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  • Death Angels and Hell Dwellers

    Death Angels and Hell Dwellers

    Death Angels Transformation-deathAngel-angle

  • Farming Space Makes Me Rich

    Farming Space Makes Me Rich



    After Xiao Lingyu was betrayed by her boyfriend, she had the scumbag underneath her feet and along with the slut. Then, she used the spatial jade pendant to return to her hometown and began planting. She planted, planted, and planted before selling, selling, and selling. After that, she built, built, and built. She went on a frenzied path of establishing her farm kingdom, running further and further away! Until one day, under the peach blossom tree in Tao Yuan Village… A cute little toddler who was about four or five years old tried his best to raise his head. When he finally raised his head, he straightened up. Uh, his neck was starting to hurt from him raising it, but he still stubbornly maintained this posture. His big round black eyes narrowed slightly, and he asked curiously, "Who are you? Why do you look so much like me?" The man peered at the cute child who looked exactly like him when he was young. The man was tall, handsome, and exuded an extraordinary aura. He narrowed his eyes and asked coldly, "Who are you?" In his heart, he was trying to guess which bold woman was behind this. If she dared to do it, she must pay the price! However, before he could make the woman pay the price, this cute little toddler came over and held his hand. With a longing gaze, he said, "Uncle, I'm lost. Can you bring me home?" As the man held the little boy's hand and led him to a farmhouse in an unexpected turn of events, he heard the little boy's excited voice. "Mommy, you can get married now! I've finally found a man who looks like me!" Everyone, "…" This child really went nuts in his quest to find himself a stepfather! In short, this was a story of a white-collar worker who was reborn in the city. After getting set up by someone and obtaining a spatial tool by accident, she returned to the countryside, farmed, and raised her son. She was also cared for by the man her son brought back and transformed into a rich lady.

  • Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman

    Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman



    Revenge is the only thing she wants after knowing the truth. However, this revenge can satisfy her? Revenge for the man and woman that betray her in her past life is not worth it. " Wait, where am I? What's this place?" She asks. " This is your space and I'm your guardian." A little boy answer. With this space, she climbed higher in this life. At the same time, someone reaches her hand and said that he will help her. To protect what she needs to protect. ...... The Man: You don't want to have revenge on them? The woman: No. They are not worth. But if they are looking for death, I don't mind giving them some lessons. The Man: Good. Then you can focus on me. The woman: .... ***This story development is very slow. ***The cover image for this novel is not mine. I just edit it. All credit goes to the artist that draws it.

  • My Space-Time System

    My Space-Time System



    Blake, a pro gamer and the winner of the Zetron gaming competition for the MMORPG Lord of Legends meets his doom together with few other participants or so he thought. Together with others, Blake gets summoned over to a world of fantasy and magic filled with danger and mysteries. However, to go back, they have to fulfill the job of wiping away a foreign civilization that threatens the existence of both the infinite realm and earth

  • Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!

    Agriculture Escape: Ultimate Boss Has A Space Pocket!



    # first daughter # figurehead # agriculture [space + ancient times kingdom building + escaping from famine]The big shot from the future, Bai Wutong, transmigrated to ancient times with her space pocket! Before she could feel happy, she found herself in a chaotic world! There was murder, robbery, schemes, sky-high prices, and many other things all around! She killed two people the moment she arrived. Then, she kindly saved someone, but was deceived and stalked as the person insisted on following her. If that’s the case, then don’t blame her for getting aggressive! After she finally managed to settle down, she was assigned to the frontier to open up the lands. The remote lands were out of anybody’s control, and there was nothing more that Bai Wutong could ask for. After a few years, Bai Wutong accidentally led the richest man of the previous dynasty, the prime minister, the commander of the secret guards, a great scholar of the dynasty, the holy maiden, as well as the divine doctor… and turned the barren land into a rich, noble town that everyone desired. When the emperor and his ministers came to admire the place, they were dumbfounded. That man who was pouring tea beside Bai Wutong… Wasn’t that the emperor’s eldest son, who had been dead for many years?!

