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  • Principled Jewellery

    Principled Jewellery



    A conspiracy claims the life of her only family member. Hiding her past as the daughter of a Pirate, Sarah Washer sought to infiltrate into Noble society in order to unravel the culprit and the incidents surrounding her father's death.In a fantasy world where people were capable of performing superhuman feats and where magic, artifacts, mysticism, and dungeons intertwined to complicate all life, Sarah must strive for a pathway to her revenge.

  • The Mech Touch

    The Mech Touch



    After obtaining the Mech Designer System, Ves aims to create the greatest mechs in the galaxy! In the far future, the galactic human civilization has entered the Age of Mechs. The countless lesser powers of humanity have come to adopt mechs as their main weapons of war! Only a small number of humans have the right genetic aptitude to pilot these destructive war machines the size of buildings. Born to a military family in the edge of the galaxy, Ves Larkinson is one of the many people who lacks the talent to earn glory in battle. Instead, he became a mech designer. Helped by his missing father, Ves has obtained the mysterious Mech Designer System that can help him rise in the galaxy and beyond! His mechs based on the principles of life quickly allows him to rise to prominence. Powerful and highly compatible with mech pilots, his products have the potential to take the market by storm! However, success does not come easily, and countless challenges bar his ability to sell his mechs to a market eager for innovation! With the sins of the human race in the galactic arena slowly catching up, Ves must navigate the perils of the ultra-competitive mech market and maintain control over his growing organization of misfits. This is the golden age of mechs. This is the golden age of humanity. The question is, will it last? "Any challenge can be overcome as long as I design the right mech!" --Join The Mech Touch's unofficial Discord server! --To support The Mech Touch, just read it! If you want to help me more, feel free to donate to my PayPal! --Follow my Instagram and Twitter! --Cover Art by Derek-Paul Carll (carlldpn) --The Mech Touch is an original webnovel written by ML "Exlor" Duong. The Mech Touch is exlusively published on and a select few platforms affiliated with the parent company of this website. The Mech Touch is not published on Amazon, RoyalRoad, WattPad and etc.

  • The Pleasure Principle

    The Pleasure Principle

    Author: USA Today best-selling and award-winning author Desiree Holt writes everything from romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic. and has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi Times and numerous other national and international publications. Part One Tracie Hill thought she’d died and gone to heaven when she discovered the stranger who showed up at her office after hours and engaged her in a night of hot sex was none other than her new boss, J. P. ”Pete” Montgomery. Not only that, but he set some very specific rules for her office attire – skirts only and no underwear. Part Two For Zane the storm was a reflection of his emotions and the messy condition of his life. He relished the isolation until he had to rescue Zara from the stormy sea. Then the storm reached full level in the cabin. Part Three Zana and Dara settle into the beginnings of a permanent relationship and she thinks she’s finally found happiness and security. Then her past comes back to smack her in the face. Part Four Dealing with a messy and humiliating breakup with her Dom, Bree Donovan welcomed the invitation to leave Chicago for meeting with a potential client in Texas. An impulsive attendance at a private BDSM gathering wiped all other thoughts from her mind the moment Rafe Morales claimed her as his for the evening.

  • Paragon of Sin

    Paragon of Sin



    The Heavenly Dao exists. It decides what is right and what is wrong. To act against it is to sin, to act according to it is to be blessed by its graces. The world of cultivation is difficult, an unchanging principle. Yet there are those who are cherished by the Heavens, cuddled into rising above all and everyone else. How can this be? Why must this be? What is moral and just? What is evil and immoral?! WHY DOES IT GET TO DECIDE?! So we, the Sinners, we act against the Heavenly Daos, grasp our own fates in hopes of truly overturning them. This is a Journey of a young boy born Blessed, but turned Sinner. The greatest sinner of them all. ----- As some of you may know, I'm also the Author of Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies! This is my second project, and one I'm incredibly passionate about! I hope you all enjoy following the adventures of Wei Wuyin! And I hope that I can bring a fresh experience to you all. ---- Here's Discord if you just want to chat or meet some like-minded individuals! If you want to support my novel, to increase the ratio of releases, or to receive monthly bonus releases! You can support here: Or @Kevinjpl Any and all support goes to supporting me and my right to write!

  • Dragonian Principle

    Dragonian Principle

    A story of a young half-breed man that went from being hated and reviled to Emperor of several galaxiesSchedule not currently set will update at very least weekly has written 17 chapters but dropped from site due to lack of readers

  • The Lord of Principles

    The Lord of Principles

    Fantasy R18 MYSTERY CAMPUS

    Hewlett Academy's mission is being committed to helping young witches and warlock use and enhance their abilities that could help in contributing goodwill not just in the institute but to the outside world.Every witches or warlock also have a choice to hold a position in the academy or be known as the most powerful student in school be known as The Lord.The Lord is a position given to a student that has performed The Acts of Principles, which is an examination to be taken should you wish.Enroll now and send your applications to our school and be the next Lord!Or you may die trying.But alright, let me be honest with you. What you’re going to read is a rollercoaster rider. There is a complicated situation for ”star-crossed lovers”, deaths that cannot be explained, truths and lies hiding in the shadows, and greed of power.This isn’t just about the powers of the witches and warlocks. It is about love, sacrifice, mystery, and defiance on one another.Who’s going to be the Lord? Try and find out.



