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  • Shining Monarchy

    Shining Monarchy


    Henry the main character pursues capturing his uncles kingdom after he willed it to the ancient Kragsphere faction. He must first end the second holy war using any means necessary. All the while Kragsphere is slaughtering his people preventing him from doing much progression.

  • Monarchy Of Soul

    Monarchy Of Soul


  • A Monarchy Of Flame

    A Monarchy Of Flame


    Surviving the double dungeon, Yu Dong-Sun finds himself with a game-like system. A god has chosen him as his reincarnation, now he must train to be worthy of the god's power.

  • Deceived by the Monarchy

    Deceived by the Monarchy

  • Modern Monarchy Enguun

    Modern Monarchy Enguun

    Enguun, a typical Mongolian youth who was raised in a poor family at Ulaanbaatar's Ger district acquired an A.I chip from an old scientist who used to work at Rotschild Family. The A.I chip was tremendously advanced that would change Enguun's life. "You have a lung cancer? No problem let me cure you...""You want to assassinate me? No problem let me kill you first..."

  • Endless War: The Monarchy

    Endless War: The Monarchy

    ________________________________Warning!Novel fiksi ini di kerjakan oleh seorang Remaja Berusia 14 tahun, di indonesia tahun 2021.dan saya hanya membuatnya untuk menenangkan imajinasi yang semakin liar di masa pubertas.genre: magic, Action, Physhological, Romance, Fantasy, militer.Rated, M. Saya berencana membuat ini memiliki banyak kata-kata kasar, dan yah, kejadian kejam yang di ciptakan otak saya. Mungkin akan ditambahkan genre yang mewakili ini. Juga. karena keterbatasan, saya tidak bisa membuat ilustrasi. (jika saya meletakkan sebuah ilustrasi. Itu mungkin atau mungkin tidak, di dapatkan dari Google atau pinterest dan Web sejenisnya. Dan jika  siapapun bisa membuktikan bahwa itu miliknya dan ingin saya untuk menghapus foto itu dari novel  ini maka beritahukan saja dan saya akan dengan senang hati melakukannya.) Dan Cara penulisan novel ini juga lebih mirip gabungan dari kebiasaan barat dan timur saat menulis, daripada indonesia sendiri._________________________________

  • The Animal World Of Monarchy

    The Animal World Of Monarchy


    I will suspend this story and will return with a newly revised and improved version. Thank you all for your interest. If you haven't already done so, check out my other work, Bread For My Family.

  • From CEO to Concubine

    From CEO to Concubine



    Yan Zheyun was born and bred to be a winner. His parents were on the Forbes’ List, he was the valedictorian of his graduating class at the top university in the country, and the icing on the cake was being voted ‘school grass’ four years in a row by his peers. And now, at just twenty-five, Yan Zheyun was the proud chairman and CEO of his very own tech company. But what should have been the happiest day of his life turned into the worst when he heard a strange robotic voice while crossing the road for coffee, just because he couldn’t wait for his secretary to return from the photocopying room. [BUG REPORT #193842347: OTHERWORLD SOUL DETECTED. INITIATING DEPORTATION SEQUENCE.] And then he died. In a very boring, very run-of-the-mill car accident. …except maybe he didn’t. The first thing Yan Zheyun thought after he opened his eyes and found himself in a bedroom that looked like the set of one of those inner palace dramas was: Wow, coffee wasn’t worth it.The second thing he thought after he realised he was now in a historical BL novel and had transmigrated into the body of a tragic beauty who was (about to be) used and abused by his multiple lovers was: I must have opened my eyes with the wrong technique, let me try again…nope, still here. Well. F**k. From CEO to lowly slave, Yan Zheyun couldn’t believe his luck. Stuck in a foreign world and surrounded by crazy tops (respectively A.K.A ‘The Childhood Friend’, ‘The General’s Son’, ‘The Crown Prince’, ‘Some Other Prince’, ‘That Creepy Duke’ etc.), Yan Zheyun realised that his one day’s experience as CEO had not prepared him adequately for this new life of misery. But he wasn’t the sort to give up without a fight so…Yan Zheyun resolutely made up his mind to stay away from the terrifying romantic plot line, try and write himself a new political plot line, and while at it, hug some big thighs, curry some favour with the powerful. And in a dynastic monarchy, whose thighs would be a better choice for hugging than the emperor himself? Liu Yao: …This Sovereign permits you to hug other parts too. Pairing: - This-Sovereign-Looks-Stern-But-Is-Secretly-Kind!Emperor Top VS I-Look-Like-A-Rabbit-But-I’m-Secretly-A-Fox!Slave Bottom- NOT harem, entire story is 1v1 Warnings: - This novel deals with some heavy subject matter that arises as a result of slavery and a caste system. I have added trigger warnings where relevant but just a heads up, the scumbags are called scumbags for a reason! Updates: 21:00 GMT+8Disclaimer: I do not own the cover

  • From Absolute Monarchy, to Social Democracy.

