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    Japan City Z The place where the first gifted people have been blessed by the Gods. The most peaceful place on earth before the first curse was discovered. War broke out between the cursed and the gifted people. Three Agencies were tasked to demolish the curses. Empire Agency, Twilight Agency, and the Abyss Agency.

  • Hanukkah Gifts

    Hanukkah Gifts

    Twenty-five-year-old TV producer Jared Greenfield loves his big city life -- job, friends, and shopping -- but even with all the fun of big city life, he feels a longing for something, or someone, more. Then, on the very first night of Hanukkah, he spots a handsome, sweaty basketball player at the Jewish Community Center.<br><br>Tall, dark, and Orthodox, the young and athletic Shai Goodhart strikes up an easy friendship with Jared, only to discover Jared has very little appreciation for his own Jewish heritage and religion. Determined to enlighten this “Bad Jew,” Shai invites him over for a family Hanukkah celebration.<br><br>Then Jared discovers Shai’s deepest secret and the biggest threat to his future. Over the eight days of Hanukkah, deep emotions pull them closer and closer together. Can they ever reach across the divide of their shared culture and fall in love?

  • Gifts Please!

    Gifts Please!

  • Two Gifts

    Two Gifts


    Nicky is a graduating college student, that lives with her two best friends Jada, and Koko. Because of a letter written to Nicky before Christmas break from her mother she decides to go visit her for the first time in a long time. Nicky personally knew that her mother has not changed from her ways, and she will have to be taking care of her mother the whole break because the only time her mother reaches out to her ever since she left is only when she makes a mistake. Jada (Nicky's friend) decides to take Nicky and Koko to Marcus Stars concert. Nicky personally doesn't want to go but is forced to because Jada won't let her be left out on this. But what will happen when Nicky meets Marcus Star? Nicky couldn't care less about him, but what does Marcus think of Nicky? And what about the mistake Nicky's mother made? What will the mother do?

  • Gifts of Souls

    Gifts of Souls


    The year is 2045, and the world has been consumed by the neverending apocalypse, a terrible doomsday event that has destroyed the once precious home. Joshei, our main protagonist, has the last chance to save everyone again, by going back in time. Will his hatred for the ignorant world and gods consume him? Or will his desires and secret powers be able to triumph and help everyone he wants to? Many secrets are still left unsolved, but can he be the one, to save the world.....Rank Up!

  • Twelve Gifts

    Twelve Gifts

    Dylan Hughes owns a small bakery. He's doing what he loves and business is good, but he's lonely. After a bad relationship, he's been keeping to himself, and things are worse during the Christmas season. Then there is his unrequited crush on Aaron Tyler.<br><br>Aaron is a successful event planner. He and Dylan met more than two years earlier and, after tasting Dylan's baking, Aaron proposed a collaboration. They've worked together ever since. Not willing to risk their friendship, Dylan has kept his feelings under wraps.<br><br>But a secret admirer begins to send Dylan thoughtful gifts twelve days before Christmas. The cute, clever gifts keep on coming and he's flattered, but they couldn't have come at a worse time. Aaron has finally asked him out.<br><br>What happens when the secret admirer’s identity is revealed on Christmas Day? Will Dylan's blossoming relationship with Aaron survive?

  • The School of Gifts

    The School of Gifts


    Will Scarlet and Yuliy Scarlet’s best friends brother fall in love? Will they become enemies? Will Yuliy change? Find out in The School of Gifts!

  • His Gifted Luna

    His Gifted Luna


    My name is Gemma and I'm the white wolf.My life has been really, really shitty. At 3, the pack I stayed at was attacked, I lost my mother, was kidnapped and abused by some people. They asked me to reveal the identity of the white wolf. I was only 3 for goddess' sake! How was I supposed to know? After I was deemed useless to their search, I became their maid. I lost 12 years, 12 freaking years, to these people but I escaped. I had planned it for a long time and managed to get from America to England. I met my mate there. Alpha Conner Hughes. I love him. He helped me figure myself out and taught me about gifted wolves.I'm a gifted wolf, scratch that, His Gifted Luna.Everything was quiet for four years, four beautiful years, until fate just decided to just fuck with me and send me back to my old pack to deal with hunters. Secrets will be revealed, hardships will be overcome and hearts will be broken. I just hope i can get through it all with Conner by my side.