    When a boy is ventured of his mother's protection, he has to survive in this cruel world with his principles.



    Luo Zen, now a humble slave was born as the eldest son of a wealthy family.Due to his family's decline and the kidnapping of his sister by a powerful force, he can now only be stepped upon by others.However, Heaven never seals off all exits. An ancient book left by his father reveals a secret divine technique. Could the human body become a weapon? What was the mysterious force behind all this? This is a contest against fate. PRINCIPLES OF HEAVENS.

  • Principles of Nature

    Principles of Nature

    When the world was almost burned to ashes by a fallen god, the mother of the universe, Nature, sent ten of her most capable subordinates, including her five heirs, the elements, to protect the world. They sacrificed themselves while annihilating the entire race of the fallen God, the Azecs. Thousands of years later, the only surviving Azec, the child of the fallen God, Valece, and his most beloved wife, Ethen, has finally awakened. Marking the return of the Ancients.How would one react to the prospect of abandoning your entire identity? To start from scratch in a place, you know nothing of? How many can stomach the revelation that your whole life is planned ahead? What you did, what you are supposed to do, will do. What you hold the responsibility for. The hopes you'll have carry, the pain you'll have to hide. The way you will have to keep your personal opinions aside for the sake of total strangers. Who you are destined to be with............................................................................................ Hey guys, this is my first try at a novel, and trust me, I'm genuinely an amateur. Neither is English my first language. So any advice you would like to provide is welcome. I would not be making changes to the plot, as it is, after all my story, and I'll understand if you drop it. But I would really appreciate any advice about improvement or genuine criticism. So........... Hope you like it!

  • Archimedes’ Principle

    Archimedes’ Principle

    Archimedes, a cadet on an international-going commercial ship, displaces everyone around him as he goes on in a destructive journey, laced with betrayal, love, and tragedy.

  • Legend of Swordsman

    Legend of Swordsman

    Eastern Fantasy ACTION ADVENTURE


    Jian Wushuang was reborn in adversity. In order to get his revenge, he began to cultivate Heavenly Creation Skill. With the help of the Heaven defying cultivation method, Jian Wushuang gradually grew into a peerless genius from an ordinary practitioner. With a sword in hand, no one is his match. Using his extraordinary Sword Principle, he killed all his opponents and eventually became number one Sword Master from time immemorial.

  • Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library

    Zero To Hero In The Martial Arts Library



    Transmigrating to a parallel universe, Ye Xiao's spiritual and martial arts skills were awakened. He became a librarian in the martial arts library and awakened the Golden Book Divine Soul. Upon seeing that there were skills to collect divine souls, Ye Xiao cultivated in them. When he maxes out the skill, he can even synthesize them into a higher-level skill. Seven basic blade skills can be synthesized to the Emperor Level Skill- Blade Dominance Nine basic sword skills can be synthesized to the Emperor Level Skill- Heaven Cleaving Sword Ten basic fist strokes can be synthesized to the Emperor Level Skill- Fist of Destruction Ye Xiao cultivated and grew, upholding the principle of not leaving before he became invincible. Many years later, the Star Beasts arrived and the human race was threatened. Tens of millions of people found themselves helpless, unable to defeat the beasts. A sword shot across the sky and he emerged from the gleaming light of the blade. "Those who threaten humans shall be eliminated!"

  • The First Principle Thinker

    The First Principle Thinker

    A boy called by fateTwo peaked figures searching for a succesor

  • Apotheosis (Principles of heavens)

    Apotheosis (Principles of heavens)

  • Destiny's Principle of Death

    Destiny's Principle of Death


    Destiny was an author. Note the "was" in that sentence. She was a writer, a pretty decent one at that, until of course she disappeared... only to find herself awake again in a new yet very very familiar world.....Harper was a character, though of course she wasn't aware. To her everything was real everything was true. It was the same for Keenan, Juno, and Kern. For everyone, really. But one day Harper meets Kern, and things start changing in the course of their story.Their acquaintances are kidnapped, murdered, and what of it? Well, since it's their story, they'll get to the bottom of it as all main characters do since it's only natural that that be their destiny.In a world and story where pupils don't exist (or do they?) and where your eye color could change your life, Harper and Keenan are in for a ride, one with crimson crystals, light, and liquid, and it all, somehow, revolves around them.Because they... are the main characters of this story.

  • Principles of heaven (Apotheosis)

    Principles of heaven (Apotheosis)

    Luo Zheng, now a space was born as the eldest son of the Luo Family.Due to his family's decline and the kidnapping of his sister by a powerful force, he can now only be stepped upon by others.However, heaven never seals off all exits.An ancient book left by his father reveals a secret divine techniqueCould the human body become a weapon?Follow Luo Zheng on his contest against fate.

