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  • Dimension Weaver: My Wife Is The Dragon Empress!

    Dimension Weaver: My Wife Is The Dragon Empress!



    After living peacefully for eons and eons on Earth, humans have achieved many great things and become the strongest race in the world by far. Nothing could rival them and no one can take that position from them. That was until one day, out of nowhere, a gigantic entity appeared in space right above Earth and from that point on, everything changed. Terrifying creatures of all kinds and shapes suddenly appeared in every corner of the world, armed with strength that far exceeded anything humans had ever seen. The world was thrown into chaos and surviving became the most important aspect humans could think of. *** Talon Everhart, a half-korean university student was living his life normally before everything happened. However, when things happened, Talon found himself facing the great threat that is this new world filled with crazy and nightmarish abominations, greedy humans that seek survival even if it is at the cost of other's lives, and a mysterious woman that appeared in front of him unconscious. His journey in this world and whatever lies beyond it begins! [Ding!] [Dimension Link has been created with Earth. You can now feel the link between you and the Core Dimension.]

  • Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!

    Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!



    After living as a famous Korean vlogger-slash-mukbanger, Neoma died a (shameful) death and regressed to her tragic first life--- the life where she has to live as a hidden princess with a tyrannical father and a yandere twin brother. She died at the hands of her psycho brother in her first life. But luckily, she charmed her "big brother" this time. Her father remains a sc*mbag, though. But a blessing in disguise happened when her twin brother got "sick." Because of that, she has to pretend as the "Crown Prince," forcing her father to treat her well. She thought she was finally on the road to becoming a lady of leisure. But, despite her laziness, she still ends up completing royal duties that put her closer to the throne than her sick twin brother. The next thing she knew, they already prophesied her to be the first empress of their very patriarchal empire. Now Neoma finds herself in the middle of the succession war she never wanted to be involved in! *** [EXCERPT 1] “Neoma de Moonasterio, the first princess of Moonasterion Empire. From now on, you’ll live as Prince Nero’s proxy.” [The hell is this psycho saying?] Neoma, despite her confusion, still smiled at her father--- the emperor. “Father, what do you mean by that?” “From now on, assassins sent by my enemies would target Nero,” the emperor explained. “Until he’s strong enough to protect himself, you’ll pose as your twin brother.” Her smile froze, but she still acted innocent. “But Father. If I take my brother’s position, then wouldn’t the assassins mistake me for him and…” She stopped talking when she realized that was exactly what the emperor wanted her to do. [This sc*mbag wants me to be bait?!] “You’re no longer a princess, Neoma de Moonasterio. From now on, you’ll live as Prince Nero de Moonasterio,” Emperor Nikolai said coldly while looking down at her with glowing red eyes. “Try to survive until your twin brother comes back to take his rightful place, understood?” Neoma was too shocked to react. [Are you f*cking kidding me, you sc*mbag?!] *** [ORIGINAL BOOK COVER. Artwork by sola_cola.] *** [EXCERPT 2] “I’m so sick of your tyrannical a*s,” Neoma yelled at her father aka the emperor. “I won’t forgive you for hurting Lewis and Tteokbokki!” “What will you do about it then?” Nikolai asked with a smirk. “Kill me?” “Yes! I’ll f*cking kill you, sc*mbag!” “Language,” he warned her, upset that his five-year-old daughter curses like a sailor. “Using vulgar words is unbecoming of the future Crown Prince.” “I’m a princess!” Upon yelling those words, the royal princess’s eye color changed from ash-gray to red. [This is getting serious.] “Stop it, Nero,” Nikolai told her sternly. “If you keep that up, the royal knights will come and–” “I’m not Nero!” Neoma screeched angrily. Then she jumped in the air with her left fist, ready to punch him. “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!” [What…?] And Princess Neoma, pretending as the Crown Prince for her sick twin brother, punched Emperor Nikolai, her father, in the face.

  • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With My Military System

    Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With My Military System



    Zombies suddenly appear all over the world, spreading rapidly in crowded cities. Within a day, national governments collapse all around the world, leading to chaos worldwide. Law and order vanish, making people fear both zombies and each other. Despite the zombie threat, groups form and fight over the limited resources. But, amidst all of that, a man named Richard received a system that allows him to summon troops, military equipment, weapons, and vehicles. With his newfound power, he can protect himself, his comrades, his kin, and other survivors from zombies and rival factions. A rampaging Goliath? Unleash Warthogs, AC-130s, and Apaches in the sky. Mutant flying zombies? Establish anti-air defenses. Juggernauts shrugging off small arms? Deploy Abrams tanks and IFVs. Rival factions raiding? Let them face our might. Some notes from the Author: There'd be some strong content in this novel so you are warned. This novel is written in light novel, anime, manhwa style, so characters will have different hair colors and expect character illustrations to be in anime or korean drawing style.

  • Bringing the Nation's Husband Home

    Bringing the Nation's Husband Home



    Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian had secretly longed for each other for thirteen years, and now that there's a possibility for them to be together, even though the circumstances may be unconventional, neither one can refuse their inner desires any longer. Hurled into a false marriage, Qiao Anhao treads carefully towards the cold and reclusive Lu Jinnian, but after years of near-missed opportunities and deep misunderstandings, how could their last shot at love possibly run smooth? **"Nation Husband" is a Korean term awarded to a man who is perfect in the eyes of the public - an ideal husband.

  • Finding Camellia

    Finding Camellia

    General ROMANCE


    Her life was nothing but lies.Camellia was just 12 when she was taken away from her mother in the slums and forced to live as the son of an aristocratic family. But under the layers of secrets and lies, she never forgets. She continues to struggle to be her true self again, to reclaim the life of Camellia.ⓒ 2020 Jin SoyeOriginal Korean edition published by Younsong, Republic of Korea.English edition copyright ⓒ 2021 Ridi Corporation, Inc.

  • Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love

    Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love

    Urban ROMANCE


    Official Synopsis: When he stayed at her home for one night, he took her body in a drunken stupor. From then on, he had been a constant fixture in her life. How adamant he was in forcing a marriage was how adamant she demanded for a divorce. “I’m not staying married to you! I’m not staying married to you! I’m not staying married to you!” After she repeated such an important proclamation three times, he finally tossed her the divorce paper. She thought she had finally escaped him alas… After the divorce, he still snuck into her room every night... Finally losing her patience, she yelled, “We are already divorced!” He glanced at her and set down the divorce paper before her. On it, it was written clearly: After the divorce, the car is hers, the house is hers, the company is hers, their child is hers, he… is also hers? Translator's Synopsis: Imagine the superpowers wielding male lead from the Korean drama, "My Love from the Star" in the misunderstanding-processing plant that is "Bringing the Nation's Husband Home" and you will have "99 Proclamations of Love". Tsundere CEO, Su Zhinian is deeply in love with ditzy entertainment beat reporter, Song qingchun but he could not act on it due to a deep dark secret. Read to find out whether love can really overcome anything and everything...

  • His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

    His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light


    After a delirious first night together, Shi Guang found herself waking up to a cruel reality… a breakup initiated by him, ending their relationship! What? Why? How? These were the questions that bugged Shi Guang’s mind in the two years after he left without a trace. Just as she thought that she had finally managed to get over him, Lu Yanchen suddenly appeared before her and before she knew it, she had to get married to this man who had dumped her two years ago?! What? Why? How? These were the questions that Shi Guang were faced with after his mysterious appearance once more. Just what are Young Master Lu’s motives? Why is he always watching out for her even though he was the one that had dumped her? And worst still… What’s with that tsundere attitude of his…?! Translator’s Review: This is a really sweet novel about a couple that just annoys one another in the cutest ways. Lu Yanchen is a descendant of a powerful aristocratic military family. Cold, aloof, genius and sharp, this is a man that has it all – status, smarts and looks. But none of that matters when it comes to affairs involving his silly woman as everything melts away into an encompassing warmth. Purple-Red Beauty is someone that spends a lot of time building the settings of her novels. Earlier on, I too was rather annoyed at some of the things that Lu Yanchen did. But once the story gets on track… everything suddenly seemed even sweeter than before! If any of you have heard of the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss or have caught any of the many Japanese (Mischievous Kiss), Chinese (It Started With A Kiss) and Korean (Playful Kiss) drama reboots made for it, you will definitely love it! :P

