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  • secrets


    Serena Woods is no ordinary girl. she is a werewolf! through out her life everything has been hell. and on her 16th birthday things start to finally go her way, or do they?

  • Secrets


    Some secrets aren't meant to be kept. Serina and her lover Georgia find this out during a night of lovemaking. Serina begins by telling Georgia about a tryst she'd witnessed years ago, between her soon-to-be-wed cousin and another man. Now, just as back then, Serina finds herself still turned on by the memory.<br><br>Georgia continues the story-telling game by divulging the sordid details of a brief but risky escapade in semi-public masturbation. By the end of both tales, Serina and Georgia are hungry for more, and Serina has one last story to share.

  • A Wizard's Secret

    A Wizard's Secret

    Fantasy MAGIC


    Anyone who could construct a stable Spell Model could become a Wizard — that was the Wizards' ultimate secret! Having been given a new life as the son of an aristocrat and armed with a super quantum computer from his past life, Spell Models game as easily as breathing to Merlin. With this overwhelmingly huge advantage, would Merlin become the greatest Grand Wizard of all time?

  • Secret Killer

    Secret Killer



    [Best psychological, thriller, and superpowers novel on this platform!] [Mature Content!] [Contains psychological romance. Crazy Love interests!] --- When Leon was eight years old, he lost his parents and younger brother in a terrorist attack. Fortunately, he and his older sister survived. Their custody was given to their uncle, who was the only available relative. However, their uncle was a thug, and he would often chain Leon and his sister and beat them mercilessly. That continued for ten long years. One night, when his uncle was beating him up, there was an announcement on the television. [Today's date- 12th September 20XX. Time- 18:18. Due to the increasing population and advanced technology, thousands of homeless, uneducated, unemployed, and criminals roaming in the country are a useless burden to the world. So the government has come to a solution that on every 13th of the month, from 12 AM to 6 AM, all the crimes, including murders, would be legal.] After hearing that announcement, something awakened inside Leon. One month later, he live-streamed the murder of a bigshot and became the world-famous— Secret Killer. Note- This is a psychological genre novel, so expect the unexpected. If you have a weak heart and you can't digest dark stories, then this novel is not for you. ==== Warning: MC is (experimented) superhuman. He is Evil and an egoist, with little to no emotions for anyone other than his sister. Disclaimer- The book cover is not mine.

  • Secrets of the Universe

    Secrets of the Universe



    [Gold Tier Winner WPC #162] What is strength before me? What is talent before me? What are you--before me? I am Chaos, The Destroyer of worlds, The God of Combat, The Purple Demon, The Akashic Eye. Do you want to be like me? It wasn’t an easy feat. How to be a badass? I can’t teach you that for I was born that way. Okay, I will compromise and teach you this time, but beware, the way of a badass is filled with obstacles. What are you waiting for? Read my book. *Sighs* I am too lonely. Is this what it means to be unparalleled? I guess I will take a nap now. When will that youngster finish reading my book? Don’t keep me waiting too long, young lad. ........ This cover is not mine. I only edited it. If you are the creator, you can leave a comment and we can talk about it P.S: You can contact me on discord, Username: Purple_Khaos#5350

  • The CEO's Secrets

    The CEO's Secrets


    After being fired for a small mistake, Sabrina’s luck changes when she becomes the secretary to a billionaire CEO…and discovers that Atlas Collins is the handsome stranger that tried to save her job. Though they’ve only met once, Atlas seems familiar to Sabrina, a feeling she can’t shake. Can Sabrina trust the man Atlas has become, or will the CEO’s secrets be too much to handle? Without warning, Atlas begins unbuttoning his shirt. I knew that Atlas had a gorgeous face and wonderful personality; now I’ve been blessed with seeing his sculpted body. Atlas clears his throat and I’m forced to tear my eyes away from him. When I see the flirty smile on his face, I realize he caught me staring. “I know you would love to stand here all day and look at my body,” he teases, moving towards the door, “But we have a lot of work to get through.” The CEO’s Secrets is created by Chloe Higgins, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Billionaires: Love and Secrets

