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Original Works

  • Fate's False Servant

    Fate's False Servant



    Ryker was lost and alone his whole life. Not sure why he was born, and what purpose his life served. Until that very same life, came to a halt. Some may view it as a curse, to enter the clutches of death at such a young age. For Ryker, however, it was the chance of a lifetime. Finally he had meaning to his life, and he would seize every moment of it. His desire, is love and companionship. His wish, is to have the strength needed to protect it. Opening his eyes, to a new life, and a person whom he will stop at nothing to protect. Spoken words of those fated, he said to her, "I ask of you, are you my Master?" Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that draws heavily upon the original source material of Fate/Zero and the Fate series in general. I claim no rights to the ownership or credit of pre-existing characters or content. Author's Note: Thank you for your support, and I hope I can touch at least one persons heart with my writing. Just know that I may, *cough* will *cough*, make mistakes and I hope you all will be patient with me. The First Arc will be largely focused on Romance and Parenting, there will be action scenes here and there but the main focus will be on character development and their connections to one another. Arc two will be the start of the main action with romance as well. Arc three will be for the most part action with little time for romance but it will still play a large part in the story. There is give and take to everything so I hope those reading only for the action scenes will be patient and enjoy the story as a whole as well. This book will be a part of a larger universe in the future that I hope to make unique to me as an author. That being said it will take a while to get there so make sure you give me feedback so I know if there are things that need to be fixed or changed as I go along. I do not know everything related to the Nasuverse and if I skip over or get something wrong I do apologize. I do not own the cover picture, if the original author would like me to take it off please contact me.

  • Void Blades

    Void Blades


    A young boy, who's origin was unknown, spent most of his life lost and alone. In an attempt to comfort his lonely heart, he would seek solace within his imagination. Yet that day, he knew it was all coming to an end. As his small body lay in the deserted alleyway, broken, and malnourished, he prepared for his end. Yet 'fate' had something else in store for the young child. An unknown race of ancient warriors who seek to protect the Balance of life itself. They came to be known as, The Blades. Since time immemorial they have watched over all life in the multiverse. Whenever the Balance was disrupted, they were called upon by the 'Eternal Tribunal' to correct the imbalance. Wielding swords forged during the Primordial Era of the Multiverse, The Blades are considered to be the 'weapons' of the 'Eternal Tribunal'. Yet to some, they are but glorified mercenaries, mere puppets to a higher power. Having been chosen as a fallen Blades successor, Soren embarks on a journey full of companionship, wonder and even love. Sadly where there is light, there is darkness as time after time fate tests young Soren as he is faced with the threat of death, as well as forced to experience the sorrows of life. Yet it is these experiences that cause him to grow not only as a person, but as the warrior he was chosen to be. Join Soren on his journey through the Multiverse. -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- Author's Note: This book will contain elements from multiple genres such as, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Video Games, Romance [Possibly Harem, however it depends on the future progress of the story. As of my current plan there is only 1 love interest to the MC. Although she is a core character, their romance will not be a central point but it definitely will be one of the driving factors behind his desire to grow. So just know that although it most likely wont happen, im not going to say it 100% wont.] For those wondering about 'Spaceship fights' there will be different arcs as he goes from planet to planet. I will spend the early parts of the book focusing on him meeting new people and developing as a person while learning more about his situation, but the later parts of the book do get more Sci-Fi like. The book will be primarily Action focused, whether its ground combat or space. NOTICE: I'm only posting the first chapter to get peoples opinion and input so It will be a little while before more chapters are released as I'm currently busy IRL.

  • Watcher of Reality

    Watcher of Reality


    The memories one possesses can define someone's very existence. Yet for one being, it is he, who gives definition to memories. Having spent eternity, viewing the lives of billions of entities, some could be young, others old. Many were the lives of Humans, yet others could be any manner of beast. It wasn't long before the beings true self was lost. He no longer knew who he was, how much time had pasted, or what had happened to his body. All he remembered was sealing away all but one set of memories in an attempt to regain some form of identity. The identity the being suddenly found himself in, was that of a normal human boy, by the name of Nathan. Yet as a repercussion of sealing so many memories, the only set he didn't seal, belonging to the human child, became jumbled. Now rather then stuck with to many memories, he found himself with a lack of memories, including the way to unseal them. In a last ditch attempt to protect the final spark which defined him, he sealed his soul within a miniature world, a world of dreams, which would hopefully allow him to restore some of the jumbled memories. Slowly time passed and his plan was working, however, one of the beings in charge of judging souls took interest in him. Breaking him out of the world, and granting little Nathan's wish. Something which he believed he could have done without. Yet will look back on, and be grateful for. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that draws heavily upon the original source material of Douluo Dalu. I claim no rights to the ownership or credit or pre-existing characters or content. Author's Note: This is a Douluo Dalu fan-fic about a young boy reincarnated, with op cheats, due to the whims of a powerful being. This book will be the main anchor which connects the universe im hoping to create so i hope you all enjoy, and thanks for your support!

