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    Romansa Fiksi Ilmiah SURVIVAL

    Wabah pandemik yang tak kunjung usai, karantina berkepanjangan, melibatkan seluruh dunia membuat program "School of Quaantine" bagi pelajar-pelajar hingga mahasiswa dengan syarat dan ketentuan tertentu. Apa yang menanti bagi mereka yang terpilih? Dan apakah motif di balik dari program "School of Quarantine"?

  • The devices

    The devices

  • The device that sent me into another world

    The device that sent me into another world


    (THIS BOOK IS ON HOLD, I MIGHT CONTINUE WRITING THIS BOOK AFTER COMPLETING MY CURRENT ONES) THANKSThey force me to seat on the broken chair in the darkroom that can hardly lift my weight, except a yellow light bulb, I can't even see their faces as they started to questions and answers with me that obviously, I don't understand. For a moment, I feel like I am in the jail of Pakistan as they are speaking Urdu or maybe Arabian from their accents.But How I came here?As I refused to let out a single word from my mouth because I failed to reckon their language and I received uncountable punches and slaps in return.'I will give you water and food if you behaved nicely' one of them said, even I can't see his face I can say he is their general from his clothes and finally, I got someone smart here who knows my language."Fine, I want water first" I replied while trying to stay conscious as I gulp the whole jar of water within minutes.Name? "Jared Alberto"Age? "32"Height? "6.2"Eye color? "green, but I don't think its matters"'It does, Alien'(Why the fuck they are calling me alien?)Are you married? " Not yet but I have a beautiful fiancee"Where are you from? "My family belongs to Italy but I live in America for more than a decade...I guess"Where this place exits?"Like Seriously, guys? *laughs* It's on Earth " As I joke of them, again, I reserve the tight punch on my jaw, I slightly spit the blood from my mouth.'Shut the fuck up and just answer our questions, Alien!!' He yelled at me."For god's sake stop calling me alien, I am human from planet Earth just like you all" I rudely spat as they laugh crazily at me.'No planet with that name exists in our world ' he replies and my jaw dropped on the ground in confusion.Where I put myself in? Who are they and what they want from me? **************I am thirty-two years old Jared Alberto, My family belongs to one of the richest and famous families of Italy, and I grow up in complete luxuries, When I was a kid, I was very fond of video games soon it becomes my passion than a profession means my career.After the years of struggle I owned the world's most popular video game company Jared Alberto entertainment after my name, of course, no one supported me in my ideas not even my parents but year's of dedication and self believe made me who I am today. A billionaire. But one day I found My enemy company developed the game that can be played on Xbox as well and soon it becomes popular among teenagers.I got frustrated, I needed to do something so I decided to build the game that no one can ever think of, it took me few months and I created such a game but during the launch party, one of my team members said there are some troubles in the game and My one silly mistake and I came inside of my video game that the first thought I got.Or I mistakenly created the device that sent me to another universe? but the main problem is I am stuck here.

  • Unusual Property in Hydrogen Fuel Device Discovered – by Lawrence

    Unusual Property in Hydrogen Fuel Device Discovered – by Lawrence

  • The Crippled Boss Loves Me

    The Crippled Boss Loves Me



    The once rich girl Shen Hanxing lost her mother when she was born. She was then dumped overseas by her own father when she was little to her own devices. Nineteen years later, her father personally took her home from overseas, and the reason was to replace her younger sister to marry her fiancé Ji Yan, who had lost his legs’ senses after a car accident. Father: “Know your place. You’re already marrying above your station when you marry Ji Yan with your status.” Younger Sister: “Thank you for willing to sacrifice yourself for my love~” Shen Hanxing smiled faintly: “Agree to my two conditions, and I’ll gladly marry him.” Afterward, she stepped into the Ji family’s home with empty luggage. The man in the wheelchair angrily roared at her in the dark room. “Scram!” Shen Hanxing quickly switched on the light, pulled open the curtain, and extended his hand towards the man with the light behind her. “Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m your wife, Shen Hanxing.” When he saw her the first time, he treated her coldly. And then, he treasured her. Ji Yan looked at this woman that suddenly barged into her life. She used her strength to tame his wild and brash younger brother. She patiently and compassionately healed his fearful and introverted younger sister. She used everything she had to slowly support this cold family… And then, Shen Hanxing fell into a trap. Before she drifted into darkness, she saw the man that was supposed to be in the wheelchair running towards her in anxiety. When she woke up again, the man pointed at the washing board, the keyboard, and the durian and asked, “Hanxing, which one do you want me to kneel on?”

