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  • My 1 truelove

    My 1 truelove

  • TrueLove Has BreakUp

    TrueLove Has BreakUp

  • Handsome President : The Pursuit Of Love

    Handsome President : The Pursuit Of Love



    A love story filled with regret in it. Where the past always haunts him. endless guilt keeps him away from everyone. serenity is his life! Until one day, he was reunited with a girl who was matched with him. The girl who dares to call a ruler of the international trade industry as a thief! even the woman dared to flush it with water until him was soaking wet. "Hey!! what are you doing?? Don't you see anyone here?! You crazy girl."shouted in annoyance at Juan. when he looked towards the balcony of the house, there was a girl who was laughing seeing him like that. Hey kha instead laughed happily to see Juan who was soaked.   "I only saw a thief and tried to stop him, Then poured this water on him, so that I could see the shameful face of the thief. " Juan was very angry to hear hey kha called him a thief. "What are you saying?! I am a thief?? (with an angry face) I will make you regret your actions to me!!" Hey kha heard Juan threatening him, became upset. "All right, we'll see." ~ Don't miss the sweet story between Juan and Hey kha. Where there are love stories that are very romantic, funny and also the struggle to get a sincere love from someone. ~ Do not forget to leave your good reviews, the light of this novel. The Authorut will read it well.

  • The King's Forgotten Wife

    The King's Forgotten Wife


    She was fated to die His sword shall end her existence It was a tragic end they both can't escape. ⭑⭑⭑⭑ Jia Chao, the Princess of Ytheria and daughter of a White Witch was born with an exceptional beauty that stands out among immortals. The gods adored her, and so she was blessed by a power so great it was still beyond her control. The princess almost had it all, except she was cursed by a demon and death awaits her door. Born with the devil's curse, the poor princess was never treated fairly, locked up inside her room, and was forbidden to use her magic. Even the White Witch Queen, Ytheria's greatest sorceress who fought and won countless wars can never undo the curse. Tired of her miserable life, and wholeheartedly welcoming the prospect of death with wide-open arms, she left Ytheria to embark on a  journey of searching for the man who haunts her dreams, the Vampire Prince who's immeasurable hatred for the witches was well known to the world. Jia has a favor for him which she was sure he shall never refuse..... It was to kill her. ⭑⭑⭑⭑ Chen Zian, the abominable prince of Amerysse, was a monster on the battlefield who sent countless witches to their doom. The future Vampire king vowed to avenge his mother by killing the witches who caused her death. He was supposed to marry Min Na, his vampire fiancée after his mission. Deceived, and stabbed to his death while trapped on the black Witches' lair, he failed to return on his wedding day. Assuming he was dead, his brother Xe Zian took the crown and married his fiancée, Min Na. ⭑⭑⭑⭑ The White Witch Princess found the Vampire prince dying. With her knowledge of witchcraft, she nursed the vampire prince back to health. When he finally woke up, he recalled nothing from his past.  Two lost souls, whose paths shouldn't have crossed collided and found solace in each other's embrace. Forbidden love sprung and for a fleeting moment, the walls that divided their kingdoms melted by the heat of love and passion they shared.  But fate came to test and threatened to destroy the lovers' undying love by the curse of an enemy. “I cursed you, Vampire Prince!" The black witch vowed as Chen plunged the sword deep into her flesh. “You shall never recall your truelove's name! Only her death will!” And so the curse took place. Memories with Jia faded entirely from his thoughts and even the name of the woman he swore never to leave was erased from his heart.  ⭑⭑⭑⭑Will the love they lost survive the war? Even if a number of rivals try to tear them apart? There was Qin, the King of Beast claiming Jia as his mate, Devlin the great demon's son vowing to take his promised bride at all costs and, Azrael, the Fallen Angel's who would do everything to take his soulmate back in his loving arms.

  • The Last "Man"

    The Last "Man"

    Video Games ROMANCE ACTION

    Story of a young man named Tomas that died saving everyone without them knowing and brought back to a world familiar to him. It has a little bit of romance a lot of fun.