  • My Mom's Second Marriage Gifted Me Seven Brothers

    My Mom's Second Marriage Gifted Me Seven Brothers


    Mary was an only child. She came from an ordinary family and worked at a publishing house. She worked diligently every day but was always harassed by her manager. One day, a luxury car stopped outside the company building. A handsome man who called himself Mary's brother walked out of the car and taught her manager a lesson. Mary was confused. When did she have another sibling? It turned out that her mother had married a rich man, and she now had seven older brothers. "My first brother is the CEO of a financial group. He holds a shocking amount of wealth." "My second brother is an international superstar with millions of fans." "My third Brother is the world's most famous pianist. His reputation is widespread." "My fourth brother is the big boss of a gang. He controls the underground dynasty." … The brothers had different personalities and occupations, but they had one thing in common— they were all crazy demons when it came to doting on their sister. They had always dreamed of having a younger sister. They even took the initiative to urge their father to have more children, hoping to get a younger sister. However, the dream of having a sister was out of reach since their father had seven boys consecutively. Mary's appearance

  • Gifts & Dungeon

    Gifts & Dungeon



    Memories define what people are; who they are and their identities. Without memories of themselves, who are they? Maybe the real question here is, who am I? The only fair things in this world are Gift and Unfairness. That I remember. The only two things that I remember about me, my name and my Gift or what I called, my curse. Stranded in this dead world, what am I to become. I hope I find my answers soon, otherwise...

  • Surprise Gifts

    Surprise Gifts

    As a Christmas gift to himself, interior designer Nick Dailey decides to fly to Southern Florida to watch his local NFL team play an away game. However, his last minute plans meant there was no room at any of the inns, forcing him to rent a room in a seedy motel.<br><br>Nick’s employee and best gal pal, Penny, had promised him a surprise gift. He’s amazed when he discovers this is none other than a meeting with “Big Bad Brad” Williams, star defensive lineman for the Outlaws. Nick can’t believe it when Brad asks if he can kiss Nick. Naturally Nick agrees. Pushing his luck, Nick asks to explore the big man’s chocolate-colored skin, bulging muscles, and heavy tattoos.<br><br>Things take a decided turn for the surreal when Brad strips naked and Nick is formally introduced to Brad’s genitalia -- Buddy Johnson and Bill and Ben Balls. What follows is an afternoon of passion, wonder, and delight that Nick knows he won’t ever forget.<br><br>But when the encounter is over, unexpected and uncomfortable truths are revealed. How will Brad and Nick each handle their surprise gifts?

  • the last gifts

    the last gifts

  • Gifts and Wishes

    Gifts and Wishes

    Kepopuleran atau ingin lebih di kenal di sekolah merupakan impian para siswa maupun siswi anak SMA Insan Cendekia Jakarta. Persaingan Ivana dan Tania yang merupakan dua cewek populer di sekolah nya terus berlanjut dari kelas 1 SMA sampai sekarang mereka duduk di bangku kelas 2 SMA. “Gw akan menang dari Ivana, gw gak akan kalah kali ini.” Ucap Tania dengan semangatnya menjawab ujian mid semester. Selain mereka berdua, Melvin dan Kenzo merupakan cowok populer di sekolah itu dengan gaya mereka yang cool dan wajahnya yang tampan. “Ehhh maaf, bangett. Sini gw tolong.” ucap Kenzo yang mengulurkan tangannya ke Ivana. “Ohh jadi dia Ivana, lumayan juga.” Melvin pun terus melihatnya dan tersenyum. Keduanya mulai bertemu dengan Ivana si gadis paling dingin dan cuek di sekolahnya. Namun apakah salah satu dari mereka akan dapat mencairkan sikap Ivana yang beku itu?

  • Unexpected gifts

    Unexpected gifts


    Ashton was just entering High school but not with the rest of his class because he was taking 12th grade classes while he is in the 11th grade. while he is taking those classes he also have to deal with the fact he is tutoring the school bad boy and heartthrob because his dad is keeping him in school when he knew axel wanted to drop out. Ash is axel last and only hope in making it in life but while they spend time together they discover something about each other that they never knew. Axel is the school heartthrob and Bad boy meaning the teacher's don't like him and the girls panties drop at the sight at him. Axel is basically failing every classes there is to fail even gym (like how the hell do you fail gym?) so his dad hires Ash to teach his son about life and his father hopes it will be enough to make axel stay in school.

