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  • PAST LOVE : My Love Back to Him

    PAST LOVE : My Love Back to Him

    Teen R18 CEO


    Bagas Dirgantara 24 years old, a young CEO sitting in his wheelchair, spends his time just working hard and reminiscing about his first love when he was 12 years old. Nikita Andrea 23 years old, a young teacher, wants to live independently by teaching in another city, so she has to have long distance contact with her lover Raka Wibawa. Raka Wibawa, 25 years old, is a young doctor who loves Nikita so much that he is willing to have long-distance relationships for the sake of Nikita's happiness. Until one day, Nikita accidentally met Bagas at the bookstore, which continued with Bagas' request to make Nikita his personal secretary. How did Bagas feel when he found out that Nikita was his first love woman? Could Bagas and Nikita's past love be able to reunite?

  • Teasing my innocent Man!

    Teasing my innocent Man!

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY


    Comedy romance Ailee Arthadiningrat, daughter of a wealthy businessman. her work as an artist and model made her name popular and famous, her cheerful and chatty personality made her have many friends, but no man has caught her attention yet. One day, at a cousin's wedding with her best friend (Mario and Bey) She chose the wrong outfit for the after-wedding party held on the hill. Ailee falls on the edge of a ravine, she's lucky that a handsome man caught her hand at the time. A man who is very opposite to Ailee's character, a cold man and not interested in her beauty. Ailee has been attracted to the man since they first exchanged stares. The man is the CEO of a small company She plans to apply for a job at Mr. Yosep's company, it would be easier to get close to the man if she joined the same company. "Give me one reason to accept you to join this company!" Mr. Yosep's voice sounded firm. "I am a beautiful and attractive woman, wouldn't it be very lucky if your company accepted talented employees like me?" Said Ailee with confidence "If that's your excuse, THERE! There's an exit. It's a company, not a nightclub that needs women for entertainment!" Hah! Ailee was stunned, don't you know who I am. ps, cover art isn't mine...




    21+ Dentuman lonceng pernikahan adalah hal terakhir yang saat ini ada di benak Rinaldo Bish yang berusia dua puluh dua tahun, tapi itulah yang dia dengar setelah bangun di Kota besar di samping seorang wanita yang baru dia temui, yaitu istri barunya. Dia tidak pernah melihatnya datang, tapi dia mungkin sepadan dengan semua risiko yang akan ditanggungnya. Zizy Monalisa selalu merasa tinggi dalam kehidupan, berjiwa bebas, dan suka bertualang. Namun, mengetahui bahwa dia telah menikahi seorang koboi yang gaduh setelah berpesta semalaman bukanlah hal yang dia harapkan, bahkan untuk dirinya sendiri. Dia mempertaruhkan semuanya, berjudi dengan hatinya. Memutuskan untuk memberikan kesempatan pernikahan instan mereka, Zizy pindah dari kehidupan kota besarnya ke peternakan kota kecil. Dia harus tahu apakah hubungan mereka didasarkan pada lebih dari sekadar kencan satu malam yang liar sebelum mengumumkan kepada keluarganya bahwa dia telah menikah. Satu momen mengubah segalanya, baik atau buruk, dan sebuah rahasia bisa menghancurkan keduanya.

  • Hellbound Heart

    Hellbound Heart



    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] Izabelle had underestimated the fire she thought she was going to play with tonight. But how could she ever have foreseen that the man she had happened to come across with does not play with just a small fire, but a whole inferno? ___ Excerpt: "You going through this marriage with me might as well be like you digging your own grave. Because the moment you start to want more from me, I will divorce you. And the moment you break your promise and try to fight me… I will ruin you and break you apart completely. Mercilessly. You will regret ever meeting this devil tonight." His threat was given in the same soft but cold voice. But Elle did not even flinch. Her gaze never faltered either. This man was ruthless, and she knew that clearly. His eyes that moment promised nightmares and darkness without any promise of respite. But no matter what he says now, it would still not change her decision. She truly had no other choice. "I understand now…" she said quietly, steeling herself. "Since you don't trust that I will keep my word, how about we do this? You prepare the divorce documents beforehand now and I'll sign it. That way, once you decide to divorce me in the future, the papers would already have been signed and there would be no way I can trouble you about it. You would just need to send it to the lawyers and have it notarized." A heavy silence reigned before his quiet disbelieving laugh broke the silence. "I'm at a loss for words, Princess Izabelle." He looked wickedly amused. But then he started nodding in approval. "Fine, princess. I will marry you." ___ Instagram account: kazzenlx.x facebook page: author_kazzenlx Discord server: Cover is mine so don't use it. Cover Art by @azihidalgo Logo by @gisel.arts

