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    Phoebe and Percy are worlds apart being brought together by love. when Percy hurts Phoebe so badly that it's unforgivable,they go their separate ways. As destiny will have it, they run into each other sooner than expected, one burning with rage and the other filled with guilt. How do they move on from this because clearly,they still have feelings for each other....





    Marissa has lived all her life in the comfort of her family and friends, but when she got an admission to study abroad, her life would take a turn.Marissa, a young, beautiful and bold woman, how would she cope in her new life, right and wrong choices would be made, love would be found, sometimes even heartbreak. but would she be able to learn what it feels like to make choices like an adult, would she fit in, would she find love.

  • as Soulmates

    as Soulmates


    LGBT storyMichael woods is not the average 16 year old male, he is a shapeshifter whose family is in hiding from a pack of werewolves.zander Thomas is a 16 year old werewolf who is a son to the Alpha.If you like it please vote!

  • soulmates?


  • The soulmates

    The soulmates

    story of an auspicious guy and his beautiful remembrance!!!

  • Soulmates [BxMxMxMxM]

    Soulmates [BxMxMxMxM]


    Hayden Archer is a 17-year-old teenager. He hides behind his smile, pretending to be an innocent teenager. But he's anything but innocent. He is depressed and lonely. His parents abuse him for having four soulmates especially since all four are men. One fateful day, when mother orders him to go to the store to buy some milk, he witnesses a murder. He is then kidnapped by the Italian Mafia. To his shock, he finds out that his four soulmates are all in the Italian Mafia. Will his soulmates be able to heal his broken heart? Start Date: 12/13/2021 End Date: TBA

  • Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate

    Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate



    A human girl full of secrets, a vampire, and a city where both can live free.* COMPLETED *When Julia appears at the city gates, she's tired and scared. All she asks for is shelter, and she's willing to accept anything to avoid going back to the hunters. She brings with her a secret that would cost her her life.Leo is the one that senses her presence, and he doesn't like how all his instincts draw him to her. Yet, he can't resist it.When his urges become invincible, he proposes a contract. In exchange for protection and safety, he wants her everything.In a world where races are at war, two souls meet.Can love bloom from a bond that was forced from fate? Can their feelings become genuine, even if determined by destiny?WARNING: smutCover from Heather_ANARE***I caress her arm, reaching her hand. I bring it to my mouth and prick her forefinger with my fang. When a single drop of blood spills out, I pass my tongue on it, healing the wound I made.«Just as I thought,» I whisper. «Delicious.»Julia opens her eyes but soon turns her gaze to the side, light blushing covering her cheeks. Her breath is heavy, but she tries to hide it. It's that excitement from before, that feeling of expectation for something that won't happen.«But I won't bite. You can stop freezing every time. As you can see, I can control myself.»«You don't have to,» she mumbles, and I almost grab her again.Is she really this naive, or just stupid? But most importantly, does she say that every time someone aims at her blood?«You shouldn't say these words to a vampire.»«You're thirsty, and I am prey. I understand how you feel.»«You don't understand a thing.»«But I know that this is how things work. You need blood to survive, and I happen to have plenty.»«I don't want your blood.»She winces, and her smile falters. As if I've just offended her. Yet, she doesn't want to make me notice.«Sorry for not being to your taste,» she shrugs.What the hell? Ah, I just wanted to comfort her. Why is she pretending to be sad now?I grab her shirt and push her against the wall. I don't use any strength; I don't want to hurt her. I just want her to notice my presence, to feel cornered. To realise that she shouldn't say words that she would regret later.When she lifts her eyes to look at me, I kiss her lips with more strength than I have initially planned to.Though she doesn't complain about that.***You can chat with me on discord: xiaohai_23Facebook: Xiao Hai or Xiaohai_23 (FB page)Ko-fi: (you'll find my short stories here)My other stories on Webnovel:* Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen (historical romance, completed, ~350 chapters)* The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen (historical and fantasy romance, ongoing)* Unexpected Gift (sci-fi romance, ongoing, free to read, 1k chapters expected)

