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  • What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?

    What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?



    I was a genius in the Earthen Plane. I was a cripple in the Spiritual Plane. I was dead in the Cloud Plane. After experiencing death in the form of dragon sneeze, I find myself back in my room in Earthen Plane where I was a genius. I had been too focused on training myself in the past life. Now that I've been given a second chance, I should just enjoy my life to the fullest extent! Instead of locking myself up in my room to cultivate, take in a few disciples so they can help take care of me! Easy life is best life! The other Planes suck anyway, I'll just lay back here and relax! All I need to do is to teach my dear disciples on the things I've learnt while they take care of me! Huh? What do you mean one of my disciples destroyed the Sinister Demon Sect last night? Do you not see how she's here massaging my shoulders now? There's no way my disciple could have obliterated the all-powerful Xi Family, can't you see she's obediently pouring tea for me over there? You must be delusional to even suggest my disciple could have flattened the impassable Death Mountains, just look at how cute she is taking a nap under the cherry blossom tree. What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? *** Notes: Side Stories in "My Cute (Yandere) Disciples' Side Stories" If you're here for the R18 tag expecting adult scenes, know that this was a decision I made quite late into writing this so the scenes only come up very late into the story. One or more of the disciples may or may not have a tragic (depending on personal opinions) backstory that may or may not offend/disturb some readers (depending on your personal opinions/mental fortitude/openmindedness/morality/sexual orientation/real world knowledge/political agendas/reaction if someone gave you lemons/view on whether the Earth is flat or round, which I personally think it's neither and is actually a donut nom nom nom) which may or may not affect the rest of the story significantly. Consider yourself sufficiently warned. Story inspired from "My female disciples are scary" by feeling_tired Cover is done by the really awesome Lumi! Buy me tea (because I prefer tea over coffee): https://ko-fi.com/draekai You can join our discord through this link: https://discord.gg/CRrb56c

  • I got summoned to another world, then married a yandere!

    I got summoned to another world, then married a yandere!



    [Some chapters contain R-18 content.] [No rape] [No NTR] "I will become strong with this self-tailored game system! What?! Why does it give quests based on my wife's wishes?!" Kyoya got summoned to another world by a beauty whose aim was sole to get a weak husband! So weak that he wouldn't be able to get a harem and seek other women! Such motives quickly exposed beauty's real personality - a yandere - so Kyoya could only have two paths in his new life! Either to get enough strength to run away from the yandere wife or be strong enough to teach her common sense! A few days were enough to break one of his paths, however! But not only that, his special power, All Creation System, seemed to favor a yandere wife instead of him?! *I, Sixth, have published this story solely for webnovel.com I am not responsible for other illegal copies on other sites* #Support authors on webnovel.com by reading their stories here or on the webnovel's app! - Comments and replies of the author are his and only his opinion. - Story is a fiction solely for the entertainment purposes, nothing related to the reality. -

  • If I'm Male, I Can Avoid a Yandere, Right?

    If I'm Male, I Can Avoid a Yandere, Right?



    Cold horror gripped my heart when I finally admitted out loud: I'm in a dating sim filled with yanderes. I quickly sat up. As much as I love the game and enjoyed the characters, there's no way in hell will I follow any of the routes. All of them lead to pain and some even death! I don't want to die or get raped! But, I don't know if I'll be forced to. There's no neutral ending, after all, and even if there was, I don't think it would be any better than the other endings. What do I do? A light bulb lit up. If I'm male, I can avoid a yandere, right? Getting transported into a dating sim is a girl's wish! But, as they say, be careful what you wish for. Our female lead, who goes by Haruka in her otome games, gets that wish. So, what's the catch? It's the game full of yandere characters and bad “good endings.” Thinking she'll go back to her world at the end of the game timeline, she decides she'll be a guy to bypass any affection. Smart, right? Silly girl forgets there is no neutral ending. She is the Main Character, and there is no escape. Updates: Uhhhh, I try, lol. Taking it at my own pace, which mean irregular updates.Warnings: Many curse words and some violence. Uh, gets a bit sexual later, but nothing extreme.Oh, and since I get people constantly trashing or complaining about my MC, I’ll warn you now that she is a “pushover.” A great target for yanderes, if you will. So leave if that isn’t your cup of tea, thank you.Discord Server: https://discord.gg/KPKrSKb (I give updates on updates) Twitter: @SkyHiLimits (as dead as me) And if you can’t get enough of this novel, check out my extras book! (that I should trying updating more…)

  • “Yandere”


  • yandere


  • Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!!

    Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!!



    [WPC DEC & JAN 2023 [Fantasy] WINNER!] Show love and support with Power Stones, by adding to your collection!!! ---------------------- In the middle of nowhere, where there was no beginning nor the end, a voice echoed, shaking the space a little. “NO!!! This was not why I died, I have to go back. Fu—.” Noah who was the god in a magical world dies at the hand of a weak mage, it seemed everything was under his control but he panicked when his plans seemed to have fallen apart because of the interference of an unknown entity. Reborn in the body of a 14 year old boy, Noah cursed his fate, he was in a completely different world where Qi is used instead of magical power. Noah did not lose hope and Used his trump card and something weird happened with it too. He looked at the fairy in front of him looking back without any emotions on her face. She gave him a mountain of gold while claiming. “Here take it all, because from now on, ‘I am your Sugar Mommy~’!” … Noah was speechless at her exclamation, his eyes resembled that of a dead person. ‘I The Mage god feared by all got a sugar mommy….’ ---------------------- Disclaimer!! Mc is Not A Simp!! Every other chapter will not be a R18 chapter. The Mc will only have sex with his woman when he gets his own body. This novel is full of Adventure, Romance, Cruelty and passion. There will be a Harem but it will be a small one. Additional tags: Character Building, Smart mc, decisive, playful and sometimes cold(not to everyone or edgy) mc, does not care about the beauty of a woman. Yandere female, Killing, new type of Face slapping(only used on special people), fast paced. ---------------------- Show your lovely Support if you like the story! How can you show your support? Gift Power Stone! Golden Ticket! any Gift you Feel Like giving! 1 CASTLE=3 CHAPTERS.

  • Supreme Villain: Help! Yandere Heroines Keep Stalking Me!

    Supreme Villain: Help! Yandere Heroines Keep Stalking Me!



    "I was reborn in an apocalyptic novel world?" A handsome male asked the void but received no answer, his face filled with shock as he awoke from sleep in a hospital bed; the date told him it was just seven days before he was destined to die. Seth Darkwood was an ordinary guy; he liked sleeping with cute women, novels, morning coffee and his job as an editor for novels, living a happy life. But died after being run over by the girl he was trying to sleep with. He woke up in a white world, and met a divine being that allowed him to be reborn in a new world. It seemed to be the normal thing now. However, through a misunderstanding, the Divine being sent him into the body of a character with the same name in an apocalyptic novel called Surviving the Apocalypse with My S Rank Wives. A novel about the MC Chu Feng collecting beauties and beating the undead with his amazing skills as a former soldier king... The problem was Seth didn't get reborn as Chu Feng... but a small, pathetic side villain with the same name. Someone who would die on the day the apocalypse started! He was given a lifeline! His [Apocalypse System] was designed to make him into a Supreme Villain that added an RPG Level up system for Seth and anyone who becomes his ally and many other features. With this system, he tries to live life as he desires, slowly sinking into the role of villain step by step as his womanising and destructive ways allow him to enjoy the role of villain, finding the simp character he took over was far too tragic as he sets out to become the Supreme Villain. However, he notices that the heroines have begun to change. Once they leave the story script, they follow him, seeking his help like lost ducks, becoming obsessive... "Why is Su Muyure watching me with a bloody knife in her hand from behind that corner?"