  • Myth Beyond Heaven

    Myth Beyond Heaven



    Yun Lintian, a man from modern Earth, found himself in a cliche situation that was all too familiar to him in novels: Being transmigrated! He had arrived in a magical cultivation-oriented world called the Azure World. Unlike the other protagonists in various novels he had read before, Yun Lintian was left without any cheat device. Pill Emperor inheritance? Super God-like physique? He had nothing! Did the God of Transmigration really leave him with nothing? How was he going to live in the world that strong preying on the weak? Watch the journey of Yun Lintian in the foreign world as he grew up in power ranking along with his precious all-female sect! ————————————— DISCLAIMER: The protagonist of this novel is relatively overpowered, resourceful and mature. If you don't like the overpowered protagonist that often using logic from the novel he had read before to apply to the situation he was facing, this novel might not be your cup of tea. Besides cultivation adventure, this novel also focuses on romance, comedy, and the bonds between the protagonist and his fellow disciples in the sect. The author is not a native English speaker, so you can expect some grammatical errors in the novel. Please bear with it, and trust me, I am trying to improve it. Everything in this novel is a pure fantasy based on the author's imagination. It doesn't reflect the real world. Hence, readers shouldn't try to use our common sense and common logic to this novel. Constructive criticism is always welcome. ————————————— All rights of the cover belong to the original artist.

  • Be Gentle, Immortal Master

    Be Gentle, Immortal Master



    [Warning: Mature Content] "Master, are we going to keep what happened last night a secret between us?" "For how loud you moaned and cried, Qing-er, I think the whole world has already learned all about it, and your concern is irrelevant." Yun Qing-er, the only disciple of the legendary immortal swordmaster Bai Ye, has been hiding her feelings for her master for years. Unaccepted by norms and morals, it is the darkest secret that she swears to bury deep within her heart. But life has other plans. Bai Ye's desire for her burns hot beneath his solemn appearance. He will teach her not only the art of the sword, but also the pleasures of life that she never knew existed before. ---------------- Smut starts at Chapter 17, with a teaser in Chapter 11. A bit softcore at first but will get wilder quickly as the story moves on :) Note that this is NOT a typical cultivation romance. Immortals and spiritual power and whatnot are all plot devices… You'll see what I mean in just a few chapters! ---------------- [Sneak Peek] He pinned me against the poplar tree at the center of the garden. A breeze rustled past, stirring the sunlight sparkling through the autumn foliage above us, and a sprinkle of gold fell over his shoulders. "Say you want me," he whispered. "Bai Ye—" I breathed, but the rest of my words were replaced by moans the moment he traced his kisses along my neck and took my earlobe into his mouth. Familiar tingles roared through me as he nibbled and suckled gently. His hand slid up my chest, and he played with my sensations with his lips and tongue and fingers until my arms trembled around him. All other thoughts vanished from my mind. The only thing I knew was the irresistible feeling of him on me, so overwhelming that my knees started growing weak. I would've fallen if he wasn't pinning me hard against the tree. "Bai Ye …" I moaned again, clawing at his clothes. "Of course I want you … Right here, right now." He let out a soft puff of laughter, and his hand grazed down, gripping the folds of my dress. With a rip of fabric, he tore them away.

  • Not Your Typical Villianess

    Not Your Typical Villianess



    **Why Chase the Male Lead when you can get the second male lead*** After a freak accident, Su Liya a web novel enthusiast finds herself transmigrated into a popular Web series titled 'The Emperor's Cunning wife'. Like most transmigration novels out there she is transmigrated as a villainess. To be more precise Su Liya is transmigrated as the Villainess's maid and a small-time villainess also named Su Liya. Meanwhile, the main villainess Zhu Fengyin gets reborn years in the past at the major turning point of her life with the main aim of rewriting the wrongs done and changing her destiny. A series of events brings the two unlikely friends closer and they unite to obtain their happiness in a world already rigged against them. Su Liya uses her knowledge from reading novels and devices her ultimate plan to a happy ending. **Everyone knows that the second male lead never gets the girl so why try to win the Male lead's heart when you can get the second male lead** That was Su Liya's plan until she met the smiling devil Lu Yaozhu. What started as an arranged marriage progressed into something more. *********** interact with me through my discord server: ********

  • Contract with the Demon King (BL)

    Contract with the Demon King (BL)



    Zhang Wang got stuck in a contract with the Demon King! This is totally bullshit!He was finally going to have his chance at stealing the title of protagonist by killing off the evil Demon King...But right at that moment, when he was about to cleave the head off of the villain’s shoulders, somehow, his bugged out system decided to interfere! Next thing he knew, he was stuck with a contract with this evil, hateful villain.What? Their souls are entwined as well?What the heck! Was this just some stupid plot device for some cheap danmei?! Zhang Wang wasn’t going to allow this to happen. He will have to break this contract as soon as he could!-----WARNING: This is BL, which means boyxboy romance. And there will be r-18 scenes eventually as well so consider yourselves warned!-----Join the discord!

