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  • The Coldest CEO was my first love

    The Coldest CEO was my first love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY


    Mature content! First love Marriage, cheating, true love.. "Bey, I have loved you since we first met .." a declaration of love on a lonely night made my heart melted. Little kisses on the lips that tasted so sweet into my chest. A statement of love that makes me never be able to forget about you. Your hug makes my heart so flowery. Make my body soar up to the seventh sky. Did you remember that night? *** Bey and Mario met when they were teenagers. The two of them met at the rental house, a brief meeting, made the night they spent together unforgettable. Become a beautiful memory. First love will never die. That's how people said. Bey believes one day she will meet Mario. Her first love, a love that disappeared without a word. The hopes came true. She reunited with Mario, who already has a wife and a baby.

  • Feelings are never wrong

    Feelings are never wrong


    Ray 17 year old popular boy in school didnt know his sexual interest until he met a pretty boy who is junior in his school named Anish,whom he found hard to resist.and when he understood his feelings a story full of love,doubts,anxiety and complication grows.Among this there is die hard fan of BL,ray's twin sister.it will make it more fun.#bl#teenromance#funny character#male leading

  • Waiting for your call

    Waiting for your call


    "You k-kissed me..." I asked, I'm shock, my breath wavering as she caged me between the kitchen counter and her body. "Yes, Ella." Bella said, stroking my exposed neck. She leaned in, whispering in my ear. "I want to do it again."............Ella thought she was straight until she met Bella. Someone way out of her league, who suddenly catches her attention and vice versa.They just happen to share the same campus room, and some classes together. Things get out of hand when Bella can't hold back anymore and pretend she isn't there, when every time she's around, her senses harden.




    First love has its benefits and drawbacks.What if you fell in love with the wrong person, someone who already has a lover.But you thought about be somebody's crush.There someone who cares about you and want to protect you.Someone who will try his best to win your heart .That one person or two people?Maybe there will be lot of dramas and heartbreaking.However after a big journey, you will find your one and only.

  • Wild,


    Bexley is a teen girl who has her own beliefs, she had always wanted to be independent from the people around her, even herself sometimes ,during her graduation from high school she goes through a lot of new experiences when she meets the love of her life and the difficulties she has to go through to finally find her happiness.

  • Rayhan Story

    Rayhan Story

    Rayhan, remaja 14 tahunyang tak pernah merasakan hidup bersama kedua orang tuanya. Ia di besarkan oleh bibi dan pamannya sejak ia bayi, dan saat usianya 7 tahun, Rayhan tak pernah bertemu lagi dengan orang tua kandungnya.Ia tak pernah tahu apa alasan mereka menitipkannya pada orang lain. Rayhan harus melewatkan masa masa kecilnya bersama orang lain dan bahkan mereka tak pernah berkunjung atau sekedar melihatnya di saat usianya menginjak 7 tahun, mereka tak pernah datang lagi.Meskipun demikian, Rayhan tetap bahagia dan tak pernah merasakan kekurangan sedikitpun, termasuk kasih sayang. Ia begitu di sayang, dan di jaga oleh paman, bibi dan juga kedua sepupu kembarnya.Tapi sebahagianya seorang anak, ia tetap akan merindukan orang tua kandungnya. Sama seperti Rayhan, yang terkadang berkeinginan untuk bisa bersama mereka lagi. Apa lagi mereka masih sangat sehat, namun mengapa tak ada rasa khawatir kah mereka pada putranya sendiri.Setelah keinginannya bisa tercapai, ternyata kehidupan yang ia bayangkan tidaklah seperti kenyataan. Setelah tinggal bersama mereka, Rayhan harus berpura pura menjadi adik dari ibunya, yang kebetulan menjadi guru di sekolah barunya.Rayhan sedih, karena harus di akui sebagai adik bukannya anak. Memang jika di pikir orang tuanya masih terbilang muda tapi meskipun itu, apakah mereka tak pernah memikirkan perasaan Rayhan.

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