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  • Gotham: The Anomaly

    Gotham: The Anomaly


    Transmigrated into a a strange, yet familiar place.It's up to Barry Berkman and his new found ambition to survive in the cruel ominous universe known as DC. Tags: DC universe - Barry

  • Gotham Daegu

    Gotham Daegu

    Romansa Kontemporer R18 BTS TAEHYUNG


  • Batman Return To Gotham

    Batman Return To Gotham

    Martial Arts ACTION

    It’s been years since Bruce Wayne has died and a lot has changed since then. The new Batman Bruce Gray is in town.

  • Dc: Batman Gotham City

    Dc: Batman Gotham City

  • Gotham: Living A New Life As a Cat

    Gotham: Living A New Life As a Cat

    Teen DC EGOIST

    A guy is reincarnated into Cat from the show Gotham. He only watched the first season, and he only grew up to be 16 years old. He or rather she will not be doing the same thing as in the original setting, and after figuring things out will try to gain what she believes will make her truly happy- power, wealth, and devoted minions.Disclaimer: I am 18, she will be gay. Low-key suck at writing too.

  • R E D H O O D: Beyond Gotham

    R E D H O O D: Beyond Gotham


    [A what if sorry I wrote a while back] ***************************** What if Jason Todd( Aka. Red Hood) was suddenly isekai’d?, and became an OP MC in another world trying desperately to make it back to his own world all the while?. This is his journey and story in another world so vastly different from his own. ***************************** [Let Me Know If You Guys Like This Story And If I Should Continue It] (Cover Made By: Slade_Wilson685 I think)

  • Sons of Batman

    Sons of Batman

    Richard Al Guhl ran away from the League of Shadows at the age of 13, leaving behind his three year old brother, Damian and his inheritance, the League of Shadows itself. He ran away to Gotham and, not knowing his father's identity, ended up living on the streets, working as a hero at night. That is, until he meets Batman and becomes the ward of Bruce Wayne.Seven years later, he comes unknowingly across his younger brother, who gives him some shocking information; the identity of his father.I do not own any characters. only the plot! all images used I got off Google and are not mine! I may have edited them though

  • overlord baron in dc

    overlord baron in dc


    Jason wakes up in an apartment in gotham and he looks like kaito kumon from kamen rider gaim and the powers of kaito overlord form and he still in high school will he take the world by storm or will he crash and burn i dont own dc or kamen rider

  • Batman: Crusade

    Batman: Crusade


    The city of Gotham City is terrorized by mysterious murders caused by a racist sect known as "The Crusade" that has been killing people of different ethnicities. Problem is that Gotham City opened its own stadium for an event of international games promoted by the Wayne companies and with the visit of tourists from other countries "The Crusade" comes into action while Batman and the police look for the roots of this damn sect before it more people know death.

  • Maniac Asylum

    Maniac Asylum

    Realistic Fiction ACTION

    No one knows when this kind of psychiatric hospital is in the world appeared.It appeared on the most prosperous street in Gotham City, and was once hidden in the darkest corner of Raccoon City. Some people say that the girl in the nurse's uniform are a bit like Harley Quinn. Some people say that the old man in the ward on the second floor calls himself Professor Moriarty. Some people find old chainsaws in the corner of the corridor. Some people Under the bed, there was a card with a clown drawn, the attending physician was always lazy, and there was always some inexplicable blood in the cracks in the floor.

  • The Legacy of Robin

    The Legacy of Robin

    A character wanting to surpass the other Robins, from Dick Grayson to Tim Drake, Jason Todd and Damian Wayne. After the disappearance of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Gotham has been taken over by all of the thugs that Batman has previously defeated before. A young 18 year old teenager named Travis Richardson, trained in marshal arts...Somehow makes his way into the Batcave! But...everything was destroyed. Except somethings were left behind.... A sword, a belt with multiple gadgets. And a suit, with a cape that had the letter "R" on the upper left of the chest.And then, Travis becomes the new protector of Gotham City...Now, everyone will know him as...."Robin."