  • Mister Night

    Mister Night



    [Warning Mature Content] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Atalia Carter a foreigner in the country of South Korea studying law at the University of Korea carries the burden of her family's hopes and dreams. For the past 4 years she has been indebted to her studies. Her best friend Harin a cute but sassy girl Korean girl always tries to get her to go out. Her attempts usually fail until one night Atalia said yes. Harin warned her about Shiwoo but her warning fell on deaf ears as Atalia laid eyes on him. She fell for him despite her efforts not to and she ending up sleeping with him after a drunk night out. To her disappointment Shiwoo was upset that he was her first and didn't want the responsibility for he had only set out with the intention just to play with her sweet chocolate body. Or so she thought....... She got pregnant with twins after that one night but never told him due to her petty ways and fair of being rejected. She graduated and lost contact with Harin for the relationship had become strain due to her history with the said play boy Shiwoo. 3 years later Atalia had found her self to be the CEO and self made millionaire of the infamoust Law firm that was popularly known for its ruthless lawyer. She had found herself with the biggest case of her life to represent the son of a billionaire CEOs son court but what she and the world doesn't know is that Kim's incorporated is just a show to distract the world as to what really happens behind the closed doors of the Kim house. Things are never as easy as they seem. The client turns out to be her Shiwoo of the past but also not her Shiwoo of the past. He was the same yet different. He was dangerous and deep in the Illegal trade, gun violence and the Mafia? Was Shiwoo's sudden appearance all a plan or was it just fate? Can they both handle things as adults without opening new wounds? Will she tell him of his kids and will old flames reignite? Will being together put not only Atalia's but her kids' lives in danger? Will all of this be too much for poor Atalia to handle? Will the kids accept their father with open arms and will Atalia finally get the happy ending which she had always dreamed of and deserves? ==================================== Find out in the chapters of Mister Night. The truth and mystery will be unraveled with every turn of the page *NB* Part 1- College senior Part 2- Single mother Part 3- All together All work of fiction. Any real life events and people resemblance are all of pure coincidence. Leave comments and give feedback if you like. You can also follow me on ig. Ig and discord are both on my profile. Thank you for giving my story a chance and happy reading.•||☆1st book of this series☆||•

  • ★Korean friend or Korean Idol★

    Korean friend or Korean Idol★

  • Korean girl meet korean Boy

    Korean girl meet korean Boy

  • Superstar Husband & Genius Wife

    Superstar Husband & Genius Wife



    [Completed Novel]I will marry you on one condition: Our marriage must be kept secret!Carolina Akai is a college student who accidentally enters another hotel room while partying with her friends. In that room, she accidentally had a one night stand.At first Carolina thought she would never see the red-haired man again, but who would have thought that the red-haired man was the interim CEO of the company where she was going to do an internship? And what's even worse, the man turns out to be a South Korean Actor, making Carolina's previously quiet college life, now surrounded by the man's fans who want to ask for her help!Ethan Nam never thought he would meet a woman who suddenly came into his room and teased him, in his father's office! Seeing the woman pretending not to know him after they had had such a pleasant night, Ethan was annoyed and kept calling the intern into his room.Suddenly Ethan finds out that the intern is pregnant after what they did and is willing to take responsibility by marrying her.But instead of Carolina readily agreeing and thanking Ethan for taking the responsibility, did she give him the condition that she would marry him if their marriage was kept secret?How is Ethan and Carolina's married life that happen because of an accident?Then why did Carolina want to keep their marriage a secret?How about Ethan's career as an actor in South Korea? Will his career be okay when he decides to get married when he is a newly famous actor?***Ps: The cover is belong to me.Pss: Check my other stories:1. Superstar Husband & Genius Wife2. The Lady Vampire and Her Lover3. Cohabitation With My Ex-Wife4. My Beautiful Queen is Vampire