  • Chronicles of Soul Gifts

    Chronicles of Soul Gifts


    Noir Rivera, a convict hanged to death wakes up in the fantasy world of Dominus Continent, being transmigrated to the body of Zeno Lockhart, a village boy who just lost his father.A World where the land and, water and air are filled with Beasts of various kinds, fighting for their own survivalWhere Dungeons hold monsters with only one desire: To cause chaosWhere Towers hold testing grounds, existing for the sake of those who desire power.Where every human is granted a mysterious ability called 'Gift', giving humanity a fighting chance in this world against threats.Taking upon the persona of Zeno Lockhart, the protagonist desires to live a life unlike his previous one. He desires for peace and freedom, but is it too much to ask for in this world? Will that be possible for him when he will be once again forced to fight for his life.Author's note: This is my first novel and I will try to do my best.===================If you like the novel, you can support the novel through Paypal:

  • Restarting From Genesis

    Restarting From Genesis



    Within the popular VRMMORPG "New Genesis", there was a ranker by the name of Arthur Holmes, commonly known by his in-game alias “Merlin”. Arthur was one of the few original beta testers still playing after 30 years, he was originally a ranker, a player whose entire goal was to stay at the top, ahead of everyone else. However after 15 years he sacrificed his player ranking in search of knowledge. Arthur became a lore hunter, a player who indulges himself with the world's vast lore and unexplored history, preferring to uncover the world’s secrets rather than endlessly fighting monsters. At the age of 48, 30 years after the game came out, Arthur uncovered the greatest secret of all, and yet, ironically, his negligence in levelling up was the one thing holding him back from realising his goal, he knew he would never be able to catch up to the rankers, a gap of 15 years was Impossible to overcome. If only he could restart… ----- The top 3 on the golden ticket leaderboard at the end of each month will receive a guaranteed shout-out within the story. such as a member of a stream or a name on a leaderboard. Super gifts will also grant you a dedicated shout-out within the story. (Gifts of 5000 coins or more, those that get announced globally.) For those asking, I did make a Patreon, you can find it here: And you can join us on discord here: Thank you for all the support, I appreciate all of you!

  • Of Gifts and Punishments

    Of Gifts and Punishments

    When I came to, there was a gray shadow looming over me. Except for his piercing red eyes and toothy grin, all I saw was a cloud of smoke vaguely resembling the figure of a man. We just stared at each other for what I felt was an eternity. The occasional nod and grin gave me hope that he won't kill me... at least not yet. Not that it matters. I know what I did and I'm fully prepared for the consequences. I relaxed when he finally looked away, only to shudder when began to speak. "If I ask you what the strongest human emotion is, what would you answer. Fear, desire, or something else entirely?" "Why ask me this?" "Don't play dumb. I'm sure you already know why." I'm not playing, I am dumb. "Only a guess. This is different from I imagine." He shrugged and began to slowly walk towards a door I never noticed that was there. "You're special. Come. Your "friends" are waiting. It's time to serve you your gifts." "...and my punishments."




  • Gifts to Broken

    Gifts to Broken


    This story has many sad moments, boy x boy couple, girl x girl couple, violence, fictional scenes, lot of sweet moments between partners and family and a lot of life lessions. There are some switches between points of view, but they are extreamly rare."If we fight, we fight together. If we burn, we burn next to each other.", Astra said. "Because now, we are a family and a family does everything together.We were hollow, empty and left alone with our powers. But not anymore! Now... now we finally have one big, happy family.", he finished.I felt like crying because his words were true. Everyone turned their backs on us because we were different. Our families, our friends, our everything just flew away. And all we now have left is this bond we created."We should really start packing our stuff, guys.", Fran said. We all agreed with her. Except Zack, he was too busy with calming down his boyfriend. All of this was very hard on Astra since he already lost his family once and all he has is Zack and us.Connor walked over to me. "You okay sunshine?", he asked. I felt like breaking down in tears and I was sure that if I say one single word, I would. So I just shook my head. This was all way too much for me too. Connor understood me and took my hand.He slowly walked to his empty room and sat me down on bed. He sat next to me, took my hand and pulled me down on his soft chest. That's when I broke down.I cried and cried.But I had new family now and I have to learn to live this way now. These people loved me the way I was and they accepted me for my past and my present. I'm not afraid anymore.---------------------------------------------New chapter every friday!