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  • Transmigration?!?!?



    Ugh, If only, if only the dungeon.......

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  • (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!

    (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!



    [COMPLETED.] Transmigrated to be a Homewrecker?! Bai Yunyu was a sunny, nineteen years old who just got his first role as a small actor. However, a small unfortunate step on the road almost costed him his life! A strange, orange pupa shaped robot called Homewrecker System appeared in front of him and saved his life. It forced Yunyu to jump into many worlds to complete the task to be a Homewrecker between the main couple to save the world! Yunyu is a serious student, his objective is to save the world! But the target of each world seems to be attracted to him in some weird way. Yunyu: System! I feel like they fall in love with me easily, am I too handsome to handle? Pupa: No, you are just cheap. ***** Hi! ForeverPupa here! ^u^)/ This is a BL (Boys Love) Quick Transmigration novel with many worlds! There will be many weird setups for us to discover! Please expect: - 1v1 main ship. - Comedy and Angst blended into one! - Smut, Smut, and SMUTT! - PLOT TWIST. **** Official Commissioned Cover. **** Check my other novel! BL novels: - Homewrecker System (Completed) - Werewolf Prince is My New Pet! (Hiatus) - Gardenia of Blooming Desire (Completed) FL novels - Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil Brother - He Stole Me From my Deadbeat Husband - Rent A Boyfriend (Completed) ** Contact me: Instagram: @foreverpupa

  • Transmigration: Lady Chi Woos The Ice cold Professor Jun

    Transmigration: Lady Chi Woos The Ice cold Professor Jun



    When Chi Lian dies on her earth, she wakes up in the body of another girl with the same name as her on a different earth. One with empires and royal families. Poor and desperate to survive, she is bound to a virtual pet system that can access technology from its home planet for her to use. There is just one catch. The only job she can do is that of a paparazzo. From there, she is determined to build herself a media empire and take back what her family lost.Her main news worthy targets are the most wanted but hard to get bachelors of the empire. They are rich, handsome and the media is afraid of publishing their pictures and information. But somehow, Chi Lian manages to do the impossible, she takes their pictures all the time. Which woman would not pay for their exclusive pictures and news after all. One in particular attracts her the most, The cold CEO and Professor Jun Muyang who everyone says is cold to women.With her technology and wits, Chi Lian and her adopted daughter find all ways to invade his space and in the process, steal his heart.But just how far is she willing to go to melt professor Ice cube's heart and keep her competitors at a distance? All those women in the empire who wanted Jun Muyang were waiting eagerly for her rejection. But it would be a long wait.Week one..." Jun Muyang, I bought you these flowers."Jun Muyang: "Get lost."Year one..."Baby I need another kiss."Chi Lian..."Get lost."Other works.Transmigrating from a zombie world to become the mecha kings wife[ongoing]

  • Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

    Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration



    What was it like to cross over and become an AI? Li Wenyuan, who was hit by the meteorite, managed to know that feeling. It was good that he found that the planet he controlled... seemed to be rather special. "Precious living metal? A random wall here is living metal!" "Zelo? You're saying that Wise Machines don't need this? Sorry, psychic machinery or something is in production now." "Interstellar colony? How about building a ringworld?" This was a story of kingdom building, which was also a story of human exploration of the universe from the past. There were space wars, interstellar expeditions, civilizational observations, and galactic epics. "So..." Some years later, facing the disaster that was about to sweep across the galaxy, the unmanned fleet controlled by Li Wenyuan stood out passively. "They all think I am a lost empire, and I can only go and do what a lost empire should do."

  • Transmigrated as a Ghost

    Transmigrated as a Ghost



    Check out my new book, An Owl's Rise. Dying in a tragic accident Marcus Ferrous gets transferred to a fantasy world of monsters and magic, except when he arrives contrary to what he expected he is now level one and a ghost. Left with nothing on a strange new world, Marcus will struggle with everything he has on his journey to get stronger and uncover the secrets of his new world. Artwork By Radiopaque.

  • Transmigration: The Fate of the Villainess

    Transmigration: The Fate of the Villainess


    ‘Yoknapha,’ an international and well-known villainess actress, is suddenly transmigrated into a series she once starred in as ‘Bai Yu,’ a daughter of the senior chancellor. If this world follows the same plot of the story she knows, she will always lose to ‘Bai Hua,’ the heroin. . Nevertheless, if she loses this time, the one who will receive disgrace is not Bai Yu, but Yoknapha herself. That is why this time she will not surrender to the dreadful fate! . If it is determined that a heroine will end up with a hero in every love story, this one has to be different. She will be a villainess who gets to be paired with a hero herself. If wicked deeds bring what she needs, she will stay evil to the end! . That will be easier if a mysterious man Bai Yu does not remember exists does not appear and makes her heart pound like this! #Historical #Transmigration #Villainess #Mystery #Reincarnation #Romance

