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  • Destiny


    Aditi Chauhan was the famous singer all over the world who goes with the name 'BLOSSOM ANGLE'. After her fresh break up with her boyfriend, she decided to go to a famous school River high to have a fresh start with a new identity, where she met one of her fans Rahul Sharma and fall in love with him.Rahul Sharma is the normal school going popular student and a big fan of the blossom angle. When she entered the school he didn't know her secret but when he knows her secret he can't help but fall in more love with her.They were so happy together after he found out her secret and promise her to keep it to himself. But suddenly her past, her ex-boyfriend come and interfere in their relationship. Will they have their happy ending or will her past destroy their relationship?

  • Destiny


    Once upon a time wait wait wait ....this is not like our good old classic stories well this is my story. Hie my name is Rain Isabella Storm . I am from the Rain Storm pack . I was told that I'm special by my wolf. So I wonder what destiny has in store for me?Find out what Rain will face



    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE

    This story is about a person who is known as Psycho and kept a boy in his cage-like room, away from everyone. Is that person really psycho or he is trying to protect that person...what is the truth... u will find it out in this story...a story which will be a roller coaster of emotions...

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  • Child of Destiny

    Child of Destiny



    Shin Kinghad is a kid that had been abducted and trained by a powerful underworld organization since he was three years old. After six years, he had been rescued by the Special Forces during their operation against that organization and was adopted by the captain of the special force group.Since then, he treated the son and daughter of the captain as his own brother and sister. Years later, he joins the greatest VRMMORPG of all time, [Destiny's Fate] online, due to repeated invitations of his brother. He creates havoc inside the game as he climbs his way from being a beginner player to a peak class expert. But as he started to grow up, he became curious about his real identity and who his biological parents were. He tried to investigate it with the help of his brother and best friend. And after discovering his real background, he decided to follow his father’s footsteps and stood at the peak of the world using his Martial-Art Skills and Mentalism Techniques.Here is our Discord Server: Disclaimer: The cover was made by a very good friend of mineif you want to see her work you can look at: contact her at discord: Lance.VA#1206

  • Mark of the destiny

    Mark of the destiny



    “Trashy ex wants to talk. He has sent a message inviting me to dinner. Should I go?” His reply in hm irking her. "Ouch…. That hurts!” She licked his bleeding lips, "Can’t help. I’m a lip biter--WOW!” Turning over he pinned her hands to the bed, “And I swear I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name forever....... Is this better?” ****** Sitting at the position of Secretary-General at the ministry of women and child affairs, Zhao Suyin was not someone to be messed with. Her razor-sharp tongue laced with sarcasm became her deadliest weapon against the evils. Dr. Wang Shi, a single father, and a renowned surgeon was anything but cold and aloof. His amiable personality combined with his killer looks and enormous wealth made him a dream man. A story of two imperfect people..... one a divorced woman and the other a single father. What will happen when their paths collide? What will happen when Suyin would know the heart beating inside Wang Shi's son belongs to her own son? Will the sparks of affection happen and continue even after knowing the truth? The story where the two falls for each other but the bitter truth separates them..... A journey of fighting against the organ traffickers to bring justice for the dead. A journey of making tough decisions. A journey to make choice between love and revenge. ****** Join me on discord The cover is edited by me, but the photo belongs to their respective owners. I have no right over this photo. All credits belong to the owner.

  • Is this destiny?

    Is this destiny?



