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  • The Infinite Mystery

    The Infinite Mystery



    A generation's mighty and most powerful expert died mysteriously and reincarnated without any memories on a small planet far away from the Cultivation World. This small planet was earth. Five thousand years ago, a great calamity descended on earth. Countless Spatial Cracks appeared in the sky and beasts invaded. After hundreds of years of fighting, humans discovered they could awaken a battle spirit that can help them raise their strength and grant them the abilities that were simply unimaginable for humans before. Qin Feng also awakens his battle spirit but unfortunately, it was swallowed by his own birthmark, The Infinity Symbol. This was just the beginning of the mysteries that surrounded him like invisible specks of dust. He soon discovered that the 'Infinity Symbol' was actually not his birthmark but something mysterious from another world. The Infinity Symbol helped him awaken a Divine Battle Spirit and granted him a Nameless Cultivation Technique that was beyond the world's limit. He also discovered that he could not die! Every time, he was killed, he returned back in time with the memories of what is going to happen in the future. Soon after awakening the Divine Battle Spirit, a mysterious beautiful lady stepped into his life and told him that he does not belong to the earth. He was actually the reincarnation of someone called 'KING'. The mysteries that surrounded him like the invisible specks of dust started to come on the surface from the day of his awakening, revealing many secrets to him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are some grammatical errors so please ignore them and enjoy the story. The cover doesn't belong to me. All rights of the cover belong to the original artist.

  • The Pack's Weirdo : A Mystery to unveil

    The Pack's Weirdo : A Mystery to unveil


    In the world of werewolves, witches and vampires, aadhya a human always wondered if this is really the place she belongs to. No matter how many times she asked the question, the answer always remained the same… YESHer parents were one of the strongest beta couples (second in command) of their time on the whole continent. But even after having beta blood running in her veins, aadhya knew that she is different from all the werewolves that she have met in her whole life. She doesn’t have heightened senses of werewolves, she didn’t even transform into her wolf when she came of age which automatically made her “the pack’s weirdo”.Even after being treated as an outcast, bullied by other wolf kids and waking up every day with that eerie laugh and nightmare which always felt too real to be just a nightmare, she never let herself feel weak. She pushed herself to the most and trained herself as every wolf of their pack was trained.It was the day of her twentieth birthday when she suddenly felt the ‘mate-tingles’ from the touch of her number one bully, the to-be-alpha of their pack Ethan Smith. She knew that nothing is going to be normal from the time she felt that first tingle but she didn’t know that there is nothing normal in her life from the time she came into this world to start with. Will Ethan accept the gift of mate bond and leave his rank-holder girlfriend behind for a human? Will aadhya be able to survive all the things that are soon going to come her way? Join aadhya on the journey of her life which is filled with mystery, action, romance and many twists and turns.. Read “The Pack’s Weirdo: A mystery to Unveil” to witness the rollercoaster of emotions and see how the life of a normal human ‘aadhya’ unfolds in the world of werewolves.Already loved and appreciated by thousands of readers all over the world on different ebook platforms. The first signed creation of author Mudita Upreti

  • Clara's Mystery - Orphan Trilogy

    Clara's Mystery - Orphan Trilogy


    How can you fall in love when you don't even know who you are?At the age of ten, she was left at the orphanage without any recollection of who she was and where she came from. Twenty years later, Clara Johnson, now the CEO of her own security company, SST, provides top-of-the-line security systems and technology that stamps out the competition. If only they could get the biggest shipping company in the country to upgrade their outdated system. But it seems that the CEO, Sebastian Colfer, will do everything to thwart their efforts. Or so it seems.Behind his icy demeanor, he has a hidden agenda, to woo the spirited CEO of SST. The mystery surrounding her appearance at the orphanage keeps her busy these days, and having somebody in her life is not part of her plan. So she pushes everyone away, but will it always stay that way?==-=-==This book is purely fictional. Any similarities with people in real life are purely coincidental.==-=-==Sitting in the back seat of Sebastian's car, Clara could feel the heat emanating from his body. His legs were spread out a little too wide, and they were rubbing against her outer thigh. She tried not to let it affect her, but his arm seemed to graze hers every time the car moved, and that unnerved her a little. They were sitting a little too close if you asked her. Clara tried to get away from him, as far as the space could allow, but her brother didn't want to cooperate. He kept on scolding her to stop squirming. She was trying to find a comfortable position that would keep their body parts from touching, what was wrong with that? Sebastian was tormenting her, and she's had enough. She elbowed her brother and told him to switch places with her.‘Are you scared to sit close to me?’ Sebastian whispered in her ear.-=-Facebook: Intagram:

