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Come and read the tale of Desmond Murphy, as he recounts the story of how he went from a 25 year old office worker nobody, to the High King of Hell.

Follow along as he is thrust against his will from his boring day to day office life into one of gods, magic and mystery. Stuck in a plot between Heaven and Hell, Desmond is forced to forge new relationships with demons and other unlikely mythological creatures while he struggles to understand the rules of this new world revealed to him.

Will he survive Heaven’s angels that pursue his bloody end?


This is my first original work, please read and review if you like. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

I still work a full time job, but do my best to update at least every M/F

Update 7/17/2022

This work is on a hiatus for a few months. My wife had twins recently, and I overestimated my available time to write. (So exhausted all the time!) so I will resume once my newly grown family gets into a new groove and the twins are old enough for me to get SOME amount of sleep again. (Hoping for early September!)

Thank you to everyone supporting this novel and please note that I WILL be returning. That is a promise!

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    Wow... I don't know why, but I'm really starting to like first person perspective stories. Maybe it's just the way you write, because the flow of your story is so good, I'm even starting to wonder how you do it. Like, I was easily able to pave my way through three chapters without getting distracted! Good job author[img=recommend]

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    I feel this book deserves to be published on apple bookstore and more other reading places. Just an idea of mine you should publish it when you have time. To any wondering whether this book is worth reading it most definitely is.

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    I really enjoyed reading this. You know, some stories just talk for themselves and this one here is one of them. The characters, plot, and even the writing is wonderful.

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    I love the flow and development of this book. the characters are so entertaining and keeps me wanting to read more. the book is edgy and thrilling!

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    The first-person point of view adopted made the read relatable; I felt like an old man was telling me the story of his youth. I have read just a few chapters, but I am sure it is worth the read.

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    The author's writing style is clear. The subject seems ordinary at first, but then you see that it becomes interesting. The protagonist is like a white paper on this, it's very suitable for character development, so I'm wondering about character development in future updates.

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    Hello all, Please forgive my reviewing my own novel. But I only need 1 more to get to 10. And I think it’s a good idea to think objectively about what I’ve written. I like to think that the first person - past perspective narrative lends itself well to this kind of story. Yes, we ultimately know where Desmond will end up, but it’s not about the “what” happens, but about the “how” it happens. We get to see Desmond struggle through new worlds, meet new people, and grow and change into a person he never would have expected to become. If you like stories where the MC works hard and earns his powers, while facing off against curruption from within, gods, angels, demons and wizards. This is the book for you! I hope you’ll give it a chance!

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    Really enjoy reading this book. Been reading awhile and voting stones. But realized I should probably leave a review. My only complaint is that there ain’t more to read. Characters are awesome, and the story gets freaking CRAZY. MC may start out weak, but that changes a lot.

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    The story and characters are interesting, as well as the world. However I did get lost at times trying to read this webnovel. And in regards to the stability of updates, it's best if you wrote all of Volume 1, and then you publish the whole thing. That's my advice. But this is worth reading.

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    So far this novel is a very interesting and good story to read. The first person perspective is very refreshing, and the way the author tells the story through the main characters eyes is amazing.

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    Interesting read but the chapters were too long in my opinion. Maybe because i am impatient that's why i wanted to know more. So except that, the world building was awesome and the plot is slowly uncovering it's self. So i would love to keep reading.

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    Author Kapowne