    Sarah Hill is an introvert who does not want to attract attention. Other than mad coding skills, Sarah knows how to throw a punch. She believes that her biggest problem is the existence of the hacker Omega and her world flips upside-down when the most popular guy on campus approaches her. What does he want? Why her? (Ah, Sarah, that is only the beginning.) JoAnna Hill easily makes friends with her bubbly personality. Some call her a mad scientist, but she prefers ‘Dr. Hill’, because that is what she is. JoAnna is an excellent markswoman who can snipe out any target and she is wondering if her prince charming will ever come. Sophia Hill is the voice of reason, their pillar of support. She is a confident CEO who knows how to get what she wants. Sophia’s degree in law combined with amazing capabilities to analyze the situation and plan ahead make her the perfect strategist (to achieve a goal without ending up in jail). This is a story of three Hill sisters who are navigating through challenges while they uncover the complicated story behind their maternal side of the family. And their father is not a simple man either. Every sister is different, and so are their relationships. They all have in common: trust and belief that if they work together, anything is possible. Mature content! 18+ ***SPOILER? - START *** The story starts with a focus on the youngest sister (Sarah). After about 100 chapters, the oldest sister (Sophia) gets in the romantic spotlight. JoAnna finds herself pulled into romance last, at about 200 chapter mark. ***SPOILER? - END *** Excerpt from the novel... "Do you believe in destiny?", Sarah broke the silence. "Destiny?" Aiden didn't expect such a question. "Yes. The thing that is meant to happen, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. And when it does happen, everything feels right." "Why would you ask me such a thing?" "Until a few weeks ago I would say that there is no such thing as destiny. That we are all masters of our lives and that everything depends on our actions, or lack of it. But I can't help but wonder: why did I not push you away? ... Why does it feel like everything will be OK as long as we are together? ... You are a piece of me that I never knew was missing. Is this destiny?" "Mmm... if that is destiny, then I approve it.", Aiden lightly kissed Sarah's shoulder and rested his chin on it. --- 1st WARNING!!! Contains descriptions of intimate scenes. If you are not comfortable with that, don’t read it! --- 2nd WARNING!!! This is my first novel! :) --- ***** I own the cover. ***** Check out my other novels: * "Accident Prone" * "Amara - Reunion" * "The Alpha's Bride" * "The Supreme Alpha"

  • Phoenix Destiny

    Phoenix Destiny


    Lu Mingshu had never believed in fate. She hadn’t believed in it when her father had remarried and caused her family to break into pieces, nor had she believed in it when she’d been thrown into a valley to perish. She hadn’t believed in it when she didn’t have any resources to cultivate with, nor had she believed in it when she’d been condemned by everyone. She climbed up little by little from dust, while her reign soared into the sky, which caused the world to look on in fear! If justice doesn’t come, I’ll personally obtain it. If fate disregards me, I‘ll open up a way to survive. No matter what fate throws at me, I will surely become a phoenix! “What a ruthless woman. I’m willing to risk my life and limbs for you, willing to be calculative for you – I’m even willing to be an enemy of the entire world for you. Aren’t you moved even a little?” “That’s right, since I‘m such a ruthless woman, what exactly is it that you like about me?"

  • Destiny Harem

    Destiny Harem



    "Wait...You want me to what? Go on dates with who? I am literally just now starting college can this wait?! I'm only 19 years old! Allow me to at least ready myself for this! Being a virgin doesn't sound to bad right about now..." A "lucky" 19 year old male named Shiro Moji has been chosen to start his own harem with many women of different races and species! A truly momentous moment for him to finally escape his old virgin lifestyle and finally become a man! As he goes on dates, a tiny demon guide named Lustie, helps him keep track on how much affection each girl has and has other useful features! Join Shiro as he builds his very own harem with many different girls!

  • Rebirth: Dancing In My Destiny

    Rebirth: Dancing In My Destiny


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] Rose Wilson was killed by her husband because she caught him having sex with another woman. But the universe loves her as Her death will not be the end of her story. Rose is given a chance to rebirth in her younger self. She had returned to a time when she had to make an important choice that would change her destiny. Rebirth with her old memories intact, this time, she will not choose the path that she had taken in her previous life. This time she will create a new direction that will lead her to happiness and love. Love from the man who has had a deep feeling for her since they first met. Let the adventure begins… ____ WPC #267 Winner (Bronze) ____ Author Novel: 1. DAMN! I FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM (Completed) 2. The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince 3. Rebirth: Dancing In My Destiny _____ Instagram account: authorpurplelight Discord server: _____ Cover design by me (Created at _____

