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    Adopted by a noble family, Lu WeiWei became a cinderella in real life for an orphaned child. Her entire adoptive family loved him especially her adoptive brother who spoiled her so much.But that happiness did not last long, the peaceful life of Lu Wei Wei turned into a nightmare after she celebrated her eighteenth birthday party.In a short time all members of her adopted family were slaughtered only in one night, and the survivors were only her and her brothers,Lu Christian.When she begins to feel safe returning and calm even though she is still in a time of deep sadness, she must accept the shocking reality, the mastermind of the bloody plan on her birthday night is her own brother, Lu Christian.And what was even more surprising until she wanted to kill herself was Lu Christian's reason when he massacred his own family because he didn't want anyone to block his intention to marry his own adoptive sister, Lu WeiWei.love. betrayal. competition. possessive. revenge .

  • Possessive



    "You have to be possessive about who you love and what you like. Because they are yours." - Elliot Jacob Mor.***Elliot Jacob Mor tidak tahu apapun tentang dunia menulis. Dia tidak pernah membaca novel. Dia hanya membaca laporan perusahaannya setiap hari. Tidak lebih dan tidak kurang.Rosemary May Meneghel tidak tahu mengenai dunia bisnis. Dia bahkan tidak tahu siapa pengusaha paling kaya di Amerika. Kehidupannya terlalu sibuk di depan laptop dan berimajinasi.Berawal dari acara sukarelawan yang diadakan di Afrika Selatan, kedua manusia yang bagaikan langit dan bumi pun bertemu.Perbedaan yang mereka miliki membuat suatu ikatan yang tak terlihat untuk menyatukan keduanya.Rosemary yang ramah, lembut, pengertian, dan perhatian harus berhadapan dengan Elliot yang keras kepala, tegas, dingin, angkuh, arogan, dan sedikit... atau terlalu posesif? Entahlah. Terkadang Rosemary merasakan sakit dikepalanya setiap kali berdebat dengan Elliot yang selalu mendominasi dan mengontrol hidupnya.

  • Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate

    Alpha Princess's Possessive Mate



    [Mature Content Warning] She wanted to just end her mission and go back to her political marriage, but he had already claimed her his possession. Selene Adawolfa, the Princess of the Adalopha kingdom. Promises her father to bring peace to the village in their kingdom, by ending the age-old war, without revealing her identity. On the first day of becoming part of the Winterwells pack in disguise, she gets herself into trouble. The unexpected turn of events brings her in contact with Fang Warchild, the alpha of the neighbouring village. The most handsome, yet the most vicious man in the entire kingdom who recognises her at the very first glance. And he was ready to ruin her mission just for the sake of owning her! (The story takes place in the 90s so you will find technology in it!) ——[snippet]—— He approached me as his footsteps resonated in the dead silence inside the tent, and I couldn't get myself to step back waiting stunned. Stepping closer he lifted my chin asking again, "do you still choose otherwise Princess?" I gulped, knowing Fang would understand very well what was on my mind, all my lies would be useless in front of how well he knew every nook and cranny of my brain. Mustering all the strength inside me I whispered, diverting my eyes, answering exactly what he didn't want to hear right now, "Yes!" A vicious smirk played on his face as he lifted me by my collar, while I tip-toed barely able to find the ground, trying to match his towering height. "I don't like it when someone touches what is mine," he leaned closer, his tall stature hovering over me just inches from my face and his infuriated breath crawling on my soft skin, "and you better know that your entirety belongs to only me!" ---- All credits of the cover to belong to its owner ---- Discord: https://discord.gg/ZhjZ9aHEZ6

  • My Possessive Vampires

    My Possessive Vampires

    "Sonja is a down on her luck waitress. Her bills keep climbing and she's stuck in an embarrassing job with no way to escape.She gets a letter from one Jasper Bright. He demands she come to see him that very night. There's only one problem, Sonja has no idea who he is.Her boss has been acting very strange lately. Ever since she received that letter he's been almost possessive, but that couldn't possibly be true, right?But these men are holding a secret of their own and when Sonja stumbles onto it, her normal everyday troubles are over and she's got a whole slew of much more worrisome ones to deal with.Just what are you supposed to do when you find yourself in the center of two possessive vampires?"

