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  • Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

    Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet



    “How perverted is Si Ye Han's taste? He still wants me like this?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person’s eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second. Before her rebirth, she was in love with a different guy, so all she wanted to do was escape from Si Ye Han and hated him to his core after being locked up by him. After her rebirth, she looked differently at him, thinking that maybe he changed for the better? In the past, her mind was muddled. She let go of a stunning husband, was hurt by a scumbag and backstabber and most of all, was brainwashed by her most trusted friend. In the end, she was utterly alone. In her current lifetime, there are evil people scheming and eagerly waiting for her downfall. Sorry, but this girl won’t fall for the same tricks twice!

  • Letters to Romeo.

    Letters to Romeo.



    [Mature Content. No Rape] 'All it took was breaking one rule that she was not supposed to' He was the bad boy with tattoos. She was the good girl with glasses, and she was his. — When Julianne Winters decides to move to the dormitory of the reputed University, she has everything planned so that she can complete her graduation and leave the place. But her plan is quick to catch fire from the moment the eyes of Roman Moltenore from senior year lands on her. And his appearance screams nothing but TROUBLE. "What rules?" Julianne asked with a frown as she read through the page. She was sure she hadn't seen any rules of the campus mentioned on their website. # 4. No using cell phones. # 12. Students should not roam outside the campus after eleven in the night. The further she read, the more bizarre it turned out to be. Her friend turned the page and then pointed at the last rule # 29. Listen to Roman Moltenore. "This is made up. Look, the last one is even written in pencil." Julianne couldn't believe that her friend from the next dorm thought she would fall for it. "And no phone?" "It is important you abide by all the rules. Especially number twenty nine," said the girl in a serious tone. "Remember not to get involved with Roman. If you happened to see him, run in the other direction. There is a reason why it is written down here." With the rules of the campus, she resorts to sending handwritten letters to her uncle. But who knew it would end up in someone else’s hand! 

  • The Sweetest Temptation

    The Sweetest Temptation



    FORBIDDEN FRUIT…..IS THE SWEETEST. REVERSE HAREM! NO RAPE! [Mature content: R-18+] Cold, charming, and mysterious bad boy Rhys is the guy your parents warn you to stay away from, with his sexy accent, tattoos, flirtatious smirks and dirty remarks. Drowned in the past he can’t escape; he has no time for love until he meets her. She is so gentle, so delicate for his dark and cruel world. He knows he should leave her alone but he couldn’t, he wouldn’t. He is a selfish bastard and he takes pride in it. When the opportunity to get closer to her arises, he breaks his own rules to offer her a deal she can’t refuse. A day of freedom. After that they wouldn’t look for each other again. One year later, he meets her again. The woman he had never forgotten, whose soft lips and doe eyes had haunted his dreams. Fate was so cruel and twisted that the object of his darkest desire is now going to be his sister-in-law. Engaged to his older brother Damien Niarchos-The leader of Country ZY mob family to ensure peace between the two families. Every monster has their weakness. She’s his. His obsession His addiction. His forbidden fruit. ** Sweet, shy, and introverted despite being the only daughter of the most feared mob boss in the country, Beatrix Quinn is a romantic who is waiting for her Prince Charming to rescue her from her overprotective father and brothers. But instead of a Prince Charming, she gets a bad boy whose touch sets her soul ablaze. She never thought the guy she met one year ago whom she had given all her firsts is going to be her brother-in-law. Despite him being the only one who makes her feel Beautiful Protected. Truly wanted. Theirs is a love doomed to fail from the beginning. ______________ ______________ Excerpt: "Why can’t I let you go even when you’re not even mine.” He said against her neck between kisses, his hot breath making her skin shudder. “R-Rhys..we can’t.” she stuttered with a flush on her face. Rhys chuckled, it was low and slightly menacing. “I know little mouse, I know.” Note: There is no blood relationship between Male leads. One is adopted. Volume 1 completed [MMF]—2 brothers X 1 woman—Mafia arranged marriage Volume 2 completed [MF]— Boss X secretary

  • The Beautiful Monster

    The Beautiful Monster



    {Mature content R-18+} (BOOK 1 COMPLETED) The moment Alyssa laid eyes on mysterious bad boy Elias, she knew she was a goner. With his charming smiles and reckless face she has never met anyone like him. He was far more relaxed and causal, like nothing in the world could bother him. But the problem was, he was everything her parents warned her about. Dark haired and tattooed. The moment Elias laid eyes on Alyssa, he knew his college days was about to get interesting. He has never met a girl so innocent and full of hope in this crazy world. He made it his life mission to always protect her and be by her side. Except, he couldn’t. With sparks flying between them and dark secrets luring around. Their love story was one that happened once in a lifetime. Will Alyssa lose her heart to Elias-a man so beautiful and mysterious? Will she able to fight her forbidden desires and grasp the love that will change her life forever? Or she will face the consequences for falling for a monster, a beautiful monster like Elias? Excerpt; Alyssa felt that familiar pulling sensation deep inside of her. Even if she was close to him, she still didn’t feel like she was close enough. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. The momentum and intensity gradually picked up with each passing moment and each subtle movement of their lips. Elias leaned more into the kiss, amping up the pressure as his hands held her close to his body. Alyssa drifted one hand up into the back of his hair, sifting through the wet strands. She lightly curled her fingers around them as his teeth scraped her bottom lip. She breathed in deeply through her nose, trying to quell her rapid heartbeat. She couldn’t believe they were making out in a spring. How did she go from being so shy and cautious in the beginning of the semester to this person? Elias brought his hands lower, grabbing at the back of her thighs to draw her legs around his waist. His lips didn’t part from hers as they moved and pressed. Alyssa felt the lightest dash of his tongue against hers, prompting a soft moan from her that she couldn’t control. So many sensations were lighting up throughout her body. They say a bad boy is the ruin of a good girl then let him ruin her. For he was fire and she wanted him to burn her. Trigger Warning: Novel contains mature content and explicit scenes only intended for adults. {R-18+, No rape and No major misunderstanding} Cover commissioned by Edenn This book is exclusively only available on Please support author by reading it on Check out my other story Flash Marriage: The domineering wife which is the story about Elias parents. Edited by: TSW

  • The Alchemists

    The Alchemists



    [COMPLETED] Volume 1: CASPAR THE ALCHEMIST The Alchemist clan leader was a 438-year-old womanizer who was never in love, until one day he met the only woman who was not impressed by his good looks and massive wealth. Fueled by rejection, he decided that he must have this woman no matter what. And for once in his life, he had to woo a woman. It was no easy feat because this woman only cared about working hard and making money. Volume 2 HE WAS THE MAN WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO What happened when an immortal didn't know that he was an immortal? He was born during WWII and after his 40th birthday, he realized that he still looked like he was in his twenties. Then, 60th, 80th, and 90th birthday came and he still looked like in his twenties...? So he thought, maybe... maybe he was a freak, a victim of some crazy human experimentation during Hitler time... He was a broken man who grew up hating humans. All he wanted to do was rule the world and decide who got to live. SHE WAS THE PRECIOUS DAUGHTER OF THE IMMORTAL ALCHEMIST CLAN LEADER. She was always in danger. Twice she was saved by a handsome young man with a scary dragon tattoo on his right chest. Years after the second rescue, she swore to find the man and make him marry her even though he was just a regular human! (Ssshh.... she didn't know he was not a regular human) What will happen when two immortals met and fell in love, each thinking that the other was a regular human? When one wanted to rule the world and destroy humankind, while the other was taught to be kind? THIS BOOK HAS 4 DIFFERENT STORIES. They are connected, but you can read them as standalone. 1. Caspar The Alchemist (chapter 1-252) 2. Aleksis & Prince Siegfried (chapter 253-579) 3. Secret Identity (chapter 580-856) 4. Side stories (chapter 857 - present) Volume 1 has fluffy romance, Volume 2 has action/adventure, Volume 3 has comedy READ MY OTHER BOOKS: - The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate - ONGOING - The Cursed Prince - COMPLETED - The Cursed King - COMPLETED - Finding Stardust - COMPLETED - The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love - COMPLETED - Till Death Do Us Part - COMPLETED I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. My stories NEVER have rape or overbearing/scummy male leads, so rest assured you won't find them here. They're all doting husbands who would either give you dog food every day.. or diabetes for being too sweet. BUY ME COFFEE? Discord server:




    "Cutie, I'm starting to like you" What started off as an unexpected guest gradually became so much more. Darren Chu is under house arrest and fretting with a desire to win his case when a man came knocking on his door for a place to stay. “Cutie, I got this. What do you take me for?” Timothee William is flirty, shameless, and sexy. He’s got this laid back aura and mouth-watering winks but a trashy mouth. It definitely didn't help that he was full of hot curses and mind-bending, lust-raising, sexy tattoos that obscure Darren’s view from what he should be really worrying about. When it came to the day he has to choose, he was torn and yet he was moved. A character for a character. A man for a man. A challenge for a challenge. A love for hate and a prince for a prince. Will Darren be able to overcome things thrown in his way? Or will he find comfort in someone he did not expect?

  • NTR Prince

    NTR Prince



    "NTR Prince" follows the journey of Prince Alex, whose life takes a dramatic turn on his 18th birthday when he wakes up to discover a mysterious and intricate tattoo etched just above his crotch. As days pass, peculiar occurrences begin to unfold around him, hinting at dormant magic within. Little does he know that this mark is a symbol of his destiny and an ancient prophecy that connects him to a powerful artifact. Now faced with a formidable curse that threatens his loved ones, Alex must confront the growing darkness within himself. Will he be able to harness the newfound magic and break the curse that plagues him, saving those he holds dear? Or will he succumb to the temptations of debauchery and lose himself in the process? As the forces of fate and desire collide, the fate of the kingdom and Alex's own soul hang in the balance. Note: This is an NTR-heavy story and I am an amateur storyteller trying my hand at writing. Read at your own risk. Our Hero will be the one who will get his girls stolen away from him. Some of the extreme kinks involved here are cleanups, sloppy seconds, humiliation, and so on. Read at your own risk. Donate or Become my daddy using the links below - Kofi: Patreon: Stay Filthy!

  • The Tears of a Prince

    The Tears of a Prince



    THE MAIN STORY IS COMPLETED. Kai had left everything behind. His past and his hurtful memories. He wished to forget it all, the blood, the hunger, the pain and the responsibilities. He didn't want his legacy, he didn't want his bloody crown after he lost everything, his everything. That's why he ran and ran, trying to hide from his own guilt, from the fact that he was a monster. Many years later they find him. Friends and foes all part of a greater mystery and somehow he is involved. Soon an adventure begins filled with blood, tears and old memories that feel like they have come back to haunt him. As the man with the tattoo on his neck returns the one he used to call his destiny, his dead heart starts to beat again. "They are after me. They will try to kill you too" "I don't care what happens to me, as long as I get to save you"

  • Scandalous President

    Scandalous President


    New novel: "Public Enemy of the Elite: See you tonight, Mr. Xie!" is out, you're all welcome to come and check it out... New dish on the plate! Link: * A year ago, Grace Gordon, the step-daughter of the Gordon Family, married into the Yale Family amidst everyone's envious gaze. A year later, it was revealed that 27-year-old Grace Gordon had a 13-year-old illegitimate son, and was driven out by the Yale Family. A marriage left her in ruin, without home or loved ones. At this point, she realized that the Yale Family's acceptance of her had ulterior motives. - He is a rising star in politics, and their only connection is that they once woke up in the same bed. When they meet again, he looks at her through a veil of smoke, his voice low and steady: "Grace Gordon, leave Lewis Yale... become my wife." - After three years of a secret marriage, she becomes his greatest support. He also stands at the pinnacle, despising everyone else. She comes home drunk, red wine in her left hand, and a divorce agreement in her right. Her drunken demeanor captivating, eyes smiling faintly: "The days when we used each other... should come to an end." He looks at her intensely: "Stop joking, just when everybody finds out about you, you want to divorce? Wouldn't that be telling everyone that the President has been abandoned?" - Stanhope Brown encountered such a woman five years ago. She was poison to him...a drug he couldn't quit, forget, and felt that pampering her was never enough. Grace Gordon encountered such a man five years ago. For her, he was her pillar of strength, her redemption...he was the tattoo forever etched in her heart and impossible to erase.

  • Timeless Tattoos

    Timeless Tattoos


    a young tattoo artist and hit-girl, Vanessa Cargo comes to find there is more than life and death when a kill comes back to bite her in the ass, specifically in her own tattoo shop.

  • NY Tattoos

    NY Tattoos


    It's the year 3045 and the entire world is shrouded in a deadly fog. To escape its grasp, people flocked to New York where the fog couldn't penetrate. Unbeknownst to them, a sinister presence lurked in the once bustling city. In this morally grey society, cunning, influence, and aspirations dictate this shattered world. With a diverse group of characters each pursuing their own ambitions, there is a variety of personalities to connect with as their narratives unravel, leading to an inevitable conclusion.

  • Ghost Tattoos

    Ghost Tattoos


    In an ancient village, there lived a mysterious tattoo artist who not only held an exceptional inking skill but controlled numerous unspoken magical powers. His name resonated only amongst the cobblestone path and rustic houses. His existence was like his tattoo parlor, nestled right in the midst of the village, yet radiating an aura of mystery, brimming with the unknown and the astonishing. The village leader was the wealthiest man decorated with the gem of his life, his beautiful wife. They seemingly had everything, yet were perpetually troubled by their childlessness. Under this circumstance, a mysterious tattoo story unfolded. The village leader's wife sought out the tattoo artist, pleading for his special power to help her conceive. As the tattoo of the Guanyin was etched onto the wife's skin, the magic sprang, stunning everyone: Not long after, the wife was remarkably pregnant. However, life is always filled with joys and sorrows. Tragically, she died during childbirth, leaving only a newborn baby girl. The village leader, stricken with the loss of his beloved, wallowed in overwhelming grief. Fortuitously, comforted and assisted by the tattoo artist, he slowly stepped out from the agony, striving to raise their daughter.

  • Tattoos & Pacifers

    Tattoos & Pacifers

    Realistic ACTION ROMANCE R18

  • Tattoos & Pacifiers

    Tattoos & Pacifiers

    Realistic ACTION ROMANCE R18

    Aden Waters was left alone with his daughter when she was only two months, when her mother walked out to pursue the life of someone her age as she didn't want to be chained down by a child. Aden, on the other hand, thought differently. He wanted the responsibility of fatherhood and to raise his princess, which he does alone and soon has to pick up an "odd" job to do so. Facing judgement, romance, difficulties on the job and just daily life, Aden refuses to give up on his Princess.

  • Cursed by Tattoos

    Cursed by Tattoos


    By the age of 6 your destiny is chosen, your fate is chosen, and your life is lost.At 17 your first energy core will be complete. Allowing your augments to truly manifest and its existence visible to the eye. Qualifying yourself as a full fledged hunter. All else is in the power of the wielder.

  • To love William Carter

    To love William Carter



    Warning: [Mature content] It all started one perfect night at the coast of the Mediterranean sea. I was standing on a beach with my feet laved in warm golden sand and my eyes fixed on the crushing waves. That is when trouble decided to walk by in a form of a handsome face with sandy blonde hair and dazzling enthralling killer smile. One look into his ocean blue eyes and I knew I wanted him as mine. And with just a touch of his lips on mine I was in love. But he belongs to her, my sister. You can call me the villain. I saw him first and he is mine to claim. I love him but he loves her. But my heart wants what is wants and that’s William Carter. When Adeline Pierce's Sister, Brittany introduce her fiancé to Adeline. Adeline had the shock of her life. Her sister’s fiancé, William Carter was the man that kissed Adeline two years ago on a beach and she is very much in love with him. Adeline vowed to make William hers at all cost. But two things stands in her way. Her sister, Brittany and her therapist Dr. Chris Owens who has sexy tattoos and a handsome face that drives her crazy Will Adeline still go after William Carter her sister’s fiancé or would she surrender her heart to Dr. Chris Owens, her therapist who is also forbidden?

  • Lyon


    Jordan Silver is the author of more than one hundred and fifty novels and novellas spanning multiple genres including romance, erotica and new adult fiction. All works feature over the top alpha males and the women who love them, with a happily ever after guarantee. Colton Lyon is a tough as nails biker who has no time for bullshit. He’d long given up the easy life afforded him by his wealthy upbringing to live life on his own terms. He lives hard and loves harder but has yet to meet a woman he’s wanted for more than a few screws that is until he meets his new assistant. The mousy little filly who’s afraid of her shadow. He gave her a week, even though his right hand man had begged him to give her the job. Nothing he hates more than sniveling females afraid of their own damn shadow. Kat’s moving halfway across the country to escape a dark past that’s left her scarred. Barely eighteen, she should have her whole life ahead of her, but instead fear has robbed her of the spark she once had. When she first meets her new boss she knows there’s no way she could take the job, he’s just too much of everything with his gruff demeanor and those smoldering looks. The first time she almost swooned at the sight of his muscular tattooed arms she knew she was in trouble. Meanwhile; Colton was trying to figure out what kind of hex the little mouse had worked on him to keep her on his mind. No matter how he tries to avoid it, there’s just something about her that keeps him

  • Chasing Luke

    Chasing Luke


    “Tell me you want me as badly as I want you,” his breath came out hot and heavy on my face was so close to mine. I could smell him. “No, I d-don’t want you. Leave me alone.” I tried to say but my voice came out choked and breathy. He pulled back and my eyes immediately flew open. His eyes bored into me with such intensity that I could feel it in my core. “I’ll make you admit it one day and then you will be mine,” he said huskily and then pulled himself back from me, turned on his heels and walked away. I fell to my knees, heart pounding as an unknown feeling washed over me. ****** Luke Walker is your definition of Mr. Popular and high school sweetheart. He has looks to die for and it’s no doubt why all the girls at Coldwater High want to be with him and the guys want to be him. He’s the Student Council president, debate and hockey captain and an honours student destined to get into the top universities. Heck, his life is perfect and his future already sealed but that is all until he meets new kid Elliot Grey. Meet Elliot, new kid in town and total hot sex God badboy. From his dark leather jacket to his black combat boots, piercings and tattoos all over, it’s no wonder why everyone is deathly terrified of him and also wants him at the same time. And the stories of his past paint him as a juvenile delinquent with no future. His looks are to die for and that body, gosh, nothing is left to the imagination. He likes that everyone is afraid of him, well everyone except Mr. Popular and all-time school sweetheart Luke. One chance encounter, that’s all it takes to get Elliot interested in Luke. But there is a problem, Luke has a girlfriend that he would never leave for anyone, or so he thought. One stolen kiss under the stars has Luke second guessing all his life choices and who he thought he was. Is one kiss all it takes to tame Luke? Can Elliot show Luke that life isn’t all about having good grades, following rules and being the all-time perfect boy, he was taught to be? Read to find out more.

  • My Evil Crown Prince

    My Evil Crown Prince


    WARNING: [R-18] Fairy tales usually end in happy endings. But the life of a royal is not always a lap of luxury. Twelve years ago, she became the Crown Princess and the fiance of the next King of Flousia, but a strict rule was given to her that the engagement should be kept a secret. Alira Eleanor Wilson was the daughter of the wealthiest family in the country. As an heiress, she was treated like a delicate flower—always guarded and protected. And she was good at following the rules. At the age of six, she got engaged to the Crown Prince of the neighbouring country. But after the engagement, she was sent back home and never seen him again. Caden Hulls-Richards became the secret heir to the throne of Flousia at the age of six. He became the Crown Prince when the kingdom was at war with the mafia. He got engaged to Alira, his childhood crush, but was separated from her because of some circumstances. They were childhood sweethearts. He was the sweetest boy when they were young. He was her first love and being the crown princess she felt like fairy tales were real. But twelve years without seeing each other and years of longing and hope, Alira felt betrayed and abandoned. She had enough of always following the rules and being protected all the time. She decided to join her friends in a group date, but ended up being caught by none other than her fiance. And what if she discovered her prince charming had two identities? A crown prince by day and the boss of the most notorious Mafia Clan by night. Can she perfectly portray both role as the crown princess and the future wife of a mafia boss? ****************************************** EXCERPT: Her eyes widened while looking at Caden's naked body. But what made her heart beat faster was when he turned to look at her. His eyes seemed so cold and distant. As if he wasn't the Caden she knew. He stared at her like she was someone he didn't know. "C-Caden, I-I'm sorry. I called your name b-but you didn't answer." She stuttered. She was supposed to run away when Caden walked toward him. She froze and couldn't take a single step. His upper body wasn't full of scars, but it was full of tattoos. He had a rose tattoo on his neck, a skull pierced with a sword, and wings on his chest. THIS IS A SEQUEL OF MY BOOK MY EVIL BOY TOY! PLEASE SUPPORT THIS BOOK AND LET'S FOLLOW CADEN AND ALIRA'S LOVE STORY. **Book cover is mine. Art by elkshan.**Please do not repost! Contact me at Instagram: authorsky_maiden Facebook: Sky Maiden FB Link: Tiktok: sky_maiden