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  • RIN




    Inspired by the Manga Chouka Kou. Fate and destiny have always been cruel to Liu Rin, a noble princess who seeks revenge on her uncle, the Emperor of the Eastern Empire after he assassinated her family. Raised as both the adopted mysterious granddaughter of a great commander and leading strategist for her group of loyal soldiers, Rin’s fate is set stone. That is until she falls into the hands of a blood-thirsty and brutal Commander, enemy of all four empires. Rin sets on a new path filled with heartbreak, tragedy, trust and romance. Where will this river of unknown faith lead her? WARNING. Viewer discretion advised: This story may contain mature content. Violence, strong language, and sexual content.

  • Second Lead Syndrome

    Second Lead Syndrome


    "Transmigrating into a cannon fodder villain from her favourite novel, Cecil Lan, our heroine decides to change her entire fate. Her only goal was to prevent her precious protagonist from meeting the miserable ending, and to help him live happily ever after with the main female lead. It was all going well until...the protagonist falls in love with Cecil Lan instead, including all of his other fifty soul fragments scattered throughout the world."

  • rin...


  • Rin Scott

    Rin Scott


    Rin Scott is the only child in werewolf history that has been born with out a wolf. Coming from a good and affluential family she has never been abused or neglected just ignored. Rin holds a secret talent that anyone would pay to get their hands on. A chain of event leads to nothing but blood shed and tears. Rin must decide if she is going to accept her fate or change the future.This book does contain dark themes.All rights are reserved for the content of the story itself effect 8/30/2020 at 2:46am. I do not own the rights to the cover art.

  • Arian & Rin

    Arian & Rin

  • Rin the Reaper

    Rin the Reaper

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

  • Seo Rin

    Seo Rin

  • The Rin Family

    The Rin Family

  • The Journey Of Rin

    The Journey Of Rin


    Rin an orphan girl gets entangled when her crush saves her from an accident in which she was supposed to die . You may ask," How does she know that she was supposed to die" ? . Supposedly Angel of Death visits her in her dream and assures her that her time was supposed to end but didn't cause of an external factor. But even the Angel of Death doesn't know everything. Now as the year is ending and she is supposed to survive in this world she will know what ascension is. While trying to chase after her crush she will go through many things and meet different creatures, never seen by her before. A brand new experience for our Rin who will become the Queen of the Ascended World. Hi guys i am the author. I left my job to work on this. Lets get it . ¬Fight¬inG¬

  • Rogue Tamer Rin

    Rogue Tamer Rin

    IN A WORLD.... no no ...WITH A MAN OF MANY...... no yeah no..... one weak guy is here his name is we'll... no you will find out when you read ? that's a lot of work now he is weak, lazy he aspire to ignore the signs to find out what free means when he already knows! the good today and bad tommorow that is what happens. I don't promise him being op or being smart he may make decisions that are not on the schedule he may even have to start over! many times before he begins!his true story begins with failure success far in the future slow decisions and terrible plot lines all in the name of fate!!? (synopsis) from gallions POV!I figured, "why try"!you only get to live once or, at least I thought! I did nothing with my life I lived like a drone wake, work, eat, shit, sleep, and do it all again the next day! Little did I know that the one time I try the idea of being a savior, I am punished! Instead of given a second chance I was given a punishment! I was trying to save the kid not get us both killed. Instead now here we go again I'm forced to live a second life, but that bastard of a god like. He gave me restrictions yet didn't tell me how to complete them I can't complain much! EXCEPT I WHO WANT TO BE NOTHING HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE SOMEONE OR SOMETHING!! So help me I will be free enjoy myself to the fullest extent! Screw them and the punishment! Maybe I'll just do what I want!

  • The Epic of Rin

    The Epic of Rin

  • Mahal Pa Rin Kita

    Mahal Pa Rin Kita

  • Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman

    Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman


    She was the illegitimate daughter of the Gu family from N City, and a gloomy coward in everyone’s eyes. She was an unparalleled genius in the finance world, controlling the market as if she could foresee the future. She was an inheritor of ancient medical arts, healing wounds and growing flesh on bones with a single golden needle. A legend in the ancient martial artist world, the goddess of the entertainment industry, a master of Chinese arts… She was dazzling and talented, but also cool, calculating and aloof! Her origins were a mystery… As her origins are slowly uncovered, see how she takes up responsibility, and writes a brilliant page in history! In her past life, she was reduced to an abandoned daughter by her family, and now that she was reborn, she’ll do all she can to change the fate of her and the ones she cares about, showing off and dealing with her enemies like flies on the way. --- He was mysterious and dignified, an enigma who was the strongest in the ancient martial arts world. He was the leader of a mysterious organization in China, killing cold-bloodedly without batting an eyelash. When the cool and enigmatic meets the cold-blooded, watch the show unfold! --- “Miss, I see there is a shadow on your forehead, and there shall be misfortune in your future.” “...Let me tell you now, that is my mommy and not yours, so you better not appear in front of her! It’s extremely easy for me to make a person disappear in this city….” Not soon after, a certain beautiful Miss Gu stood in front of her with a smile. “I’ve never even looked that family of yours in the eye, but...This Imperial Capital is my territory!” --- Mr. Jiang’s quotes: You’re in charge of being pretty and having a good time, I’m in charge of providing for the family. I like her, not someone that looks like her, nor someone that acts like her. I won’t like anyone if it’s not her! If you bully her, I will...Destroy this world… --- TLDR: The female lead’s road to greatness after getting a system by accident.

  • Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin

    Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin

  • Dragon wizard king Rin

    Dragon wizard king Rin


  • "Magiging Akin Ka Rin"

    "Magiging Akin Ka Rin"

  • Nag-iisa Pa Rin

    Nag-iisa Pa Rin

    GENRE: Teen Fiction, RomanceSETTING: Zambales, 2000"Kahit utusan mo ako na layuan ka, hindi ko iyon gagawin. Hindi naman kasi ako liligaya kapag ginawa ko iyon. Mas masaya ako kapag lagi kang nasa tabi ko."May gusto si Reyshan kay Hayden. Ang guwapong kaklase niya na may pagkasuplado ang aura ng mukha. Itinuturing niya na kanyang greatest crush ito dahil may mga naramdaman siya rito na hindi niya naramdaman sa mga nauna niyang crush.Pero paano kung malaman niya na may gusto rin ito sa kanya, mararanasan na ba niya ang pakiramdam na may gusto rin sa iyo ang taong gusto mo? O magiging daan pa ito para masaktan siya at manatili na lang na umaasa?NOTE: Hindi po ito edited version.

  • Dan Hyo-Rin Is A Fujoshi!

    Dan Hyo-Rin Is A Fujoshi!


    Failing exams was one thing.But repeating a grade was a whole new level of 'one thing'.And the next one was a petition for dismissal, a soon-to-be new next level of 'one thing'.That's my school life and I'm only in high school. Everyone was having the best time of their youth while I enjoyed running in my little hamster wheel of a pathetic course of existence.Well, what can I say, life's complicated when you are an Otaku."And I don't need a boy to mess up my life tenfold more than how it is now."Or so I thought...? Book Cover by se_chi (Yours truly) in

  • Rin’s journey

    Rin’s journey


    This story is about Rin a former CEO that reincarnates in another world as a demon. This is a journey of how Rin will make it thru this magical world with hard battles over treasure and how death looms deep in the shadows.This is my first novel so excuse my English it's not my first language and all that.PS: The cover is not mine it's only edited by me if the owner wants me to remove it I will.

  • Rin's Home

    Rin's Home