  • A Possessive Mafia Leader

    A Possessive Mafia Leader


    Czar Pattinson, a 26-year-old British-Russian mafia leader, and a billionaire. He is a dominant, Possessive, Jealous, arrogant, and merciless adult. He hates lies. When he was 15 years old, his parents were killed by another mafia gang. He has money, fame, power, got everything he wanted especially women, and the people who know him don't dare to defy him. His business is into drugs, illegal weapons and casinos, and hotels in Russia and London. But, on a rainy day, his emerald green eyes and his heart laid on Siena Davies, the woman he craved for, and make her his. He couldn't digest the word HATE and REJECT by his lover Siena. So, he conquers his love and marries her by blackmailing her that he will kill her father and her older brothers.Siena Davies, a 22-year-old, editor of a well-reputed publishing company firm named Davies Publishing Inc. She is intelligent, independent, smart, beautiful, kind-hearted. She was her brother's favorite. When she was a month's baby, Her parents got divorced. She hates her mother to the core. Her childhood was imperfect and ruined. Till now she doesn't know the reason why her mother divorced her dad. She stays with her father and her older brothers. Her father and her older siblings were each other support, and strength took responsibility for their publishing business into their hands and after 10 years their hard work paid off. Davies Publishing Inc. is in the number one position in London, United Kingdom.Join me in reading how this Dominant's love conquers his lover's hate changed into Love? Hope you enjoy reading!***Completed****WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT.The photo is not mine. The rightful credit goes to the owner. XOXOXO4Maggievasiredz.

  • Possessive Billionaire

    Possessive Billionaire

    Seorang Pemuda tampan, dengan mata elang dan bibir tersenyum sinis mendekati seorang gadis yang jatuh terduduk di atas lantai. Gadis itu tampak tak berdaya, ditambah lagi dengan air mata yang menetes di pipi nya yang lebam berwarna kebiruan."Dulu kau bisa menolakku dengan alasan pacarmu itu. Tapi, apakah sekarang kau bisa untuk sekedar melepas pergelangan tanganmu dariku? Berani kau melepas, adikmu tidak akan bisa selamat!" ucap Pemuda itu."Sa-Sakit, Tuan!" kata gadis itu sembari memegang lengan nya yang dicengkram kuat oleh Pemuda itu. Air mata kembali menetes dengan deras dari matanya."Rasa sakit di lenganmu saat ini, tidak sebanding dengan rasa sakit di hatiku selama ini!" ucap pemuda itu. Melepaskan cengkraman tangannya dengan kasar."A-apa yang bisa saya bisa berikan kepada Tuan, supaya Tuan mau meminjamkan uang Tuan kepada saya?" tanya gadis itu."Menikah. Menikah denganku, dan aku akan membiayai semua biaya rumah sakit adikmu yang hampir mati itu," kata pemuda itu dengan entengnya. Sontak, gadis itu memelototkan matanya tanda dia sangat terkejut akan syarat yang pemuda itu ajukan.

  • The Possessive Husband

    The Possessive Husband

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    Dennis Gilgeous Alexander hates commitment and relationships. But when he and a woman, Aura Amalia Anthony, are forced into a marriage to please their families, he's stuck in a long term commitment! But as time passes, Aura melts his heart and Dennis begins to open up to her... Will their wedding remain just a formality? After all, Dennis hates it when people touches his things. He's what you call... Possessive. And now, Aura belongs to him, so it's only fair that when it comes to her... He's possessive! "our marriage is only because of matchmaking but that doesn't mean i will easily divorce you. i want this to be my first and last marriage. so starting today, i will learn to love you." Dennis Gilgeous Alexander. ---------------- Follow me on instagram @awisantoni Sooner or later, I will release a book of poetry. If you are interested, follow my instagram for more info.

  • Possessive love by powerful billionaire CEO

    Possessive love by powerful billionaire CEO



    My motto : Never owe anyone anything . Now I regret this motto so much cause it brought me a lot of troubles when I accidentally bumped into a demon , Helios . All enemies fear him ,his wealth is beyond imagination and every woman begs just to get a glimpse of his attention but not me . I’m just a simple girl who has her mind set on her professional career. Our ways met accidentally and fate kept pushing us in front of each other . Is this good or bad luck???? His biggest enemy was his aunt, my biggest problem , that ruined my family's peace was my uncle's wife . I wanted to become someone important , he wanted to get back his title and make his aunt resentful . Even though we didn't get along we understood that the best way for both of us to get what we wanted was to collaborate . After we succeed then each one goes on his and her way but he refused to let me go . At the beginning I thought of it as something easy to handle but little did I know that I was about to be mixed in the royal family issues because of this annoying guy . His possessive love , sweet like honey has trapped me , pulling me in more troubles than before. I am strong but this attention is too much for me . Will I ever be able to free myself out of this mess ?

