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  • Strategist




    An unfavored Prince and a sickly daughter of a Prime Minister were brought together by a marriage bestowed by the Emperor. . . . Yan Xing, the Fifth Prince of the Yan Empire was born premature and was said to be an impotent prince. Zhao Ling, the Second Miss of the Prime Minister household was said to be a sickly lady who couldn't be able to bear a child because of her weak body constitution. A Perfect Match! The whole empire was in clamor when the Imperial edict about the marriage was announced. "Truly a match made in heaven" "The spring night is out of reach for them. haha" "Both of them will be a short-lived ghost. At least they can accompany each other when going down the yellow river" ........... The Wedding Night. Zhao Ling glared at the man who was pressing her on the bed, "Aren't you impotent!" Yan Xing smirked looking down at the beauty, "well, aren't you a weak and sickly lady too! How comes you are as strong as a bull?" ........... What secrets do both of them hold beneath their weak appearance? ___________ The cover art doesn't belong to me, Credits to the rightful owner. If you are the owner and want me to take it down, please comment down.

  • The Strategist

    The Strategist

    A young man entering the course of noble cavalry falls in love with a beautiful woman, Juana Montes, wife of Oscar Gray, a diplomat who died on a peace mission between nations, leaving no heirs. Ernest Neutro, after refraining from marrying other women in virtue and sacrifice of the woman he met, after God had united them, social monsters constantly torment them

  • The Strategist That Succeed With Gallant Power

    The Strategist That Succeed With Gallant Power



    The child prodigy who lost his parents due to a catastrophic event. Soon follows his journey to reclaim the honor that was taken away from him. And as he travels throughout the continent, he may unravel the truth and lies hidden between the faces of darkness.Artirian Reginald Cartelan. "I who prevail, as I hold my destiny"

  • The Emperors Strategist

    The Emperors Strategist


    The story is based on the life of the beautiful and young Princess Kara from the neighbouring country of ledworth who was sent as a bargaining chip to the tyrannical King of the Winchester Empire , kara who now has to live with a king who is famous of killing anyone who he doesn’t like how will she fare with these difficult circumstances

  • Enter Me! The Skillionaire Says In Parentheses

    Enter Me! The Skillionaire Says In Parentheses



    "What are the odds of gods for not putting me on the top? Screw it! Let's hatch a plot blacker than a kettle calling a pot!"Enter MFX90! Preferred referral, MF!Not that Mother******.First letter: 'Messiah'!Second letter: 'Father'! Why? Because you'll be calling her Daddy!—Despite choosing to stay female for psychological advantage to many heroes and transmigators along the way who find her scrumptious.A poet who'd lull you with flowery words before crushing it. A psychologist where lies and truths are but the same as myth.A strategist who controls the marionette like a pirouette.And a devil who hates hubris to the core.Living in a chaotic world with Usurpers and Angels trying to ram each other like batteries, with an ounce of stupidity faster than the reeling tape of misery.That 'MF' is the exemplar of perfection! Because it will be impossible to defeat a cultivator with just a little tinker on her genes. Who would have thought that being able to harness the harness proved to be horrifyingly destructive?This advocate of determination deem herself as a Skillionaire, collecting every knowledge and capabilities just to categorize them into 'Skill' within her brain. An internal system she created for herself to ease her lunatic tendency of human experimentation.But this 'MF' has a horrible glaring weakness.She has stage fright.------------[Sometimes contain mature, triggering, gore, and questionable content. Read at your own direction][Checking the Tags before reading is advised]------------ if you want to chat with the author------------The cover illustration belongs to its respective creator.------------Craving for more something less obscene but still with the same smart and interesting protagonist? Try my "Re: Tentacles System"!

  • A Sage or A strategist

    A Sage or A strategist

    A neet living his life playing PC games and reading novels gets transmigrated to a world similar to medieval Europe . Join the journey and find out the interesting events that happens with our hero

  • The greatest strategist in the world!

    The greatest strategist in the world!