  • The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era

    The Number One Star in the Interstellar Era



    He just became the newly-crowned movie emperor when he died a tragic (actually, very stupid) death. On his way to cross the NaiHe bridge, he managed to evade Meng Po and not drink her soup. Thus keeping the memories of the life that he just had. But he would never have imagined that he would be reincarnated hundreds of thousands of years later. In the Interstellar era! If it happened to other guys, they would definitely want to be a mecha warrior. Don't most men dream of that at least once in their life? But sadly, that's not for him. There's only one goal in his mind - to be the number one star in the Interstellar era. With the knowledge and skills he got from his past life, he would definitely achieve it. But who was this annoying person who kept on pestering him? A certain prince smiled in a scary and crazy way: Cook food for me or else die. = a few months later = A certain prince leaned over and moved his face closer: I don't need food, I could just eat you. A bad tempered yandere gong X a reincarnated movie emperor shou *NaiHe bridge - a bridge that souls crossed to enter reincarnation **Meng Po - the lady on the Naihe bridge who gives out soup that lets the souls forget their memories, thus entering the cycle of reincarnation in a clean slate. Twitter: @tyramisu_wn IG: @tyramisu_novels

  • The Bizarre Love Game Where Everyone's a Yandere

    The Bizarre Love Game Where Everyone's a Yandere



    The protagonist, Elias, inadvertently enters the second iteration of the game world known as "Yandere". Due to his neglect of emotional connections with female characters in the first round, this oversight becomes extremely dangerous in this real-world iteration. The fictional heroines now exist in reality, transformed into dangerous and unstable "Yanderes". Elias's survival hinges on his ability to forge emotional bonds and the system's limited capacity to restart. His journey is a blend of dark adventure and inner growth, fighting alongside captured allies to unravel the secrets of the game world. Tags # Yandere # Weak to Strong # Apocalypse # Harem # No NTR # No Yuri # May Contain R18 Content (Chapters will be marked) # Chapters released daily (Sometimes with surprises) # Chapters will be brief, typically around 1000 to 1500 words (Sometimes with surprises).

  • My Yandere Wives are Transcendents

    My Yandere Wives are Transcendents



    An 11-year-old boy suddenly woke up,"...wait, where am I?""...I see, so this is the so-called transmigration.""hahaha.....hellll yaaaahh.""It's my time to show the world who the boss is."But he didn't realize what he caused,"Wait, this isn't what should be... why is he here, and where's that prostitute? And why is my lover with him?""Fuck, what the hell is happening here? He shouldn't be here, and that guy should be dead, but how is he alive....urgh," he grumbled."This is MY FUCKING WORLD, why are these guys interfering...aahhhhh," he shouted.A transmigrator who thought 'doing good deeds and fighting against evil will make him a hero and ruler of this world' now made a very small mistake which leads to,"My wife....is a wonderful woman," the mob character."Why? Why? Why? Why......" the mob character rumbled."Do you....believe in god?" the mob character questioned with a messed-up expression."S-Shall we get m-marry?""..." the mob character was shocked."I don't know why but I like you, I guess.""...." the mob character was too shocked."I like you, so be my son-in-law?""...." the mob character was too-too shocked."How about marrying my daughter and me at the same time?....what do they call that hmmm...'oyakodon,' right?"'cough, cough.'"What?" the mob character was finally snapped."Big Brother, when will we get married?""........"Transmigrator never expects a certain 'Mob character' and how that 'Mob character' becomes a great disaster for the entire world because of his single mistake.A/N: This is my first time writing, so give me your honest opinion whether it is good or bad, but please don't be harsh on me... okay, I will try my best.CHOTTO MATTE....The first five chapters, The Transmigrator will be one to explain everything about this new world. I know I am not introducing the MC suddenly, and it's hard to info dump, but it's just for the first few chapters, so don't be harsh on me.If you wondered who will be MC then, MC is just a 'Mob Character.'Additional Tags: Harem, Male MC, Beautiful Female leads, Vampires, Dragons, Elves, dwarfs, Mermaids, Revenge? Deadly Yandere, Incest, Tsundere, Kuudere...Slow-paced///...Alternative Title: For HER, I am Only one...///https://discord.com/invite/X3wBNHZFNW