  • Hellbound With You

    Hellbound With You



    [COMPLETED*] [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "I love you, despite the danger signs." ____ Sheltered and innocent Abigail is terminally ill. She knows she will die soon so before she dies, she wants to fulfill her one and only wish - to fall in love. She wants to experience loving someone romantically. But under one strange condition- she wants a man who will not fall in love with her because she doesn't want him to suffer when she's gone. She met Alexander Qinn, the coldhearted and mysterious man. He warns her from the start that he doesn't do love and that he is dangerous. But that made him the perfect man for Abigail. He was exactly the kind of man she was looking for. Alexander will teach the innocent Abigail about his kind of pleasure while Abigail will show him the joy of doing simple things in life. Their completely different worlds collide, Abi's illness and the mysteries about Alexander will slowly be revealed. Can Abigail handle his own kind of hell? Can Alexander handle her light? ___VOLUME 1 [MAIN STORY] - STATUS: COMPLETEDA story of a terminally ill girl and a heartless man.____ VOLUME 2 [SPIN-OFF] - STATUS: COMPLETEDA story of a vampire prince and a feisty and rich human girl. ____VOLUME 3 [SPIN-OFF] - STATUS: COMPLETEDA story of an ancient witch's unrequited love. ____VOLUME 4 [SPIN-OFF] - STATUS: ONGOINGA story of a ghost and a vampire prince.#enemies-to-lovers ____ * THE MAIN STORY(VOLUME 1&VOLUME 2) IS COMPLETED. AFTER STORY/SIDE STORY(VOLUME 4) IS STILL ONGOING. ____ Cover is mine so don't use it. Instagram account: kazzenlx.x facebook page: author_kazzenlx Discord server: https://discord.gg/UGTA3A4 Donations: https://www.paypal.me/kazzenlx

  • Possessive Couple

    Possessive Couple


    Septian Hadi adalah CEO Cakrawala Group. Ia berumur 28 tahun, dan belum pernah terlihat berkencan dengan siapapun. “Aku merasa alergi pada wanita dengan lipstick tebal mereka!” itulah komentar Hadi setiap dijodohkan dengan wanita sosialita anak dari teman mommynya. Kedua orang tua Hadi terus mendesaknya untuk segera menikah. Untuk membuktikan bahwa ia adalah lelaki normal yang bisa memberikan ahli waris. Ia meminta Sekretaris pribadinya untuk mencari seorang wanita yang baik untuk di jadikan istri kontrak. Dari sekian banyak wanita yang dibawa, Hadi memutuskan untuk memilih seorang office girl di kantornya. Ia menawarkan pernikahan kontrak yang sangat unik, dan perempuan didepannya hanya punya dua pilihan, pertama menyetujuinya dan kedua terpaksa menyetujuinya. Setelah bernegosiasi akhirnya wanita itu yang bernama Rizani Daud, memutuskan untuk setuju dengan syarat Hadi harus mendapatkan restu kedua orang tuanya yang tinggal di kampung. Hadipun menyetujuinya, CEO yang bahkan tidak pernah melihat kecoak itu mulai saat itu berangkat ke kampung demi sebuah restu dari orang tua Rizani. Ikuti pertualangan dan perjuangan Hadi demi sebuah restu dalam novel POSSESSIVE COUPLE.

  • Falling For The Possessive CEO

    Falling For The Possessive CEO



    After a neverending breathless kiss, he let go of her lips. Looking at her with unusual passion in his usual cold eyes, he whispered. "I won't let anyone take you away. Not even death." Her lips were bitten into a swollen and red state. "You belong to me and only me."...One year ago, in her drunken state, Xu Xinya made a mistake - a huge mistake of offending a tyrant - Lu Mingyu - the man whose name shuddered countless hearts. A year later, circumstances forced herself to agree to a compromise. As long as she was willing to be his mistress, her family would be spared of the huge debt.Things appeared so, he was their creditor and she was his debtor, nothing more; Xu Xinya was into this just for the sake of the family.But as their relationship grew she begins to doubt, were things really as they appeared to be?Did he allow her in just because of that debt...or was there some other terrifying truth that bound them together way before all of this started."What was I to you?" She stared into his deep, cold eyes, for once not shying away from his intense gaze. Today, she must get this answer."What were you to me?" He said absentmindedly. His deep abyss like eyes hazed for a second followed by a deep fascinating chuckled. "Do you dare to confront the truth?"There was clear warning in his tone. Like always, he tried his best to intimidate her and give up.Xu Xinya realized this and this only fueled her resolve. "Yes, I do!" She replied; her determination only becoming tougher at his warning....Warning: The genera is dark romance and the ML is portrayed somewhat a possessive freak. He mellows down later own. There will be sexual mature content and violence. So if it is not your cup of tea, steer away....Author Message.However, the ending would be happy, I assure you that. This author hates sad endings.Besides, there would be no Rape I assure you that. I despise rape and even though I would like to make my readers cry a bit, involving rape in the construct is taking it too far. In the end, do give this novel a try. You won't regret it.