  • Soulmates BTS

    Soulmates BTS

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE BTS KPOP

  • tsukihina | soulmates

    tsukihina | soulmates

    Fantasy R18

    soulmates are something important in life. some may have them and not love them, some may not have them. tsukishima kei, a 16 year old boy at karasuno high. he's a middle blocker for his volleyball team. he... never experienced love or felt anything close to it. as someone who have trust issues, he doesn't really trust anyone unless it's his best friend yamaguchi. hinata shoyo, a 16 year old boy who never really focused on his soulmate. he only focused for volleyball, he never felt love. but it doesn't matter to him since he's a volleyball freak. he's like a ball of sunshine in his volleyball team. he cheered his teammates up with just a smile. such a bubbly person who have someonewhat if these two found out they're each other's soulmate? what would happen if tsukishima really did let down his walls to feel love? what would happen if hinata got hurt and never be the bubbly person he is again?

  • sudden soulmates

    sudden soulmates

  • BakuDeku - Soulmates

    BakuDeku - Soulmates

  • Soulmates [ Reverse Harem ]

    Soulmates [ Reverse Harem ]



    A reverse harem/soulmate/supernatural au"Your soulmate?" Zachary whispers as he looks at Raphael in disbelief. Isaac frowns. "What do you mean your soulmate? She's mine!" Ezra growls. "No." Kairo suddenly speaks up. "She's my soulmate." "The hell?! She is MY soulmate!" Daniel yells. "Why are you guys lying?! " Lucca grits his teeth as he watches silently. They continues to argue with each other, the growls are loud enough that the place shakes slightly. Until they eventually started to change form. "Stop." Valentino's deep and strong voice booms in the air. He glares at all his sworn brothers before gestures to Ara. She is slipping away. __________Every human being has been born with a name of their soulmate tattooed on any part of their skin.The black ink will shine in silver after they touches skin with their soulmate.Arabella has been born with nothing but a letter 'S' on her wrist.Not a complete name. Just a letter. She thought God have made a mistake, and she concludes that she doesn't have a soulmate. Hence why she determined to live her life to the fullest.With unbalance life she lives, she couldn't care less for having a significant other.How wrong is she when not one or two, but eight sexy as hell men enter her life exclaiming they are her mates. There's no record in history about a girl being mated with multiple men when there's exist the other way around. What more unbelievable is the fact that her mates are supernatural beings she never knew about in her entire life.What's gonna happen?Warning!!! Profanities are not censored. May contents mature content. P/s:English is not my first language and the cover is not mine.

  • Soulmates Forever

    Soulmates Forever

    25 yrs back a small kid with a flower shape birth mark on heart spot of his chest was left alone on the stairs of church with a note " BLAKE" on it.The church orphanage took him in and named him as " Blake".Now he is the most hard working, successful, charming , handsome CEO of a reputed company in USA. He built everything from scratch with his friends in a span of 5 years. He was also given the "Entrepreneur of the year award by CNN" and he appeared on Fortuner Business magazine as " Face of the American dream"He is a super cool computer genius, and a super smart business man who is hard to deal with and not so easy to cheat. He doesn't revel any emotion on his face. Though he never said anything or did anything his employees are super scared of him. There are unbelievable rumors about his ruthlessness in the company. He never had any opponent till one day one girl hacks his system makes his super smart computer screen black out with a message "Guess who I am? I am a girl you have met before. My first clue for you to identify me: Receive the gift that I will send you in five seconds ."Arni is a super cool, genius, kind girl, She is an achiever. She is no less than him in her skills and she is an extremely talented artist, She is a dancer, singer. She appeared as " Most influential Women of Asia" on the cover page of Business times. She has her own achievements but not so many people know about her achievements including her family members. She likes to be the simple, cute and lovely girl to her family. She believes in love, fell in love with a cold face, super cool, handsome boy " Blake" when she saw him first time when she was in school. She always waited for a day to confess "her love; her first love" and she wanted this to be the best memory of her life. Blake always say he doesn't believe in Love because "The only fear and the only shadow on his life is being abandoned or feeling rejected by the person he love" . He never shows his love and care openly. People who doesn't understand him may feel he is dark devil but he is a very caring and protective person to his friends and all the people around him.Arni knows few things about Blake. There is some thing that makes unique about Arni. They both have same birthmark in the same place and its in same shape. It is meant that soul mates usually will have this kind of bonding. He is her Soulmate forever. But is she fated to be with him? Will they find their love? Dear Readers,Its a pure blissful love story. Its a journey of two soulmates and their friends love stories. Blake will start exploring the mysterious girl his journey in identifying her by the clues she give him about her identity, makes him fall in love with her with out seeing her. How will he find her? Exploring his love, and life with her and going through emotions which he has never seen and learning all about love, and family.

