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  • Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent

    Eighteen Again: The CEO's Wife was a Delinquent



    In order to be loved, she changed her whole personality, but all she got in return was a cold husband and her unrequited feelings. Now that she lost her memories and went back to her old self, she's determined to never love again. She wouldn't let anyone trample on her anymore. But then, why is her husband coming back around again - turning over a new leaf and wanting to take her back so desperately? "You should know well by now, my beloved wife. Didn't you change yourself for love...?" he muttered vehemently, voice low and smoky. His unwavering eyes are blazing with passion and a deep sense of endearment that she'd never seen before. This isn't her husband at all - instead of cold, his gaze appears to be on fire. "The same goes for me... So, love me, love me not - you're going to take responsibility." --- Impassive, strait-laced, stiff and very compliant - that's how everyone sees Cassidy Eleanor. She's an underdog wife who's desperate to gain her husband's affection and would even sacrifice her own freedom. Coming from an unknown background, she was neglected by her spouse, persecuted by his family, and misjudged in her workplace. That's all until it came to a point when she already had enough. In an effort to flee from the clutches of a loveless marriage and all the obligations that were forced on her, she got herself a ticket and boarded a plane. Little did she know that a bombing incident would ultimately ruin her plan to start anew. Then, before she knew it, she woke up to find herself with a type of amnesia that caused her to forget everything that happened to her when she's past the age of eighteen-years-old. To be exact, Cassidy had gone back to her old self - right before she met her husband, Adrian Millicent. --- Cold, distant, steely and iron-willed - that's how everyone sees the owner of the country's richest conglomerate. Adrian is known to be a prodigious figure in a variety of fields and commerce, a prestigious individual with billions of assets, and a man of outstanding achievements overall. He used to be the most-sought-after bachelor of the country, but only to get in an arranged marriage by his grandparent - with a woman of unknown origin, to boot. He really couldn't care less, though. After all, he never needed love to begin with. That's all until Adrian found this reserved and amenable wife of his acting like a wild and boisterous teenage girl one day. -- WFP #23 Gold Tier Winner -- [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the original artist) - Follow me on Instagram (acieetin) - DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)

  • Delinquents and Magic

    Delinquents and Magic

    When highschool delinquent, Xander O'Hara moves away from his home and relocates to a small town called Falling Heights, he doesn't expect anything much and is pretty pissed about the entire ordeal. However before he can settle in to his new place he's greeted by someone and goes on the adventure he never wanted.



    This story tackled various genres, it started as a romantic story and deviated its path into a dilemma of psychopaths, crime, and untrusted people. A mistake from the past never stays in the past, like an unsolved murder case where the killer is living an unexpected life. In life, some paths can't be discovered if the person doesn't improvise. Life is so stubborn, when it wants you to know some certain things, it may even hurt you just in order to put everything where it belongs. In fact, you may be related to that everything, or you are the key to everything. In Pervelli people hid the truth and lived normally. They have used to the role of innocence. However, life doesn't admire lies and evil, it does punish the villains no matter how long it takes.



    •Ini karya saya, saya tidak meniru atau menyamakan. •Maafkan jika ada kesamaan Tokoh atau alurnya•Mencari asupan? Tapi ini sepertinya kurang panas•Yang tidak suka cerita Bl skip saja•Jika membaca jangan lupa vote dan tanggapannya•Beri dukungan untuk author agar semangat updateHappy reading

  • Delinquents Can't Change

    Delinquents Can't Change

    Age: 18DOB: 9-31-1962Sex: MalePersonal-information:Family: Mother- Denise Halperin (deceased) lived in Florida.Father- Frank Laurens, a construction worker. Incarcerated for trespassing, assault and drug possession.Status: SmokerDelinquent is the label he's stuck with. They don't see the rest of him. He's treated wrongly. He's just a kid who's felt no love or compassion. Lucifer is someone who loves to read but can't afford books, let alone lunch. All Lucifer wants is some comfort. Some justice. Frank may have been an asshole but he didn't kill his mom. So who did?Referenced one BL character and that isn't mine (Moxxi)mature themes! Gore/rape/mental illness! please take caution while reading!!! 18+ (heavy mention of Gore and sadistic behavior.) Not meaning to be taken as acceptable!!! *Twist romance in beginning, changes toward the end!* Do not romanticize such themes in reality!)

