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  • Races


    The book races is centered majorly on racism. Four nations clashed due to differences in their physical attributes. The story is centered around two main characters (Afua and Luke) who are the destined ones to change the scope of the world or determine the fate of the world. The story protrays their growth and development into the character they are meant to be. Like, a black boy is sent into the world that hated the blacks because of the evils the black world had done. Afua on the other hand has been thrown into the world to face the tyranny and wickedness of the black world. The story talks about how their experiences will determine the decision both characters make.

  • War of the Races

    War of the Races



    Daniel Reas Age: 23 Profession: Game - Alpha Tester Social Status: Single/Virgin While testing a new game he is transported to a new world know as the Verdant Realm. It is filled with Gods and Goddesses, Elves, Dwarves, High-humans known Aesir, Vanir and Barbarians, Animals, Dragons, and more. However, the world is not what it seems, and a foretold cataclysm may yet destroy it before he's strong enough to save it. ——(!)—— The backdrop of this fantasy world is both beautiful and harsh. The Prime Races escaped Midgard just before a global cataclysm at the height of their Age of Science, Sorcery, and Pagan Religion. of their pagan religious culture. Within there side-slip dimension called the Green Realm, Verdant Realm, or the Garden. They grew side-by-side with mankind on Midgard until present day. 5000 years later their culture is steeped in pagan traditions that have led to prostitution being sanctioned and promoted by various churches, and very open and even incestuous life-styles. The ratio of monogamous to polygomist relationships is about 50/50. Harems and reverse harems are equally commonplace. Given the very limited animal resorces they brought with them they used science and magic to splice every animal species with Alari, Dvergr, or Giant DNA creating hybrids named the Animals, Insects, and various marine life. Later they spliced certain tree’s DNA into Alfari thereby creating the Arboreals. Even in a fantasy there is oppression, racism, religious anamosity, political corruption, and corporate greed. In the Garden Realm the fantastic is everywhere, and sometimes it’s hard to live but brutally easy to die. (Warning: This is an adult fantasy with graphic adult themes and scenes. Graphic nudity, sex, violence, and language.)

  • Races: Online ( VR Smartphone App )

    Races: Online ( VR Smartphone App )



    What happens when a young man with bad luck receives the opportunity of a lifetime? After receiving a strange email to beta-test a game for $1000, will you venture into the world of Races: Online and meet multiple Fantasy Races? Will you embark onto the path of becoming one of the future Heroes and Adventurers by enrolling in the Kraelonia Academy? Will you seek to build your village or perhaps aim for the crown instead? See the world through the lenses of the main protagonist and other characters: Han Jing - a twenty-something young man who receives the email and becomes a Player. Live as a Student at Kraelonia Academy by night, but return to the real world by day and discover the world one lives in has its own secrets lingering beneath its surface. Timothy Cook - an NPC (?) from Rockfall Village who also travels with 'Han' to Kraelonia Academy. A young man with a fiery personality and the [ Firestarter ] Skill to match, after losing his mother during the Demon Lord's attack, does he have anything left to do? The allure of magic calls to him, but what if he sinks deeper than he could possibly go? A world of Classes, Levels, Swords and Sorcery... hop into the Races: Online server and start your quest today! Or maybe meet up with the other Players offline? "This Demon Lord would really like to have a word with you without the safety net of the game rules." -—-—- WARNING: SLOW-PACED, MULTI-PERSPECTIVE SERIES. -—-—- Support the Author: Discord: https://discord.gg/NNU4emZ Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/cheldv Patreon: https://patreon.com/rachel_ruth Undergoing edits.

  • the war of races

    the war of races

  • The Warfare Of Races

    The Warfare Of Races


    In a world with magic and swords excels and many different races lives, for million years Ruler after Ruler they kept raising wars between them. After many sacrifices, betrayals, disputes, 6 rulers stand at them top of each race creating a peace-treaty relationship thus forming the united flag of the races (U.F.R) that represent's them along with a dark sun in the middle of them that represent's the dark history of them. Due to creating such a treaty they had to find a way so that no one will repeat the past mistakes. They created a tournament which every six years all races participate in a match that determine their ranks from 1 to 6 and their proper treatment and access to resources. Now having passed thousands years the human race have lost countless times and always ranked last having nothing left from resources they are forced to perform a summoning of six individuals from other worlds to help them stand again. After many tries, many rulers they finally succeed in summoning but instead of six people nine appears.