  • Soulmates decisions

    Soulmates decisions

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION

  • Beautiful Soulmates

    Beautiful Soulmates

  • Destined Soulmates

    Destined Soulmates



    A world where soulmates are determined by the symbols in their eyes...they would have special symbols in them that says they are soulmates. This way soulmates can easily find one another. “Just because we’re soulmates, doesn’t mean I love you so stop trying to get along with me.” “Don’!” But who knew siblings could exchange soulmates with each other if they wanted to with a spell that they would only know...either for the worst or the best, who knows... “I’ve lost...” “We’re not soulmates anymore...?” “What are you talking about? we were never soulmates...” Their story begins there and on, what will happen to them will there be heartbreaks and tears along the way? Will there be rivals to make their little love story thorny and break? Find out more from this story as it all begins... ————————— ♡ —————————WARNING : There may be some profanities in some chapters and further more, there may be mature contents in some chapters later on.*Note* : The photo isn’t mine, I just changed the hair colour and eye colour so credits to the original artist of it!!

  • Soulmates with you

    Soulmates with you


    Soulmate with you is about 2 teenagers, blindly in love with each other. but they both become super jealous if they see an opposite gender coming close to their soulmate. This is a fast-paced book, so if you dont like it you dont have to read it. Hope you Enjoy! (THE COVER ISNT MINE!! i found it on google)*HIATUS* i know. This is very irresponsible of me, but i dont find any interest in this book anymore. If i ever want to come back and write some more of it i will, but it wont be,,, well,,, it’ll be just like this. Not uploading in months because i am very lazy :( I’m sorry to everyone (f there’s anybody, Lol) who wanted to read it. (I’m pretty sure there’s nobody, so thats good) but check out my new book (If i actually decide to read it)

  • Childhood Soulmates.

    Childhood Soulmates.


    Warning: Mature content. Farah Blade: Twin sister of future Beta Adam Blade of Blood Moon Pack, Daughter of Beta Alexander Blade, and his mate and wife Isabella Alexander Blade. Beautiful, Innocent, Body of a supermodel yet never have an attitude or show attitude, Sweetest person you will ever meet but at the same time firm and strongest person ( both in wolf form and human form) you ever meet, Never mess with her family and friends. The only person that can calm him (her Best friend who loves her most apart from his Parents). Xavier Knight Black: Future Alpha of Blood Moon Pack, Only son of Alpha Damon Knight Black and his Luna and wife Stella Damon Knight Black. Arrogant, Ruthless, Powerful, Most feared person, Body of Greek God, Girls falls on their knees for him and boys respect him and even some are jealous of him, mostly all fear him but he pays them no attention, the only person that has his heart and most important to him is her (his best friend) and his Parents. Both wished to be each other's fated mate and when finally their wish came true, they have to face various difficulties just because they are fated mates but they overcome all difficulties and remained together and live a happy life in the end with their new developed family. _________________________________________________ Farah: MATE! Xavier: MATE! I and Xavier said it together. I can't believe it Moon Goddess just made my dream come true. My mate is my childhood friend, my Crush whom I have a crush on from childhood, maybe in love with, My Xavier, My Xavi, My Mate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the full journey of Farah and Xavier from childhood friends to soulmates.

  • Soulmates [BL]

    Soulmates [BL]


        In a world where soulmates have always been a big deal in a persons life. Having a soulmate means having special connection to a certain someone. This connection is strong enough to build a way of communication that is linked to your souls.     Ashton is a boy who can see the red thread of fate which connects a person with his/her other half. He's been dreaming of having to meet his soulmate but one day a certain happening has made his world crash. This resulted to him being depressed and trying to hide his true self on something he really hates.     After literally hiding away from someone for years, he finds himself going back to where his nightmare has happen. He tries to ignore everything first but as time goes by it keeps on getting harder for him to just ignore it.____________________________________________Warning! This book includes polygamy relationship. If you're not comfortable with it please skip this novel. Thank you.Disclaimer:I don't own the photo above.