  • The CEOs Love and Empire, RomanceWars

    The CEOs Love and Empire, RomanceWars

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION

    this is how I envision the vigilante anti-hero and batman's former partner Jason Todd.A what-if story where the boy wonder went off to build an empire of his own in Gotham. and how a family really means to himWhat if storyline........The RedHoodthe hero Gotham deserves and it needsbut will he be able compromised for love

  • Joker: the origin of laughter

    Joker: the origin of laughter

    Before the laughter there were tearsBefore the crimes he suffered mistreatmentSince he arrived in Gotham everything changed until he became the legend

  • Where Heroes Aren't Seen

    Where Heroes Aren't Seen

    Ever thought about what happened before humans no longer had heroes living amongst them, like Batman at Gotham and Superman at Metropolis? find out in this novel.

  • DC’s Hellspawn

    DC’s Hellspawn

    Diego was born and raised in the hazardous city of Gotham. When the truth of his life is revealed he will change and he will leave a scorching mark on this world.Despite the cover being spawn the MC isn’t Al Simmons. Reason why is I would have changed him so much to the point that it wouldn’t be him anymore.

  • The Batman Saga

    The Batman Saga

    The Batman Saga follows the story of the new Batman in a Gotham where the Legacy of the Dark Knight invests in almost every aspect of the population life. As a great Legacy, Batman left an University where Batman Incorporated must choose the new man who will wear the mask of the Dark Knight and continues his work against justice. As of this day, a new semester begins, there are plenty of candidates but McGuineas and his brother felt that no one is ready to fill the boots of the Dark Knight. Will there be a Batman successor?

  • Family Sticks Together

    Family Sticks Together

    Have you ever had your life turn to shit just because of one accident? Did it get better? Or did your whole family's life and your own just crumble?After a chemical explosion, 5 children's lives are changed, for better or worse is debatable. The explosion changed their DNA and they were once cousins but now are blood siblings. Pretty cool, right? They thought so but weren't too fond of the side effects the explosion caused. And neither are their parents. Disowned and shunned, they run away to Gotham, where their unwitting saviors wait. Can they get through this with help or will they turn away and push everyone out?*WARNING: GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS AND ADULT LANGUAGE*

  • The Madhouse of All Worlds

    The Madhouse of All Worlds

    Horror&Thriller ACTION ADVENTURE

    I don't know when there has been such a mental hospital in the world.It has appeared in the busiest streets of Gotham City, and once hidden in the darkest corners of Raccoon City, it may have had a small depiction in the Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, and may have had a second in the film of Hannibal ......Some say that the girl in the nurse's uniform inside looks a bit like Harley Quinn, others say that the old man in the ward on the second floor calls himself Professor Moriarty, some find old chainsaws in the corners of the corridor, others turn up cardboard cards with clowns painted on them under the bed, the attending physician is forever slouching, and inexplicable blood is always seeping out of the floor cracks.If one day you stumble upon a strange hospital on your way from work, then whether you are sick or not ...... welcome to it.

  • Batmans Daughter

    Batmans Daughter


    What if Damion Wayne wasn't an only sibling? What is Thalia decided to make more heirs? Meet Akilah, Damion's twin sister, looked down on by her family since they don't consider girls proper heirs to the Demons Throne. Beaten to be submissive and quiet for the better part of her childhood, she never understood that she was just as successful as her brother or maybe even better. Her mother, Thalia, and her absolute refusal to even think that Akilah was her daughter even though she witnessed her being conceived. Sent her at the tender age of three to train under the most elite fighters, hoping the child would die from the training. Unfortunately that wouldn't happen, instead Akilah's lack of a family figure turned down a dark path of death and control. Trained personally by Lady Shiva and taught by several other scholars gave Akilah her own state of mind. Promising herself to never fall victim to the Al-Ghul's plots she returned to their home. They were not accepting at her unwelcome visit, but no matter what they seemed to throw at her she bypassed all of it. Raz Al-Ghul, her grandfather, seeing great potential in her skill sets decided to let her stay. Her brother frowned upon the idea and tried to argue his own point, he didn't even remember his sister much less cared about what would happen to her, but Raz put him down. A fighter like her, if given the right training, could even escape the greatest fighters and maybe even stand beside Damion as the second hand. Akilah, frowned upon the idea of once again being used, but she had her own ideas as well. If she could get far enough into the inner circle of the League of Assassins then she could gather enough information to destroy them from the inside out. But not everything will work out as planned, and a killer is not accepted into a world of heroes so quickly. A night dweller in Gotham is starting to notice strange activities........ What will she do next?

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