  • Thousand Races

    Thousand Races

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  • Rise of Races

    Rise of Races

    In a world where different races live. Some races are superior to other races. The Humans are one example of those.Our noble Lord lives in one of these human kingdoms. But as fate demands he wont live with humans for too long.--------------------------Don't wanna spoil too much but it will include:-Kingdom-building-"Race-struggle"-Fantasy in a medieval era-Goblin-actionHave fun

  • Different races

    Different races


    I'm not a human, I'm a half wolf. My life depend on my healing magic, because i'm weak and cannot fight. Human treat us like an animals, and plague of society. But there's a man who save me, he are different to them even he is a capital warrior. He's kind, handsome, cute, he is so lovely. But sadly, he can't talk, i know that he's happy but it's 30% of his life.But what if i fell in love with him?What if i use my magic?What if I'll take him out on capital army, and live as a normal guy.There's so many what ifs, but i can do this? Do you think i can save my beloved warrior, even we are different races.



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    Sitting across a shiny rock inches away from the see, she digs her head in between her thighs, holding back her tears with every single gram of strength. She sighs, "Why does it matter? All my world revolves around it, my race, my color, my skin. When... When will I finally get rid of you. "

  • The Five Races

    The Five Races

  • The Covenant Of Races

    The Covenant Of Races

    On a planet quite dissimilar to our own, three races attempt cohabitation upon a world with a living ring that effectively blocks out and filters 66% of the systems Sun from the southern hemisphere, while the magnetically locked northern hemisphere sees near constant sunlight.The huamanoid Duon, living within the northern hemisphere, while more numerous then the other two species, only an eighth of their population can ever hope to learn to control the elements, they call The All.The elusive, diminutive Elvi, living secluded under the protection of their mountain, pointing directly towards the ring at the equator have all been gifted the ability of manupulation of all different types of metallic compounds, they call Mou'Tai.And, finally, last, but not least, the Wizarol, whom dwell within the southern hemisphere. The smallest numbered, and yet, the largest in stature of the three races whom have manipulation over Time itself are almost never seen, unless they want to be.After a thousand years of the realization and acknowledgement of each of the species of each other after a hundred years of battle, the Viser, leader of the Elvi, proposes a truce, of sorts. A Covenant, of these three races. Can they manage to live in peace, or is this Covenant just a lie, to cover up something nefarious.. ?

  • Race With a Heart

    Race With a Heart



    Sometimes dreams come true, even the impossible ones. Martin never expected to get a summer job as a mechanic at GP2 one day. As if that was not enough, he will work on his idol's car! The racing driver, however, turns out to be different than what the media shows him, as if he had something dark inside him ... With the smell of grease, gasoline and car oil, Martin learns more about life than he could ever expect. All events, characters and organizations are fictional. The resemblance to any real person, organization, or event is purely coincidental.

  • Race to The Throne

    Race to The Throne



    Synopsis: "so, there is really life after death huh?" "HAHAHHAAAAA" - - - "MC" is killed by his own gang members, he thought that he is dead for good but NO... His soul is sent inside the youngest child of the emperor, in another world Now, what to do? One more time he is young but his greed for power is still the same as ever Let's see what he will do in this new world, will he live a decent life or just go straight towards the throne and one more time become the apex predator of the food chain Or, will he be chained down by his own relatives for political gains? - - - Note- Mc goes into an old china settings world, he didn't really time traveled back to old china but sent into another world but that world has the same old china type look.. . .show some support by visiting my patreon.com/catsnovel. . . also read my latest ongoing story - The king of sullegar. . .