  • Beyond Horizon

    Beyond Horizon


    "Breaking News…" "Today at approximately 7:35am, billionaire, playboy Yu Takaki was found dead in his home…" "…Police reports say the cause of death was a heart attack…" "…Social media has been taken by storm. With many people around the world taking to online forums to celebrate…" "…Former 'Takaki International' CEO and father of the deceased, Sugo Takaki, had this to say during a press interview…" "…Many viewed my son as a womanizer, and a devil in human skin…all I have to say is that they did not know my son. He was…" *Click* Yu: "...None of that matters now...what matters is not the past...but how I will not allow that past to shape my future." ???: "...My Lord...It is our future." Yu: "...but how I will not allow that past to shape 'OUR' future." ???: "Mmm, better." -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- The whims of the gods brought him to this world on the brink of destruction. His task…to save those he is able. His desire…to live his life freely in this new world he has found himself in. His future…shrouded in the mysteries of time. Join Raidon Arakan, formerly known as Yu Takaki, as he adventures through the world of [Elder Tale] in search of a life beyond the mundane, in a world full of the extraordinary. Along his path, he will discover himself, as well as met those he desires to protect. While at the same time conquering and annihilating those whom stand in his way. This is his tale. The tale of the man once called 'The Strongest' adventurer. -..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- *Log Horizon Fanfic* Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original series' characters. This Fanfic will only loosely follow the source material so there may be some discrepancies. I do not own the cover art, if the original creator would like it taken down please contact me. For those who haven't seen the source material, worry not for I will be attempting to write it for everyone to enjoy rather then just those whom already know everything. Even I as the author don't know everything so I will just be doing my own thing.

  • Hentai Cards of Absolution

    Hentai Cards of Absolution


    This novel will be whatever really. You guys don't have to like it but there will be a lot of +18 chapters as I try to get better at writing those types of things. As for the Synopsis honestly I don't know xD I'm just thinking about it as I go so there may be some plot mistakes but how about we write it together? I'll post poll type chapters along the way to get your opinions on the direction the story should take and maybe ill bring the MC to anime worlds that you guys decide on. We will just progress with time. For those of you who have read my other books don't worry, I have decided to just write what I feel like writing. I will still be writing a chapter or two of my other books every week and it may take a while but eventually ill have some decent stories out in the world for future reading enthusiasts to possible enjoy :) Disclaimer: This novel contains mature content not suited for young or easily offended viewers. Please read at your own will and don't hate when something happens that you don't like or enjoy. I don't not own the cover picture if the original creator desires for me to remove it please contact me.


I just hope in the future the MC isn’t forced to do things against he will anymore...whether it’s Viper/Winter or any other person that comes along, I don’t like when the female lead is forced into relationships even if they do fall in love later. It just personally doesn’t sit well with me. I mean write the book how you want I’m just stating how I feel, I hope the MC gains more power to no longer be forced. View More
NoGift · C17
4 weeks ago
Maybe it’s related to the fact that she is a monster.

Like certain monsters that fulfill certain conditions have their names blackened and their powers increase but at the cost of something.

This might not be important to normal monsters who have nothing to lose like for example a light dragon boss monster who possesses a high level of intellect give into his anger and relinquishes his intelligence and is corrupted turning him into an evil dragon hell bent on destruction never to return to the way he was.

Or it could be something related to her old world thus making it unique to ‘otherworlders’. Maybe we’ll see someone else with a black name in the future whether in a quest or in the world.

Hopefully when Shiro is standing on the edge of the abyss, her companions can hold her steady. View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C180
3 months ago
I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to buy a house so I’ve been putting my all into work and life in general. I love reading and writing still but I just don’t have time. Once things begin to settle down I want to pick things back up. I can’t give you a date but I promise you I’ll finish the book in the future. Thank you for enjoying the book so much to wait it means a lot to me <3 View More