  • In Search of Our Destiny

    In Search of Our Destiny



    Like an old saying goes, fate helps people come together from a thousand miles. There is a mysterious bridge, connecting two souls who are meant to find each other. Park Su-Jin is a young graduate who is trying to live her life. Despite the hardships, she is cheerful and kind, doing her best to attract good fortune. However, she never, not in her wildest dreams, would have imagined that her destiny lied with that person. Kang Ji-Won is cold and mean. Despite being an exceptionally talented individual, he can be often mistaken with a block of ice. All these years nothing had managed to crack that tough shield he had placed around his heart. But that is about to change soon. Here comes someone who will manage to shake his entire being to the core, and throw his life into chaos. After an unhappy meeting during the morning, comes the realization that they will be working together. And not just that, they will be working as boss and subordinate. Sparks begin to fly as their tempers constantly flair up. But what will happen when those sparks take on a different meaning? Will they be willing to cross that bridge called fate or end up stumbling along the way?EXTERPS:~~~At that moment, Ji-Won let out another groan, his mouth twisting slightly. The sound attracted Su-Jin and her eyes instantly moved towards Ji-Won's lips. They were even paler than before, and slightly curved downward in a grimace of pain. Still, the paleness of his mouth, combined with the light pink of his flushed face added an air of vulnerability to Ji-Won's appearance. That, in turn, made his already handsome features appear even more attractive. Compared to that moment earlier when she was left inside the car with him, Su-Jin now felt infinitely closer to Ji-Won. The atmosphere, everything around them felt much more fragile and also... intimate.~~~Feeling both guilty of her thoughts and ashamed of her own behavior, Su-Jin made to leave. But she barely pushed herself against the side of the bed, when her wrist was suddenly grabbed. Five long fingers wrapped themselves around her slender wrist, tugging at it forcefully. At the same time, a hoarse sound came from the bed."Don't… leave…"Due to the unexpected movement, as well as the position Su-Jin was in, the vigorous pull almost caused her to topple down over Ji-Won's body. Su-Jin froze, her brain momentarily blanking out. For a long, horrifying second, she believed Ji-Won had woken up. But when she looked down, she realized that he was still unconscious. Yet, the strength applied on her wrist was definitely not that of a weak, unconscious person. And there was also that thing he just said.Soon, her shock turned into puzzlement and she, once again, decided to try and get up. However, just like before, the moment she tried to pull away in the slightest, Ji-Won's hand acted instinctively and yanked her back towards him."Don't… leave… me… please…" Ji-Won's ragged voice was once again heard. ~~~WPC #225 Bronze PrizeDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with real life people, names, actual events or organizations is purely coincidental.Also, this is a slow burn romance, so please prepare yourself for some misunderstandings, as well as a relatively long while before the protagonists' love blossoms. Still, I'll make sure it will be worth your patience in the end! Also, there will be a second couple in this story (perhaps even a third one), so please support them as well! ^.^Discord server:





    "ARGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!" Arissa screamed out loud while burying herself under a pile of cushions on the sofa over and over again when her ears were tormented with erotic moans from her housemates, Cristan Lewis who always bring a different bed partner every night. All of them are incredibly beautiful and sexy bitch. But, behind his selfish and annoying attitude, it turns out that Cristan is the sole heir of Levy Corp. A multinational company which has branches in almost all 3 World countries. Every night, Arissa only could let out a long sigh heavily while she was lying on the couch with a sank heart and pitiful face as she kept counting and hoping the agreement that they both has made before, about sharing the apartment and live in together, will be over soon. Both of them didn’t realize but the fact, their meeting had actually been predetermined and tied by fate from long ago. It was destiny who has united them both in a most peculiar way. And apparently, without her knowing, only Cristan was able to protect Arissa and released her from the demon of the past that was still chasing her.

  • Destiny of Love

    Destiny of Love


    "Is it your resignation letter ?" Abhiram asked me. Jhanavi glared at me fuming in anger."I expected it because you are scared that you will fall in love with me. Isn't it ? " he questioned with a smirked.She was more irritated by his words. "Even if you are the last person on this Earth I will not make that same mistake" She replied in an angry tone. "Let us see...." He chuckled. " And one more thing, you can't resign this job as per agreement. Do you remember?" he said." So this is your plan?" She asked with surprise. "Yes, darling. You might hear a saying - Everything is fair in love and war," he answered . " One important thing I want to tell you. I am not married. Still today I have only you in my heart and I will make you mine. You can't escape from me this time." he said confidently. " Don't build castles in the air, Mr.Varma" She retorted with the same confidence. "Okay, then we will see. Hope you will continue your work" he asked me.