  • Martial God Space

    Martial God Space



    Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but unexpectedly crossed through into the world known as the Zhen Wu Jie world! In this world, formidable warriors are able of turning over mountains and collapsing the ocean, destroying the sky and extinguishing the earth! He originally had ordinary aptitude, because of that he received the mysterious special space! Any martial art can be deduced within the mysterious space, other people practice for decades, he only needs a year! So long as he has enough spirit stones, any talents he faces are all floating clouds!

  • The Space Spoon

    The Space Spoon


    Humans, robots, aliens, and energy life forms, all tend to like Tejeda for his easy-going personality, not knowing what lies beneath his ever-changing face.He is a Nubilae, a shapeshifting race known for their insanity. But Tejeda appears carefree and often amused even in the most perilous situations.His one-of-a-kind weapon of choice is a spoon, an old utensil that no one remembers anymore ever since eating has become obsolete.You will laugh at him. You will be scared by him. You will enjoy every step of his journey if you are a bit as crazy as he is.P.S. Full disclosure: Tejeda's character and plot revolve a lot around his immortality shenanigans.Join me on Discord: website: #action #adventure #nonhuman #antihero #immortal #shapeshifter #scary #evolution #mutation #romance

  • Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

    Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start



    The whole world mutated. Mysterious resurrections happened in real life. The Tribulation descended. Everyone would awaken the ability to rule over beasts at the age of 18 and obtain a Lord Space of their own. After one month, their Lord Space would materialize and they would become a Lord. When they awakened, each Lord would obtain a summoning pool to summon their own troops. They had to plunder resources, strengthen their troops, expand their territory and defend themselves against the invasion of demons! Ren Qi recruited a mutated succubus from the very start. She could keep ascending until she became a fallen angel! Someone exclaimed, “Someone managed to recruit a succubus?” Another person said, “Why are you envious of him? Succubi don't have much combat ability and are weak. When his Lord Space materializes, he will most likely be consumed by the demons.” Someone said, “Hahaha, I awakened a top-tier troop, the Golden Tiger. I am invincible.” Not long after, Ren Qi’s territory expanded to the Warring Nation Level. A group of fallen angels stood beside him as they looked down on all the demons. The weakest fallen angel was an existence akin to a demigod.

  • SPACE (Nathan Love Story)

    SPACE (Nathan Love Story)


    Dinda tidak pernah bisa menyangka. Jika dalam hidupnya dia akan benar-benar hancur sampai seperti ini. Semua itu dari hubungan cinta monyetnya bersama dengan Panji berakhir dengan sangat mengerikan. Dia telah kehilangan satu-satunya hal yang berharga sebagai perempuan, dan dengan kejam Panji langsung lepas tangan. Dengan bersembunyi di balik punggung orangtuanya, Panji membuat persyaratan mutlak untuk keluarga Dinda. Yang membuat keluarga Dinda mau tidak mau mengikutinya. Keluar dari SMA Wijaya Kusuma dan dipindah di SMA Airlangga hanya untuk menutupi aib besar keluarga. Di SMA baru, Dinda nyaris tidak memiliki teman. Awal kedatangannya sudah disambut dengan kartu merah dari sang raja. Di mana, siapa saja yang mendapatkan kartu merah tersebut, akan dijadikan incaran oleh seseorang. Entah incaran bullyan, atau pun incaran keusilan lainnya. Dan itu tak lain adalah ulah Nathan. Cowok yang digadang-gadang satu sekolah menjadi raja di sana. Lalu, apakah Dinda mampu melalui semua keusilan dari teman-temannya? Di mana saat ini yang harus dia hadapi secara langsung adalah, sang raja sekolah yang siap menerkam dia hidup-hidup. Dan, kejahilan apa yang akan dilakukan Nathan? Mengingat cap sebagai cowok badboy di sekolah telah melekat manis pada dirinya.