Zerot_Solar: Dear author I still waiting 😢

Fate's False Servant · C33
3 months ago
The issue is that the story is being rushed. It seems like the author wants to get through the beginning of the series quickly which is causing his character to fall flat. At this point he is quite literally a side character. Hopefully he slows down and starts being more descriptive. There is almost no flow between different people talking or their actions because it feels like the author doesn’t describe anything in detail making things seem bland. What does the MC look like? Why is he so cheerful despite having gone through supposed ‘hardships’ when growing up. Is he close to Hinata and/or Hanabi? It seems like it but due to the rush and lack of descriptions it makes things bland. These are all character building opportunities that have been missed. If one day you decided to touch up your book I would look at that first. I’ll keep reading though, hopefully it gets smoother. View More
The Sharingan Hyuga · C3
3 months ago
For this chapter, I’m pretty sure Rongrong introduces herself as ‘Ding Rongrong’ as she is still hiding her identity. I don’t know what the LN said but Chapter 11 of the Manhua has ‘Ding’. View More

The_Wulin: Uh how about regenerating from a single cell.

Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend (HIATUS) · C14
3 months ago
You are forgetting something. All he is doing is copying the movements of Alex.
It’s been said before that all Alex is doing is making ‘normal’ food. Meaning he isn’t cooking anything grand or using some revolutionary method. Copying his form wouldn’t be to hard.
What makes Alex special is his confidence and ability to make people remember their past, whether good or bad.
So far Alex hasn’t gotten serious in cooking. When he busts out an original meal of his that he says is his best creation and he puts 100% effort into it, I doubt anyone cool copy him. View More

tekite: I'm still gonna say bull**** on this. If the number 1 on elite ten was the one cooking you would make some bull**** excuse of his skill being too high that this Subaru dude cant even try to emulate, but our protag is like the God of Cooking personified, but they have literally no difference. I am not sure to what extent you are gonna keep downplaying and nerfing him that even the audience themselves are like retarded at this point. If someone fucking got 100 points on an exam that never gave that point, actual people with more than 10 IQ would say, Subaru is overreaching and he cant even come close to him. But now everyone is acting retarded and muddled like, what the **** where did your brains go you dog**** audience? Even his friends are dog****, and the Eizan guy is actually brain damaged too, like dude you cant even investigate a very powerful name, just fucking ask a random thug outside and they might even know his last name. I respect your writing author, but can you actually think before writing all these chinese novel esque developments. This is like making it hard to take jt seriously

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C60
3 months ago
I just hope Alex settles all the Gang related stuff soon...like if it was a major gang or organization then yeh but we talkin Ants against a Tiger and the Tiger is being too lazy that it forgets about the ants only to have thousands of them climb into his rear end... View More
Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C57
3 months ago
I mean Gohan was like 10 (11 physical with the year in time chamber) when he fought cell so... he was 7 when future Trunks came. It’s not completely weird if you think of their voices being very squeaky but still strange. View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C8
3 months ago
I get that Draco is still young and all but he’s naive. It’s funny how he bashes Harry for being weak and naive yet he himself shares similar traits.
If Theodore is brainwashed and controlled to fight against Draco I might be out lol.
It feels like you don’t like the 2nd book so your making your own plot which is good but If the only thing that happens is Draco running away from home, getting his best friend kidnapped, adding a girl to his harem and then being moody while in school saying things like ‘I promise I’ll save you Theodore’ then he is turning into the type of MC which you’re constantly hating on. With how it started I was expecting the MC to be calm and calculating while taking a different spin on things, not a Harry clone with a harem.
Hopefully I don’t get called out and singled out for my criticism like that one guy did. Everyone has their opinions :) View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C75
3 months ago
Got nerfed to hard, useless champion. Hopefully the balance team realizes their **** up and gives him some buffs, or else it’s time to pick a new main. View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C75
3 months ago
‘Being chased by his father’...’runs into father before fleeing’...’gets told someone’s chasing him’...
“What! Someone’s chasing me?!”
Idk many things in this chapter felt off in terms of writing. But hey whatever I guess sometimes you must force plot early to set up future plot. View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C73
3 months ago
The reason there isn’t any clear limitations is because HP utilizes a ‘Soft Magic System’. The overall point of a soft magic system is about drawing focus away from the magic and pushing the readers focus towards the narrative. HP is about the struggles of Harry Potter growing up and his quest against lord V. To implement limitations into the work means you are changing the soft magic system into a hard magic system which is all about designing how a type of magic works, and allowing the reader to follow along with problem solving difficult situations that the characters may be faced with. A soft magic system is bound to leave a lot of questions and plot holes but it’s not about the magic but rather the story. Both systems are good and find what you feel fits your story better. View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C22
3 months ago
Wait so this is his thought process...
-‘Sword appears in his bed suddenly’
-‘he has dreams in which the sword makes an appearance’
=‘must be the wand!’ no ‘I can ONLY be the wand!’
Uhh maybe it was the sword? Like I get that it’s probably the wand but we don’t know that yet.
You should have made us think that it was the sword before slapping us with ‘it was the wand the entire time?!’ rather then shutting down all paths of mystery by having the MC know what’s causing it. Yet he in reality shouldn’t know yet. View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C20
3 months ago

