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    Naylani and Jason grow up together. Naylani is the beta's daughter and Jason is the Alpha's son. Their Fate binds them together

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    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE WEREWOLF

    Scarlett Cloud and her twin sister, Samantha barely escaped an attempted murder that robbed them of their parents. Now, one week later, they have been forced to move in with an uncle that seemed to always be angry, an aunt who only cares about herself and her children, and two cousins who were the class bullies. On top of that, they have to move to a new pack, go to separate boarding schools. While Samantha has it easier since she is the older one of the two sisters, Scarlett is struggling cope. Will Scarlett survive this transition?

  • Mated To An Enemy

    Mated To An Enemy



    “Duty before heart,” Ashleigh replied firmly. “What is that supposed to mean?” “It means I will do my job. But Caleb is just my duty, you are my heart.” *** Two men, two distinct feelings of attraction and trust. Ashleigh struggles to understand the feelings in her heart. Torn between the man she has loved for the past two years and the cold Alpha of an enemy pack, can Ashleigh figure out which of these men she truly wants to be mated to? Does she really have a choice? She is the daughter of Alpha Wyatt of Winter, the largest of the four Werewolf Packs. For two years she has eagerly awaited her eighteenth birthday so she can finally be married and mated to her love, Granger. But just before that magical day she runs into a significant problem: she finds herself bonded to another wolf. Her fated bond happens to be Alpha Caleb of Summer, the man whose father was supposedly murdered by one of her own. As if that wasn’t enough, every pack is suddenly reporting attacks from rogue wolves. Now Ashleigh is faced not only with a war in her heart, but one in real life. Will they be able to work together, putting aside all their heart ache and pain to keep their packs safe from the enemy that threatens them all? Or will this love eventually become their downfall? Join my discord Zwoz.Author discord server:

  • Sinful Mates

    Sinful Mates

    Living in her car at her place of work, Imogen’s life was far from great. With a sick mother, a demanding job and struggling with being homeless as well as flat out broke from the hospital expenses. She didn’t think much else could go wrong. But fate liked to kick her while she was down, just when she thought she hit rock bottom, she learns the very men she works for are her mates and she is sucked into a world she wants no part of, she values her humanity and they refuse to give her up, instead they offer to fix all her problems, there is just one catch: humans were forbidden in their world, so to be with them she must give up the one thing she has left, her life. Just when she thinks she has come to a decision and feels like she belongs, she finds out they had more secrets, and now she wants nothing more than to escape their clutches and move on with her life. When her life starts spiralling out of control and they take her, will she resist the bond and give up her life? She knows she will never be free of them and being human against a lycan and vampire she might as well be a sitting duck, easy prey and now she must find a way to resist the urges of the bond she never knew existed, resist the temptation that is them but most of all find out who she truly is, because her family has secrets of its own and those secrets come out causing a world of hurt and yet also giving her a will to survive.

  • Rejected My Alpha Mate

    Rejected My Alpha Mate

    "Who are you?" I came awake with a jerk, disoriented and aching all over. A heavy male body lay beside me---we were both naked except for the sheet covering our bodies. I searched my memories of the night before, trying to figure out how I had gotten here while attempting to wrap the sheet around my body. I stopped when I realized I'd leave my bed partner totally nude. I remembered myself saying over and over, "I'm your mate!" I eased myself off the bed to look for clothes. I tried to be as quiet as I could so I didn't wake up the stranger. His scent was all over me, all over everything really. Rich and masculine, every time I breathed I felt as if I was being surrounded by the forest with hints of wood and a warm spice I couldn't name. I wanted to crawl back into bed beside him and never leave. My wolf, Rayne, grumbled in my head, "We shouldn't leave! He is our mate!"