  • Touch of Flame

    Touch of Flame



    He is a threat to her existence. A hot-blooded dragon of Royal blood, King Malachi is taken hostage by the humans he despises so much. Deprived of his freedom, he is imprisoned in a dark cave, his rage growing with each day of torture and humiliation. The only light he sees comes in the form of a human female, offering her care. A woman who makes him burn with equal fury and desire. A woman who has no place in his heart or mind, for only one thought sustains him. Vengeance! And even if her kindness softens his heart and her touch sets his body aflame, she will not be spared his wrath. Because once he breaks the chains of slavery, he will burn down her whole world. She is the key to his freedom. The cold-hearted princess Ravina is a woman with a mission. Eradicate the dragon race from the face of earth. But when she finds out that the very creatures who killed her parents could also be the ones who kidnapped her sister, she has no choice but to change her plans. To find her sister, she must get closer to the creature she despises. But things don’t always go as planned and soon Ravina ends up finding more than she bargained for. Caught in a battle between humans and dragons, love and hatred, trust and betrayal, Ravina must make every choice with caution. And with every step she takes closer to the fiery beast, she risks melting the ice surrounding her heart and being consumed by the flames of fury and passion.

  • Enchanted By His Charm

    Enchanted By His Charm



    Doctor Irish Lane- 28 years old, was a renowned psychologist in New York. She looked stunningly attractive, sexy, and intelligent—a real beauty that undeniably captured every man’s attention. Joseph Dover- a Ph.D in Economics, a diamonds and gemstones expert and the CEO of the Runestone Group, appeared cruel and heartless in the eyes of his business rivals; however, his life abruptly changed when Irish Lane came like a nightmare, drowning him gradually and destroying his perfect plan. Everything seemed to be perfect until he showed his real intention, destroying their perfect love and shattering her beautiful dream. He showed his passionate love to her only to reveal his true color and purpose - to avenge his family’s tragic downfall caused by her father, and she was merely a bargaining chip used by him. However, fate has laid out something different from his plan. He found himself madly in love with the daughter of his enemy, but it was too late to restore what he had destroyed, causing them to fall apart. **** Her whole body trembled, screamed, and loosened at the pleasant sensation she hadn’t had before. Her strength was drawn away. Her body flopped on the man’s chest, fluttering like a cloud of feathers. “How much do you hate me, huh?” Joseph sighed above her. His voice was low, as mellow as a cello over her ears. She silently admitted that she had a soft heart. Joseph didn’t want to wait for her answer, and his rough thumb moved down her eyebrows. His handsome face pressed down close to her, and his thin lips seemed to sweep through her nose bridge and then gently touch her lips. He uttered in a low voice, “But no matter how much you hate me, you are mine.” At the end of the speech, his kiss fell. His kiss gradually became deeper and more passionate, and finally, he became more greedy. His cheek pressed down, and he murmured gently beside her ear. “Don’t force me to be rude to you.” The hot breath burned her, and her slender body twitched gently. Joseph raised his eyes, staring at her. The yellow light failed to light his eyes, which were still deep as night. His eyes were like a vast starry sky, ethereal and lonely. “I want to love you. I do, but I don’t know how I would trust you.” His piercing stares seem to melt her gradually. He always wanted to love her with all his heart, hug her with all his strength, and take care of her for the rest of his life. Irish’s heart was pierced with pain after hearing his words. She didn’t know if it was because of his eyes or his words. She looked at him intently, yet her emotions were concealed. His eyes were full of impatience and tension. Was this the woman he wanted to love with all his heart, who was heartless and stubborn? He couldn’t understand. He had paid so much and invested in this love, and why, in the end, he couldn’t make her happy? Why did they end up becoming an enemy after all the passionate nights they shared before? She couldn’t wait to leave him and wished she had never met him. Their passionate love turned into hatred, and the overwhelming pain pushed them to hurt and kill each other to survive. WSA2022 Entry. Leave your review, comment, and vote for this novel. I highly appreciate them. Stay tuned as I unfold the mystery behind this novel, and the mass release will follow soon!

  • The Devil's Cursed Witch

    The Devil's Cursed Witch



    The tale of a man who brings death and a girl who denies it. ---- On the haunted mountain in the kingdom, they say there lived a witch. She was born a princess. But even before her birth, the priest declared her to be cursed and demanded her death. They poisoned the mother to kill the baby before she gave birth, but the baby was born out of the dead mother—a cursed child. Again and again, they tried to kill the baby but she miraculously survived every single attempt. Giving up, they abandoned her on the haunted mountain to die but she still survived on that barren land— A witch ‘Why won’t she die?’ Years later, the people finally had enough of the witch and decided to burn the mountain. But the Devil arrived to her rescue and took her with him from that burning place, because dying was not her destiny even then. Draven Amaris. The Black Dragon, who ruled over supernatural beings, the Devil who no one wished to cross a path with. He hated humans but this certain human girl would pull him towards her whenever she was in danger. ‘Is she really a human?’ He took the human with him and named this mysteriously tenacious girl “Ember”, a piece of glowing coal in a dying fire. A soul tainted with vengeance and the darkness of hell, would rise from the ashes and fulfil her revenge. ------ This is the second book from the series of The Devils and Witches. The first book is - Witch's daughter and the Devil's son. Both books are connected to each other but you can read them as stand-alone.

  • Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil brother

    Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil brother



    [Mature content.] [Completed.] Chloe Carlson, 35, was a married woman living with her cheating husband— Vincent Gray, and their daughter— Mackenzie. Her failing marriage led her to file a divorce after 10 years, but her husband refused to sign it. “I know what you want Chloe, you want my money after we divorced. You want to take everything from me and I will not let that happen!” Vincent accused. “I don't need your Money, Vincent! I just want to take Mackenzie with me and leave!” At last, she left her bastard husband without taking a cent from him. She was going to carve her own path in life and give her daughter the best in the world. However, things aren’t working so well with a single mother like Chloe. It was difficult to find job because she was a housewife without qualification for a long time. Thus, in desperation as she needed to care for her daughter, she only had one way out. She contacted her brother-in-law— Vernon Phoenix Gray, 25, a young, heartless playboy, who happened to be the CEO of a skyrocketing company, asking him for a job in this tough time. “A job? That's not an issue. You can work as my personal assistant and take care of all my daily needs.” Vernon smirked and leaned in. “Especially in bed,” he whispered in her ear. — Would Chloe fall into the hands of her evil brother-in-law and become a slave of his whim? Or would she return to her abusive scum husband for their daughter’s future? — Note: There is an age gap in this story, Chloe is 35 years old. Vincent is 35 years old. Vernon is 25 years old. -- Official commissioned cover. — Contact me: Instagram: @ForeverPupa Discord: --

  • Love Story.

    Love Story.

    USS Jimmy Carter is the navy's top submarine. But after being injured on a routine patrol and transferred to Recruit Training Command, Carter meets someone who will profoundly change her life.

  • Love story.

    Love story.


    Very nice love story.On the wedding day, her fiancé and his lover had a love affair and eloped. Her eyes were dim, she seized the man in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.”To sum it up, your bride is not here, my groom ran off, wouldn’t it be better if we… fight together?”. Before marriage, she said, “Even on the bed, between me and you, there will not be anything!” After the marriage, he said, “Do not try, how do you know?”

  • lovestory



  • Love Story

    Love Story

    Ini adalah cerita cinta yang beragam. Berawal dari pertemuan yang tak terduga dan mungkin adalah takdir... Berjalan dengan beriringan dengan waktu... Dan berakhir dengan caranya sendiri.. Cerita cinta mana yang akan membuatmu tertarik? let's to read!

  • love story...

    love story...

  • love story''

    love story''

    ini bukan tentang siapa yg paling salah, tapi tentang kita yang mempertahankan ego masing masing

  • Love Story ♡

    Love Story ♡

  • Love story'): )

    Love story'): )

  • Love story

    Love story

    Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

  • love_story




  • love story.

    love story.

  • Love.Story


  • ....Love Story...

    ....Love Story...

  • My boyfriend can control the darkness

    My boyfriend can control the darkness



    [Completed] This is a tormented lovestory between a fairy and a vampire. —Love is overrated. Do you really believe that love can conquer all? Even the darkness? Well, in this book it didn't because fate can be cruel when dealing with kindhearted people. Seth's the crown prince of Asgard who has been locked up from the world for more than twenty years. He's also a vampire and the current ruler of the dark throne. All rulers of the dark throne possess a limitless entity called "the darkness." Melody enters a harmless relationship with him unaware of the beast that he's nurturing inside. Their love chapters edges out very quickly, the real challenges commence after they start dating as she realizes that he's a bloodsucking destroyer. Seth is scared of his darkness because it's unpredictable and has a mind of it's own. He's killed or critically injured so many people because of it, and he's afraid Melody will leave him once she discovers just how much of a monster he really is. Mates in this universe are considered the ultimate lovers, It brought Seth and Melody together in almost a week. Melody, on the other hand, is a passion fairy, abandoned by her family and still recovering from her previous toxic relationship. With all these shortcomings, we wonder if Melody will be able to help Seth control his darkness or would he just go off like a ticking time bomb one day, destroying the planet as we know it. Despite marrying Kika and getting her pregnant will Luke still be able to get over Melody? And if he doesn't, will his obsession with her lead to his doom? Stay tuned to find out. This is my first book here, hehe. Official genre: Paranormal urban romance ***** This book has three volumes 1. Salty strawberries (mostly all the icky and mushy stuff is in here) 2. The storm (focuses more on magic as everything snowballs) 3. Control is a virtue (There's madness, there's bloodshed and then finally there's control) ***** The book is part of a series #Book one: Love is jade green not red {Josie and Killian's lovestory} •It hasn't started yet, might not only be printed in hard copies #Book two: My boyfriend can control the darkness {Melody and Seth's lovestory} •COMPLETED✓ #Book three: Like blood from a frozen heart {Kika and Luke's lovestory} •Ongoing, weekly updates commences next week ***** MBCCD book themes: Steamy romance✓ Vampires✓ Obsessive second male lead syndrome✓ Slice of life✓ Bad ass girls✓ Comedy✓ Werewolf✓ Regular updates✓ An author who messes with your waterworks✓ Check out the MBCCD photo album in auxillary chapters (you'll see pictures of how your favourite characters and places look like in real life) Discord username: funkiller#0717 [You can ask for an invite to the funkiller fanclub] Email: (for cover art donations) Patreon coming soon... Book cover is not mine. (Pls dm on Instagram if you want it removed)

