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  • The World Serpent

    The World Serpent



    An Ordinary Human with a Life full of Misfortune which grew into a Tragedy. The Tragedy that ultimately caused her death. It was supposed to be the End of her Life, The End of her Adventure. But fate executed an unexpected turn of events that caused her to be reincarnated. Reincarnated not as a Human but a Monster known as a Serpent. Reincarnated in an Unknown World with the Laws of the Jungle in full motion. Choices that would affect her life will always emerge. Will she survive to reach the top of the food chain? Or Will she die getting eaten by other creatures? Will she maintain her former mentality? Or Will she adapt to the Laws of the Jungle? It was the start of her Tale, The Tale of the World Serpent. ―――――――――――――――― Be warned that the Mc is a Monster. She will slowly change into something that would possibly challenge the Morals of Humanity. ――― Cover isn't mine. If the Artist of the Cover demands me to remove it, please message me.

  • Ethereal Serpents

    Ethereal Serpents

  • The Serpents Humanity

    The Serpents Humanity



    After his untimely death, the man named Alex finds himself reincarnated as a snake in a different world with a strange system called "The Evolution System"Alex slowly finds out the mystery of the system from the lowly beginnings as a snake.

  • The Serpent Emperor

    The Serpent Emperor


    [MATURE 18+]"I probably should tell you this first and foremost, Gianita, that I do not intend to produce heirs by this marriage. The Prince will still be my heir, even though you're the Empress. "Then why keep me, Sire, if I am of no use to you? It's obvious that you do not intend to add any more members to the royal family besides yourself and the Prince, so why marry me?"-Gianita, a Princess from the Eastern Kingdom is sent to marry the widowed Emperor of Angletonia, a vast and prosperous empire spread in the western hemisphere. Surprisingly, the Emperor prefers the companion of his young son than his new bride.She can find nothing about his previous marriage, only that the wife died shortly after the Prince was born.With his past clouded with riddles, will she be able to unravel the mystery that is him?

  • World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

    World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!



    "Locke transmigrated into an era where everyone had Battle Beasts. Daemons were rampant and humans were forced to build walls around their dwellings while depending on Beastmasters to keep those monsters at bay. It was time for academies to open their enrollments and Locke only had a small snake that everyone claimed was useless! ""A snake? Isn't this just a normal snake? What a useless Battle Beast."" ""What potential can a snake have? Even if it evolves into a two-headed snake that's still only Level 1 strength. You might as well continue living like any other normal folk."" ""Who are you kidding? What makes you think you have what it takes to enter a Beastmaster University?"" Locke stayed calm as countless classmates and teachers mocked and made fun of him while he turned to his System's interface. ""All Beasts Hidden Evolution Paths!"" From a Two-headed snake to a Fire-and-Ice Two-headed snake... Then to a Demonic Shadow Snake... a Bright Serpent... Before finally, evolving into Medusa..."

  • City of Serpents

    City of Serpents

  • Swords

    Swords And Serpents

  • Starting With 3 S-Class Talents

    Starting With 3 S-Class Talents



    After waking up, Vincent finds that he has transmigrated to a parallel world where monsters roam, a world that's no longer ruled by science. In this place, body practitioners can lift 10,000 tons of oil wheels with one hand, and espers can summon wind, rain, thunder, and lightning—born to be strong. Beast tamers can tame powerful monsters that become their most loyal pets. Vincent, who is just an ordinary young man, has successfully activated the Super God of War System and awakens three S-Class Superpower at the start of everything, making him a top super genius! S-Class superpower [Rapid Training]: Body is constantly strengthening every second. Even sleeping can increase your strength by 5,000 kilograms! S-Class superpower [Hellfire]: Burn everything and destroy everything! S-Class superpower [Monster Affinity]: Can communicate with any monster and tame any monster easily! Vincent has strike gold! [Ding! One-handed strength achieved 50,000 kg, life expectancy increased by 300 years!] [Ding! Instakilled giant monster, Nine-Headed Sea Serpent, obtaining S-grade equipment, Crimson Flame Divine Sword!] [Ding! Tamed S-class monster, Storm Dragon King, obtaining a Divine Pet Evolution Pill. It can evolve the Storm Dragon King into an SSS-class Dragon God!' Vincent's heaven-defying path begins…

  • Reborn to become a heavenly serpent.

    Reborn to become a heavenly serpent.



    Hiro, a youthful soul from the blue star was forcibly reincarnated in a new and strange world into a little snake body. In this world, the concept of a planet doesn't exist other than the endless table of regions. The endless pursuit of power with the almost eternal journey of strength. "Then by becoming the strongest existence, can I finally have a good sleep?" (Yes host) "Alright then" English is my third language and as such if dear readers notice any grammatical errors. Please do point it out. I'm willing to fix it and I will keep enriching my writing style. I do not own the thumbnail. if you are the creator of this art please do let me know then I will take it down. I couldn't find the original creator of this... Personal update schedule. : IT'S UP TO ME

  • A House of Serpents

    A House of Serpents

  • prince of serpents.

    prince of serpents.


    Shi ho 20 years old pop idol doing his works all round great .However his loneliness gets deeper and deeper with a feeling of strange emotions running through his head .He was some time insecure about something that he don't know. His life was gull of up and down but he never gave up as he works with soul of passion.His rival is no other idol than wan, director of his upcoming music video, a cold but caring and considerate person.He was kind serious with his works.But was also mysterious in it's own.Lots of things are there to know about him. untill one day he send a mysterious letter envelope to Shiho with unknown words from nowhere.... later after deep investigation by shi ho himself he found out that wan was engaging in something that is unknown to this world. Shi hi always had weird feelings whenever he get nearer to wan. Reincarnation of Wan as his friend reveals the true strength hidden inside of Shiho. Portals of another world began to open and creatures from another world began to interfere shi ho. See how Shi ho able to manage the problem . Next encounter "what's happening to me wan, am I going to die?nothing will happen to you my prince!to be continue........

  • I Am A Notorious Hidden Boss In The Alternate World

    I Am A Notorious Hidden Boss In The Alternate World



    25-year-old Albion lived an unimpressive parasitic life of a NEET and otaku, leeching off his loving parent's allowances to enjoy watching animes, reading manga and novels at home. When faced with the cruel reality of contracting cancer through smoking, he selfishly ran away from home and sacrificed his life on a strange day of drastic changes. 'Since I'm going to die anyway, let me save another life in exchange.' Those were his thoughts before shoving a person out of harm's way and getting struck by a truck. 'If I could get a second chance, I want to live a fulfilling life and not waste it like this.' However, Albion's new life resolution was quickly challenged by a stroke of divine providence. "What? I'm not dead yet? Holy cow, I transmigrated into the body of a notorious hidden boss who controls half the world's wealth in an alternate universe after he failed his heavenly tribulation? I never have to worry about money? I can live forever? Lucky me!" Albion thought he had shot to the peak of life, but he could not be more wrong. The immortal body was too strong for a mortal soul like him to control. He can only move for 5 minutes a day! He became immobile and paralyzed for the rest of the time! The Four Horsemen of the Dark Emperor thought he was crippled and turned on him! They couldn't kill him physically due to his invincible body so they dropped him to the bottom of the ocean to drown! His body was immortal. He could not die. Thus, he lived the following life in the dark depths of the ocean before being swallowed into the stomach of a giant sea serpent! Before he could enjoy his new life, he had sunk to the lowest point of his life, literally! However, the world rapidly changed after the notorious True Immortal disappeared for two years! The Apocalypse arrived, and so too, the System! Ding! [You have slain a Lv.1 ancient sea serpent. 100 EXP has been gained.] [You have leveled up.] [You have become a Lv.2 Hunter.] [Title acquired: Hunter.] Albion: ??? "Did the sea serpent get food poisoning and died from eating me or something?" Albion wondered in the pit of the sea serpent's stomach. [System calibration complete. Goldfinger has been activated.] "Never mind, my time has come! With the system in hand, I will take back everything and rule the w--wait, what? This body's cultivation needs to be sealed in order for me to move freely without impairments?" "Sigh, forget it, ruling the world is too hard. I'm a wanted man anyway. Let's just hide somewhere, watch my animes, and reading my manga and novels..." Albion was nerfed harder than the Big Bang at the beginning of time. However, what's his, will still be his. "Until my soul becomes strong enough to fully wield this power, I'll just treat it as a 5-minute Super Saiyan mode I can enjoy once a day..." He was not the Dark Emperor, but the Dark Emperor was now him. The Four Horsemen that turned on him, their day of retribution will come! Little did Albion know, the world had more things in store for him than his quest for vengeance. The dimensional rifts that appeared everywhere and the interdimensional creatures that spilled forth from there are actually...! Find out on the next episode of drag--Ahem, to be continued. =====Author's Note===== Feel free to check out my other book, Prime Originator (also my first work). The genre is completely differently, so you may or may not like it and vice versa for readers coming from there :) You can join me on discord in the link here; =====DISCLAIMER===== I do not own the cover. The original belongs to its respective owner.

  • The Magus Era

    The Magus Era



    Long ago, there were people who stood upon the earth with their heads held high. They never bowed to anyone because of their indomitable spirit. They were capable of controlling wind and lightning, and conquering dragons and serpents. They seemed strong enough to split the earth and shatter the stars with their fists. They traveled throughout the land and called themselves Magi. Eventually, one of them would become a Supreme Magus! These men are the ancestors of human beings. Their blood is what we all share today. Qing Long is the former strongest man in the world. He traveled through space and time and was reborn as Ji Hao in the Fire Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland. It’s a complicated world. Forces from both inside and outside of the clan want this young and talented boy to die. Under great pressure, Ji Hao makes a deal with a mysterious man, who resides in his spiritual space, never showing his real face. He gains two drops of blood from a dragon and phoenix. Afterwards, Ji Hao becomes increasingly more powerful. -------- Releasing: Everyday

  • Mommy Villainess

    Mommy Villainess



    [Mommy Villainess (The Lady with the Crab Mallet)]***[Original book cover. Artwork by Artist Michiro for WN Author sola_cola.]***In Tilly's past life, she was a villainess who neglected her husband and son for power. Then, the "real woman of the prophecy" came and took them away from her. When she failed to seize the throne for herself, she was executed for all the crimes she committed.Then, came her rebirth.She wants to meet her son again so she vowed to be a good person this time. Good enough to seduce Captain Kiho--- her husband in her past life.But soon, she realized that flirting with the captain is the least of her worry. After all, she discovered that her "evilness" in the past was caused by the true villain--- someone who wanted her dead to steal the special power that she didn't know she possessed.Power that has something to do with the Four Ancient Beasts of the Moonchester Empire: The Red Phoenix, the Blue Dragon, the Golden Tiger, and The Black Serpent.Apparently, she's the Beast Priestess...... and her lineage isn't supposed to exist anymore.Because of her blood, there are people who want her gone.So now, aside from having a happy life with Kiho and their son, she has a new goal: to burn down the b*tches who want to ruin her family again.***[EXCERPT]***[‘Why am I so horny tonight?’]Tilly thought to herself while sucking the crab leg suggestively. And then, she noticed that Captain Kiho gulped while staring at her mouth.[‘Ah, I’m not the only who’s hot and bothered here.’]She didn’t know if it was the alcohol in her system or her desperation to have a child…… but she suddenly felt like flirting with him.They were bound to get married and have a child together anyway.“Captain,” said Tilly as soon as she pulled the crab leg out of her mouth. “I can clearly see that we’re both attracted to each other. Shall we spend the night together?”Kiho remained pokerfaced but she saw panic cross his now glowing yellowish eyes. Ah, the captain was flustered. “My lady, you seem to be really drunk.”She walked towards him and when he didn’t move an inch, she stood in front of him and looked up at him with a grin. “Captain, are you the type of man who will only sleep with his betrothed?”“That seems to be the case, my lady.”He said that as if he was forcing the words out of his mouth. Plus, she could see in his eyes that he was conflicted– that it was hard for him to reject her.[‘Aw, I didn’t know that I have this kind of effect on my ex-husband.’]Or perhaps she just didn’t pay attention in the past.“Captain, I have a solution to your problem,” said Tilly in a playful voice. Then, she stood on her toes and whispered in Kiho’s ear. “Let’s get married.”

  • The Masters of Spinjitzu: Dawn of the Serpents

    The Masters of Spinjitzu: Dawn of the Serpents



    A boy name "Leo" is a mortal boy who was encountered the world of snakes which is stayed for many years. He encountered the Professor who has a kind-hearted named Prof. Lynx. He is a Chemist professor which he part of snakes community who protect to Leos' life. The story was find out to a happy family were the Collins family are stay at one roof. Happy family for Family Collins but in a long duration of their life, tragic in their life was unbelievable. Both parents are died because of accidents but his mother wants to revive and they will live both in the world of snakes.

  • Serpent



  • Alan Jormung- The Tale Of The King Of Serpents

    Alan Jormung- The Tale Of The King Of Serpents


    A young man who decided to leave his comfort zone and live an adventure. turned upside down when he found himself in the past, forced to be a king of a declining realm, in a reality where the gods walk among mortals and Rome has not fallen. The Hun empire was at its height. The two empires had something in common, ruling the lands over which the kingdom was forced him to be king exists.

  • Rise of the Serpent

    Rise of the Serpent



    Black Collar Snakes are the worst.In the "Hierarchy of the Beast Clans" compiled by the Heavenly Ice Tiger Emperor, they are placed among those who are not even deemed worthy to be cattle. Human cultivators won't even try to catch them as they're deemed worthless. Even amongst mortal animals, they're at the very bottom of the food chain.However, in a fated night, a little serpent of this species changes after a fortuitous encounter and start dreaming to become a Cultivator.Follow Darkscale in his quest for survival in the cruel Cultivation World.What Will this novel containsCultivation;Kingdom Building;Vicious Fights;Weak to Strong;Poison User;Array Master.--------------------------------Technical Info: on hold at the moment. I'm rewriting some parts that I'm not happy with. ---------------------------------Discord Server: come say hi! Or use it to warn me of typos/ errors

  • Après The Serpent's Wrath.

    Après The Serpent's Wrath.

    A village was created in the middle of the mysterious forest. For centuries, it was left there unattacked by the evil conquerors the world has. Theon, naive but a trained warrior of this village was told to protect and defend the village and its people. However, an unexpected phenomenon happened the night they wished to feast. They were attacked by conquerors and warriors were left breathless. Theon was the only one left, they made an escape and ran deeper into the woods only to get separated. Alone, he discovered a monstrous winged creature, shaken until he fainted. But the second he woke up, a man appeared in front of him emitting rage in its vermillion eyes. Where is that creature? Did it even exist in the first place? What is behind the wrath in the man's eye? And how did Theon fell so hard for him to question his value as a man? Let's find out!