SnowRose: Goku during the cell saga had like 2,800,000,000 as his power level in SSJ G4 so 900 billion isn’t really inflated considering SSJ3 with KKx20 would be 40 billion x 20 so 800 billion. Then you need to take into account that Goku’s base form is stronger in this version. Meaning his multiplied numbers would be higher so 900 billion is normal.

Reborn as Vegeta · C17
3 months ago
Goku during the cell saga had like 2,800,000,000 as his power level in SSJ G4 so 900 billion isn’t really inflated considering SSJ3 with KKx20 would be 40 billion x 20 so 800 billion. Then you need to take into account that Goku’s base form is stronger in this version. Meaning his multiplied numbers would be higher so 900 billion is normal. View More
Reborn as Vegeta · C17
3 months ago
It’s not about what she did or didn’t do. It’s about understanding each other. She feels like her parents don’t care about her feelings and are being selfish and forcing their ideals into her. While her parents are just worried about her and were upset that she didn’t go to them, instead having to find out through others. They most likely said what they did out of anger and disappointment in the heat of the moment. Her reliving her memories, caused her to remember that her parents do care about her feelings more then she may realize and so she is apologizing, not because she did wrong with Dylan but rather, she shouldn’t have said the things she did. Her parents are just as wrong if not more in this situation. But right and wrong in this instance don’t matter, you need to open up (true) communication first before placing blame. If you’re in her situation with her parents, and I understand some people don’t have good relations with your parents, but if you do then your parents love you, and doubting their love to you is not okay even in moments of anger. It’s as simple as that nothing more, nothing less. But it’s just my interpretation :P View More
Knight in Another World · C55
3 months ago
Why risk things though? People kill others in that world just because they don’t like the way someone looks. It’s the nature of that world. You’re right people might not have been able to figure out what happened but MIGHT is still to much of a chance to take for them. Other fate holders could possess unique abilities that would allow them to find and track the MC or even look into people’s minds. Not risking things and doing what you feel is needed is the best way to protect yourself. Our version of an ‘anti hero’ could be how the regular people in that world are the fact is that we don’t know. Even the author might not know. So don’t hate and just read. If you don’t like the book don’t read simple as that. View More

YourMaster: It isn't a fucking war. They are currently in the small country and Wen girl could destroy it singlehandedly without much efforts. It would take about few minutes to kill this Nightmare beast and be gone, it would be impossible for anyone to know that they take away the fragment. How could those random people bring the news to another Fate Holder who is strong enough within just few minutes/hours? Moreover, previous holder of this Fragment wasn't low key and he defeated many people using his power - no one took away the fragment from him. Because Fate Holders are way too rare.

There literally zero reasons for them to kill those people. The only news they could bring is "oh, there is this Nightmare beast with strange ability". Most people just consider it some type of mutation or something.

I understand it if the author tried to make anti-hero MC, but it is definitely not the case here.

Spirit Cultivation · C65
3 months ago
The content has been deleted
Beyond Horizon · C6
3 months ago
I don’t get why people dislike Lyrica so much...she’s a still a little kid yet people hate on her for growing dependent on someone whom was the first to show her what friendship is. Lyrica’s character progression has only just begun. When comparing Shiro to her party members people seem to forget that Shiro had an entire past life worth of experience, sure she was used as a lab experiment for most of it but still experience. She is mature and ***** like yes, but she right now is but a child physically. So stop pushing your own ideals and ‘perfections’ onto the other girls. Lyrica needs time to grow just like all of you did when you were a hormonal teenager whom strived to be accepted by your piers adored by your friends. Lyrica is a child, so don’t be children yourselves and just watch her grow. View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C150
4 months ago
Didn’t it say that exact same thing earlier? That she could sense everything in her space but the water? Is it just me or does it feel like things are being reiterated constantly... View More
Zombie Sister Strategy · C63
4 months ago
Her physical capabilities might be similar to a level 5 zombie at the moment, however the lvl 5 that’s chancing her has a combat oriented power while her space is utility based. Two equally matched opponents, the one with stronger ability would win. Although I feel like her space could have some combat potential later on. View More
Zombie Sister Strategy · C53
4 months ago
So confirmed, the Voidwalkers are nothing more then blobs of conscience. That explains why they (whom are obviously horny old people) haven’t done ‘anything’. If you know what I mean. View More
Why Did You Summon Me? · C52
5 months ago
The content has been deleted
I accidentally married a "CEO"
6 months ago
Is abuse normal in China? I get that things were different back in the day and it’s not the same as in the US however is seems strange that a child could be tormented like this yet no one cares to much? Even the neighbor who most likely is the ML, although he helps her when they meet it’s almost like he doesn’t care what happens after she leaves. ‘Oh mom abused you? Here let me take you to your father...okay goodbye’ like? Idk check in on her, call the police, something. Not just her but even the father seems to act like it’s whatever, he’s upset obviously but I would seriously be reconsidered my marriage partner if they did that to my child. Yet he just goes home and argues with her then leaves her ‘who was just abused’ home alone with an abusive person??? View More
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C9
6 months ago
“So, what's there to prepare for using a gun? If it takes that long they could have used magic instead...”