  • The Conquerors Path

    The Conquerors Path



    Love, lust, and desire... Austin didn't know much about all that in his past life, for he was average in all aspects of his life. A guy who took psychology and math to learn because he couldn't get into biology, the only exciting thing about him being the fact that when he died, he ended up in his favorite eroge game with the task of getting the girls and making the protagonist a loner. Love, like manipulation or time in hell... That was his choice from the God Of Games... The beautiful girls of tsunderes, the sadist, the masochist, the kuudere, and the...yandere, and more. A world with living, breathing women of high status and power who don't like to share... So what happens when Austin goes behind them?... What happens when the Gods that feel nothing feel for him? What happens when he becomes the gigolo of the Gods?... Well, come and find out as he tried to survive among all the crazy women that exist... [There will be a lot of sex scenes, but it might only start after about 60 or so chapters.] (Note: Hey, first of all, this is not a fanfiction! It's true that the beginning of the story and some parts resemble some novels, but none of the characters are related to others from the novel. Also, the story flow will become completely different later!! Again, not a fanfic! The image does not belong to me; if the creator wants to remove it, message me.) My Discord: https://discord.gg/XyYvJ389mg

  • Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere  Lovers

    Stealing The Protagonist’s Yandere Lovers



    The world of the novels is filled with countless fantasies, it’s a way for people to escape away from reality into their little world hidden deep inside from others. There are a lot of protagonists and antagonists, and also various supporting roles that spice up things here and there, but what if suddenly you are forced and dragged to one against your will. Elandor was one such successful person, but who kidnapped him? Will he be able to find the answers he seeks while he sets out on his journey filled with countless surprises. {Although the ending is rushed due to my poor health and various other reasons, all in all it’s a pretty decent read to pass time.}[No NTR,No paedophilia, No yuri but includes netori] Won Third prize in Yearly Harem genre contest. Additional tags- (No system) (twisted love) (yandere) (manipulative mc) (cunning mc) (loyal love interests) (obsessive love) (clingy lovers) (fast-paced) (strong to stronger) (early romance)(special abilities) (unique cultivation technique)(villian mc)(shameless mc) (Polygamy) (transmigration) (multiple worlds) (blackmail)(manipulation)(toxic love) (Previous life talents) (maids) (tsundere) (regret?) Season 1 is upto 82 chapters rest of the story is Season 2. ************ [Warning -R18 with No beta mc, plus if you are here to watch hundred of chapters just to see mc bootlicking FL or here for a spineless/dense mc getting better as the plot goes on, then you are at a wrong place dear!]. #####—-Very Important Author Note——#### I can’t edit initial few chs for small mistakes as it has hundreds of paragraphs and chapter comments, if I did that then those all will be automatically deleted by the Webnovel. Also, this book contains scenes of blackmail, low degree forced scenes and lots of manipulations with heroines which everyone may not like as this book is made for only a few like-minded limited audience. Hope you all are having a nice day! Discord- c2#8780 ………… {Cover is made and edited by me using a free-to-use online Fotor AI tool.} **English used is mostly Uk/British version.

  • White Online

    White Online



    [WPC #246 - Silver Place Winner!] Since he was a child, Isaac was unable to improve his strength no matter how much he tried, like he was cursed by the Gods. One day, a massive snowstorm struck the peaceful city of Snowstar, wreaking havoc in a peaceful community. Young Isaac was wandering alone in the forest when the snowstorm struck, seeking adventures and excitement, but instead, he found something else that completely changed him and his future. Several years later, Isaac suffered an incident caused by his jealous classmates, which bedridden him for several months, but after the traumatizing experience, doctors thought that it would take him years before he could overcome his trauma, but against all odds... He overcame it in 2 weeks! Being heavily sheltered and protected by his family after the incident, Isaac's life seemed dull and kind of boring, but then... The highly anticipated VRMMORPG White Online was released. Without thinking twice, Isaac bought the cheapest VR Helmet available and entered the new world with almost zero expectations, but excited nonetheless. This is the story of Isaac Whitelock, who will rise from being a protected and weak individual to being one of the sole hopes of the entire Human race. [Connecting...] [Welcome to White Online!] [Legacies awaits you!] [Do you want to be a Legacy Carrier or Casual Player who history won't remember?] __________________ Disclaimer: Cover owned by me, made by Dini Marlina __________________ https://www.patreon.com/aesirproductions Me, alongside my friends, decided to create a novel. Please, check it out, and support if you enjoy it. I can promise, it's going to be a wild ride. ___________________ Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Video Games - Slice of Life - No Harem - R-18 - Yandere - VRMMORPG - Martial Arts - Comedy - Genius Protagonist - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Clingy Lover - Weak to Strong - Gods - Loved MC - Calm Protagonist - Rich Protagonist - Legacies - Historical - Famous Protagonist