    From Absolute Monarchy, to Social Democracy.

    In the lands of fairy tales and in the lands of myth, there were four kingdoms that were once divided into 20 countries. Those kingdoms united to form 4 kingdoms for unknown reasons; Saura, Ardogan , Xerota and Lynexia. A world war has broken out between the united countries which resulted in people that suffered in environments that were exhausting and almost impossible to bare during that period. The previous warlords were ruthless with the intention of only caring for themselves, had no regard to others. Once those warlords died, new leaders were born into this world which put everything into an uneasy stalemate. It lasted for many years indeed, while the lords along with the folk faced the fact this war was pointless, they declared a ceasefire as a response to these tragedies. Everything fell into a long lasting peace, but that may not last for long as expected.Now, "Social Democracy" or even politics are largely an unspoken topic in this world but most royals have heard the term "Democracy." before in their life but not Social Democracy. Of course, people knew politics but such foreign concept was unknown and also unspoken of. Let's say they didn't know exactly everything about politics of course. However, except for one young boy in the 18's whose name was Nesy Celvius, 18 years old. He has dreams of uniting the four kingdoms, but before he had heard of the stories...He has no idea about it. Nesy also has ideals that might surprise many people and even trigger them as well, so much as to trigger the lords because it is so foreign to them. Where does Nesy come from? Surprise surprise, he is from an other world where the year is 2020 but he got transported into another world because some weird freak accident happened. He couldn't remember what exactly happened there only that he got sucked into a hole.PS: The story was made by me, a 15-year-old kid from Sweden. I'm very engaged into politics and love roleplaying.A-: Uptate, I decided to re-write a part of the first chapter.




    "A boy lost, a king found." Enter the fantasy world of Louis, our MC, who recently receives mystic news. He is introduced to a concept he never once deemed as possible. And it is revealed to him he can awaken a power feared for many ages. There will be fights, there will be feuds, there will be family and there will be foes. Can he prevail over his adversaries and accomplish what he is meant to? Or will he crumble under the pillars of expectant pressure?*Art used for the cover art belongs to Carlos Herrera.( Anton Arkham 2021.

  • Bought by the Billionaire Prince

    Bought by the Billionaire Prince


    Author: Theresa Oliver is an author of clean contemporary romance, clean historical romance, young adult, middle grades, and children's picture books. Theresa is the author of the Christmas Cove series, the Whiskey River Brides series with Hot Tree Publishing, and much more. She lives in Florida with her husband, children, a persnickety cat, and a very bossy dog. Synopsis: She's a college student, trying to save her sister. He's the Prince of Estrea, trying to save his family. Together, they discover the true meaning of love and sacrifice.... College student Ari Douglas just learned that her sister, Henley, has leukemia. As the daughters of a single mother with no insurance, they don't have many options or hope. Then a friend tells Ari about AmericanMate, an elite modern matchmaking service. With no other options and needing cash quickly, she applies to the service. Former playboy Prince Grayson Pierce of Estrea is tired of women wanting him for his money and title. Having just suffered a very public breakup, Grayson is through with love. At the urging of his best friend and wanting to settle down, Grayson decides to go through AmericanMate. But he has just one catch: He's in it for life. There has never been a divorice in the long line of succession of the monarchy... ever. After just one meeting on the Internet and with no other options to help her sister, Ari agrees, But she has to be at the altar in Estrea in three days. Now, with a shadow cast over the realm and the ticking clock of her sister's illness, can two hearts sacrificing for the good of their families find love in each other? Or will their marriage be the ultimate sacrifice? In this heartwarming tale of love and loss, two hearts discover the true meaning of love, family, and sacrifice in Bought by the Billionaire Prince.

  • Kill His Majesty

    Kill His Majesty



    [Undergoing revision at the moment]Rathna Beatixi Pablo spent her entire two decades of life for these four things: One, kill His Majesty.Two, restore democracy.Three, abandon Maharlica.And four, live happily ever after. Twenty-nine years ago, Mirando Gruna demolished democracy from Maharlica, established a monarchical government, and rose on the throne as an absolute ruler. Ever since democracy was taken from the Maharlicans, their lives have never been better. Who would ever want their freedom to be taken? Who would ever want to be ruled by a tyrannical and bloody monarch? No one. Therefore, Rathna Pablo’s mission is to kill His Majesty and give back to the people the democracy that has long been gone. On the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the monarchy government, she will kill the king. But the question is... Will she be able to KILL HIS MAJESTY?

