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【 This story is situated in the technologically advanced world with hologram and some advanced technology hidden from the normal public. 】

Millions of people around the world were transferred to the world of “Planetary Ascension” Everyone had the opportunity to be awakeners and ascend the limits of being humans.

They hunt monsters, eat them and get the energy points from them which make them strong, for achieving this they must learn the ancient fighting arts that were hidden by governments before because without energy points gained by eating monsters meat in this world, performing these martial arts were out of questions.

In this world of beasts, beast souls are most precious resources because it allow the humans to have the weapons or defensive equipments made out of it, which help them in fights with beasts.

However, Arc discovered that he could actually see the option of simulation in his status screen which was not available for other people from what information he got to know so far.

When the other people were still trying to hunt monsters , Behind Arc was gaining experience in simulations and getting good rewards out of those simulation that helped him a lot.

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    The author here. Thoughts? Do tell me what you think in the reviews. Enjoy the book. This is for WSA, so I would appreciate power stones once that opens up. Have fun guys. Comment if you have any questions.

    View 30 Replies

    Thank you for giving my book a read, I won’t go to much into detail but if you have any questions before diving in just let me know!

    View 7 Replies

    what is with the book cover? xD dude got three hand or is it supposed to be a skill?

    View 1 Replies

    To many POV make the history hard to follow and a little boring. The start is good but i would love more focus on the MC. Besive the score i belive that could be a great history

    View 0 Replies

    I like the story, I am fan of slowly getting powerful so looking forward to it

    View 0 Replies

    I think this would be a good novel if I could actually read it without having to pause and comprehend what the author was trying to say. I’m guessing the authors first language isn’t English which good job I only know English but if you want a more coherent read for native English speakers try downloading grammerly.

    View 1 Replies

    Just read all the free chapters (so up to chapter 45) unfortunately the story seems to focus more on some random character that is introduced than the main character. In 45 chapters nothing really happened. In fact within the first 15 chapters the main characters system goes through an update that basically disables his ability that makes him special for 3 months. All in all reading it felt like a waste of time and the story doesn’t really flow in a smooth manner. I don’t know if this would even qualify as junk food. I’m not paying for chapters as the free chapters didn’t justify it. If anyone else has and it somehow does a 180 in quality let me know.

    View 4 Replies

    I don’t care what other may say about this story if what they are saying is bad because I am deeply interested in it.

    View 1 Replies

    Approve.The first chapter is extra exciting and intriguing, followed by the awakening of the Mc and his unique skills. So far I didn't find problems in writing quality. That is all! Please upload more chapters 🙏.

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    This novel really surprised me, I was just at a moment where I no longer wanted to read anything else, something like reader's block, but I found this novel quite entertaining.The pleasant atmosphere is maintained at all times and the personality of the MC is also really good, I like it a lot and I hope the author continues uploading more chapters

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    Honestly, the story is really well written. The Mc, Ty, has his own unique path that the author managed to explain and plan in a special way. His background story and motives really are good.

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    Splendid novel characterized by inspiring characters and grimly appealing worldbuilding. The central concept is as chilling as can be. Apart from human bravery, this world is a desolate and frightening place that is terrorized by beings beyond imagination. The style is very much characteristic to the author, concise, clean, and impactful. Another thing that pops out is the intensely likable main character. Plot is tense. Very tense. Never seen such a colorful combination of post-apocalyptic and wildly dreamlike stuff before wrapped in compact and witty words like this, but I sure do love it.

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    Story was like some cliche in start but it got better in next chapters, it was interesting and have grabbed my interest. I do recommend it to others. Author, Now I am waiting for more chapters looking at my phone.

    View 0 Replies

    More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters! More Chapters!

    View 0 Replies

    Mc of this novel is reacting more like a normal human person and I really liked that. Author, keep up the good work. I will keep supporting your work. Hope to receive your more chapters.

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