  • Death : Mystery Unsolved

    Death : Mystery Unsolved


    The world is on the verge of apocalypse, all no-thanks to the newly elected leader of TTO (The Terrorist Organization), who wants to conquer and rule over the world, by spreading terror [ the utmost form of fear ] all over the world.Within last 20 days ; 4 countries had already gotten hit by it. The blast in the industrial area of Country C, Chemical gas explosion under the thermal plant of Country A, Hijacking of airports area of Country NZ and today The disappearance of 5 high tech public service planes of Country H.Within just 20 days; millions of innocent people had already lost their lives , under this mass slaughter. But TTO won't remain silent , it will attack again , as for when and where, that's an underlying threat , a mystery which needs to be solved and needs to be stopped.But, what will happen , when the people who actually have the capabilities and powers to stop this apocalypse from happening , are SWORN ENEMIES of each other.Two agents; Agent S and Agent K ; who are the highly formidable and undefeatable foe of the entire world, who actually have the abilities to stop this apocalypse together , are actually each other's arch- nemesis.Two agents , who can't even tolerate to breath the same air as other, who can't even tolerate to pass their day without planning the strategies to kill each other.What will happen, when they will have to work together to save the world from this apocalypse ? Will they be able to stop it?Will they kill each other? Will they be able to join hands and work together?Will they be able to stop the next attack as well as to kill the leader of TTO, without killing each other at first?To know more , please read the story.Thank you.

  • Mystery Descends: My Exchanges Are Not Equal

    Mystery Descends: My Exchanges Are Not Equal



    [The 3000th Descent of Mystery is about to begin.] [This is your only chance to redeem yourself.] When the whole world was in danger, Wang Teng activated a unique talent. It was the Rank SSS talent - Inequivalent Exchange! He was not purchasing things for free, but the exchange was not equivalent. [Exchange successfully. You used half a bowl of cup noodles. With your Rank SSS talent, you may retrieve an unlimited supply of cup noodles.] [Exchange successfully. You used a bottle of Sad Breeze wine to exchange for the Star Shifting Method.] … From then on, Wang Teng activated a new exchange system.

  • Three Rings From The Mystery Billionaire

    Three Rings From The Mystery Billionaire


    He leaned in and kissed me gently, with a hint of the desire restrained within him. “I would do anything for you,” he whispered. “Anything.” *** Suzanne is a simple girl from a small coastal town. When she finds a handsome man washed up on the beach, half-drowned, she generously takes him in. The man, who she nicknames “Charlie,” has total memory loss. He has no choice but to start a new life in her little town. A sweet, gentle love blooms between them. But then “Charlie’s” old life comes back for him. It turns out that “Charlie” is really “Xander,” an extremely powerful and extremely dangerous man known for his heart of stone. Can Suzanne save her “Charlie” from “Xander’s” ruthless world? Or will her love for this monster of a man destroy her? *** “I just need to know the truth,” I said. “Was this past summer real, or were you playing a rich man’s game?” He looked right at me with the strangest look in his eye. “Do I know you?” Three Rings From The Mystery Billionaire is created by Beckie Carline, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Beyond The Mystery

    Beyond The Mystery



    The world is ruled by the law of nature, nature is unkind to every human. Is there something greater than nature that nature cannot touch? Not knowing that beyond every path there are some hidden mysteries. the blood, the soul, and the spirit of every human being have been sealed by 90% of its actual power in an enclosed space only the chosen one can unlock. why do we cultivate? what is cultivation? does talent makes you unrivaled. what can rivals talent? Follow Thomas and his sword on how he journey and battle through family, love, rejection, betrayal, and how he reaches the peak beyond humans comprehension. How he unravel the mystery that has been plaque on every human being for a millennium without them knowing. ************** please am a new writer be patient with me. Any errors you please notify me in the comment. I will make adjustments. you can add me on discord Evergreen#6303 ********************** Cover design by Roxanne Jane Black ******************† please support me with a donation

  • unlighted mystery

    unlighted mystery


    The novel unlighted mystery is started after Clara Eyre birth after a meeting with aera Norton her life started to suddenly change the sudden change made her mother , close friend aera vanish from her life .while founding about her close friend she fall in love with her colleague Matt Harker but in her fate he is not for her.Clara found out everything with Edward Norton who is stalking her since she is child.At the same time Edward Norton twin brother Stephan Norton also falls for Clara slowly Edward Norton also falls for Clara Eyre the love triangle made Clara Eyre life hard.I wish this novel will bring the mystery you need- aerasydney