  • The Four Delinquents

    The Four Delinquents

    Yamato, Haruki, Kaii, and Remi are orphans that gave priest headaches and make fosters cares put them out for their bad behavior. But for their age, they are smart young boys that don't try hard to study in a book for hours. That's not what we're talking about right now. We're talking about the four boys that turned into mastermind jailbreakers that was only 19 years old. Isn't that enough to catch you're attention? Would you like to know more?

  • Dead Dead Delinquents

    Dead Dead Delinquents


    The world is ending. The dead are alive, and they are bloodthirsty. Those who are bitten transform into one of them. Zombies are taking over the world.Eight juvenile delinquents, kept safe from solitary confinement, believe that they're the last people alive. They never sought out to be heroes, but that's just what they become.Join them on a journey to much-needed safety. Along the way, relationships will form, enemies will fight, and people will die once and for all.Welcome to The Delinquents VS The World.___UNDERGOING MAJOR CONSTRUCTIONDO NOT steal any aspects of this story! Read at your own risk. Mature themes ahead such as: suicidal thoughts, attempts, actions, sexual references and actions, cussing, violence, blood, gore. Consider yourself warned. This is a raw first draft.Cover by @ABrunetteGirl on WattpadUnedited and Ongoing!Also available on Wattpad under @eyecantsweem

  • The Delinquent

    The Delinquent

    Zack was someone tony didn't understand at all but it was thanks to him that his boring and painful life became interesting. But was it the right bargain. Time will tell.

  • How The Two Delinquents Fell In Love With One Another

    How The Two Delinquents Fell In Love With One Another


    Lucas Muller is a pessimistic angry teenager who recently move on a new city to live with his stepbrother that he hadn't saw for almost ten years, but when he met Josef Wagner who's almost like him, an angry teenager. He started feeling a sense of annoyance, irritation and even jealousy at his life.When the two of them are slowly drag closer by certain circumstances, how would they fare? Especially when both of them started feeling a sense of comfort that they been searching all their life...Yume, Sky of Blues is a story about family, identity crisis, depression, trauma, acceptance and healing.

  • Oporadhi (Delinquent)

    Oporadhi (Delinquent)


  • Life of a Delinquent

    Life of a Delinquent


    Think of this as more of a manga, anime as there will be Japanese characters with red hair, etc.I don't really write a synopsis so if you like delinquents' manga [ now even an anime] check this out. Warning thou this isn't shounen and it has a pinch of realism. There aren't any secret organizations planning to control the town or conquering Japan or anything like that. I would say it's more of a slice of life with a bit of action and a mix of romance with it. But even then there are situations that just wouldn't really happen in real life...I don't own the cover and should the original author/artist ask of me to take it down I will do so.[IMAGE: Female lead/love interest somewhere around end of middle school/ start of high school][Just so that you can imagine her, can't really find something to fit the mc]

  • The Delinquent King (Part-1)

    The Delinquent King (Part-1)


    Harry/Mike, is a mysterious boy whom no one knows much about. And no one wants to either. They only got interested when he smacked faces and spilt blood. ----------------- This is an alternate universe, where there aren't any countries separating people. Countries only were made to organize the population. While the world was growing immensely in terms of every positive aspect, delinquents who were a history had started to rise again. And in this flood of delinquents and biker gangs, a kid starts flowing rivers of blood and building a castle of bones. If you have a strong heart and space for immense vulgarity, you're free to join Harry in his journey of creating hell. == == == Tags: Rape, Gore, Incest, Villain wins, Villain justice, Villain Mc. Cover: It is not mine and I do not own it by any means. So all credits to the respective artist. (If you're the artist, notify me and I'll remove it.)

  • Boss Delinquent

    Boss Delinquent


    Fujiyoshi Karin is a boss delinquent but she is also an idol from Sakurazaka46 but their member didn't know that she is a boss delinquent. How does the member react to Karin that she is the boss delinquent?!

  • The billionaire's delinquency

    The billionaire's delinquency

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE PREGNANCY

    Crush : A brief but intense infatuation for someone especially someone unattainable.But what if this infatuation continues even after achieving that person. Is it like or love? #~#~#~#~#~#Before seven years,Lillian Shelby was living her life peacefully in her house.But due to result of an unexpected night,her whole life was turned upside down.She was trapped between her crush on her best friend's brother and her newly found fiancé.Casper Brooks was a sorely heir of the 'Brooks industries' that was one of the best branded company in the New York.Though he might have been known as a womanizer,he had his eyes fixed on a woman.Teddy Brooks was always compared to his almost perfect brother.He never wanted to be a pushover.He had escaped the world of the comparison and he succeeded.But now his freedom was stolen by a promise that was made by his parents.What happens when Lillian returns after seven years,with a new surprise with her?############