    A capsule containing a young man crashed into a Kingdom in the age of space exploration. He became the General-in-Chief of the Kingdom's Army, bringing him to unprecedented glory. But how did he land in a capsule? Why is he so gifted as his?A futanari story so for those who do not like, thank you not to read.The characters in the story are all fictional and each of the characters who will have sex are major.

  • Rise of the Greatest Strategist

    Rise of the Greatest Strategist


    Yu Han, a guy from an Intergalactic Empire's Special Force was on a mission on space when he suddenly encounter an unexpected space wormhole and he was suck within it!He then unconsciously traveled to an another dimension! A life with an unforeseen outcome, with a system suddenly popped out from the depth of his mind, he's at the bottom of the food chain. He discovered that the world had a similar features as virtual world on his former world but he entered as the weakest human on earthHe climbed up the social ladder; step by step, and ended up becoming the Divine Strategist, whom his enemies would fear the moment they heard upon his name, his strategies that brought fear to his enemies.Rise of The Greatest Strategist!

  • Is this destiny?

    Is this destiny?



    Sarah Hill is an introvert who does not want to attract attention. Other than mad coding skills, Sarah knows how to throw a punch. She believes that her biggest problem is the existence of the hacker Omega and her world flips upside-down when the most popular guy on campus approaches her. What does he want? Why her? (Ah, Sarah, that is only the beginning.) JoAnna Hill easily makes friends with her bubbly personality. Some call her a mad scientist, but she prefers ‘Dr. Hill’, because that is what she is. JoAnna is an excellent markswoman who can snipe out any target and she is wondering if her prince charming will ever come. Sophia Hill is the voice of reason, their pillar of support. She is a confident CEO who knows how to get what she wants. Sophia’s degree in law combined with amazing capabilities to analyze the situation and plan ahead make her the perfect strategist (to achieve a goal without ending up in jail). This is a story of three Hill sisters who are navigating through challenges while they uncover the complicated story behind their maternal side of the family. And their father is not a simple man either. Every sister is different, and so are their relationships. They all have in common: trust and belief that if they work together, anything is possible. Mature content! 18+ ***SPOILER? - START *** The story starts with a focus on the youngest sister (Sarah). After about 100 chapters, the oldest sister (Sophia) gets in the romantic spotlight. JoAnna finds herself pulled into romance last, at about 200 chapter mark. ***SPOILER? - END *** Excerpt from the novel... "Do you believe in destiny?", Sarah broke the silence. "Destiny?" Aiden didn't expect such a question. "Yes. The thing that is meant to happen, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. And when it does happen, everything feels right." "Why would you ask me such a thing?" "Until a few weeks ago I would say that there is no such thing as destiny. That we are all masters of our lives and that everything depends on our actions, or lack of it. But I can't help but wonder: why did I not push you away? ... Why does it feel like everything will be OK as long as we are together? ... You are a piece of me that I never knew was missing. Is this destiny?" "Mmm... if that is destiny, then I approve it.", Aiden lightly kissed Sarah's shoulder and rested his chin on it. --- 1st WARNING!!! Contains descriptions of intimate scenes. If you are not comfortable with that, don’t read it! --- 2nd WARNING!!! This is my first novel! :) --- ***** I own the cover. ***** Check out my other novels: * "Accident Prone" * "Amara - Reunion" * "The Alpha's Bride" * "The Supreme Alpha"

  • The Supreme Satanic System

    The Supreme Satanic System



    Tags: System, Vampire, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Werewolf, Slice of Life, Overpowered MC, Harem, Dragons, Phoenix, Witch, Magus, Cultivation, Military, Strategist, Arrogant female leads, Romance, Humor, Assassin, Angels, Celestials, Titan, Devas, Asuras and many more to be added with the progress of this arcs.---------------------------------- Synopsis: This is the tale of the time when mighty dragons and legendary phoenixes ruled the world. Under the shadow of such powerful beings, the feeble humans lived lives worse than slaves. 1560 BC, Jerusalem The darker-than-ink night sky was torn asunder by the tongues of purple lightning. The nocturnal macabre was augmented even further by a priestess that was busy performing a forbidden ceremony. Around her were six innocent kids that watched the priestess in silence as she performed her ritual with a ceremonial bowl in front of her. A drop of blood could be seen, making its presence known inside it. The priestess was unperturbed by the earsplitting noises of the incessant lightning outside her abode as she chanted the spell in old Hebrew. The ritual was complete when she placed the drop of crimson blood on the tip of her tongue and gulped it down with her eyes closed. "Heed my prophecy, my little ones. From today onwards, you shall walk on the path of greatness that will make you the rulers of this world. Here, drink this to your heart's content and unleash the power that is bestowed upon you." She cut her two wrists and filled the bowl to the brim with her blood by cutting her wrists. The lightning noises could be heard even louder than before at this time. The children obliged and drank the merlot drink one by one. But the macabre of the night was increased even further when the children started shape-shifting. One turned into a vampire, while the other changed into a werewolf. There was a witch among the children now. And being turned into a chimera and an elf were the fates of the other two. The children changed into something else before turning back to humans again. This was the phenomenon that happened with five children. But the sixth child remained human. Why did he not shape-shift? ------------------------------------------------ # Editor wanted!! Proofreaders and critics are also equally welcome to come here and flood here with your hard-core convincing and powerful arguments here in the comment sections. # The cover is not really mine. Every contribution goes to the genuine artist.

  • The Empire's Laziest Strategist

    The Empire's Laziest Strategist


    take a look at this passage from chapter 1 that thoroughly describes how MC sees himself:He is not a cruel or kind person. Good and evil means nothing to him, what's important is benefits and being able to enjoy his life. If he was born rich in his past life then he would surely indulge and just laze away happily however he was an orphan and to survive he had to be cruel and ruthless. When he went to college he thought that he would need to change, however he realized that he could still act like a bastard and get away with it so he did. Simple as that, he is not an angel or a devil, he is blank piece of canvass. He is whatever he needs to be at any given moment. He will do what he can to survive and of course to achieve his main goal in life : to laze around like a good for nothing son of a bitch.

  • The Divine Strategist Art Of War

    The Divine Strategist Art Of War

    Luis Silverberg 10 years old boy born from noble family with frail physique and unable to become knight.One day luis wandering in the street and meet a merchant who sell book "Art Of War" written by Sun TzuFollow luis started his journey to become greatest strategist and unified the world!"If you know enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of hundred battles"Sun Tzu

  • A Queen Disgraced: Devilish Strategist

    A Queen Disgraced: Devilish Strategist


    Set in the same world as the Harem Series, this novel was written before Orsini-Sabrina Double Kingdom combined.This novel tells the story of how one of the major players in the setting (of the Harem Series) came to be. By pure coincidence, the most recent novel in the Harem Series is something of an epilogue to this story. The first chapter is a summary of this book’s events, but it retcons some things to better fit the lighter tone of the Harem Series by making certain events a little more consensual.

  • The Sports Strategist in a Futuristic World

    The Sports Strategist in a Futuristic World

    Competitive Sports ACTION COMEDY

    Axel was born with a disorder known as Congenital Amputation, a rare condition wherein the primary issue is the absence of a limb at birth, but in Axel's case, he did not have any of those convenient appendages. To put it simply, he had no arms or legs, leaving him with only his head and body, rendering him incapable of moving on his own and spending the remainder of his life in a wheelchair.Despite Axel’s miserable condition, he still found joy through watching sports and immediately became a sports enthusiast. He started to dream about becoming an athlete even though he knew that it was highly unlikely. He never stopped watching sports and researched about it, gathered knowledge, observed plays, and analyzed athletes while he devised tactics and approaches to any possible scenario, making himself the greatest sports strategist unbeknownst to man. Although, after a mysterious accident, he was transported at 2000 years into the future where humanoid machinery, hovering vehicles, advanced artificial intelligence, teleportation devices, holographic imagery, and other science-fiction tropes were already accessible in reality. He also received the greatest blessing imaginable and that was an entirely new body, one with complete limbs and has no health complications. But how will he use his new body when he still hasn’t experienced having one before?