  • The world of magic and mystery

    The world of magic and mystery


    James White, a former game developer, passed away after undergoing significant hardship. Following his demise, he discovered himself transmigrated as a privileged teen of 14 in a wholly dissimilar universe. In this new environment, he perceives resemblances to the 1700s, yet the world teems with enchantment and fresh prospects. Nevertheless, during his tenure in this new realm, he notes that while the world radiates beauty during the daytime, nocturnal hours usher in mystery and peril. When the grand clock tower rings at midnight, echoing throughout the city, hear the prayers of its inhabitants, yet it is unclear to whom these prayers are directed. James White undertakes a journey under the cover of darkness, maintaining his true identity. However, he leads a double life, for at the break of dawn, he adopts the persona of Zakiel Lunite, a student of magical arts. Discord:

  • Mystery Solver: Solving the Unknown

    Mystery Solver: Solving the Unknown


    Arthur Fernandes gets transmigration to a different world. This new world is similar to his old world. In this new world, his dream is to become the best Mystery Solver. But, reality slapped at his face, when he found out that he didn't have that much talent in Mystery Solving. Facing this hard truth he was about to give up on his dream, but finally, his golden finger arrived. Now, with his golden finger, he wanted to be the best mystery solver. But, he didn't know that in this world, many mysteries are unknown to anyone and those mysteries were connected to the supernatural world. Now, with his golden finger, can he become the best mystery solver, even when he has to face the unknown supernatural world? Or does he has to give up on solving the mystery, facing this supernatural world?___________________[ #Hey guys, check out my new novel: The Journey Of A Treasure Hunter. ][ #Hey check out my novel: Small upgrade system.] ______________________ Hey guys, English wasn't my first language. I am not that good at English. So, if you notice any mistakes, ‌tell me about them, so that I can correct them. I hope you will like this novel. This is my first time writing a detective-type novel. If you find any mistakes and also if you have any suggestions, please tell me. I hope you guys will like this novel. ______________________________________________ Hey guys, if you want you can also join my discord. You can donate your support here. [Hey guys, if you want you can help your author here by sending something. I will be very grateful. It will be very helpful to me.]



    Seeing nothing but the bare self of a girl in his kitchen, his thought suddenly went blank, even her grumbling stomach couldn’t get to him. A strange nude girl in his kitchen was something he hadn’t thought he would see in the next hundred years. She was weird, her long unraveled reddish brown hair was covering her face. Her body held, different old and new scars . And when she lift her eyes to look at him. The eyes was something he hasn’t seen before burning in flames. And a mixture of gold and blue. In a flash it swipe to deep sea blue eyes.The mop stick he held fell from his hands, leaving his mouth ajar. “Who are you?”He thought a thief had sneak in here, probably a food thief in his kitchen, but he ended up seeing something else.And she blinked her long and full lashes at him. Innocently. “Who the hell, are you?” He asked, his eyes running up and down her naked body again. He gulped down an invisible lump on his throat. What’s he gonna do? Her stomach growls. And she whined, giving him pleading eyes. He suddenly felt his knee went weak.“What are you doing here?”

  • Luna's Mystery Escape

    Luna's Mystery Escape


    In a realm once plagued by deception, Luna emerged as the guardian of truth, leading the charge against the Illusionists. But as the realms find peace and begin to rebuild, a new threat emerges, shrouded in darkness. With the echoes of truth guiding her, Luna embarks on a perilous journey to confront the enigma that threatens to undo everything they've achieved. The fate of the realms hangs in the balance once again, and Luna's unwavering determination will be tested like never before.

  • The CEO's mystery heir

    The CEO's mystery heir

    Rose is the sweet and kind-hearted secretary to the cold, calculative and unbelievably hot CEO, Alec. She finds herself naked, covered with only his shirt, lying in his bed after a drunken night at a corporate party. She is enraged and blames him for taking advantage of her but Alec swears up and down that they hadn’t spent the night together. He doesn’t tell her the full story, to protect her from further embarrassment. She relents and ends up believing him. So, she was dumbfounded when she found out a couple weeks later that she is pregnant! Alec is surprised but equally happy when he finds out that Rose is pregnant with his child, the heir to the Xander Business Empire. The only issue? Rose believes that since they had never shared a bed, her ex-boyfriend must be the father instead. Her ex, the CEO of a failing rival company, shows up in hopes of ensnaring Rose back to him. How will the over-protective and over-possessive Alec react to some other man rubbing his hands all over the secret to-be mother of his child? Will he be able to tell his secret to Rose and still have a relationship left to enjoy?