    Billionaires: Love and Secrets

    Realitas Magis ROMANCE CEO


    Siapa sangka akibat patah hati menyeret Darren Ewald Gilbert, ke dalam masalah pelik yang menjeratnya bersama super model kenamaan, Flower Carnabel. Rasa tak percaya atas anak diluar nikah menjadikan Darren tidak mau mengakui status Lovely Carlb Gilbert. Meskipun tes DNA menjelaskan bahwa dialah sang ayah biologis. Bagi Darren, semua ini adalah akal - akalan dari Flow, yang memang sejak awal sudah tergila - gila padanya. Lalu, bagaimana jika pada kenyataan sebenarnya, Love memang merupakan darah dagingnya? Akankah Darren mau menerimanya? Dan akahkah Flow memberi kesempatan kepada lelaki yang dengan kejamnya telah melemparkan kotoran padanya? Ikuti terus perjalanan cinta yang tak mudah dari Darren - Flower, dan juga perjuangan Love dalam memperoleh pengakuan dari sang ayah. -- Cerita ini mengandung bawang jadi, sediakan tisu sebelum membaca.HAPPY READING!!Warning 21+




    She thought she was loved at first, but she soon realized that wasn't the case. She was nothing more than a duplicate, a doppelganger, and a stand-in for them. And when the original reappeared, she had no choice but to vanish......He thought he'd spend the rest of his damned life alone, in pain and loneliness, until she delivered herself to him on a silver platter one day.He will do anything to have her in his arms, even if it means denying her many identities. To have him by her side, she will shed her adversary's blood and bury whoever threatens her happiness.They will defy the heavens and fight against the world to be together.

  • The Secrets They Hold

    The Secrets They Hold


    [WARNING : MATURE CONTENT] Every each person holds a dark and deep secret in their hands. And hers is a crime. ... "Get on the bed right now" He commanded, a scowl upon his face expressed the irritation. "No. Don't order me what to do. He only wanted a friendly hug" She convinced him. Backing up slowly as he approached. "Get. On. The. Bed. Right. Now" But he refused to listen to her. Shooting glare which pushed her to obey at last. "Chain yourself" Once again, he gave an order. His gaze focused on her with full of exasperation. "You need to hear me out for a minute at least because I did nothing wrong in fact" Defending herself, she stated. "Patience is escaping away from my grasp, Veda Ambrose" He called her full name. "Do I really have to do this?!" When she could not handle it anymore, a yell slipped out from her lips. Bothering the man more. "You asked for it, love" Under his breath, he alerted. Stepping near to her as she panicked. "Wait! Wait! What are you trying to do?" She frowned. "Well, tying you up in my bed" He flashed a smile. Completely stunning Veda. In a blink, her hands were roped to the bed headboard. "Hold on! What are you on?!" Veda's eyes widened. The sight of him pulling the loaded gun out shocked her. "I crave to fuck you with this, darling. You will be satisfied. I can guarantee it" A smirk smeared up across his face. ... Synopsis Veda Ambrose, a supermodel who has gained both fame and wealth. She is a dream that every man desires and every woman craves to be. But who would have thought a perfect woman like her has been veiling the bitter secret in her palm the whole time? She messed with the wrong person in the past. Veda Ambrose committed a murder. A crime which she could never run away from forever. She even changed her name, moved her house and switched her car, just to hide from that perilous man, Edward Gable. Unintentionally, she killed his lover. It was not purposely. It was a mistake. But what she had done could not be changed. So she got an option to run away from him only. Still, he managed to discover her always. Not to mention the fact that Edward Gable is one of the crime lords. Now he has appeared in front of her after five years. He has come to make her repay for the crime she has wronged. However, Veda Ambrose refuses the fate and asks for help from another man instead. The man who can rescue her only in this tough situation, Lucius Ford.

  • Family Secrets

    Family Secrets


    A Student athlete by day, a trained assassin at night. Witness Vaughn as she embarks on a dangerous yet thrilling journey of being a skilled assassin, and the daughter of one of the skilled man behind all the crimes around their city. What secrets are still waiting to be unveiled?