  • Conquering Space With My Licking System

    Conquering Space With My Licking System


    Theodore Black, a normal person in an abnormal world where genetic superiority is everything, and when I say everything I mean everything from the smallest amoeba to the gigantic RI pterodactyl, had a dream. Being normal is like a blessing but not in this case. The world is so advanced that a normal person is worse than an automated coffee table. Due to his normality, Theodore has a very not-so-happy life. He doesn't have a job, like who would even hire a normal wannabe like him for any task? His parents and peers thought he was a lost cause, maybe he was. Until... One day the deputy head of the international space association came to visit him. He first thought it was a prank or perhaps some sort of mistake but soon reality hit him. He was asked to do his dream job, going to space. But there was a catch. .... a few weeks later he found himself stranded on an unknown planet with not-so-friendly races. To take cover he crawled into a cave and got attacked by a woman, not in an aggressive way but a romantic way. She kissed her for what seemed like a thousand years and... And then... Warning! Mc starts out as a very weak protagonist. But he eventually goes through stuff and then comes character development. I'd appreciate it if I didn't receive comments like, "Why's he so wimpy?" "Why does he just keep on depending on others?" and such. There are reasons and they'll be explained. Updated every Saturday/Sunday. (Currently, daily at midnight "server time") Ps. The cover is not mine. PPS. Do follow me on insta: Nr_Yet1208 or join my discord server:

  • Across Time and Space

    Across Time and Space



    In their world, Jiang Mingyue is a promising female physician, serving the Crown Princess to find a cure for a dormant poison in the Princess's body.In their world, Yang Yun is a promising captain of an Elite soldier. He vowed to love and protect Mingyue all his life. Until an incident tore them apart. The two were separated into two different worlds. He pledged to search for her no matter how long it’ll take him, no matter how many dimensions he had to travel to. But when he finally found her again, she had no memories of him. What else can he do but to work hard and win her heart back?-----“First of all, I don’t believe in reincarnation.” “I’m not saying anything about reincarnation.”“Then what?” she raised a brow. “Time traveling? Are you sure you haven’t been watching too much sci-fi?” She pursed her lips when he didn’t say anything. “Let’s see,” she flicked across the pages. She watched him nodded and shook her head in disbelief. “You’re out of your mind.” She stood up and leaned towards him to place her hand on his forehead.He flinched. “What are you doing?”“Checking to see if you had a fever,” she said with a sigh. “But you seem healthy.”“I’m not sick.”“I know.”“I’m not crazy.” Yang Yun closed his eyes when she looked at him in doubt. He had been searching for her for years. And right now, the love of his life was standing right in front of him. But she doesn’t seem to remember him. It was as if her memories of the past, the memories of him have all been forgotten. She lifted her hand, and her fingers rested on his cheek. “I like you, Yang Yun.” She drew her hand and frowned. “But I don’t understand why you keep telling me about these stories. Why are you forcing me to accept this?” She closed her eyes briefly. “Sometimes, I wonder if you really like me, or am I just a substitute to someone you knew in your past.” -----Author's Note: The main genre of this story is Romance. But, there will be a bit of fantasy and political intrigue as well.-----Cover: kirinlukis-----Support me at

  • Permanent Martial Arts

    Permanent Martial Arts



    It was a dangerous era. Extraterritorial ferocious beasts occupied 90% of the living space in the world, while humans could only survive in a small space. Fortunately, some of the surviving humans awakened to genetic martial arts! Breaking the shackles of one’s genetics was the foundation of cultivating martial arts. Lin Feng, who was born with congenital disease, could not experience a breakthrough. However, by some fateful encounter, he awakened to the ability to merge genes. [Wild Bull gene successfully merged. Strength of genes has been improved!] [Mutant Earth Dragon gene merged. Earth Dragon Scales have been unlocked!] [Planet Behemoth gene merged. Ability to survive in outer space unlocked!] Lin Feng broke through the shackles of his genes and cultivated martial arts, becoming the most powerful person in the universe!