  • Star Crossed In Time

    Star Crossed In Time



    Nova works at a world-leading company known for its cutting edge video games. She and her team have been working on a new virtual reality video game that's going to take the world by storm. One late night she steps into the device and starts it up. Before she realizes it, she's in a new world standing in front of the hottest man she's ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately for her, she thinks this is just part of the game... She reaches out and touches the man's abs... "Wow... it feels so real!" Follow Nova on her journey to surviving this new world and the crazy powerful man she "molested" Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage I do not own the picture. All credit to the original artist.

  • Project Overworld

    Project Overworld



    October 12, 2032, the game "Project Overworld" would release its first server to the public. Developed by the company "Advanced Simulations", this game aims to exploit the technologies behind virtual reality devices in order to simulate an entire universe. The players would all spawn on the same planet and try to survive with or against other players while building up stocks of resources and defenses. Eventually, they would be able to progress and exploit different resources to create technologies ranging from simple wooden spears to actual space rockets.

  • Arrogant Young Master's Chat Group

    Arrogant Young Master's Chat Group



    In a Cultivation Bug World where cultivators can form a symbiotic relationship with bug beasts to access the natural energy auras. Lived life as an arrogant cultivation young master, Lin Baal swore and made it his resolution to not show any weaknesses as long as he could stay as a young master forever. But one day, he stumbled upon a device that allows him to communicate and chat with his Alternate universe selves and these other versions of himself in alternate universes have amazing titles, powers, and knowledge of things he didn't know. Lin Baal became horrified and angered when he found out that he will just become a stepping stone as it is written on every young master's fate like him. Fortunately, he discovered that he could download things and skills of his impressive other-selves in Chat Group. With those skills and things he would/could download, he will use it against fate and murder other high-level young masters to keep his position while going against the main character of this world! "I, LIN BAAL! AM THE MOST COMPLETE YOUNG MASTER IN ALL EXISTENCE!!!" Warning:  Arrogant/Prideful young master MC.  Not so much of a comedy unless I make my MC an idiot to make it more fun but I don't like it. I also appreciate the comments.  Chapters: 1.5 - 2K words, 1 - 3 chap/a day

  • Desired Curse

    Desired Curse



    {Warning; Mature Content!}"Do you even know what it's like to desire someone?""Maybe, I desired you.""I'm a cursed being!!""A curse can always be broken Shanxia but until then, you're my desired curse"Shanxia happens to wake up from a deep coma with no recollection of her past, who she was, what she was and how she ended up in a coma.She's kept under the care of a very powerful immortal in Mount Xuandu who will guide and teach her the right ways of gaining full power.Things start to heat up when Shanxia begins to develop feelings for her master unaware of the fact his feelings for her boiled like wildfire.There is one thing she finds suspicious, she wasn't allowed to remember her past and everytime she asked her master, he gives her the same strange reply."If you want to live, then stop trying to recall your past memories".............{A little Excerpt}"What are you doing?" I asked wondering if I was being mistaken for someone else but his gaze remained warm and burned onto mine.He traced his beautiful slender fingers along the corner of my lips and I felt them part on their own will, he smirked."Giving you the distraction you seek.".........The cover isn't mine so all credits on the cover goes to the rightful owner Please do bear with me if you find some grammatical errors as English is not my first language This story is based mostly on romance and less of mystery. what ever genre you might come across in this story are nothing but plot devices. I hope my story has what you're looking for T∆TUpdated daily

  • Monster Synthesis Master

    Monster Synthesis Master


    By accident, Lin Ke joins the ranks of Qidian transmigrators and returns to half a year before the virtual reality online game ‘Destiny’ officially launches their servers to become an unknown NPC in the game. With his 1-point Luck, danger befalls Lin Ke the moment he enters the game. While surrounded by peril, he surprisingly activates an amazing in-game device that can synthesize animals and other materials into monsters. With that, his Monster Security Company rises to the top and towers above the rest! Lin Ke eliminates villains with one hand and players with the other, happily culling them down. Six years later… As Lin Ke drives his super-fortress about and looks at his Starlight Devourer, Magic Phoenix, and Zerg Queen… Close to tears, he wails, “How things have changed. Paul the Great Emperor, if you still refuse to show up, the players are gonna take me as the final boss and take me out!”

