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  • Ink


    Sixteen-year-old Arianna, an artist with a love for superheroes, encounters beings with real powers; a small self-tasked group of angels trying to keep her safe from the clutches of their world. But when her parents are taken in an attempt to lure her away from her new allies, she must learn to keep herself safe so that she may save them. Among those stronger than her, she has at least one thing that'll help her get her family back; the Celestial Gaurd bonded to her from her original past life. ⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅“Zeekiel pulled down the straps of his shirt and it would be the first time I watched him change. After being told not to scatter his clothes in the backyard, he would normally leave them in his bag and already be nude when he stepped out the door. Which was odd, because I'd seen Raziel change plenty of times, though couldn’t say how. Even looking right at him as he went from winged being to lion was like nothing had happened. He was simply replaced in the blink of an eye.For Zeekiel, though, it was different. It took time with a complex morphing system that transformed his arms into black veins that threaded into the back of dark liquefying wings. His body spiked the same way the consumed monsters would when the ink shivered back into thier bodies.I realized then, with a twisting feeling in my gut, what Zeekiel meant when he said he couldn’t live without the ink. Just because he was able to control the dark substance didn't mean he hadn't been eaten away by it. Just like the consumed ones had that hungered for souls.”

  • INK


    I don't write this because it's all a lie. I write this because it's true. I write it because it's become my very own passion project. I write it because I have quite the story to tell. I write it for those who feel hopeless and lost, for those who want the comfort of another like them. I don't write this for only myself; but also for you.

  • Ink


    Horror&Thriller ACTION SCARY

    Worlds collide, Eldritch abominations meet HP Lovecraft's monsters. Who will give meaning to the meaningless? This tale is about a girl who has seen the light but can't comprehend it. She's been blessed by the light but doesn't know what it means. Her drive is to seek the answers to every question.

  • ink


    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • The Ink Collector

    The Ink Collector



    Jhin Herangel was once a prodigy merchant on Earth. Through his talent and luck, he became a billionaire at the young age. He was acknowledged as The Einstein of Business. His ability to command his employees was unparalleled; any task given was done with great efficiency and quality. However, it all changed after he was killed and died with eyes unable to close. When he thought it was the end, he accidentally signed a contract which brought him to a new world. A world where the horns of wars echo all year-round. A place where the myriads of races fought over resources just to survive. [Ding! You have successfully integrated with the Devil King's Legacy] [Ding! Please fill up the System Creation Form] He was given the ability to design his own system but in exchange… He must kill a million creatures within two years. Watch as Jhin Herangel, the one who fell from grace starts his journey in the bloody Chaos World and design a system to accomplish his goals. … [Ding! Discovered the tower of achievements. Do you wish to write your name and your greatest accomplishment?] “Sure!” [Ding! Please pick among your three greatest achievements.] 1. Vomiting in a God's head 2. Vomiting on the enemies' commander. 3. Flirting with the enemies' commander. “Forget it!” Jhin sighed as he reluctantly looked at the magnificent tower.

  • The Ink

    The Ink

    Historical Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    The Ink : a story that will leave you blue.



    Dedication to my family

  • Ink [Book 1 of Ink Trilogy]

    Ink [Book 1 of Ink Trilogy]


    Nyx accepts a job offer as a detective, and she moves back to her hometown. She had been in hiding for 12 years, and everything she thought was over, came back to haunt her as she is ordered to kill the King, her step father. And she finds herself unraveling the secrets behind her daughters murder, with the killer right in front of her.

  • Divine Ink

    Divine Ink


    There are many cultures that give extra meaning into getting a tattoo. Many of them say that actual tattoo has magical power or the process of getting a tattoo has inherent power. "Divine Ink" is a story based on that theme, and a bit more..............The Mc gets to reborn again on totally new world with some of his old memories. He has to adapt and use his wisdom and experiences that left in his memories to over come his new enemies so that he can pursues his ultimate goals.--------------

  • Juice ink

    Juice ink

    Pen is the hero who keeps writing instead of talking any type of conversation, whenever he sees n hear what other says in all fields.since we all know only by writing proofs we managed to get information about anything around the world of its people n habitant n nature resources , that's how it is words we barely believe anything or anyone saying.