  • 7 

    7 Games and Principles

  • The story of Benjamin (And his Principle)

    The story of Benjamin (And his Principle)

    A little boy who gets into a lot of trouble

  • I can change the core principles

    I can change the core principles


    "Where am I" She looked around and shouted at the top of her lungs."HELP""HELP"A ball of light crashed into her body.Then she felt suffocated and a screen appeared. [System parasite commencing]She felt pain like never before.[Parasite installing.......Succeeded][Gaining control of soul.......Succeeded]She suddenly was in a black room and saw a screen.She wanted to move but was stuck as if a mountain was pressing on her. A ball of light suddenly lit and the pressure subsided.[System commencing extermination of soul]Dread washed over her body as she saw a small child about the size of a six year old. She couldn't see through the veil of death as every step the child stepped, she felt closer to the valley of death. "Please have mercy on me""No" The child suddenly used her arm to cut the woman in half.The women still alive tried to fight back by pouncing on the child but to no avail as the child cut both her arms. Feeling the grasp of death grabbing on her neck. She smirked and chuckled."Its time for your death""Oh reall-"The woman blew up with unrelenting force. The power started to disintegrate the child."How"The last words of the child.The women smiled at the dying child as information flowed through her mind.She fainted.[System 'Law System' has died in a battle of existence][World System shall give inheritance to relative.......Error] [Law system shall be exiled so that soul shall not gain power.......Error][Partial Law system is being reabsorbed into world system.......Success][ERROR ERROR][Compensation is needed. Transmigration and unparalleled talent is given as compensation.] [World shall be about cultivation as high compensation is needed.][Unparalleled talent shall be given as title {Unsurpassable martial weapon master}][World system shall not allow this lowly being to have power so heavy restrictions shall be given][Lowly being cannot cultivate in anyway.][Lowly being shall only have the body and soul of a five year old, no matter what weapon she uses and can not increase her strength easily][Processing and implementing...... Success]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Where am I" A child with a voice of a hourse voice sounded.The child covered her mouth and immediately tried to find something to reflect on as she used a puddle, a face of a child about 3 years old but she knew she was 5 and seemed like this from malnurisment. The most mouth opening thing is that she was ugly, she seemed comparable to a donkey. She was shocked but suddenly information resurfaced and she cursed at all the information she remembered. She looked up and cursed in low murmurs as she laid down on the cave floor and slept as she was exhausted from her mind and soul.

  • The General Who Hates Me

    The General Who Hates Me



    She fell in love at first sight and did everything to conquer the man of her dreams... Her General...[warning: R-18 content *No Rape *no major misunderstanding] Status: Completed Novel-----Zacharias Lim was a loyal, diligent and persevering soldier. Despite his poor background, he had managed to rise steadily from the lowest rank of a Private to the youngest and one of the most respected Generals in his country. He was a principled man who always acted by the book and followed every rule. Because he had grown up in a poverty-stricken condition and having had to work extremely hard to get to where he was now, he detested people who didn't appreciate life just because they were lucky enough to have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. That was until he met Keira Chan...Keira Chan was a beautiful, bright, mischievous and confident young woman who always knew what she wanted. Having been born as the only daughter of one of the richest and most prominent families in the country, where gold was treated as sand, she had always led a carefree life and she could always get what she wanted without having to exert much effort. That was until she met Zacharias Lim...It just so happened that she fell in love with the young General at first sight and was set to win his heart. And thus her laborious but hilarious journey to get him to be her man ensued...======Excerpt:“General Zacharias Lim, I, Keira Chan, will absolutely get admitted to that Academy so I can get closer to the person I like for the first time in my life.” Zach could smell the sweetness of her breath mixed with alcohol. But that was not it, because for some reason his body was reacting on his own.At that instant, he knew what could happen next, but instead of pushing Keira away from him, he did nothing but stayed put, it was like he was anticipating what would happen next as he remained frozen.Then, Keira added in her hoarse sweet voice, “I will enter the Military Academy to conquer you, General Zach. So be ready, because I never take a ‘NO’ for an answer.”That was the last words that Keira dropped before she closed the gap and kissed Zach on his lips, leaving him just staring at her in bewilderment...===========Author's Note: Hope you enjoy reading this ORIGINAL novel of mine. I love romance with happy endings so this is a happy ending.Many thanks in advance for your support.With Lots of Love,EUSTOMA_reynaOther Books:The CEO Who Hates Me (completed)The Doctor Who Loves Me (completed)The Law of Attraction (completed) Kiss Me Not (in writing)The Untamed: Game of HeartsThe Crown's Entrapmentcontact me at:Discord Link: Page: @eustoma.reynatwitter: @EUSTOMA_reynainstagram: eustoma_reynabook cover is mine... cover art by ghifari_art (instagram)

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