  • The Alpha's Destiny

    The Alpha's Destiny



    WPC #254 Silver Prize Winner [Mature Content 18+] "No way! It's not my destiny, to be the Alpha for all of you!" Nicholas Reiss is a teenager who has a normal life like any other teenager. Living only with a mother and without being accompanied by a father, made him more independent. Richard Rogan was a good friend and like a brother to him, despite his odd demeanor. But the normal life he leads is turned 180° when he gets a bite from a Creature that went extinct centuries before. Werewolf, The life he is living now is how he must endure when the Full Moon arrives, the thirst for blood always haunts him. And how long will he continue to run and hide from the Werewolf hunters, where the older brother of his lover is a Werewolf Hunter. Only those closest to him who always support him. The dilemma he experienced was repeated. And could Roran help him with what he got? Roran is a werewolf who lost his lover when the Werewolf Hunters devoured his home. "I can't lose you," But by getting to know Richard, he became more in control than before A Story has just begun. ---------------------- join My Discord Channel - Neptune World --------------------- Artwork By : Neptunus_96 Copyright : Neptunus_96 - 2022

  • Wings of Destiny

    Wings of Destiny


    I promise that I will be the one to find you in our next life. I swear to prioritize you before my duty as you prioritized me. I will love you wholeheartedly and not hold back anymore.....I love you, Max - Charis Astrea's perfect life came crashing down when her family was charged with Treason against the royal family of Nethilor. She fled to the neighboring Empire of Findara and lost her memories because of an injury. But her life restarted as she was adopted by the couple from that kingdom. Everything looked well until her first love and fiance came into the picture. Lorcan Radcliffe, will not stop at anything until he gets his beloved back. Whereas Cassian Wulfgur who is her destined mate and fiance in the Findara empire would never give up on her. A vampire prince and Alpha of the strongest pack of werewolves, Who will she choose, and what will happen when her complicated past life's enemies enter her life? Follow Astrea in her journey to find her true self and one true love. Look how she will complete her unfinished duty from her past life amidst all this chaos. 'Cover is not mine' Follow my insta @ruby_rosie_2001 #werewolf #Alpha #Fatedmate

  • Villain: The Play of Destiny

    Villain: The Play of Destiny



    Update Schedule: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday on WN, SH, MSB, and RR. As for the Patrons, almost Daily updates with guaranteed 25 new Chapters each month. Synopsis: Keith, a vieux riche, spoiled and cherished, heir to the Demiliore Consortium, lives his life at large. Power, Wealth, Fame; He has it all. But is it all just a dream? With a set of memories, the knowledge of the future, in a play orchestrated by the destiny, knowing well that he is born to be a Villain, will he prevail? Or is he going to fall at the hands of the Child of Destiny just like he did in the nightmare that haunts him? Author's Note: Yes, the story is heavily influenced by Urban-Fantasy Chinese Novels. Don't read if you have a problem with those types of plots. 'Cliche' plot elements are bound to appear, so if you easily get triggered by such things, keep away. And I would advise you to not even start the story if you are the ardent believer of 'Good shall prevail over the Evil'. Keep away! MC here is a Villain! But yes, he is not someone deprived of emotions, even though he is a Scum. So, do not expect an outright Evil MC either. I don't write Netorare. Don't worry about it! Warnings: > Incest > Dark Elements > Sexual Content > Traumatising Content > Gore > Manipulative MC > Sexual Abuse > Parallel World (Almost a new World) > Fantasy Elements (Full-fledged Fantasy later) > System > Slavery

  • Destiny Online: Halo Paladin

    Destiny Online: Halo Paladin


    Destiny Online, a brand new VRMMORPG that just released with a unique mechanic. Every new player gets a special random talent when they create their character. Deciding to play as a Paladin and having been granted the talent, Halo Master, Nocturne was able to provide an astonishing number of buffs to anyone he teams up with. With his buffs, anyone was able to defeat even the hardest bosses in the game. This is the story of how he rises to become known as the Halo Paladin. Comes with fishing and cat raising facts. (=ↀωↀ=)

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