  • The Tyrant's Pet

    The Tyrant's Pet



    Aries Aime Heathcliffe. A princess from the small kingdom of Rikhill was loved by all. With her beauty that was enchantingly demure and a wise mind, she had caught a lot of attention and captured the hearts of many. One of them was the dashing crown prince of the Maganti Empire. Overcome by the desire to have her and his interest in the land of the small kingdom, the crown prince of the said empire would stop at nothing. The knights from the Maganti Empire marched across the masses and seized the four-hundred-year-old kingdom of Rikhill. The kingdom of Rikhill fell into ruin overnight. The crown prince left no members of the royal family alive aside from his war trophy, Aries. After suffering in his hands, Aries found the perfect chance to escape. That was when he took her to the world summit. A gathering of each sovereign from each kingdom and empire for peace talks. There, she met the emperor of Haimirich, Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth. Overwhelm by desperation, Aries begged him to take her in. It was too late when she realized that the man she asked for help was far more cruel, twisted, and downright diabolical than the crown prince for taking her as his… pet! EXCERPT: With a pair of crimson eyes hovering over her, Aries held her breath. When the corner of his lips curled up devilishly, she couldn’t react fast as he swiftly flipped their position. She only realized it when she was saddling him, gazing down at Abel, wide-eyed. “No one is above me in this empire and even out — not even the law, but look at you,” he intoned with a devilish smirk. “Staring down on me… so daunting.” Aries bit her lip, planting her palm on her inked chest. “Your Majesty…” “Do you now understand the power you hold, darling?” Abel carefully wrapped his fingers around her wrist, chuffed by her reaction. “Only you, Aries, may go above me and the only person in this world who can look down on me. No one else.” He raised an arm and ran his fingers through the side of her hair, settling his palm on the back of her head before he pulled her down until her face was a palm length away from him. “You better use this at your own disposal,” he whispered, tilting his head as he lifted it up to claim what’s his. HER. Meet Eustass Silvestri Abel Bloodworth, the sadistic tyrant, who reigned an empire with an iron fist. With his pet, Aries’ increasing presence in his boring, dark life, he was set to kill her. But alas, every time he thought of taking her life, he finds himself changing his mind. The more he kept her by his side, the more it got harder to dispose of her. And the more he yearned for something deeper and darker... it was driving him insane. With a secret he was keeping from her, what would Abel do if Aries found out about the rotting truth behind the empire and the emperor? Would he kill her? Or kiss her? Perhaps cage her? And if she found out that Abel wasn’t just a normal human, would she try to escape? Or would she accept that he wasn’t just a demon incarnate? In a complicated world that tainted them black, was love even possible to bloom between a pet and her master? Watch as these two play the dangerous and insane game of love and lust. Who would be the master and the pet? Who was the prey? Read to find out more. --------- Original Story by: alienfrommars FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommars Discord server: Disclaimer: Cover not mine. Got it from Pinterest. Credits to the artist.

  • Ink: Genesis

    Ink: Genesis

    It is a strange world out here, love.

  • Ink pot

    Ink pot

    There are times when you feel you want to express your thoughts to others and here are some of my poem which I write to let my feelings out. So here is the "Ink pot".

  • long ink

    long ink

  • Depression In Ink

    Depression In Ink

  • Fluttering ink

    Fluttering ink

  • The Ink Magician

    The Ink Magician


    Ink magic, a derivative of water magic. It was sticky, super versatile, has even better flexibility than water magic, and best of all, it could be written with. What's not to like? James Andrew, an average man. Average life, average job, average family. Not even a speck of anything not ordinary was on him. Well, except for one. "Huh?"

  • The ink lot

    The ink lot

    Magical Realism MYSTERY

    As I looked down, I noticed it. There it was................................It was never supposed to be like this. I did everything to stop it...................................Why, why, why, why is it still happening. I’m tired. I beg whatever god is there, help me.........................I guess it’s up to me again huh, let me start again. One last try. And I will give up.......................................It’s happening again. No no please noooooo...

  • Ink And Pen

    Ink And Pen

    poetry collection

  • Blood and Ink

    Blood and Ink