  • Quick Transmigration : Chased in the Multiverse (BL)

    Quick Transmigration : Chased in the Multiverse (BL)



    VOLUME 1: EDEN What are the odds that every you in the multiverse would have a miserable life? If you're Eden, it's 100%. When Eden died he thought he would cross the Nai He bridge and reincarnate, but God had other plans for him. He appeared in Versal the portal to the multiverse and that's when he was forced to inhabit the body of every Eden from every universe. They all happened to live a pain-filled life and die young, just like him. After a thousand universes, he siphoned enough power to free himself. From then on started his mission to make sure the Edens would get revenge on every single person who had a hand in their demise. Who decided that the Edens were undeserving of a long and happy life? Whoever did was bound to pay once he has enough power to find him. He just didn't anticipate this man who keeps chasing him from universe to universe. Why is he being chased in the multiverse? And why does it seem like he's not after his life but his body? Who is that shameless tofu-eater? Arc 01: Piano Virtuoso (12 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Vampire (10 Chapters)✔ Arc 03: Actor (14 Chapters)✔ Arc 04: Futur Era (14 Chapters)✔ Arc 05: Sorcerer (13 Chapters + Bonus)✔ Arc 06: Reality Tv Model (14 Chapters + Bonus)✔ Arc 07: Interstellar (15 Chapters)✔ Arc 08: Alchemist (13 Chapters)✔ Arc 09: Ancient Era (16 Chapters)✔ Arc 10: Spirit Animal (17 Chapters)✔ ************ VOLUME 2: ATLAS (Synopsis in auxiliary) Arc 01: Mafia (20 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Celebrity (22 Chapters)✔ Arc 03: Interstellar (17 Chapters)✔ Arc 04: Vampire (16 Chapters)✔ Arc 05: ABO (23 Chapters + Bonus)✔ Arc 06: Magic (26 Chapters)✔ ************ VOLUME 3: Kian (Synopsis in auxiliary) Arc 01: Heretic (26 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Interstellar (Unfinished) ********************************* Dropped. Warning R18. English is my fourth language. You might mistakes here and there. If you do, let me know and I'll fix them.

  • Quick Transmigration : My Bigshot Brothers Dote on Me

    Quick Transmigration : My Bigshot Brothers Dote on Me



    Special Agent Sher, also known as the ‘Killer Demon’ got transmigrated when she died during her mission. She became a Supporting Villainess who died by the hands of Female Lead, who used her as her stepping stone, and her family also got tricked and destroyed by her. Her family, who loved the Female Lead more than her, got destroyed by the Female Lead. But Chen Yu, despite being hated by her family, still cared for them. Because she knew that her foster sister slandered and framed her in front of her family, which is why they hated her. So when she got a second chance in her life, she gave it to Sher, in exchange for her life, that she must protect her family at all cost. So a new and completely different Chen Yu opened her eyes and became an invincible, merciless and ruthless girl whose mission was to raise her brother's till they can stand on their own feets; then leave the family after fulfilling 'the Oath'. But why was everyone acting differently? Even the Villain Boss was acting like a Shy and Helpless Little Kitten whenever they met? 'Hey, you all should go after the Female Lead, why chase after me?' Can Sher fulfill her mission and leave the family peacefully?...Other novels-- Quick Transmigration : I Became a High School Student!!! [Ongoing]- The Brightest Star of Starry Nights [Ongoing]- The General's Daughter Doesn’t Want to Get Married [Ongoing]- My Evil Emperor System [Ongoing]- The Good For Nothing Miss Su : Becoming the Ultimate Hidden Boss [Ongoing]...If You like my books, please support me here : ... Find me here : A/N : This story is a part of the Romance carnival contest. please support me with power stones, reviews, and comments :) A/N : Cover is not mine. I got it from Pinterest.

  • Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination

    Quick Transmigration: Goddess Of My Imagination



    Ali Avery was a successful young man adored by everyone. But things were not as they were shown to the life. Shunned and betrayed by his peers... He was hiding among happy facades. Everything changed for him on one fateful night when he awoke in a dangerous new world with a completely different body, and his guardian angel was also there to accompany him. A world where the impossible was possible while the imaginations were the reality of the dreamer. 'Am I a Goddess? I'm just a little different.' 'My imagination can become real magic, but isn't this energy point a bit too much?' Stranded in the new environment, new life, new strength, and new possibilities... How would he/she survive? --- Sequel: My Goddess is Good at Pretending