Unless you types something while meaning another thing then my reply has a lot to do with your question. I answered what was necessary to
prepare for when using a gun, and why it’s used rather then magic. View More

McRead: I cannot see the relation between your answer and my question. I merely asked why it takes so long to prepare the gun when it should be just taking it out and shooting.

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C31
6 months ago
The reason the guns are viewed in a favorable light is because it allows non-magic users the ability to use magic. If a Knight had no magic talent but was talented in swordplay, there’s nothing that can help him with his magic. Now the ‘magic gun’ is introduced and the knight can carry the gun on him in case he needs magic for a certain situation while not actually having to learn, practice, or develop his mana/magic skills. People whom dedicated all their time into non magic related professions are the main people who benefit. View More

McRead: So, what's there to prepare for using a gun? If it takes that long they could have used magic instead...

A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C31
6 months ago
Yeah I agree as well. What I meant by my comment wasn’t that the MC was necessarily 100% right in what he did or the author 100% right in how he wrote the scenario. Just that the MC from a logical stand point did nothing wrong that dictates hate or scorn from the comments. True he might have been out of character, or acting contradictory to his earlier persona however, who are we to say that? A character is the creation of the author, we may give suggestions yet it’s his/her final verdict so whether we like it or not if the author intended the character to act that way then so be it. In a perfect world everything would run smoothly and fit the narrative, yet we read for fun, no? Sometimes things don’t go the way we want and the story is no longer fun so we search again, and read again, seeking that satisfaction we gain from reading a good book. Yet we time and time again continued our search for that perfect book only to realize it’s but a fleeting thought within the pages of our imaginations. View More

J2theS0: Not sure that was the point of mine at least. I understand the necessity or well at least possible necessity of the slaughter. Though I do like MC's to find more creative ways around it. True killing them is probably the easiest, though also could cause other problems in the future as like in Pretty much Every Wuxia novel out there. Where killing someone ends up leading to revenge, more killing, more revenge, etc. Mine was that he did a completely 180 in his philosophy as only a few chapters before he was saying how he was going out of his way to not hurt people even when killing may have actually been even more justifiable and led him to fewer problems. It reminded me of Batman Vs Superman where Batman is all I gotta kill Superman rawr he is evil... to OMG your Mom's name is Martha too? I love you, sorry my bad I didn't mean all those bad things I said about you.

Spirit Cultivation · C65
6 months ago
Was he under a soul bind or something? Like I said it’s been a while lol. I’m pretty sure I would have noticed the first time I wrote the comment if he was otherwise I wouldn’t have commented. If it did state that he was under a contract it didn’t say anything about the penalties when I first started was it. Who knows things might have changed. Been a long time. View More

Ambrose: But the moment you try to tell her your soul will get destroyed. So not only does she not know, but you won’t be there to try & protect her...

The Desolate Era · C433
6 months ago
Is it just me or did anyone else get Bleach (Hallow Ichigo) vibes? It’s almost like the author is mashing together all of his favorite anime into one lol View More
Nurarihyon System in Another World · C37
6 months ago
I get that, I don’t care if you uses them to fight gym battles or not. Is what I’m saying is, it seemed like the reason to not have legendary Pokémon was simply due to the fact that he ‘had enough’ Pokémon. Which as I stated would have upset me if that was the reason. Now if the reason was that he couldn’t take care of such a Pokémon, or didn’t want to upset the worlds balance then I would have been alright with it. They imply different things though, one is an excuse while the other is an actually reason. View More

YagamiRen: Dude legendary pokemon are too OP as **** some can't even fit in a gym 😓😓😓

Journey Towards Greatness · C32
6 months ago
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