  • True Love and Other Lies

    True Love and Other Lies


    All she wanted was to convince Qin Zhan, a well-known patisserie, to join her in her new restaurant. But, everyone who she had sent returned with bad news: Rejected! Rumor has it that Qin Zhan quit life as a reputable chef to stay in the small town and run a small noodle stand. No matter how much anyone offered to hire him, Qin Zhan had rejected every one. No! That man would not even hear a word before he showed everyone to the door. Since everyone she sent returned with no good result, Gu Xin Ye had no other choice but to do everything herself! Just as Gu Xin Ye thought that she will be able to convince Qin Zhan with her persuasion skill and charm, a misunderstanding led her to work for Qin Zhan instead, as his helper! ----- Illustration: kirinlukis ----- Shared universe with: 1. Loving You Too Much 2. A Lifetime with You 3. You're My Only Star 4. The Dragon Beside Me 5. Love So Sweet

  • Not Me, But Him

    Not Me, But Him

    Ini adalah sebuah kisah tentang Natasya, seorang gadis polos yang mencintai seorang pria bernama Rivan.Namun ketika Natasya mulai merasa nyaman berada di dekat pria itu, Rivan berkata, "Jangan pernah berharap lebih dengan hubungan ini, dan jika salah satu di antara kita tumbuh perasaan cinta, maka kita harus menjauh!".Hal itu dilakukan Rivan ketika ia menemukan seorang pria yang ia cintai.Dilanda kegelisahan yang begitu menyiksa, Natasya pun memilih untuk pergi meninggalkan Rivan.

  • The CEOs' one True Love

    The CEOs' one True Love


    Blinded by such tradition, Mikael wanted to run away - however, he can't as he knew that he was bounded by the fate that he wanted to escape. Ever since a child - he dreamt to live freely like any other normal kid out there, yet even that freedom wasn't given to him. He was bounded by engagement early on, he was nurtured to be the CEO of their own company and he was expected to learn more of their family's traditions. That's why he can never get away from Sophia Langriev - the epitome that was binding him for something that he wanted to flee - especially since he already loves someone else "So you lied to me? For what reasons?" Sophia couldn't contain her emotions the moment that she had discovered what Mikael had planned and that was only for her to fall for someone that exactly look like him. She had loved him all her life. The day that they first met - her world suddenly stop like she had seen her future with him. Yet after knowing Dion - all her emotions got swayed and she doesn't know anymore what her true feelings were. It was only until she discovered everything that she doesn't know what to believe anymore. "I'm sorry but Sophia, I already have someone I love" "Is it Senia? Is it my cousin? For goodness sake Mikael, let's just annul our engagement then!" "So you're just under his plans anyway Dion, I thought we were best friends! You only just approached me for the same reason that made me feel sick to the core" Years later - Sophia thought that she finally moved on not only with Mikael but her feelings for Dion as well - after leaving the country and studying abroad until she graduated there. Yet, it seems like fate had played her big time "Welcome, miss Sophia - meet our biggest investors - Mr. Mikael and Mr. Dion. They'll be the ones who'll be with you to know more about your plans with the J-project" 'If I had only known that these two will be the reason for my return then I would just have to quit! I don't care if I get a penalty or so whatever!' "Oh! I forgot to tell you miss Sophia, these two biggest investors never want you to quit your job - or else we'll lose big time!" 'What the hell?!' "It's a pleasure to meet you again this time, Miss Sophia" "It's such a pleasure to finally meet you, Miss Sophia" Both of them handed their hands at the same time and that made Sophia's eyes widen until she finally understand the situation 'I guess we three had finally moved on with our lives - so I guess this thing here is just our business deal. Nothing more or less' Little did she know what those two men are planning behind those gestures and their smiles———Two CEOs meet the lady that was bound by them in the past. Will Mikael still love Senia after discovering the truth or will Dion snatch Sophia away before Mikael knows?However, who knows that Sophia is the CEOs' one true love? ------- AN ORIGINAL STORY ------- Cover Pic From Pinterest ctto ^^Note: One update per day. Until then...^^