  • The Space

    The Space

    This story is about three friends who are interested in space science, they created a spaceship working model and by mistake they all three went to space and further you will read in the story

  • Out of Space

    Out of Space



    The crew of the Training Ship UNS Singapore escaped from an alien fleet, finds themselves stranded on an unknown planet and has to survive against deadly monsters and magical creatures. Genre Sci-Fic, Fantasy, Magic, Kingdom Building, Army Building, Technology gap, War, Grand Strategy Book 1 Chap 001 - 200 Book 2 Chap 201 - 400 Book 3 Chap 401 - 600 Book 4 Chap 601 - Ongoing ---------------------- Audio Narration by Agro Squerrils on Youtube! ---------------------- Please support if you enjoyed my story! =) Discord

  • Space Lord

    Space Lord



    After years of hardship and countless setbacks, Theo finally confronts the Restoration Emperor. His whole life has led up to this moment, but Theo is brutally cut down without any ceremony.Fate, unable to condone this tragedy, grants him a second chance. Reborn as his 12-year-old self, Theo vows to fix his past mistakes.Armed with the knowledge of his previous life, Theo will once again embark on the path towards the pinnacle of magic.What to expect from the story:-Intelligent, experienced, and careful MC-Detailed worldbuilding, serving to introduce the reader to the fantasy world-Some elements from the eastern cultivation genre-A steadfast focus on MC's story and his actions in his attempts to change the futureActive updates!

  • True Space Mage

    True Space Mage


    This is about Aaron who was reincarnated. But unlike other reincarnated heroes, our protaganist isnt blessed with an op ability. Come journey with Aaron as he grows up, learns new abilities, face difficulties and finds new ways to use power which always existed. Come and watch him become a true space mage. This book is more focussed on story telling rather than the mindless adventures of a young master. Give it a little time to grow into you. Thinking about doing 5-7 chapters a week. Might do more based on the time I get. Patreon link- PayPal- Chapters will be free. No advance chapters. Its for support purpose only.

  • Space and Rebirth

    Space and Rebirth

    Eastern Fantasy ROMANCE REBIRTH


    NOT MINE- FOR READING PURPOSES ONLYIn her past life, she had no one to rely on and died alone in jail.But now, she has been reborn, given a second chance.Got an heirloom.Activated a mystical Space Dimension.Studied medicine and became a genius doctor.Opened a clinic.Founded a company.Bought a house and land.Found her blood relatives.Her worth became higher and higher.Her fan club became bigger and bigger.“Young master, the Zhao family’s young master faked an illness and went to future young miss’s place for treatment. . .” said a servant.“Break his legs! Fail his organs! A fake illness? I’ll make him sick completely!” A man said.“Yes! But young master. . . what are you doing?” The servant said, confused.The man finished swallowing a bunch of expired pills and said, “I’m sick, gotta go find my wife for some treatment!”1428 chapters (completed)+ 8 extrasCredits to Translator:

  • Empty Space

    Empty Space


    Dean is desperately searching for the women she loves who disappeared three years ago without saying a word that leave him completely nothing. He has a power, popularity and money that anything can buy yet at the end of the day he felt lonely. Dean thought that having a short break or cool off with her will clear his mind and put thing of what is important. Now he knows already what is important and must pay a price. He is paying every pain, sadness and agony until he can't stand it anymore. The worst thing is even if you can't stand the feelings, you still have to go through it all. Every year of the month as the days pass and every minute of hours as seconds beat on the clock. Then Rhianne suddenly walked into his life again when he least expecting it. Now Dean swore on his tenth generation that he will do everything to make her stay.Can he really make her stay?

  • Super-Space Trading Space

    Super-Space Trading Space

    Magical Realism ACTION ADVENTURE

    David had a dream, dreaming that he entered a place called the Super-Space Trading Space, and exchanged a bottle of water for a Lithography machine.When I woke up, I found that there really was a Lithography machine! It turned out that this was not a dream!

  • Into the space

    Into the space

    Have you wondered what would have happened if warp drive was real and easy to make?Now that everyone has the capability for space travel what things could a lone pilot from eath can find.Join our mission where you the pilot explore the vast space and solve mysteries that can blow one's mindThis is a pretty laid-back book, there will be mystery adventure and sci fi stuff later in the series.This is my first novel so please give me some comments and i am open to suggestions on how to improve my writing and which parts can be improved upon