain. But they did not stop wherever the human fled the Kix would always be on their trail. Humans had no choice but to move from planet earth to another planet that was safe enough for humans to breathe.The plant name was named Planet belos. But when they landed on planet belos they were surprised to see how healthy it looked, little did they know terrifying beats lurked everywhere. With the new planet humans began to build cities oblivious to the danger around them. That was when city 3c1 was attacked by a beast, it was a bull with red flames dancing around its body.It took lots of men to finally defeat the beast and that was when they made a groundbreaking discovery that would be the tipping point of the war between Kixs and humans. They found out that when they killed the beast it would burst into blue particles and a marble would fall. And whoever dealt the last blow was able to pick it up.What was even more fascinating was that if you smash the marble on the floor it would burst into blue particles. Then the user would be able to use unique and strange abilities from the respected beat they killed.. Thus the war between the Kixs and humans was now on even ground. Now the military makes it mandatory to serve 2 years in military school to hone your abilities to help with the war.200 years later….Our story takes place on planet belos city N93 with a boy named Rev. He had no ability so he was often mocked and bullied, He lost his grandfather to the war and his parents were missing. The only thing that was left for him was a small marble he could never figure how to use until one day he dropped blood on the marble and unlocked the werewolf system.Will Rev choose to help humanity or will he stray away and become the monster he is. Tune in to find out!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok guys listen I was inspired by ‘My Vampire System’, ‘The Great Demon System’, And ‘The Great Ghoul System’ so you might see some similarities, BUT I AM NOT A COPYCAT my story will be completely different. And I know some of you would be wondering why the chapter is so short. I kinda rushed it so no one would try and snipe the idea. Do not worry my future chapters will be at least 1,500 words. And I upload 1 chapter a week.! Thanks for reading.( Oh yeah book image is not mine so if the owner does not want me using it please tell me and ill take it down :o )

  • cara_kitty


    An internet star named cara got robbed of her ID and know a unknown girl is copying cara and now caras copycat now is getting to serious and now wants to be the ONLY cara.

  • Mink



    Mink is the reincarnation of a great hero, though she is nothing like him. Because of that, the floating island that idols the hero and spirits the most, abused and tortured her daily until, in the end, they decided to exit her and make Mink their puppet so they can get their hero back. After being saved by someone from below, Mink starts to copy what she sees in order to fit in, too mentally scarred to try and ever be herself. Her copycating becomes an issue when she finds herself in school and in between a war between popularity and the outcasts. But the war is far from the only danger the school has. There are forces working in the shadows, and their plans involve the school. And there is only so much mental stress Mink can take before she snaps, something no one wants. More Detailed Description Below In a magical world, there was once a great hero. To many, he was an idol to be adored. However, one day he died by sacrificing his life for the greater good. His essence was split into different parts and eventually created a new being, or his reincarnation named Mink. Mink was anything but a hero. Split into three different personalities, she was considered a failure by the homeland of the once great hero. The fear of her failure eventually turned to hate, which led to Mink being abused and tortured every day. Eventually, she was exiled and chased by the Empress to be captured and turned into a puppet, so everyone can get the hero they deserve. Just when Mink is going to be captured, she is saved by someone from below named Black Teacher. He brings her home and raises her, only Mink is different. Due to what happened in the last, Mink thinks acting on their own is dangerous. So she started copying everyone in order to fit in. So when she finally goes to school, her issue of copycating becomes a problem when she finds herself in the mist of a war between popularity and the outcasts. But Mink can only take so much mental stress before she’ll snap. Years of abuse and torture means she is insane out of her usual behavior and if push comes to shove, there might very well be a massacre. And as everyone shall soon learn, there are other threats moving in the shadows as well, and the school isn’t as safe as they think it is.

  • Tsubaki


    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    She goes by the name of Quraisyah Adam, or Q, a stubborn hardheaded lieutenant in the Violent Crimes Squad Two and she was posted to another division at a different town after punching her Superintendent in the face for stealing credits. There, she meets a sweet guy name Adachj Haruto where she finds out that a copycat serial killer has his eyes on him. Will she be able to nab the killer? Or will she nab the sweet guy instead?

  • Like Michael McDowell, who can be found higher up this list, Michael T

    Like Michael McDowell, who can be found higher up this list, Michael T

    One of the biggest tonal outliers on this list, Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black is crafted like a traditional gothic novel, and could likely fool readers into thinking that Hill is a few hundred years older than she truly is. Published in 1983, The Woman in Black is best known today for inspiring one of the longest-running plays in London’s West End (and a Daniel Radcliffe movie). Structured in the classic British form of a story told around a fireplace, Hill’s short ‘80s anachronism chills thanks to its ominous titular figure, who stalks a house on the foggy moors and foretells the death of children. The Woman in Black may not feel like a quintessentially ‘80s horror novel, but it’s an excellent reminder that, even at the peak of its copycat boom period, the genre refused to be pigeonholed.

  • Solaris[HIATUS]




    The Ancient World was a treacherous place to live. Hundreds of races competed to win their God’s favor as violence raged across the land. Those who weren’t favored, either died violently in battle or slowly by attrition.One such race was the human race.Created by Gaia, the Goddess of Earth and Life, humanity was created on a whim; an experiment in today’s term with only two specialties: intelligence which far surpassed other species, and an emotion which has been exclusive to the Gods - the emotion of love.They were supposed to represent the love Gaia had for life and all living beings. She didn’t give them many things, but what She gave them, they utilized to their utmost potential, shocking the Goddess many times over with their epic tales, songs, and dances. They had slowly gained Her favor - but it was all futile. For in the Ancient World of Pangeia, there was no place for a race to have emotions, especially if those emotions were love. In fact, this did nothing but anger the other Gods known as Orokins, who deemed humanity as nothing but copycats. As such, humanity was swarmed and slaughtered by the different races, favored by the Gods and Goddesses and Orokin, the Race of Gods. Ultimately, Hermanz - the God of Civilization and a High God of the Pantheon - gifted humanity the ability to form settlements and cities to protect themselves from external harm, after relentless pleadings of Gaia. But this only helped congregate humans in a small spot. One could argue whether it was a good thing or not since, beyond the walls blessed by Hermanz, humans were nothing but livestock that was hunted and feasted. If by chance, His walls fell to a horde of beasts, what awaited hundreds of thousands of humans was nothing but slaughter.But this was about to change, as the new lord of humanity would rise and change the world’s order forever.His name is Amnos. And he would bring war to the continent....GENRE - FANTASY, MAGICAL REALISM, GORE, CRUEL WORLD, ADVENTURE. Note 1 - Hi, I'm a very big fan of magical realism. I'm not talented but I will try to truly flesh a real fantasy world with a lot of world-building, character-building, lore and such. Expect mysteries and little long descriptions but I will try my best to not do a infodump on you guys.Note 2 - The world where the story takes place, Pangeia is a cruel place to live. This story WON'T be like other fantasy stories where they say the world is a 'dog eat dog' world but the MC goes on showing kindness and winning favor.This story heavily focuses on realism and our characters and MC will focus more on 'getting things done.' Expect cruelty and inhumane acts. You've been warned and lastly, if you've thoughts, please comment them. Having a collective thought will definitely increase the realism of the novel.Lastly, I will be blunt. I'm a little low on the romance department so please, forgive me for the romance part. Anyway, you're free to give your inputs anytime and I will definitely try to incorporate your advice into the work. Also, keep an eye out on the Aux Vol since I might be dropping lores and such description in there. Have a nice day, dear readers....The picture is not mine.Concept - Warframe. It's a great game, play if you can.The picture was taken from Artstation.URL: