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  • Arrogant School Prince

    Arrogant School Prince


    all she wanted was to make great high school memories but looks like the Prince won't let that happen...

  • YOUNG LOVE by Pushkarini

    YOUNG LOVE by Pushkarini

    I fell in love when I was still in high school... He hesitantly proposed and we enjoyed our love through years. He was so charming and at that age, only that matters.... Now after a decade we've decided to get married finally...My parents and his parents all have agreed happily. He's flying on cloud nine, even I'm but my cousin who also loves me as deeply as him isn't ready to sacrifice my life in the name of love. He has a valid reason. I can't deny that... Will my love for my man overcome this anxiety.... ?????Will we be married happily forever???

  • I accidentally meet you again

    I accidentally meet you again

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    "You're lying..."she cried. She tried to hold his hand and but he dodged her and took a step back. " I'm not planning to spend my life with you Aisha.." Ryhaan said, "I'm going to London with her for further studies and business. She's the right girl for me.. She understands me well." he took a last look towards her direction and left the room.Aisha Verma, a 20 year old Collage student lives with her twin brother Sayyam in Seattle. Their parents died in a car accident when they were teenagers. Their father's friend Rajat Kapoor took both siblings into his shadow and sponsored their education and living expenses till they turn 18 years, and Sayyam started earning while studying. Ryhaan Kapoor, son of Rajat and Shilpa Kapoor, fell in love with Aisha when he saw her for the first time, she's looking at midnight moon . After courting her for a year they confessed to each other about their feelings. But destiny has its own plans for this love birds. Several years later Ryhaan decided to breakup with her and leave her crying and begging him to stop.. He told her, he like some other girl but what is the main reason behind this heart-break. 4 YEARS LATER Aisha now became a prominent writer and editor in chief of the big name company 'Voila'.She's getting late for the meeting at Voila's headquarter when her vision zeroed in another direction and her steps halted by someone's sudden appearance in front of her. Ryhaan is standing in her far opposite direction with that same twinkling eyes and warm smile, he's about to strode towards her when unexpectedly a pair of hands drape around her shoulder and a man appear behind her saying, " hey darling..why are you standing here, the meeting is about to start and you shouldn't be late for the board meeting." but Aisha was standing there glaring at him and then hold another person's hand and drag him into the elevator while Ryhaan standing afar from her carrying a loving gaze in his eyes. Who is that third wheel in their story??.. Will Ryhaan get a second chance to woo her or he had already lost his all possibilities. Let's come to see the journey of Ryhaan and Aisha.. Accommodating some heart aches and some happy memories.. There's no sexual contents or rape scenes in this novel. Story will get interesting by each passing chapter.Though this is my first novel so maybe you'll find some mistakes, enlighten me with some suggestions or mistakes regarding the story so then I can rectify it. ✌️

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