  • Let Me Make You a Star

    Let Me Make You a Star



    Lee Hyun, the man once known as the 'Midas of music'. He got thrown out of his agency and his wife betrayed him. He lost everything and there was no hope left for him, but life gave him another chance to redeem himself. He found himself in 2010. The time when the entertainment industry has just started to get popular all over the world. With his knowledge of the future and his composing skills, Lee Hyun decided to make a mark in the entertainment industry. This time, he would become the 'God of Entertainment'.*On hiatus, due to exams. * * * *This novel is based in Korea. So, the names of the characters would be in Korean. If you like K-pop, then you would like this novel. If you can, please share it. Join the server: https://discord.gg/F9xfJWv Contact me on discord: Killerbee#4748 Note: This novel is also posted on scribble hub and Royal road. Release schedule: 2-3 chapters per day

  • The Korean playboy

    The Korean playboy


    Joshua Park, doctor by profession gets entangled with an actor in a whirlwind romance

  • Korean musicbrand

    Korean musicbrand

    "Modern K-pop "idol" culture began with the boy band H.O.T. in 1996, as K-pop grew into a subculture that amassed enormous fandoms of teenagers and young adults.After a slump in early K-pop, from 2003 TVXQ and BoA started a new generation of K-pop idols that broke the music genre into the neighboring Japanese market and continue to popularize K-pop internationally today. With the advent of online social networking services and Korean TV shows, the current spread of K-pop and Korean entertainment, known as the Korean Wave, is seen not only in East Asia and Southeast Asia, but also in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Latin America, North Africa, Southern Africa and East Africa, the Middle East and throughout the Western world, gaining a widespread global audience.The term "K-pop" became popular in the 2000s. Previously, South Korean pop music was called gayo (가요).While "K-pop" is a general term for popular music in South Korea, it is often used in a narrower sense for the genre described here. In 2018, K-pop experienced significant growth and became a 'power player', marking a 17.9% increase in revenue growth. As of 2019, K-pop is ranked at number six among the top ten music markets worldwide according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry's "Global Music Report 2019", with BTS and Blackpink cited as artists leading the market growth. In 2020, K-pop experienced a record-breaking year when it experienced a 44.8% growth and positioned itself as the fastest-growing major market of the year.



    Teen Romance, and painful goodbyes.

  • Life in korean

    Life in korean

  • Korean article

    Korean article

    That is good article in koren



  • Rebirth Of A Korean Director

    Rebirth Of A Korean Director


    A down to earth variety show PD, a car accident was reborn ten years ago. When the invitation letter of SBS, KBS, MBC TV station is handed over to me, which one to choose is a question! When TV scripts such as “Sorry, I Love You”, “Heirs”, and “You from the Star” are placed in front of me, which one to shoot is another question! When movie scripts such as “The King’s Man”, “Ugly Girl Turn Around”, “Sunshine Sisters” and other movie scripts were written, which one should invest is still a question! Life, why so many multiple-choice questions, let Jeong Hyuk-jae go to the trouble of happiness!

  • Reborn in a Korean Drama

    Reborn in a Korean Drama


    John's mom and sister are huge K-pop and K-drama fans, so he naturally watched many shows with them and became familiar with all the stereotypes and tropes. One day, due to an unfortunate incident with Truck-kun, John finds himself waking up in South Korea as a Korean boy, who can naturally speak and understand Korean plus is surrounded by a bunch of trope-y characters. John must try to survive every plot line that comes his way and also to work out why he was sent here.