  • The Beast Delinquent

    The Beast Delinquent


    Read as Mark a young man who only focused on his own gain and always thought only of himself him is transported to a game-like fantasy world. Not only is he here but his classmates and his old delinquent friends are here with him.Author's YT: Coming soon



    Nagaki Ryo was once considered as a very talented and brilliant student during his junior high school. But everything changed when he became a third year student. He suddenly turned into a delinquent. His greatness as a delinquent has earned him the title of "rampaging demon ".His approachable self has now changed.Many people are increasingly distancing themselves from Nagaki Ryo. After graduate from junior highschool, no school wants to accept him except Taino Highschool. The school is known as a school for delinquents only. The meeting between Nagaki Ryo and Saki mauto is like a predetermined destiny. Saki mauto who is given the title "evil lord" is among super rookie at the school.Saki Mauto disliked Nagaki Ryo because he turned down the invitation of many seniors to join their gang as a strong delinquent on the first day of school.He also challenged Nagaki Ryo to see who would receive the title of strongest delinquent at Taino Highschool for the next three years.Nagaki Ryo remained with his cold attitude. What is the cause of the sudden change in this brilliant student? As time goes one by one Nagaki Ryo's past is revealed. The reason he chose to be a delinquent is quite shocking. Will he accept Saki Mauto’s challenge or just let it go? How strong is this delinquent known as "Rampaging Demon"?Author's note: The visuals of the cover are not mine. I just took 2-3 pictures from google and edited it to be like this. All credit must be given to the original maker.If you know the maker of the visual you can let me know

  • Flirting With The Delinquent

    Flirting With The Delinquent


    Narration. Merl, A girl who was a head prefect, has a peaceful life until a troublemaker, Ace, comes to her life. Ace always skip classes and almost barely passed the test. The thing that he's good at was sport and fight. He was handsome, tall and an asshole. He flirting with literally every girl who was his age or older. So troublesome to the point he has to be handled by Merl, a head prefect. When he was with Merl. He always try to flirt with Merl and she plays along. They has become famous in school for being flirty couple and they are not dating. They have a good relationship. Both of them understandanding each other, help each other and flirt with each other. But Merl has a secret, what is it?! One day, Merl find out that Ace has applying to work as a bodyguard to her. My my, he even lied about his age. How did Merl balance her life as a Mafia successor and her school life? What secret do Merl has? Who is she? And what about Ace? Why did he applied for such work? What problems could he had? My my, so many thing to discover. Stay tune for Flirting With The Delinquent/Bodyguard Tadaa... Welcome to Flirting With The Delinquent. If you interested in wholesome flirty relationships and delinquent, this is for you.Also if you're into rich or gangster mc this is for you too. Magic and secret too. More tag#strong-female-character #mafia-girl #action#slowburn #romance #delinquent #headprefect #wholesomeStory related to The Princess Life Stories My twitter @Malay Weirdo GirlMy discord for introvert and novel chat...

  • a Delinquent in Another World

    a Delinquent in Another World


    Baki suzuki is a 15 year old highschool delinquent with no friends and lost his family when He was little. And no one dared to talk or interacet with him because of his reputatin But one day a mysteries cercle appeared and transfered him to another world where He started a New adventure to help save that world and better himself Disclaimer : I have no experience in writting à book and this is my first book so it might be really bad

  • The Silent and the Delinquent

    The Silent and the Delinquent


    A mute girl, Century, was living a cruel life in her guardian's custody. She was a victim of physical and mental abuse. That changed when she returned a man's (Jin Aragon) stolen wallet. Still delighted about the mute's help, Jin then asked his up to no good son, Luke, to look for her. Luke found her in bad shape and was terrified to know about how she was treated. The Aragons then decided to let her move in their home. During her stay, Luke found out about the drag races Century was joining. He and his friends were also into it but didn't expect a mute girl to be in it. Behind Century's lack of voice, she got brains and skill in racing. Slowly, Luke was being affectionate towards the girl she saved.

  • Delinquent King

    Delinquent King


    After three years of not accepting a single student, Helios Academy opens its doors once again attracting many geniuses from all over the world. With the appearance of the legendary golden child, both good and evil forces approach Hyeseong city causing disarray to society. Will Leon, who is always involved in major incidents be able to defend against the looming danger threatening the very existence of humanity itself?

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