  • Briar Reef Murder Mystery

    Briar Reef Murder Mystery

    Jordan Silver is the author of more than one hundred and fifty novels and novellas spanning multiple genres including romance, erotica and new adult fiction. All works feature over the top alpha males and the women who love them, with a happily ever after guarantee. The small town of Briar Reef is shaken to its core when one of its leading citizens is found dead in the woods with her face missing. Detective Celia Sparks is working her first murder case in the town where she had come to escape but this big city cop has her work cut out for her. The more she uncovers the more questions they are than answers. In a town that’s known for burying its secrets how will she ever find the truth?

  • Mystery in Eldoria

    Mystery in Eldoria


    In the enchanting realm of Eldoria, a kingdom sustained by the Elemental Nexus, harmony and prosperity reign supreme. However, hidden in the shadows, an enigmatic figure known as the Shadowmancer has infiltrated the ruling council, orchestrating events with an intricate web of illusions and deceit. As chaos looms on the horizon, a band of heroes with extraordinary abilities emerges to confront the looming threat. Led by young Ethan, who possesses the gift of Sight, they embark on a treacherous quest to uncover the truth, expose the impostors within the council, and prevent a coup that could plunge Eldoria into darkness. Throughout their journey, the heroes are tested by a series of challenges and encounters with the Shadowmancer's illusions, blurring the line between reality and deception. United by their unwavering determination and unique powers, they delve into the kingdom's history, discovering the Shadowmancer's sinister influence during a forgotten era of elemental conflict. Guided by the ancient wisdom of the Elemental Nexus, the heroes confront the Shadowmancer in their hidden lair deep within the Enchanted Forest. In a battle of wits and abilities, they unveil the truth about the enigmatic figure's motives—rooted in a hunger for power and control over Eldoria. With the shadows of deception dispelled and unity prevailing, the heroes and the kingdom of Eldoria stand united. The narrative explores themes of unity, resilience, and the pursuit of truth, highlighting the importance of working together to overcome adversity and protect what is cherished. "Mystery in Eldoria" is an epic fantasy tale of deception, determination, and the power of unity in the face of darkness.

  • Unmasking the King: Unveiling a Royal Mystery

    Unmasking the King: Unveiling a Royal Mystery


    In the kingdom of Veridale, where alliances are forged through arranged marriages, an unexpected turn of events plunges two sisters into a web of intrigue and deception. Lady Arabella, the epitome of beauty and accomplishment, resolutely refuses to wed the rumored monstrous king, knowing the sacrifice it would demand. Instead, she cunningly manipulates her younger sister, Lady Seraphina, into becoming the sacrificial pawn. Whispers of the old king's heartlessness and cruelty echo through the halls of the castle. Tales of his disfigured appearance—scarred, limbless, and plagued by boils—haunt the imaginations of the kingdom's subjects. Yet, as the fateful wedding night arrives, Seraphina trembles with anticipation and fear, prepared to meet her dreaded fate. To her astonishment, the man who stands before her is a far cry from the monstrous figure painted by gossip. He possesses a warmth and tenderness that confounds not only Seraphina but everyone who beholds him. His eyes, full of kindness, search her face as he speaks with a gentle voice. "Forgive the deception, my lady," he says softly. "But the rumors that swirl around me are but shadows of truth. My scars and afflictions are not external, but rather, they reside in the hearts of those who perpetuate tales without knowing the depths of my character." Intrigued and bewildered, Seraphina finds herself captivated by the enigma standing before her. As she embarks on this unexpected journey of marriage, she must navigate the treacherous waters of court politics and untangle the mysteries that shroud her husband's true identity. Seraphina's heart wrestles with conflicting emotions, torn between the allure of the charming man who defies expectations and the lingering doubts of whether the rumors were false or if she has unknowingly married an imposter. Amidst the splendor and secrecy of the royal court, she unravels layers of hidden truths, betrayal, and unexpected alliances. As Seraphina delves deeper into the heart of the royal mystery, she discovers that sometimes the most monstrous masks hide the purest souls, and true love can bloom in the unlikeliest of places. "Unmasking the King: Unveiling a Royal Mystery" is a tale of deception, love, and the pursuit of truth—a journey that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, yearning for the secrets to be revealed and the unexpected love story to unfold.

  • Mysterious Beauty

    Mysterious Beauty

    Teen R18


    With a swift movement, he pinned her against the wall, his hand holding her waist, and the other clutching her two hands above her head. He stared deeply into her green-blue hazel eyes, then to her red moist plump lips."I've reached my limit, the deal is over, sweetheart," he brought his face closer and kissed her! His cold lips smacked hers and she became still, trying to process what happened. Everything had escalated so fast. She remained unresponsive to the kiss, and before he knew it, he was kneed above his groin. He hissed and let go of her, cursing. She ran like a predator being chased by a prey."My sweetheart, I love this game of chase," he smirked and walked, looking for her.