    WARNING!!!Banyak adegan yang bisa membuat hati meronta.Retta Angelistha.Pertemuan yang jauh dari kata baik dengan cowok dingin bernama Rey Putra membuat Retta putus dari pacar toxic-nya dan juga membuat kehidupannya terasa jauh lebih indah.Diratukan oleh pacarnya, diistimewakan oleh sepupu cowoknya, dihormati serta dianggap Bu Ketua oleh geng mobil pacarnya yang cukup disegani, serta dianggap Ibu Negara oleh anak-anak Rans yang merupakan geng mobil Sepupunya.Bukan tanpa alasan Retta diperlakukan begitu spesial, karena banyak alasan di baliknya, apalagi Retta juga bukan perempuan biasa. Retta adalah Leader dari Black Motor Girl.Bagaimana cara mereka memperlakukan Retta dengan spesial? Apakah diperlakukan spesial oleh banyak orang membuat hidupnya baik-baik saja dan terus berjalan indah? Tidak! Lalu?Baca saja, see you.

  • His Possession

    His Possession


    "When I return back every night, I expect you to be naked on the couchwith your legs spread wide open with these perfect perky tits saggingdown, so your bare body and your leaking faucet is on full display for mylustful eyes" He said slowly, pinching my nipples in the process. "And If I don't find you in that state" His hand tightened around my barewaist, his nails digging into my skin, showing how serious he is. "lfl.Don 't.Find.You.In.That.State I'm going to make my men fuck you sohard and rough, then slit their throats right in front you and make youlick all their split blood. That's a promise, kitten" His every word pierceddeep inside me, making me tremble in pure fear as the tears rolled down my cheeks silently. "Are we clear?" He asked. "Yes" As soon the word came out of my mouth, a hard slap was given tomy right ass cheek, making me whimper in pain. "Yes what?!" He shouted pulling my hair in his tight .fist, I let out a sob. "Y-yes, Master" I said holding my hair at the scalp. "Good" Smirking widely, he bit my earlobe as his hand slipped into mysoaked panty and pinched my clit while the other hand squeezed mybreast, making me release an unashamed moan.

  • Unexpected Marriage: The Possessive Mr CEO

    Unexpected Marriage: The Possessive Mr CEO

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 CEO FAMILY


    Gabriella Alexa Dinata is a 22-year-old girl who never thought that her decision to sell herself to pay for her brother's treatment, got her married to the handsome man who bought her. The man is a 25-year-old CEO who is handsome of European descent, named Jayson Melvin Orlando. He married Alexa without love, for no apparent reason until Alexa was very curious about the sudden marriage. Over time, Alexa realized that the impromptu marriage had sparked a love in her heart for Melvin. But can Melvin love Alexa? and actually what makes it difficult for him to love Alexa but still marry her, even being very possessive and reluctant to be left. Instead of being curious, let's read Story by Me Art by Pinterest

  • Possessive Bully

    Possessive Bully

    in this story you will ne eager to know what js the intentions of our lead stars oread cast

  • Possessive Senior

    Possessive Senior

    Alena Mikael Greyson (18) Years old, has just entered college in her city. At first it was fine, until he met his older brother and made Alena's life not calm anymore. Daren Cleo Romanov (20) Years Old, Handsome, Rich, Cold and Arrogant. His life is very monotonous, eating, racing, sleeping, night club. That's what Daren always does, but his habit disappears instantly, after he meets a girl who has jet black eyes. The meeting made Daren have an obsession with the girl.

  • My Possessive Boyfriend

    My Possessive Boyfriend

    Lance and Abi is a sweet couple, They have been together for three years straight, Lance is the grandson of the school owner that's why everyone is scared at him, Lance is crazy towards to his lover Abigail until a new student came to their life. Lance knows that this guy is a Threat, Abigail has all the characteristic that every man like him wants, one day all his patience bombed up when he saw her dancing and about to kiss with the other guy. He promised to himself that no one will take her lover away from him that's why he became so possessive. One day an unwanted accident happens when they about to send Abigail to the hospital, a car crash that makes him lost his saint. His lover got kidnapped by the brother of the one they bumped, that's why he planned with the squad to rescue his girl, they went to the abandoned place to save Abigail, Lance thought that Abigail got shot but his wrong, a month later they both graduated and got married.

  • Possessive Boyfriend

    Possessive Boyfriend

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Dave Maxton -Tampan-Kaya-Cerdas-Badboy -Arrogant Nayla Queenzy Patrick -Cantik-Kaya-Cute-Polos-CerewetDave sangat possessive terhadap kekasihnya Nayla, Nayla Queenzy Patrick. Gadis cantik nan cute itu selalu dijaga dengan ketat oleh Dave karena tingkat kepolosan Nayla yang sangat akut, sehingga menyebabkan keluarga Nay dan Dave sangat cemas dan possessive terhadap Nay

  • Possessive Vampire

    Possessive Vampire

  • Possessive Psychopath

    Possessive Psychopath