  • Reincarnation From Villainess to Princess: Journey to Being Empress

    Reincarnation From Villainess to Princess: Journey to Being Empress



    Tianshi Xue was pretty sure she already died. After falling into the depths of the sea and feeling her last breath leave her body… she was sure she was going to the afterlife. But then she woke up. In another woman’s body. And that body belonged to a princess. — Tianshi Xue was a popular model turned actress. She was known for her striking looks and not-so-good ways in the business. A lot of people admired her for the lengths she was willing to go just to be successful. But a lot of people also hated her. She was not even surprised that someone killed her—or at least tried to. She woke up in the body of Princess Lin Yingyue, the daughter of the tyrant emperor from the Shānmài Empire, promised to marry the second prince of the Hépíng Empire. But because of a sudden invasion, Tianshi Xue—now Princess Yingyue was forced to marry the man she loathed from the moment she heard his name, the notorious young general, 3rd Prince Yang Qui. Tianshi Xue found herself living in the palace—a place that housed more drama than the TV. With her new body and title as a princess, Tianshi Xue was bent on trying to find the person who wanted her dead. But on the more important note: If death was necessary for souls to transfer to another body, does that mean that the princess died also? Or did someone tried to kill her too? — Photo on the cover is not mine. Credits to the owner of the beautiful work! REMINDERS: (You will be redirected here in case you seem to forget) 1. English is my second language. If you notice grammatical and spelling errors, please do leave a comment and I will fix it. 2. Please leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms about the plot and characters. Let me know what you like and what you don’t so we can improve more! 3. This book is slow-paced. Yes, if you’re ready to endure that please do continue. ROMANCE MIGHT BE A LITTLE LATE FOR THE LEADS. I am not a fan of instant romance. 4. Please DO NOT BE RUDE in the comments section, if you do not like the book please have the courtesy to just leave. Discord link: Visual representations, story guide, and additional info Google Slides (no sign-in required): Not a historical drama/fiction. Modern monarchy. Romance. Mystery. Fantasy-ish. Dystopian-ish.

  • Her Tempestuous Villain

    Her Tempestuous Villain



    WINNER OF WFP 31: FIRST PLACE GOLD TIER ...... “I thought you forgot about me.” SD’s sly voice came from behind the door making Sunye groan. Behind the door was a chimney through which he had climbed down and waited in the unlit furnace until Sunye arrived. His eyes widened seeing her in the black gown and he let out a low whistle. “Ms. Lawyer looking sexy,” he teased. Sunye glared at him. “If you’re done harassing me, then I believe you have a job to finish,” she said coolly. “Relax, sweetheart,” he snickered. “It was just a compliment.” “You don’t give compliments, SD,” she retorted. “People have to buy them from you. I know very well that even a small compliment from you can be costly and deadly.” ..... “Han Sunye,” he called her name as if caressing her gently with his words. “If there is one person I would never take money from, it’s you.” “Why?” Sunye frowned. “Let’s just say that you intrigue me,” he remarked. “It’s fascinating to uncover your secrets. It...livens me up.” .... Han Sunye is the top prosecutor of the country. Beautiful, wily and intelligent, she has never lost a case in her life. Her peers revered her skills and she masterfully hides the pain in her heart while the past is beginning to catch up with her. Twenty four years ago, the country was shaken by a coup on the modern monarchy, causing Sunye and her adoptive family to escape. The memories of that night haunted her ever since and hiding the scars of her past, she drowns herself in work while searching for her lost love, the former Crown Prince of the country, Kim San. But all that changes when she receives an envelope from an old acquaintance which leads her to take up the job offer from Lee Jonghyun, the owner of LN Partners, one of the top law firms of the country. Scheming his own ambitions, Jonghyun is intrigued by Sunye and finds himself drawn to the lonely lawyer. Unbeknownst to him, both of them are the pawns of a mysterious information broker, SD aka the Sadistic Doctor who only wants to watch the country fall into anarchy. Devilish and charming, he masks his sinister plans with an ominous smile. Abandoning his morals and sanity, he puts the woman he loves on stake and seeks vengeance against the world which had deceived him. Trapped between the two men, Sunye unwittingly becomes the pawn in a dangerous chess game while her heart yearns to reunite with her lost love. But what will happen when she finds out the boy she is in love with, has returned as the ultimate villain in her life? Will she choose love or revenge? Or both? *Cover is taken from Pinterest. Credit goes to owner* *ML is a dark character & the story is not for the faint hearted* *No rape or FL violation* Join my discord server:

  • System: Game World

    System: Game World

    Hidden under this seemingly prosperous modern world is a desolate and broken civilization, recovering from a deep wound. In this resource-poor world, natural resources are scarce and people compensate with strange alloys made of energy called 'Flux'. What's more, looming over this peaceful scenery is these strange invasions of mutated creatures, capable of destroying buildings in a split second.No one knows what life was before the Great Destruction, survivors from this era picked up some knowledge before rebuilding civilization creating this weird world where some fields are extremely advanced while others lag behind by three hundred years. Monarchy and Religion prevails in this seemingly modern world and powerful beings called 'Orderers' who protects the land that humanity has claimed are so powerful and their status so respected that it seems that they were simply a higher species than the common man. Inequality is so huge but nothing can be done, in front of those evolved humans, number is meaningless. Because they are stronger, capable of wiping out entire armies, they are respected and fearedFrom the ruins, ashes flutter and is reborn again. Three continents still exist in this planet, namely: Brokang Continent, named after the first conqueror and savior of humanity's dynasty; the Holy Continent, where the Sacred Spirit, lies and is worshipped and the Higher Dimensional Continent where even to this day, is the major forefront and battlefield between the creatures from the void and humanity.In an outer city of the Brokang Empire, a youngster is struck by a rock and mysteriously gains a System that comes with a world where resources are plentiful and another power system that can give Orderers a run of their money!Let us see what the main character can do in this chaotic era disguised as an orderly one, where mutated beasts run amok and human figures scheming against each other for more power and benefits, where unethical laws are put as well-intentioned

  • The Overwhelming Thoughts

    The Overwhelming Thoughts


  • The New Era Is begin : secret organization

    The New Era Is begin : secret organization


    The era where the monarchy still used swords and magic to keep them afloat for thousands of years, was now threatened by something. Behind the pitch black darkness, no one will notice the existence of a mysterious organization that moves from behind the scenes, monitoring civilization with the eyes of darkness. Ready to pounce and make change happen. An Organization that has the power to shake the world. They are an organization that will never be written in history, but an organization that will change history itself. This is the story of a special unit named Kai Bearwood, who operates with the organization to achieve its goals. Overthrowing the monarchy by manipulation is the basic foundation of the Organization. 17+ warning alerts #Villain #Anti-Hero #DarkFantasy #World Domination #Military #Conspiracy #Overpower

  • The Priestess From The Other World

    The Priestess From The Other World


    Aphia Gray is just a typical 20-year-old employee with a bubbly personality. One night, she was summoned and transported to a world she did not know existed. It is a world where magic, monarchy, knights, monsters, and evils exist. Will she be able to go back to her world, or will she be stuck in the world where everyone is calling her the priestess?

  • Super Emperor System

    Super Emperor System



    James Zhang, a Chinese-British mix, found that his life changed dramatically. The Goddess of Luck seemingly took pity on his dull and ordinary life as he was suddenly got a cheat like system. "What?!! Do you tell me that my grandfather is actually a king and I'm his sole descendant?!!" Since then, the whole world changed in an unknown direction. An unknown feudal monarchy country surfaced its face again on the face of Earth. See how James turned a backward, weak, and small country into the superpower that surpassed the United States. --------------- This novel placed on the parallel world. If there was anything in this novel that was the same as our world, it was purely coincidental!!! Also, if anyone feels familiar with the setting of this novel, it was because a Chinese story inspired this. But it was only the idea, not plagiarism!!! If you already read my fanfic before, then you know what I'm talking about. The cover is not mine, I'm just taking it from google :)

  • The Book of Samuel

    The Book of Samuel


    These books describe the rise and development of kingship in Israel. Samuel is a pivotal figure. He bridges the gap between the period of the Judges and the monarchy, and guides Israel’s transition to kingship. A Deuteronomistic editor presents both positive and negative traditions about the monarchy, portraying it both as evidence of Israel’s rejection of the Lord as their sovereign and as part of God’s plan to deliver the people. Samuel’s misgivings about abuse of royal power foreshadow the failures and misdeeds of Saul and David and the failures of subsequent Israelite kings. Although the events described in 1 and 2 Samuel move from the last of the judges to the decline of David’s reign and the beginning of a legendary “Golden Age” under Solomon’s rule, this material does not present either a continuous history or a systematic account of this period. The author/editor developed a narrative timeline around freely composed speeches, delivered by prophets like Samuel and Nathan who endorse Deuteronomistic perspectives regarding the establishment of the monarchy, the relationship between worship and obedience, and the divine covenant established with the house of David. These books include independent blocks. Saul’s rise to power, David’s ascendancy over Saul, the Succession Narrative, which the editor shaped into three narrative cycles, the last two marked by transitional passages and Each section focuses on a major figure in the development of the monarchy: Samuel, the reluctant king maker; Saul, the king whom the Lord rejects; David, the king after the Lord’s own heart. A common theme unites these narratives: Israel’s God acts justly, prospering those who remain faithful and destroying those who reject his ways. Along with the rest of the Deuteronomistic History, the Books of Samuel become an object lesson for biblical Israel as it tries to re-establish its religious identity after the destruction of Jerusalem and the loss of its homeland (587/586 B.C.).

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