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Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Fishing the Myriad Heavens FTMH

Modern GameElements

7 chs / week · 46 Chapters

Author: Dao Is Unfathomable

Translator: AstralGhost

Editor: Kurisu

4.2 (33 ratings)


Tired of the schemes and strifes of city life, Bei Feng finally returned to his hometown in the countryside.

While picking asters “neath the Eastern fence;
My gaze upon the Southern mountain rests;
Rearing a few chickens and ducks, I shall lead a simple and leisurely life!

However, who would have thought that fate would play a huge joke on Bei Feng? All kinds of magical items and beings of the Myriad Worlds could actually be fished out of the Ancient Well in his yard!

Even a chicken reeled out of the well ended up chasing Bei Feng all over the yard and beating him black and blue... speechless and aggrieved, he asked the Heavens: if, that day, I’d fished out a Dragon instead of a chicken, what would’ve happened to me?!

Author and Translator’s Thoughts

No Crying Out In The Face Of The Dao AstralGhost

Table of Contents


Latest Release:Chapter 46: Watcher! 19 hours ago

Table of Contents
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Author Dao Is Unfathomable