  • My Three Yandere Wives

    My Three Yandere Wives



    "Who are you lady?" "How rude I am the goddess of reincarnation!" A normal young man found himself surrounded by thousands of gods who were observing him silently. "Shit... did I die?" "yes... I know it must be hard-" "LET'S GO GIVE ME MY HAREM AND OP ABILITIES LET ME EXPERIENCE COCKY EGOTISTICAL PEOPLE WHO WILL CALL ME TRASH NO MATTER HOW MUCH I PROVE I'M OVERPOWERED!!!" Dead silence... Thousands of gods were left speechless. "ok give me my system or infinite magic or unique bloodline or whatever" Hearing what the young man said thousands of gods burst into laughter. "I the God of strength will give you my system" "I the God of life will give you my system" "I the God of archery will give you my system" Every single god gave the young man their system/power causing a unique system to be made just for him. [Supreme System] ------------------------- 1 chapter every day please show some support and leave a review! Picture cover is not mine. [A/N: Before you start reading, please understand that this is fiction, anything resembling the real world is a mere coincidence, I have no intention of offending any kind of group, this is just a novel I'm writing for fun] Hope you like my novel!

  • Surviving By Relying On My Yandere Fiancee

    Surviving By Relying On My Yandere Fiancee



    Meet Elysion, the third prince trapped in a romantic RPG nightmare! He’s the ultimate underdog, hated sidekick with a fatal fate. But guess what? Elysion’s got a game-changing plan, after all he is harry and has got his past life wisdom. No more canceling engagements and diving into disastrous endings. This time, he’s sidestepping fiancée drama from the get-go. The twist? The Duke’s daughter, once his top pick, is a powerhouse of possessiveness and obsession – A TOTAL YANDERE Get ready for a rollercoaster of love, survival, and unexpected turns in this RPG adventure! ****** A/N: Though it’s yandere(obsessive female lead) it's not serious, it will be soothing and can except many comedic scenes. Hoping, you will give it a try regardless of your liking to yandere or not.

  • Captured By The Cold Detective (BL)

    Captured By The Cold Detective (BL)



    [CRIME/OMEGAVERSE] Was it possible for the devil to get his own happy ending? A major accident seven years ago had stolen He Juan’s memory away from him, wiping it so clean that the only things he were left with were only his name, numerous scars all over his body and a nasty side effect as a result of the aftermath. Seven years passed by and when He Juan thought he could live like a normal person again, a fateful day led him to be the prime suspect of the murder case of his neighbor who had written his name as her dying message — whom, in his defense, he had not even talked to! It was then that he met Mu Yuze, the lone wolf of the Violent Crime Investigation Unit; the cold, intimidating man with beautiful and intense midnight blue eyes who seemed to hate him at first sight for some reason He Juan couldn’t comprehend. One after another, bizarre cases intruded on He Juan's normal life and turned it upside down, bringing light to a dusty past he thought he could never remember again. In the end, he had to learn that even if he had forgotten who he once was… there were still some sins he had to atone. *** Gentle, klutzy and smiling Alpha whom nobody dares to offend for some mysterious reason x cold, possessive and cinnamon roll Omega (maybe a little yandere here and there) Additional tags: top/gong/seme protagonist, action, case-solving, organized crime, thriller, gore, slice of life, tragedy, detectives, disabled characters, murders, teamwork, investigation, yaoi, mature, past plays a big part, 1 vs 1, love interest falls in love first Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord: delanasiwarka#1490 Discord server: bit.ly/delanadiscord