  • The Odyssey: Emperor of The Hundred Races

    The Odyssey: Emperor of The Hundred Races


    Azalias, who returned home after a rough day to his wife, but found out that, she was not his wife but a ghost in disguise. And The story started from there. "Better Summery is coming soon." ========= Book Cover: Credit goes to the original creator.

  • The Prince of Demonia : The races of Varania

    The Prince of Demonia : The races of Varania


    This is the story and explanations for all the races that exist in the world of Varania

  • Starting With One Million Luck Points

    Starting With One Million Luck Points



    In this world, Planet Earth had undergone great changes and humanity is faced with extreme danger. Luckily, humans have something called the Heaven Dao software. After downloading the software, Zhou Hao received one million luck points and used it to open a mystery box and obtain the “108 Levels of Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique”… Also, Zhou Hao realized that with enough luck points, he could even get his crush to sleep with him! In this world full of Insect Race warriors and Demon Race experts, it is ridiculously easy for Zhou Hao to accumulate luck points…

  • Forsaken Races: at crueler times.

    Forsaken Races: at crueler times.

    Martial Arts CONQUER

    A wattpad original, Forsaken Races series book 1: At Crueler Times.In a world with lands of only one distinct season- the weathers are at an extreme of a sudden, the lost lands are forgotten, and the Kregs-a race of misshaped monsters-are crossing the high seas in search of their oracle, with another goal in mind- trouble for who ever stands in their way. Far from there, in the northern summer lands of the humans, Adaki empire. The infamous Queenwitch still sits her throne. Unchallenged, feared as the lost lands itself, the enigmatic Red knights might follow her every orders and she still despises the madmen for whatever reason.In this magical cruel time, Races are struggling for survival. Trouble is growing, A storm is approaching-times are getting harsher.Plot first centres around Prince Michael of Fortwall and princess Khaln of Cairia set to marry to stop a war lasting centuries between the two kingdoms of Adaki empire. But they are others who are set to stop the marriage at all cost, others to make it pass.Other part of the world are not without troubles: prince Michael's family,the Wallers,lords of Fortwall,A family as cunning as foxes, are in the stickiest of situations as the Goylges a race of shape shifters make the family a bridge to take Adaki empire under the Queen's nose; The Phoenix of Hearth are in panic of bad omen; The Striks,a race of invincible people in a land of freezing coldness are set to save their race, they are matching their army that could fade from the eye at any moment-they want something from the Queenwitch. Better, a low self-esteemed Ataka youth(Race of the magic order) is set to save the world from a monster long in slumber.Warning: violence, language and some mature contents.

  • Ten Thousand Races War: I Have a Fusion Ability

    Ten Thousand Races War: I Have a Fusion Ability


    Zhuo Bufan woke up in a world where all ten thousand races were at war, ranging from orcs to elves, dwarves, dragons, demons, and more. Every race had its own land with various resources for them strengthen their body and become stronger. Occasionally, gates would open, and wars would be waged between races. The Human Race was on the losing side as their bodies were weak compared to the orcs or dragons. Just as Zhuo Bufan was wondering what to do next, he found out he had a fusion ability, a power that allowed him to fuse everything in the world. [Tree Branch x1 + Flint x1 = Axe] [Rock x1 + Wet Mud x1 = Well] [Beast Fur X1 + Demon Crystal x1 = Immovable Radiant King Armor] [Obsidian x1 + Tree Branch x1 = Ice Fire Magestaff] While the other races were farming resources to survive, Zhuo Bufan already had a weapon of mass destruction and an invincible armor. “Is this the Ten Thousand Races War? Where’s the brutality? This is too easy for me!” he laughed.

  • My New Owner Street Races

    My New Owner Street Races

  • Ascendance Online: Races Battlegrounds

    Ascendance Online: Races Battlegrounds


    Charizard suddenly found himself on a marching crowd, then he found out that humanity is fleeing from something. Having no choice since the pursuing party is still chasing them, Charizard went along with the crowd then they arrived at a large island. His System gave him a suicidal quest to leave the thousands of people and start his own base at the island..... but how can Charizard survive at the dangerous island if he is just a normal human?