  • Sadistic Mates

    Sadistic Mates

    One hundred years later Thaddeus POV My name was enough to send most people running. Those that didn’t were fools, for they would feel my wrath. I am the king of darkness. The Dark Tribrid, they call me, the one that changed the world. I am destruction, and countries have fallen by these hands. Mercy isn’t a part of my vocabulary; I didn’t grant forgiveness or mercy. It was best to stay on my good side. My mother thought she was protecting me, keeping my magic from me. That betrayal hurt the most. ?She took a piece of me, and I nearly killed her by getting it back. I knew growing up I was different. I saw life differently. Sure, I came from a home filled with love and everything a child could desire. My parents would have moved heaven and hell for me. Yet that was their downfall. Their betrayal. From the outside, we were the perfect family. Our lives were great until my sixteenth birthday. I stopped aging at thirty, but the darkness made me feel every bit of the hundred and one years I have had on this earth. Sucking every part of me away until I become what I am now. I used to fear the darkness, now I embrace it. The darkness came for me on my sixteenth birthday, and I found the missing piece. The one thing I craved, and that was power. Power to control everything and everyone. My mother tried to save me, tried to even take me down. If she wasn’t my mother, the woman who literally gave her life for me, I would have ended her. That wasn’t her decision to make. I knew instantly my entire life was a secret. Astral and the covens came for me once I possessed my power, my mother telling them where to find me. I slaughtered them all and have been on my own ever since. For decades I roamed the earth trying to find meaning, and I stumbled across my mates. At first, they feared me. Everyone had heard my name by then, not a country left intact as I made my way through each one trying to figure out my purpose. I met Ryland first. He was just as evil as me and a werewolf. We continued our reign of terror until we met our other mate. I was hoping for a woman, not that I was uncomfortable with my sexuality. It is what it is, and quite frankly, I would fuck anything with legs to fulfill my needs and that of my mates. Orion though was different, weaker. He didn’t agree with my past and the things we had done. He was much older than both of us and knew of my grandfather. Orion is a vampire and a little old-fashioned, but he was mine even though he annoyed me and frustrated me to no end. He hated me at first, but he came to see reason. Has remained by my side even when he doesn’t agree, trying to talk me down, trying to change me. Though now I think he has given up. Then there she was. I thought I was complete until I met her. Evelyn Harper, the light in my darkness. I wanted her, craved her, and need her more than I needed air to breathe. She was perfectly human and made perfect for us. She is everything I never knew I needed and everything I have wanted and had been searching for. The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she would be ours even if I have to rip her away from everything she has ever known. She was mine and I would do anything to keep her.

  • The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate

    The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate



    1ST PLACE / GOLD WINNER WEBNOVEL'S WEREWOLF WRITING COMPETITION 2022 "You are my mate…" Leland said with a hoarse voice. "Don't you know what I am doing?" He looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes, and right then and there, Sophie thought she could understand him. She could feel his overflowing emotions. Was this what they meant by the mate bond? She could feel so much desire engulfing Leland and she just knew what he wanted. He wanted her. He wanted to ravage her body and mark her with his love bites, he wanted her to scream his name over, and over, and over again. He wanted to pound her and make love to her like there was no tomorrow. The man climbed on the bed and kissed her again. He peppered her with kisses from her cheeks, to her lips, then he moved to her collarbone. Soon, she was moaning softly because of the stimulation. The sounds that escape her lips sounded so sexy in his ears and turned him on so badly. If he didn't have better self-control, Leland would have already ripped their clothes apart and immediately enter her. However, he held back and tried to stay gentle. This was only their first night together as real husband and wife. Tonight, he would finally be able to give her so much pleasure that she would want him in her bed every night. The sex they had the last time was an obligation. It was dry and he only did the bare minimum. This time though… he would ravage her body and make love to her in ways that only his luna deserved. His stamina was top notch and he could satisfy her all night long. ___________________ BLURB: The King, or the Alpha? When she jumps over the academy walls to escape from her bullies, Sophie falls straight into the arms of Nicholas, the kingdom's crown prince with a sweet and sunny disposition. Sparks fly and love blossoms between the poor orphan and the prince. But... suddenly, Leland, the dangerous new alpha of the most powerful werewolf pack in the kingdom claimed her to be his mate?! Sophie is torn between two men. One calls her his wife, the other claims her as his mate. The prince is warm and sweet, his love is burning like the sun. The alpha is cold and overbearing, his love is as heavy as the mountain and as cold as the winter. Which one will Sophie end up with when both sides wage war over blood, hatred, and revenge? Leland will burn the entire kingdom just to get Sophie and avenge his race. On the other hand, the newly crowned king, Nicholas, strives to drive out the werewolves that the kingdom deemed as monsters... while keeping a dark secret within himself — He is also a werewolf. __________________ Note: This book is a reverse harem, meaning the female lead will end up with multiple male leads. Cover is mine, by Arkans READ MY OTHER BOOKS? * The Alchemists - COMPLETED * The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love - COMPLETED * Till Death Do Us Part - COMPLETED * The Cursed Prince - COMPLETED * The Cursed King - COMPLETED * Finding Stardust - COMPLETED

  • Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne

    Her Unwanted Mate On The Throne


    I’m a prisoned omega.A slave maid. While the prince who forced himself on me claimed me as his MATE. --------- “My… mate…” She felt his hot breath caress against the back of her neck when he whispered behind her, she moved too slow to prevent the man from forcing her to the grass beneath them. “My… mate!” He shouted as he straddled her against the cold ground, the darkness blinded her from his identity. His grip was strong and rough as he pinned both her wrists above her head with one hand, she could smell the alcohol on his breath when he whispered the word over and over against her ear. “I don’t—“ Doris gasped when he ripped her maids’ uniform off with little to no effort, leaving her almost bare in her undergarments.

  • Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate

    Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate



    [Mature Content Warning] She wanted to just end her mission and go back to her political marriage, but he had already claimed her his possession. Selene Adawolfa, the Princess of the Adalopha kingdom. Promises her father to bring peace to the village in their kingdom, by ending the age-old war, without revealing her identity. On the first day of becoming part of the Winterwells pack in disguise, she gets herself into trouble. The unexpected turn of events brings her in contact with Fang Warchild, the alpha of the neighbouring village. The most handsome, yet the most vicious man in the entire kingdom who recognises her at the very first glance. And he was ready to ruin her mission just for the sake of owning her! (The story takes place in the 90s so you will find technology in it!) ——[snippet]—— He approached me as his footsteps resonated in the dead silence inside the tent, and I couldn't get myself to step back waiting stunned. Stepping closer he lifted my chin asking again, "do you still choose otherwise Princess?" I gulped, knowing Fang would understand very well what was on my mind, all my lies would be useless in front of how well he knew every nook and cranny of my brain. Mustering all the strength inside me I whispered, diverting my eyes, answering exactly what he didn't want to hear right now, "Yes!" A vicious smirk played on his face as he lifted me by my collar, while I tip-toed barely able to find the ground, trying to match his towering height. "I don't like it when someone touches what is mine," he leaned closer, his tall stature hovering over me just inches from my face and his infuriated breath crawling on my soft skin, "and you better know that your entirety belongs to only me!" ---- All credits of the cover to belong to its owner ---- Discord:

  • The Lunas Second Chance Mate

    The Lunas Second Chance Mate

    On my 18th Birthday, My twin sister married my mate, Alpha Jacob, in my name. I was Alisa Clark, the she-wolf with the purest blood. The Alphas must feed on my blood. They were blessed with great power while they were cursed. The greater their abilities, the shorter their lives. My blood protected them from their curse Yet, my twin Jennifer took away my glory and had me tortured for 6 years! Worse still, My mate allowed it ** "You've been like a pig for us. He can smell you down here. He's known this whole time." She took out a mirror and held it up to my face. " You think he would ever accept such an ugly mate like this pig." I hadn't seen myself since I was twelve, vibrant and healthy. I was a child then, and now I looked like a ghost. My face was hollow and pale like a sick person. I saw the scar on my face, it burned and had inflamed my cheek so that it was swollen. My eyes were red from the tears. My hair was dull and limp over my skull. My purple eyes were the only piece of me that still held some semblance of life. I could see scars even on my neck, and I knew that my body was even more scarred, and even more pathetic... "How dare you be so stupid." Jennifer said. "How dare you think the Alpha wants you for more than your blood. Imagine him mating with you, when he could have me."

  • My Long Lost Mate

    My Long Lost Mate



    "Oh! Thank you for catching that little troublemaker. Please give her back to us," said one of the guards while panting for air.Not knowing what to do, I frantically held the man's hand and pleaded, "Please save me! They are going to hurt me! I don't want to go back!"The man first looked at me for a couple of seconds, then at the guards. "Go," he said to the guards grimly. Surprisingly, he was on my side. I was counting on my lucky stars to ask for help from him and I was fortunate enough to earn it."What?" asked the guards, confused by the man's words."I said go... before I kill you," he threatened. I was hiding behind the man's back and couldn't see his face, but my guts told me that he meant his words.The guards looked surprised by his words but quickly recovered from them and, instead, started to challenge the man, "We won't go before you hand us that girl."The man sighed and said, "I warned you." After that, the man let go of my hand and turned my body around. "Don't look," he said, before starting to walk towards the guards. Every step he took exuded confidence, and he was not the least scared of the guards who were armed with swords when he himself had nothing but his bare hands.I closed my eyes even with my back towards them and heard one of the guards scream trying to attack the man. No longer after that, the only sound that I could hear was something like... bones breaking.A few moments later, it was completely silent. Is he done? The silence was soon broken by footsteps that I assumed were getting closer to where I was. Is this the footsteps of the man or the guards? That was the question that popped up in my mind.I was ready to run, but before I could proceed to do that, two strong arms gripped both of my shoulders, turning my body around. I nervously opened my eyes to find a pair of red eyes staring softly at me."Are you okay?"...The story revolves around a girl who was tortured and the leader of werewolves. (A slow burn book) ...Updates will be every three days. Please vote for this book if you like it :) [The art cover fully belongs to me. Art commission by the amazing Instagram artist @heytheathea]

  • Beastly Mates

    Beastly Mates


    Madoc and Zayeden Ferreire both hail from the Crimson Lunar Tribe. They are 19 years old. They are the unknown males that will become Sachi’s mate. They are the strongest males born in the last three hundred years. Their mating is the key to helping unite all the tribes in a massive unification that will benefit them all. As identical twins, made from one egg, they are a naturally occurring clone, therefore they are one.Sachi Bennion is the daughter of the Sanguine Lunar Tribe. The youngest of the Alpha's children. She is the only daughter born with the alpha birthright. And not just any birthright, she is the special alpha. A tragedy happens and she dies, but has her body taken over by the Sachi from the future.Sachi was just an ordinary girl that worked in the fashion industry, along with her best friend. She dies in a horrible car accident, but not before Selene the Lunar Queen offers her the chance to step into her special alphas place. Sachi agrees and wakes up on the riverbank, badly injured from the ride in the water. Now she must keep her promise to the original Sachi to help her find her mates and fulfill the destiny that Selene the Lunar Queen has laid out for her. With the disappointment Selene has faced in her children, she sends the twins and Sachi to help reteach her children the proper ways of the werewolf people. Far to many are trying to take on the attributes of the humans and their mother is not pleased.Excerpt from the story:Original Sachi Bennion: "PLEASE, please, I beg of you, to avenge me."Sachi Bennion: "Who? Who are you? Are you speaking to… me?"Original Sachi Bennion: "Yes, yes I am. Please, please avenge me. I was supposed to be paired to one of the men from the Crimson Tribe with any luck. As you have seen from some of my memories, I will not see that particular possibility unfold."Sachi Bennion: "What would you like me to do? In my original world, I was nothing more than a clothing designer. Basically, a tailor that designed the outfits. I have no skills in fighting or how to be a leader. How will I manage such a feat? Hell, my only other possible skill is the fact that I studied herbology as a hobby."Original Sachi Bennion: "Do not worry so much on that front, I will leave with you all my skills and fighting knowledge of this world. That way, you will not be so lost. Be sure to make use of those skills and train hard as you will surely need them to help you for the task to come. When my mate is found, you will be among the strongest female alphas in the whole tribe. Finding him will unlock us both completely, then we will be able to transform. That is part of why I was killed by them. Jealously!! Fucking jealousy! I cannot let things stand. It is to be my duty to help rule whatever tribe I am mated to. I refuse to let them get away with taking my role that I was groomed for my whole life. It is UNFORGIVABLE!! I beg of you; make them all pay for what they have done."Sachi Bennion: "I understand, I shall do my best to avenge you. I promise to help figure out which one actually pushed you in and I will make them pay. I always keep my vows to people. This I will do since you have died unnecessarily with such grievance. Those who cannot respect family and traditions have no rights to speak of in my opinion."

  • True Alpha's Chosen Mate

    True Alpha's Chosen Mate



    [MAIN STORY COMPLETED] Rinnie Everfell had always dreamed of going beyond the castle wall. The day that dream came true was also the day everyone she held dear died in the hands of the rebels. Bound by a promise to survive, she ran for her life, only to encounter a naked man deep in the woods.Out of desperation, Rinnie asked for his help and found herself agreeing to the reward he wanted, HER.Excerpt:“Rinnie,” he called with his warm baritone voice and placed his palm against the door to stop me from leaving.“You are a werewolf and your destined mate for life will be chosen by fate,” I whispered as I turned around to face him. “It was said that once you find your true mate, it was by instinct, by the maddening desires, by nature, telling you that was the mate you will love passionately for life.”“I am not that mate, Hugo,” I stressed my claim adamantly. “Rejecting your mate also means rejecting your destiny.”SLAM!His pair of crimson eyes glowed menacingly as he slammed his palm against the door. I fought the fear that instantly crept into my heart.“Destiny? Fate?” My back fused against the door as he bent over until his face was a palm length away from mine. “And who is this Destiny Fate to decide for me?”“Hugo—”“I decide for myself, Rinnie.” He seethed as his fangs let themselves known. “If I say you are my one true mate, then you are my one true mate. If this world disagrees, then let it be damned.”Little did Rinnie know, dealing with the devious, narcissistic, and a walking red flag Alpha, who was bold enough to go against his fate, would be the least of her concerns. With people after her, the secret of her identity, and the rotting truth of her "perfect life" slowly unveiling its covers, Rinnie must find a way to survive the vicious world of werewolves and vampires.Disclaimer: The cover is not mine. credits to the artist******Original Story by: alienfrommarsFOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommarsDiscord server:

  • Mates.



    Maria Lane, the only child of Dracula, heir to Transylvania never could have guessed how her happily ever after ended. Maria is an 18 year old vampire with a normal life. She's about to graduate high school. Just broke up with her boyfriend. Going to inherit the throne to Transylvania in 3 years. An average life right? Well she did have one at least.Hunter Malcomb is an Alpha male in the strongest pack around. He's a rich, 23 year old with dumb friends. Everyone's scared of him except for his family of course. He's been searching for his mate since he was 17. He's slowly losing hope. But maybe, just maybe, fate is on his side.~~~~~~~~~~Maria and Hunter live in a world where Vampires and Werewolves must NEVER be allies. All towns are split in half by a border. In the middle of both towns is a park that connects them. Maria and Hunter live in the rich city of Transylvania! Vampire and Werewolf relationships are rare. They are rare for a reason.

  • Destined Mates Series

    Destined Mates Series

    MAGIC’S MATE: A witch with broken magic moves to Bull Creek to help the alpha defeat a pack of renegade coyotes shifters. MATE’S APPEAL: She moved to Bull Creek to escape an abusive past. He was sent to avoid going to jail. Together, the find their future. MATE’S TOUCH: A detective from Pensacola arrives in Bull Creek to track down the murderer of a primary witness in a murder case. MY LOVER’S MATE: She escaped to Bull Creek when confronted with the paranormal world only to fall in love with a bear shifter. Then her fiancé shows up. MY MATE’S WIFE: She was in an arranged marriage, but her true mate moves to Bull Creek, and she needs to follow her no matter the cost to her marriage. Dive into this series with strong women and alpha men as they protect the people of Bull Creek against crime lords, abusive boyfriends, and those who would destroy the paranormal world while searching for their mate. Destined Mates is created by Robbie Cox, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • Fated Mates

    Fated Mates


    Mates Compilation.~Ethan & Jason (Werewolves)~Wolfram & Cedric (Werewolves)~Chandler & Oliver (Vampires)~Corbin & Kaeden (Werewolves)~Qykerth & Queseon (Dragon and Merman)Cover art by: the_nerd.artistReviews and comments welcomed.

  • The King Alpha’s Mate

    The King Alpha’s Mate


    He is the Prince of the Royal Pack,a wolf in his human form. His purpose of arriving into the small town is to find his human mate. A mate he is not so eager to see,but being bound by his duties to his father and his pack he gets ready to take her.What his not ready to face is the feeling that hit him when he found his mate.Carmela is just a simple girl and saving for her college is the most important thing in her mind. When suddenly one day she was kidnapped! And her abductor was the most handsome man she had ever laid her eyes on.His golden eyes devour her,his chiseled face she could just stare for the whole day. And when she had a glimpse of his six pack abs Carmela would have lost it. But what's up with all the growling and the whispers of the word "mate" is?*credits to the owner of the photo as it isnot mine

  • 10 Mates

    10 Mates


    " i-im mated whit the kings ?!" The verry moment my heart was beating out of my chest , the most cruel , fearless ans cold hearted alpha king werewolves ." glad we found you litlle thing " one of the kings say ." pray she wont break to hard when we get on her " oooo moon goddes im dead .

  • Hated By My Mate

    Hated By My Mate


    Aurora Craton is a young she wolfs who is days away of becoming 18 years. In the wolf world, once a she wolf turns eighteen, you are an adult and once you become of age, you will know your inner wolf and find your mate, imprinting for life to each other. Male wolves find their mates at the age of fifteen. She is an orphan who lived with her stepmother since the death of her father five years ago. Her mother died giving birth to her. Unlike other stepmothers who turn and torment their stepdaughters, Montana doesn't. She took over the care of the Craton household and raised Aurora as if she was her own. Even though they sometimes might not meet eye to eye, they still loved each other. One day Montana tells Aurora that she had volunteered her to be a housemaid for the grand party celebration the leader house pack would be throwing. The alpha, whose name was Wolfgang Fortier Gagliardi, known as the blood lust alpha of the blood moon pack of the north, is a young man who ascended to leadership of his pack early in age after the sudden murder of his father and senior alpha, Gunolf Fortier Gagliardi. On the night of the party, once midnight struck and Aurora turned was finally of age, they found each other by the mate pull, but once the alpha found out she was nothing but a maid, he disregarded her. After the party Aurora tried to get closer to Wolfgang, but he brushed her off, telling her that it was because of her being of low status that he would not accept her as his Luna. Aurora decided she would leave the village and move to a pack nearby where her mother came from, but when the alpha heard of her decision, he threaten her of marking her as a rogue if she left or told anyone she was his mate. Will they overcome their differences and become one as the moon goddess intended?

  • Artificial Mates

    Artificial Mates



    [This story has been taken offline. please visit me online for more news]Be ready to enter a complex futurist world with real implications. When high-tech meets fantasy creatures. Artificial mates, a book you won't be able to put down...Liliane Kerry has always been a loner with few friends. Actually one sole friend, Lyla. When she announced to Liliane she is migrating to another planet with her new lover, it left Liliane shattered and lost.Desperate to find meaning and love, she stumbles on a trendy site by the company Sognare. One of the most expensive 'order your custom mate' companies out there. Their waiting list takes as long as one year.However, on the day her long-awaited order arrives, she is shocked to find more than what she has bargained.We follow the path of our heroine as she struggles to find meaning in her life in a futuristic megacity called, Kumari R2. Where cyborgs, AI., and artificial populate the neighborhood along with humans. They are not always living in perfect harmony thus creating tensions. Will Liliane be able to let go of the darkness eating her from the inside and give happiness a chance?----------------------------------------All rights reserved (c). Helena Seryma 2019/2020/2021.Warning: reverse-haremUpdate: Book 1&2 done. The others will not be posted online. Go thank the pirates for stealing my first draft.Genre: Sci-Fi romance with a fantasy twist.instagram:

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