  • Slice Of Life In Fantasy World

    Slice Of Life In Fantasy World



    Liam was your average teenager that could be find anywhere but because of an accident he was reincarnated into a planet named Endora. Endora a planet full of magic and fantasy where not only human but also many different races lives. In Endora he was reincarnated into a duke family. So his starting was also pretty good but that's not all, he also holds a system. Although the system functions were less but it was an important function and with that he could gain foothold in this new world. But that was all not important for him, what was important is that he was reincarnated and now he wouldn't hold back his desires and do whatever he wants in this new world. ******* Tags: Reincarnation - Slice of Life - Smut - Incest - Incest Harem - No Yuri - No NTR - But Contains Netori - Milf - Princess - Beautiful - YANDERE - Angel Race - Vampire Race - Dragon Race - Elves Race - Spirit Race - Undead Race - Harem - Mature - R18 - Sex Stories - Hentai - NSFW - Pregnancy - Chaotic Neutral Main Character - Extreme Wish fulfillment. ***** To see character's illustrations and to get instant chapter release, join my discord server; https://discord.gg/38sHvNaUzr

  • After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor

    After the Marriage Cancellation, She Becomes a True Ancestor



    "The useless daughter of the Su Family, Su Ye, had gone crazy after being rejected by the Bo Corporation's President! On the first day, she touched her father's head. "Nephew, I think this project I found is good. You can go auction for it tomorrow." The next day, she dug up the Su family's ancestral grave with a shovel and muttered, "I remember that it was buried here?" On the third day, she patted the shoulder of a certain clean freak CEO. "Little Bo, even if the marriage didn't work out, we still have feelings for each other. I'll give you a discount on this medicine, just give me six million." … Su Ye, the most ambitious woman in the business world who had died 40 years ago, had coincidentally been reborn into the body of his grandniece. Thus... In the department of inheritance notarization, a large inheritance that had been shelved for 40 years was claimed. The museum was surprised to see that a mysterious person had donated an astronomical antique that disappeared 40 years ago for free. Hacker Alliance. An account that no one had been able to identify who was behind it for more than 40 years suddenly came online. Mysterious Sister became popular online. K.O. Stone Gambling Master, Reincarnated God of Medicine, Big Sister Carrier, Taekwondo Grandmaster… Tens of thousands of people wanted to pamper her, and the Su family's doorstep was frequented by the seventy to eighty-year-old childhood friends of hers who were big shots of various fields. A certain ex-fiancé was filled with jealousy. "Make it hot. Don't affect my fiancée's college entrance examination." Zhen Xiang might be late, but he would never be absent. Bo Yunli never looked at her in his eye before marriage. After the divorce, Bo Yunli suddenly asked, "Which project do you like? I'll bid for it and give it to you." "These are the gold shovels and keys to the Bo family's cemetery. Dig whichever you like." "That's true. The prescription is priceless and six million RMB is too little. How about exchanging it for the position of the Bo Corporation's Young Madam?" [1v1. Double Virgins+ Fake Identity.]

  • Villainous Me: Help! The heroines are yanderes!

    Villainous Me: Help! The heroines are yanderes!



    A young man woke up to a world of magic and endless possibilities. He was transmigrated. Great! Only that he now had three huge problems. One, he had no memories of his past. Two, he was a villain destined to die no matter the outcome. And three, the heroines were all kinda... should he say, obsessed? Yeah, he was fucked. [Note] No Yuri. Conflicting emotions of MC due to loss of memory for the first part. Huge plot twist, so don't fall for whatever you see. NTR? Not. But probably netori. Beta MC? Big No. Harem? Yes! Don't ask me how but I'll make it possible. ..... More golden tickets for faster updates!

  • My Love Debts Are Everywhere!

    My Love Debts Are Everywhere!