  • Secret In Love

    Secret In Love



    Ada cinta dan kesakitan saat kita harus memilih hidup dengan seorang pria yang tidak kita cintai, Itu yang Reista rasakan.. Merelakan masa mudanya dengan menikahi Duda Tampan kaya Raya dari keluarga Ettrama. Seorang pria yang memiliki kekayaan di atas rata-rata... Mungkin terdengar menyenangkan bukan?.Tapi bagaimana jika ternyata hidup tidak melulu membahas kebahagiaan? Reista harus merasakan hidupnya berantakan karena masa lalu dari suaminya hadir kembali!Kegilaan yang diciptakan oleh mantan istri Ramelson Ettrama, membuat keluarga Ettrama hancur berantakan.Penculikan, kekerasan, pembunuhan!.. berkumpul jadi satu dan membuat banyak kesakitan kepada Jiwa-jiwa suci yang tidak mengerti apa apa..Hidup Reista bahkan harus berselisih dengan Racun yang menggerogoti tubuhnya dan membuat kedua bola matanya lepas!! Apakah kesakitan akan selalu menghantui Hidup Reista? apakah cinta akan membuat Reista bertahan bersama Ramelson Ettrama? semua akan dibahas dalam Bab-Bab selanjutnya..Jangan lupa tinggalkan Komentar positif, Berikan koin di setiap bab terkunci. hal ini akan membuat penulis menjadi lebih bersemangat lagi...[Sequel berjudul, Secret In Love: Ahli Waris]Selamat membaca dan semoga hari kalian menyenangkan!!




    Ali Rose left high school with a broken heart and no idea of what she wanted to do in life. Now she is a beautiful brunette girl with emerald green eyes and a models figure who is majoring in psychology. Ali is on a quest for love but can't seem to find "The One". She comes from a difficult background so she finds it hard to trust people. The only person she really trusts is her lifelong friend Kyle Suprano. Kyle knows something about Ali that she doesn't and he does not know how to tell her..

  • The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Broken Marine

    The Broken Soldier: Secrets of a Broken Marine



    What makes a hero? They say a hero is someone that has given his life to something bigger than himself. I say a hero is no braver than an ordinary man, he is just braver for five minutes longer. All soldiers are brave, it's what they do with their bravery that makes them heroes. Am I a hero? I am a soldier that put my life on the line to save my squad. It is my job, doing my job should not make me a hero. Clayton Jackson is a First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He joined the Marines at the tender age of eighteen and has never dreamt of doing anything else. After a fateful accident during deployment, Clayton becomes disabled and gets his ticket back home. Isabella Jones, previously married to a Marine, runs away to the town where Clayton lives to get away from her past. Clayton and Isabella meet one day as they both seek the comfort of the outdoors to clear their heads. The connection is immediate, and their relationship is off to a quick start. When Clayton gets the opportunity to return to the Marine Corps, Isabella is left to decide if she will go with him or stay behind. Will Clayton become the ultimate soldier, and will he have Isabella by his side?

  • Twisted Secrets

    Twisted Secrets



    I' dead. It's Luke Matthew!Run and escape only to be beaten another day or plead for mercy making promises to forever be his slave and still get beaten up. Yeah I'm taking the first option.I quickly jump on my feet hoping to make a beeline for the janitor's closet, when I'm suddenly yanked back by my hair - ouch! this mop of brown hasn't seen a saloon in months. Mind being gentle?" Doesn't this just bring back old memories, love? " Luke drawls in his annoying British accent.Okay, so you bumped into him on Friday last week, you shouted at him after and might have called him a number of names one of which was an idiotic butthead with an oversized ego. Then you've been avoiding him all week. You can't exactly blame the guy for having a personal vendetta against you.***“ You seem to enjoy playing with fire.” Nikon says without looking up as he attends to some papers. “ I don't like being disrespected. ” I tell him coldly. ***He feels it's all revenge. But has this need to protect her. He doesn't know when it started. But later realizes it doesn't really matter. What happens when Linda's past comes looking for her? What happens when she realizes what she knows about her past isn't all there is? And what happens when she gets herself tangled up in secrets so twisted they might get her killed?Follow Linda on her journey as she grows into a strong female with so many secrets to uncover. ***Please support this author and check out my other books* Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies ( it's a fantasy romance ) please help me with your support*My sexy greek God matchmaker ( completed)And Please note that the cover is not mine. Mafia Teen fiction filled with lots of mystery and secrets. You're not going to find any other book like this. Mystery, action, romance and so many more await you. Just add this to your reading list, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks

  • Secrets of a Teenage Vampire

    Secrets of a Teenage Vampire



    September is your average vampire with a psychopathic mother, a caring older brother and exasperating twin. However things go a lot more complex as long hidden secrets float to the surface. She's also the only powerless vampire in a royal family, add that to the fact that she has anxiety issues and that she is more clumsy than a human and her all perfect mother makes her life miserable, then you might have an idea of how September lived her life. But, a long time powerful enemy is resurfacing and it threatens to destroy her family and friends and all that she's ever loved, it's threatening to destroy her world. When it all falls to her to save the world, can she get over her powerlessness and grow out of the empty husk she's becoming to rise up powerful?•♥• Come talk to me on discord at Aryna Stan#5852 I'd love to hear your thoughts...•♥•

  • Secrets (Of Us)

    Secrets (Of Us)


    Zhizi Quarlin, gadis yang dibesarkan disebuah kota kecil dengan segala kesederhanaannya, harus menghadapi pengadaptasian dengan lingkungan keras sejak kepindahannya. Lucas, laki-laki dingin yang memiliki sebuah rahasia yang tidak diketahui orang lain. Hidup dengan beberapa identitas yang disembunyikan, tiba-tiba harus menbagikan ceritanya pada sosok gaids yang baru saja ia temui. -semua orang punya rahasia, baik sendiri ataupun bersama- @secret

  • The Secrets of Greennwood 
Secrets within

    The Secrets of Greennwood Secrets within

  • The Secrets Untold

    The Secrets Untold



    "I'm a puzzle that's missing a piece that's why you will never solve me," A woman said to herself, Calesie Rae is a 17 years old girl living with her not real mother in the old village called Orione, A village like this is not fun for a young girl like her since there are not many technologies, all she can do is to listen to music using the old model cellphone that her mom gave to her, except for the fact that their village is a non-techno place Calesie's mother forbid her to use technologies except for the phone that she gave, Calesie Rae is a smart, kind, and loving child, She has unique features like her hair is naturally pink and her eyes are blue like the ocean, But because of this features someone became obsessed with her, A psychopathic surgeon women living inside the village abducted her to get what Calesie has and that's her hair, She injected drugs to kill Calesie slowly while trying to remove her hair and eyes from her, Calesie was 14 years old that time, Because of this horrible and traumatic experience, She locked herself suffering from depression making her hate her hair, The psychopathic surgeon women was close to her she thought that she could trust her, because of this she suffered from having trust issues with another person, But as she grows up she realized that not all people are like the women that tried to kill her, she gave the world a chance and her dream a chance to be achieved, She dreamed of becoming a singer and a famous composer due to listening to a lot of music from a band that disbanded from an unknown reason, She never sees the band members but she knows there voices that's why she became inspired, hoping that she will achieve her dream, she applied on a scholarship online from the MS University, a famous University from the city, she was accepted and her mother finally realized to let her child go, As she moves out, she didn't know that she will encounter a lot of nice people that have the same dream as her, but as time passes she keeps hearing voices of a young girl, she keeps having unrecognizable memories from the past, the question is, is this her real memories or the memories from the other person, Calesie tried to figure this out but little did she know that she's slowly revealing the secrets untold of herself and a past that will change her life....... °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° DAILY UPDATES!

  • Their secrets

    Their secrets

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Moving to a big city has always been a dream of Anna's and now, she is finally able to make that happen with her 2 best friends by her side. This would have been paradise if she can keep her secrets safely in the past, but he wouldn't let her go that easy. Anna struggles to keep her past a secret as she tries to outrun the dangerous in her new life.