  • Global Online Survival

    Global Online Survival


    Bluestar suddenly undergoes digitalization, and everyone enters a survival game. They have to choose a survival mode for the survival challenge and level up by completing quests and getting rewards. "Island mode!" "Wilderness mode!" "Rainforest mode!" "Desert mode!" "Polar mode!" "Death mode!" Ye Jun who chooses death mode surprisingly awakens the check-in system; when others drill wood for the fire for hours without success, Ye Jun gets a lighter upon check-in. When others trek arduously to find water, Ye Jun gets a freshwater purification device upon check-in. "Ding, check-in successful, received a deep-sea diving robot, collected one deep-sea energy gem." "Ding, check-in successful, received a seaworthy warship..." Ye Jun lies on the deck, enjoying the breeze, drinking champagne, driving the warship, and leveling an island with a single blast. Death mode? That's it?

  • I Only have One Skill, But I Can Put A Hole Through The Planet

    I Only have One Skill, But I Can Put A Hole Through The Planet



    A game that could merge reality and virtual together had appeared in the world that Sanji lived in. When one put on the device, anything on the street could become part of the game. Dungeons could be found all over the world where players could fight monsters and craft weapons. Even the in-game currency was tied with real-world money, attracting even more players into the game. As a player, Sanji joined the game right away. He chose to become a magician and instantly heard a notification. “Ding! Please select your magic. Fireball or Ice Pillar?” When he chose, he realized he couldn’t learn any other magic after that. “Ding! Your Fireball magic has reached LV 1.” “Ding! Your Fireball magic has reached LV 10. It can now melt things.” “Ding! Your Fireball magic has reached LV 50. It can now burn anything to ashes.” “Ding! Your Fireball magic has reached LV 99. You can now shoot Fire Lasers that are 10 meters wide.” There was no problem even when Sanji could only use one magic. There was no chanting required, and the magic would only use up a minuscule portion of his mana. He instantly became the strongest to had ever existed in the game.

  • Takdir Kami (Our Destiny)

    Takdir Kami (Our Destiny)


    Disebuah tempat terdapat sebuah desa yang bernama "Blessed Village", tempat itu sangat indah dan asri,, terbebas dari bencana alam dan juga kejahatan, dikarenakan dahulu kala desa itu adalah tempat tinggal salah satu dewa yaitu Lowres, Lalu karna keindahan yang tercipta yang ada di tempat itu,Lowres kemudian membuat sebuah Desa agar dapat ditinggali oleh masyarakat sekitar, masyarakat sangat senang dan berterima kasih kepada Lowres,, lalu mereka menamai desa mereka sebagai desa yang diberkati.2000 tahun telah berlalu,,desa itu masih tetap menjadi tempat yang indah,hingga lahirlah generasi yang telah di ramalkan untuk menjadi penegak keadilan di duniaSekelompok remaja yang berisikan 3 orang anak yaitu : Yon Arthur, Jeremy Seind, dan Luna Weils. Mereka ber3 menyebut kelompok nya sebagai "Sang Petualang".Mulai dari sini akan tercipta petualangan yang menarik menanti mereka semua!

  • My Exclusive Dream World Adventures

    My Exclusive Dream World Adventures


    "A Virtual Dream Device? What the heck is this?" "Is it used for daydreaming? Nope, not interested." "What? It could simulate reality at a hundred percent? I could live out half a year in one night's time and bring in a replicate of a real person? Hmm, pretty sweet I must say." "I'll be the only one left in the world while the others are all gone in the first dream?" "Uhm, I'll like to bring in a female celeb at the pinnacle of her glamor, could I?"

  • Technology Bigshot

    Technology Bigshot


    A talented young man, Ren Hong, drops out of Tsinghua University to establish a technology company called XlouS. XlouS's breakthrough application software, "Real-Time Online Translator", gains the favor of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who buys its exclusive license for a whopping 12 billion USD. This is just the start of XlouS's rise to prominence in China's technology industry. Two years later, it subsequently launches the wearable smart device, "S-1", challenging American multinational tech company Apple Inc.’s iPhone. XlouS continues to pioneer multiple industries by developing advanced holographic imaging technology, leading to a new wave of changes in film following 3D and IMAX... As XlouS’s slogan declares, every technological product it launches exists to “Change the World”, and it is all because of this young man, Ren Hong…