  • FIRST LOVE: You are my dream

    FIRST LOVE: You are my dream



    Lyngli is a cheerful girl, but behind her cheerfulness, she keeps many secrets. Lyngli decided to run away from her house, because of an argument with Father..He started his new life, in the city of H. Where, she has his own memories in that city.Lyngli attended the largest university in the country H. where she had new experiences, and lots of problems. Lyngli was involved in a conflict with the campus ruler, as well as the most handsome and richest man on the campus. how not? the man is the third son of a president of the country."It's over my history, sob, sob." muttered Lyngli as he kicked a tree in the school garden. "Why does it have to be the son of a president of this country? Aaa .., I want to die," she whined again.exactly what wrong had Lyngli done to get into trouble with the son of a president of the country? Don't forget to like and also your comments, give your good reviews too ..Thanks muaaacchh

  • Marriage With Billioniare - Forced Love of Duo

    Marriage With Billioniare - Forced Love of Duo

    The story revolves around a 20 yr old girl, Feng Li and 24 yr. old guy, Li Min De . An accident one night caused them to marry . The girl has a lovely, carefree nature with breathtaking beauty . The man has a cold and arrogant nature who was the billionaire CEO of Li Corporation , Asia's no. 1 corporation . They had to marry each other instad of their different personality . The man truly loves the girl but due to her odd history she hate love but slowly she opens her heart and accepts his love .





    The story is based on a prince . the prince was very serious and brave. Fairy princess who was very kind and lovely princess.Prince falls in love with the princess. But he has to choose one of his love and kingdom.They sacrificed with their love. But in the end he finds his love.

  • What Where You Thinking

    What Where You Thinking

  • Ram loves Janu

    Ram loves Janu

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE MYSTERY

    A Love Story of a BOY IN DIFFERENT SIDE

  • In Moonlight Warriors Meet

    In Moonlight Warriors Meet

    Ancient wars, different lands, one lovestory through the ages. The world before mortals emerged dominant, there were beings of longevity and nature itself. Veils, the gateways between lands, opened. Evil versus good, from the time of the fall of the immortals till a modern era, blood baths transpire. A few find truelove that spans the chasm of time and species "race". Time of the youkai (Japan), beings of Hindustani myths, Greek gods (daemons of nature), and the epic accounts of the Vikings, make up the world before man's deadly ways.

  • The journey of a lifetime

    The journey of a lifetime

    A story of fated soulmates

  • My precious past

    My precious past

    she fell in love in her Teenage with her senior...Being a shy girl it turned into an unrequited love...None believes and only a few knows she is someone who can contact with her subconscious mind.....He fell in love with her at the very first sight.... the love turned deeper as time passed... But before he could confess she was already tired after waiting for so long and eventually left.will their life only cross once or repeatedly. will it be a tragedy or a my novel to quench the thirst of your curiosity.......

  • Invisible wall:true love never dies

    Invisible wall:true love never dies

    This is based on a true story.The story is based on real life story.This story is about the life of Ved & Drishty...... Their marriage, slowly increased love & their unexpected destiny which make their life a novel. Actually all of our life is a novel. We know the page we read in past, we know the page we are reading but we don't know what we have in next page.

  • True love at last

    True love at last

  • The Cursed Hybrid

    The Cursed Hybrid

    See the shouting of the bats, I think he's angry at the bratsk. He finds it hard to see the love, Overshadowed by the black truelove. Who is that running near the lust? I think she'd like to eat the entrust. She is but a sea human, Admired as she sits upon a heumann. Her dark car is just a desire, It needs no gas, it runs on entire. She's not alone she brings a grieve, a pet wolf, and lots of nieve. The wolf likes to chase a hate, Especially one that's in the spate. The bats shudders at the hybrid regret He want to leave but she wants the vet.

  • Love in international book

    Love in international book

    Love is very important to all human's , Every human have there wonderful life family friend and mainly love . And romance means which you show there love to each other there is no one is there without love in this world and when we love someone and we will go to propose are we will tell one word "I LOVE YOU