  • Quick Transmigration: Irresistible Beauty

    Quick Transmigration: Irresistible Beauty



    An unearthly beauty with black hair, snow-white skin, and bright red lips... Yue Ran has been told that she was born exceptionally beautiful for as long as she can remember. She meets all people's expectations for beauty, but she is a girl who loves no one but herself. Only such a person can be invincible in many small worlds. Ah, but there is one thing she lacks: free will. [World 1- White Rich Beauty (Completed)] Villain: "You saved my life, but I still treated you so badly… How about I promise you with my body?" Male protagonist: "Don’t be scared, Ran Ran. Don’t look if it’s scary." Male Supporting Character 1: "You look very beautiful today." Male Supporting Character 2: "Yue Ran, you are the one who provokes me first!" [World 2 - Unloved Daughter of Yue Mansion (Completed)] [World 3 - Dodder Flower in the Zombie Apocalypse (Completed)] [World 4 - Loyal Maid Who Died Because of Beauty (Completed)] [World 5 - White Lotus Transfer Student (In Progress)] [World 6 - The Gentle Psychiatrist ()] [World 7 - Blackened Junior Sister ()] [World 8 - Substitute Bride of the Demon Lord ()] [World 9 - Young Lady With a Heart Disease ()] + - + - + - + - + - + Also known as: "I am a villain, and I act like a villain, but everyone loves me", "I feed on love". + - + - + - + - + - + [Current Update Schedule: 3 chapters/week] [Bonus Chapter Released for Every: 2000 Gifts, 20 Golden Tickets/month] [Bonus Update: 2/2000 Gifts] [Amount of Bonus Chapters Released: 1] + - + - + - + - + - + Please help support me at: Every donation is greatly appreciated!

  • Transmigration: Children of The Plane

    Transmigration: Children of The Plane



    I'm editing the third arc. (Progress Chapter 97-152) Xue Bai, a young ALS patient, dies without experiencing a childhood. But instead of a normal death, Xue Bai ended up in the situation of his dreams. He had transmigrated into a cultivation world, only to realize the world he is in now was a game he played before he died. With his knowledge of the game, will he finally live his dream life in the new world, or will he die before making anything of himself? How will he deal with the protagonists in the game who have been blessed by the very plane itself? Will he fight against them or befriend them? Xue Bai might've been transmigrated into a cripple, but with his knowledge of the game, he would go big or go home. ————————————————————————— The picture on the cover or the one I have used in the character illustration chapter does not belong to me. They were just creations I found that resembled how the characters I had imagined looked. If the creator wishes for me to take them down, please contact me. ————————————————————————— If you like this type of novel or my writing in general, be sure to check out my other novels, Pay-to-Win Martial Emperor and Rebirth of a Divine Lord. ————————————————————————— Personal Links. Discord Server: Support me here at Kofi!

  • Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains

    Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN FAMILY


    When I woke up, my father was a nouveau riche whom everyone despised, and I had five great brothers: a black actor in the entertainment industry, a useless lawyer in the field of law, a sickly quack in the medical field, a plagiarizing dog in the design industry, and a school bully. Everyone was waiting to see her make a fool of herself. They wanted to see how she would face this villainous and vulgar family. Instead, Lu An licked her lips in satisfaction. 'This is so exciting!' However, before she was ready, Big Brother won Best Actor, Second Brother was presented with silk banners, Third Brother was known as the Ghost Doctor, Fourth Brother refused to be a top celebrity, and Fifth Brother became her web manager and film editor. At the same time, they said that only their little sister could employ their services. A confused Lu An: "Is this the hellish model I wanted???" The nouveau riche father who doted on her: "Daughter, do you want to be born into a prestigious family?" A D-list celebrity who rushed over after hearing the news: "An, your brother can be salty and sweet. He can sing and dance well. He can pout and act cute. He's surprising and exciting all the time. You can experience it first before signing the receipt. There's also a perfect after-sales service, eh? [crazy blinking peach blossom eyes~]" My family is the best. Not only do they give me love, they give me endless possibilities.

  • Raising Boss's Twins After Transmigration

    Raising Boss's Twins After Transmigration



    Su Luo woke up to a pair of twins gathering around her bed joyfully calling her "Mommy!" She had been single for more than twenty years now, how did she end up with children? What was going on? Gu Zhan's eyes were red as he said furiously. "Su Luo! You're too much! You can dislike me all you want, fine, but you're disowning your own children? Su Luo, who suddenly became a b*tch. "Hey mister, I have plenty of questions myself!" The two little ones cautiously tugged Su Luo's sleeve as they said. "Mommy, we will be good children, please don't disown us?" Gu Zhan looked aggrieved. "Luoluo~" Su Luo eyed the two poor little things and thought. "Alright then, I can become a mother without any pain. Plus, I have a handsome husband to boot. No harm done." [Character setting] Suo Luo: A scheming, cute money lover. Good at cooking and fighting. Have an unfriendly character. Gu Zhan: devoted, outwardly domineering, but a softie inside.

  • Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel

    Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel



    Being taken away of all his freedom, Noah was thrown into the jail accused of a murder he hadn't committed. This incident broke his personality permanently, getting out of the jail Noah started living as a shut-in giving up at everything.  Noah read novels as a mean to pass his time, while reading novels an particular novel caught his eyes, it's name was 'the hero of velveric fights the demon lord' 'It's a harem novel......' That was what Noah had thought in the beginning but, it all changed at the end of the novel.  'What the Hell's with this crazy novel!' The protagonist and all his harem members were killed and in the end the demon Lord took over the world.  It was then, after finishing reading the novel, Noah started coughing out blood and succumbed to his lung disease. Opening his eyes Noah found himself in a body of a 8 year old kid of the Melvix family which appeared in that crazy novel. He was known as the garbage of the Melvix family by all the knights and family members but that didn't matter to Noah. What matter is that- 'It's impossible to survive in the novel if you are not strong enough......' ********************************************** The cover used for this novel isn't mine. if you are owner of it and want to remove it please inform me.

  • Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast

    Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast



    FIRST STORY[COMPLETED]When Lee Soohyun found herself being transmigrated into the novel she had read, she found herself being startled. Not only was she the useless cannon fodder, she also had to win the love of the villain, Han Minhyun.That was absolutely absurd! The name of Han Minhyun was enough to shudder, and with her lack of courage, there was no way she was willing to do something as dangerous as this. However, with her life at the stake, she had no option other than to follow by them and seduce Han Minhyun.But at the end, it seemed that things are not as they are in the surface.°°°SECOND STORY[ONGOING]Although she was baffled, Ryu Yoonmi was more excited when she learned that she had transmigrated into her favorite novel. After having a heartbreak on how the story ended, she wanted to set the things right after coming here.Firstly, she will prevent the death of the Second Male Lead— the character she idolizes— and then, alter the plot to make him end up with the female lead.As for the Male Lead— Min Eunwoo— she decided to make that scum suffer! After kidnapping the Female Lead and killing the Second Male Lead, the last thing he deserved was happiness!Even if that meant that she had to sacrifice six months of her life in order to get married with him! She would be able to do anything for her dear Second Male Lead's happiness!However, what happens when she learns that there was more to the story than she knows?

  • Transmigration: Wake Up as an Annoying Concubine

    Transmigration: Wake Up as an Annoying Concubine


    "Excessive face powder, striking bright color robes and such an annoying attitude?! Why the hell don't you just die?! Why must you robbed my soul into your body?!"Mo Xiu Ying was transmigrated into a body of an annoying concubine that was despised by everyone after he was hit by a van in the process of saving a girl. Emperor "Wifey... Don't run away" Li Xiuying "Didn't you say I'm annoying and ugly?! Then stay away!"Emperor "But you no longer wear that 10inches powder" Li Xiuying "........" Emperor "Wifey.. Your hubby is turn on. Take responsibility."Li Xiuying "I just untie my hair! which part it makes you turn on?!"Cover by guangshuang1

  • Quick Transmigration to Save Villains

    Quick Transmigration to Save Villains



    There are two types of villains in film and stories and even in real life, the first type is one whom you wanted to beat, while the second is with whom you wanted to sleep. Meera needs to deal with the second type of villain, but not being the female lead but the side character. This is Meera's journey to help these villains so that she is able to reincarnate and save her family. But can Meera get successful in this with a system that often refuses to help her? Disclaimer: English is not my first language so there might be grammatical mistakes. Even though this is a quick transmigration story the arc might be bigger, as every arc can be considered as a slice of life separate story with a transmigration twist. There is not much angst in this story as it is more of a fluffy-type story. A big thank you for giving my book a chance. Lots of Love

  • Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess

    Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess



    An unfortunate, debt-riddled handsome young man died in the apocalypse after getting bitten by an infant zombie. Yet even after death, he was not allowed rest or grieve as he unluckily got bound to a 'Crazy Villainess Saving' system!His task? To travel through space and time and save all the female villains in the whole multiverse.But wait, why does it feel like there is something wrong with his own identity? And, in every world, why is an odd girl always popping up to distract him from his missions?...........Pic's not mine. All credits go to its owner.............Other Stories:Second Life ExaminerThe Sinners' QueenIf you like the story, please vote and comment! If you don't like the story, er, it might be that arc just happened to be not your cup of tea! No worries, you can try skipping to the next volume/arc since it will be a new story and plot altogether! Give the next arcs a chance! Thank you! XDIf you have any request or violent reaction, you can find me on Discord: Ifallforblue#5480