    An ancient proverb from the Homo sapiens era once stated, "Light and darkness can never be united because they are natural enemies arranged since the creation of the universe." The statement seems plausible, yet it may contain inaccuracies... —————————————— Leon Kruger, a 22-year-old man counted among the three of humanity's heroes, is dispatched by the Holy Empire of Mankind to invade the territory of the Demon Empire—an enduring adversary of humanity for over 7000 years. Wielding the Great Holy Sword Zenith and commanding a legion of thousands of holy troops, he leads the raid on the Desert of Chaos, facing the elite armies of the Demon Race with unwavering valor. Even, he engaged in direct combat against the Demon Emperor, who was actively leading the war on behalf of the Demon Race! Unfortunately, he never foresaw that his offensive was a cunning scheme orchestrated by the Emperor of the Holy Empire. The emperor aimed to eliminate Leon, perceiving him as a threat to his position as the ruler. Furthermore, unbeknownst to him, he had been poisoned before setting out for war, leading to a catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Demon Emperor and resulting in his capture as a prisoner of the Demon Emperor. Envisaging torment at the hands of the notorious Demon Emperor after his capture, he was surprised to find that this foreseen ordeal did not come to pass! The Demon Emperor, unveiled as a remarkably beautiful woman, unexpectedly and without apparent cause, asked him to be responsible for abandoning their triplet daughters?! "Nani! Since when did I have triplet daughters with you, smelly demon woman?!" Not only that, Leon gradually realized that an increasing number of women were approaching him to claim the love debts he had unwittingly accumulated in his youth. "Wait! Hold on! Please be gentle! Both my kidneys are nearly tapped out!" —————————————— #Tag: #Action #Adventure #Harem #Slight-Harem #StrongToStrongest #Romance #Demon #Elven #Hero #Dragon #DaughterLoves #Revenge #Anti-Hero #Handsome-Male-Lead #Beautiful-Female-Leads #SliceOfLife #Unhesitate-MainCharacter #Yandere #PossesiveCharacters #PhsycopathCharacter #HateToLove #Comedy

  • Apocalypse Cheater

    Apocalypse Cheater



    What would happen if a man happened to travel back into the past where he can undo his mistakes and regret? Near in the future, an unknown being appeared and claimed that a new reality shall be opened up for humans to enter, creating havoc across the world. However, what they didn't know is that 10 years later, monsters from the unknown void broke through the world and caused massive destruction. The powers obtained from that reality can be brought out to the real world, hence, Earth could defend itself from these monsters. However, another 10 years later, Daniel Bell has been killed by a bunch of monsters, and suddenly he has travelled back to the past. Is this a fortunate outcome or will history repeat itself? Only the future can tell. (This novel contains tags that may not be to your liking specifically Yandere, milf, overpowered mc, Incest) (https://discord.gg/yqK3JrS4jX)

  • The plot collapses: All the heroines are broken!

    The plot collapses: All the heroines are broken!



    Su Chen, who is tired of following the villainous plot, where he is hunted down by the protagonist’s halo finally decided to call it quit. “Okay, this is the final time that I am repeating this damn plot.” “What? All the heroines can hear my inner voice?… “….So what? You all heroines think that I will be your Licking dog? Low-rated Villain? Same Rich scumy-second generation who buys you everything following that damn original script?” “Sorry, but you are gravely mistaken, my dear!” ……… [No NTR][No Yuri] ………. (Real villain story begins after chapter 11-13 when mc decides to become unscrupulous and follow one’s interest.) ***Winner of 2022 yearly Villain book category contest**** …….. Additional tags:(Eavesdropping) ( villain mc) (smart mc) (No beta mc) (no boot-licking mc) ( no pretending to be hidden big-shot) (yandere) (tsundere) ( harem accepting mc) ( brain-wash) (kidnapping) (mindbreak) (Stockholm syndrome) (true love) (obsession) ( regret) ( redemption?) (Strong to stronger). **Cover as well as character Ai images are made and edited by myself via Fotor pro Ai app. **Add me to join invite-only author discord server^^ **English used is mostly Uk/British version.