  • The Accomplishment of Tactician and Strategist in the Other World

    The Accomplishment of Tactician and Strategist in the Other World


    The world has became a game after the appearance of the dark tower. Players begins to appeared, they were given a power by the gods so that can they can fight back against the evil monsters that appearing inside the dark tower, As the people worried as the battle get tougher each days.The people are hoping that someday the players can cleared the game and end the war once and for all. A unexpected fate has brought a young man who has class of Tactician Mage and young woman who has a class of Strategies Mage together as their adventure can be the key that can be the key to clear the game and end the war once and for all.

  • The Strategist's Fate

    The Strategist's Fate

    Fantasi ACTION

    Bagaimana perasaanmu bila semua usahamu dianggap sebuah cela dimata orang? Padahal kau sudah mencurahkan semua keringat dan usahamu untuk menuntaskan hal itu. Inilah kisah seorang ahli strategi yang harus menelan kepahitan hal itu. Akankah dia mampu melewati cobaan ini?

  • Angel's love, Legendary Strategist Lian is Cute

    Angel's love, Legendary Strategist Lian is Cute


    Li Jialou is a only loved child of Li family. She became a military strategist at a young age. She is Cunning and witty but was died tragically in a mission. Now after rebirth into the body of an orphen girl who has a younger brother, she is momentarily lost. In the era of power and brutality she has to be strong to survive and protect a cute little brother. She has heaven diffying intelligence and a will to strive. She embarks on a journey to greatness and to investigate the cause of the body's owner death. The place where conspiracies and tricks lurks at every corner she meets an enigmatically handsome noble who seems to be hiding a secret. Should she trust him or not?---------------------------------------------------------------------------ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ"You dare touch me! I'll destroy your artifact collection, wait that'll be a waste. I'll sell them and buy a kingdom for my brother"( ̄□ ̄)A certain someone jealous but still kept a straight face: "You're noisy"---------------------------------------------------------------------------©️ All copyrights reserved.

  • To Conquer Love

    To Conquer Love



    [Rewriting]The seven kingdoms of the West Continent, a world dominated by power, where the strong ruled and were loved, desired and exalted, the strong were the Gods and the weak, though few, were content to live under the protection of the strong.This was the world Andronika Majeir was born into, a world of strength, a world of power, a world of warriors and powerful bloodlines and special body markings, a world of the strong and Andronika was one of them, one of the strong...No, she was one of the strongest, one of the most powerful.Born into a military family, a lineage of outstanding Generals, Nika was trained from birth to be an excellent warrior, strategist and leader, at a young age, her prowess in battle was unmatched and her power markings never before seen, however along with battle training Nika was raised knowing her duty as a Majeir, a duty to guard, protect and fight for her kingdom and her king.Young , foolish and unwilling to accept her fate to protect, Nika ended up making all the wrong choices in life, betraying her father and her king.Nika died at the hands of her lover, for whom she gave up everything, filled with regret and shame, Nika knew that she who had been an undefeated warrior had been completely deceived and utterly defeated by love, she knew her death was well deserved, but as she welcomed her death with open arms, Nika had one last thought."I have been such a fool, if there was a second chance, I Andronika Majeir swear on my life and honor that I will right all my wrongs, I will live only for my duty as a Majeir, If there was a second chance, I will conquer love."First book in the Tales of the continents.**I do not own the cover art, all credits go to the artist. It will be taken off upon request**

  • The Strategists Diary From Another World

    The Strategists Diary From Another World


    This is a story of a man who has to become the best strategists in Maintrals. The longer this war goes on the more that is at stake.

  • Reborn • Two-Faced Strategist Faces New Danger : Two-Faced Tyrant : No. 2

    Reborn • Two-Faced Strategist Faces New Danger : Two-Faced Tyrant : No. 2

    I’m starting at chap. 5 because you can go to the other “Reborn • Two-Faced Strategist Faces New Danger : Two-Faced Tyrant”,For the description too. Keep note I won’t be updating the older version, CUZ I GOT KICKED DUH

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