  • Love Story: Finding A True Love

    Love Story: Finding A True Love


  • The forbidden fruit

    The forbidden fruit



    ''The only thing more lethal than a gun, is a woman.''-------------------------------[Warning: this novel features Mature content, meaning: sex scenes]This is a story about a kidnapping, a knight with a Maserati instead of a horse, a girl who tries to find her best friend but stumbles on her journey, and falls in love. It's a story about a man, who's in desperate need to find his sister, and in desperate need to punish the man who took her away from him. It's a tragedy, a lovestory and everything in between. Cause sometimes love is the thing that saves us. It can be our rescue, when we seem to be entering darker times, and it can be used as a light, to guide us through the night. But just as love can be our savior, it can also be our enemy, and the thing who, in the end, kills us. Promises were made, not to fall in love. Could they break that promise, even if it would cost them their lives?

  • Inverse : New Love Story

    Inverse : New Love Story



    Series Terbaru! -Inverse : When The Past Changes(Vol 1,2) Inverse : New Love StoryAdeeva Afsheen Mahesa, seorang gadis cantik yang menderita depresi karena dituduh menjadi pembunuh kakaknya sendiri. Tak ada yang mencintainya, bahkan dia membenci dirinya sendiri. Tetapi, suatu ketika dia bertemu dengan seseorang yang mau mencintainya dengan tulus. Yudistira Adyatama, seorang pria muda yang jatuh hati pada gadis cantik bernama Adeeva. Dia menjanjikan sebuah kebahagiaan pada gadis itu. Namun, suatu ketika Yudistira mengalami kecelakaan hebat yang merenggut semua ingatannya. Dia melupakan janjinya sendiri. Bagaimanakah cara Yudistira menepati janjinya pada Adeeva? (Vol 3) Inverse : Who Are You?Sebuah rumah tangga yang jauh dari kata sempurna. Menikah karena sebuah keterpaksaan, membuat gadis cantik dengan manik gelapnya terjebak dalam pernikahan menyakitkan untuk kedua kalinya. Azelina Adeba, seorang sekretaris cantik yang bekerja dengan mantan suaminya sendiri. Segala fakta masa lalu membuatnya memilih untuk memulai kehidupan yang baru dengan pria tampan bernama Zanipolo Vegard, suaminya yang sekarang. Sayangnya, Zion tidak tahu bahwa dirinya adalah seseorang yang dulu pria itu kenali. Seseorang yang tak lain dan tak bukan adalah mantan istri dari sahabatnya sendiri.Apa yang terjadi jika fakta itu terungkap? Akankah Zion meninggalkan Debby?————————————————————— !! Terdapat adegan dewasa !!

  • mafia deep love

    mafia deep love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    mafia lovestory.its muslim love story. its love story people of two different worlds . how they both fall in love. it's love story of mafia leader and sweet, innocent Muslim girl. how the revenge and hate turn into love.

  • mySPORT LOVEstory

    mySPORT LOVEstory


    In TOSHI school there is a handsome boy name Daisho Takeshi hes a one of the top students at the school.Takeshi In November 10 he express feelings to a girl , the girl name is Kumi Haruka like her name , Kumi means beautiful . Daisho love playing volley not just Daisho ,Kumi love play volley to . Because of doing the similar hobby Daisho and Kumi decide to be a couple . On TOSHI school Daisho and Kumi known as best volley player couple . Daisho is popular among the volleyball club not only in the volleyball club he is also famous in one school as an idol.Not just Daisho ,Kumi is popular among sports men, because of her beauty and skill in playing volleyball.Daisho have so much friend but hes friend just want kumi , because of daisho stupidity.