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Life Of A Nobody - as a Villain

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Author: DevilDarkness

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This is the tale of an average nobody, who after his death got transmigrated in a new world.

The memories of his average life flashed before his eyes, as he found nothing that was noteworthy about him.
So in this new world should he try to change that, should he wish to be supreme, rise to the peak or to rule the heavens, but he's too lazy for that.

"And how come all the names are so familiar. Don't tell me, am I in that novel?"
Soon after waking up he realised this world was based upon the very first novel he read years ago.

At first he felt happy that finally something unexpected happened in his life. But that happiness was short lived as he remembered the plot of the book and the crisis that was coming for the world.

If that wasn't enough he was living in the body of Rio Raven Blake - avatar of Nyx. Known by his other names like The last dark spawn, The first fallen or The infamous Devil.

In a world brimming with dungeons, towers, Gods, Demons, monsters and magic - our MC finds himself trapped in the body of the last villain.

"I don't care about the novel plot, I'll just ignore it, and live my life peacefully."
At least that was his plan, until he heard a voice in his head , that he's been waiting for all this time.


'The great villain system, what a funny name.'
You can earn points by ruining the plotlines, and can get whatever you want. Let me see, I'm a master at messing things up.

[What, someone is going to do a prophecy that I will become the villain after growing up - kill him while he's still a kid.]
[what, this potion was made for the protagonist and the alchemist heroine - I'll take it with me.]
[ohh you're the one who saves the protagonist when he was about to die - go to prison, you traitor.]
[wait, you have a sister. but she is sick and needs help - here take this potion and work for me.] Got a money making slave for life.
[What, my parents are fixing my engagement with the princess, who's also a main heroine, but will betray me later and help everyone kill me - Humph...just you wait...]

Once the plot started many years later, at the academy entrance exam. Protagonist was shining brightly, breaking all records, taking first rank, but no one was talking about him. As the news came out that the genius of humanity Rio Blake, will be joining the academy too.

Not only mortals, even Gods and Demons were surprised at this sudden development too.
{Nyx nods at her believers achievements}
{Odin says you've grown a lot}
{Gauri/Kali challenges you to fight her believer}
{Jesus prays for your souls redemption}
{Anubis awaits your enemies doom}
{Lucifer writes down your lines, as you take on the Devil persona}

The protagonist just stared at the guy who took all the limelight from him, but his surprise turned to shock, when his sister ran and hugged the man, while crying her eyes out, saying she missed him and she was sorry.
"What is happening? Who is he?
{Apollo curses...}

## --

A/N -
1) NO HAREM. (I believe in soulmate love
2) MC doesn't care about right, wrong, good, evil - as long as he gets what he want, he'll do it.
3) He hates the so called righteous hypocrites, so don't think he'll be friends with protagonist.
4) MC is serious when it comes to relationships, so don't expect any kind of pokemon collection harem.
5) MC hates the plot, so he'll ruin it. Do not expect him to follow it or him trying to keep it same as written.
6) I don't like hiding my strength tropes, so not happening. He will be OP, and a badass.

## --

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    Here's the author's HONEST review. i know shameless but FOR my first book i had to, anyone who has lived happy LIFE has used the power OF being shameless unless they want to be A mediocre talent or a NOBODY. . .

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    I'm giving this novel a five star review cause how the Mc got reincarnated was not too rushed like other mcs that gets sent in the first chapter and me likey new unique troupes . also it have explained the mc's life on Earth very detailed unlike other novels which dosent explain the mc's life on earth like it never existed which makes this novel very different from others plus the the Author of this novel is very friendly and interacts alot with readers(One of the best kind of Authors i say)and always gives answers to any kind of question or doubt no matter how silly or stupid it is(I'm the one who asks stupid silly question the most 😜) the Author explains everything in detail to answer the readers questions(he written three paragraphs to make sure I understood)

    View 4 Replies
    LV 2 Badge

    Hmmmmm. where do I start. First I have read to Chapter 41. Frankly, these chapters were among the most boring chapters in my life, but since it is the author's first novel, let's forgive him. The biggest problem I faced was the stretching of events, the large number of disgusting dialogues, the large stuffing of information, and the writer's attempt to enter the drama and (psychological) element, and these two fields are needed A writer with great experience, and I doubt that he is still in the last chapter he has published. The hero is still 10 years old, and the storytelling method was terrible. It made me sleep. There is no suspense in the events (note this from my point of view.)

    View 12 Replies

    Well first of all the author hired me to give a good review 😏(Nah just kidding 😂 ).So anyway the first few chapters are short but don't judge them as because the author is new and also he improved that too . Important point - read the full story about nobody's life before his transmigration ( Don't do a mistake of skipping the chapters like me 😜 ) MC's charector is likeable too . He will kill anyone to keep his loved one's safe (He has a good Mother and sister too) There is a surprise about his sister too overall all is well .I will say it again that "Nobody will evolve from being anybody to then somebody

    View 3 Replies

    starting was great and not bad but thing changes when nightmare occurs the author want to bring the sense of mysteries about the nightmare but failed in it .in every single chapter he bring the nightmare and try to overcome it but just irritating to remember in every single chapter

    View 6 Replies

    (Stoped reading after chapter 60) The book is boring, the author tries to make the Mc super edgy, the type that is like 'I am too lazy to deal with this because I lost someone I love' The Auther tries to add drama and dramatic reveals but he fails horribly it just becomes boring best example (spoiler) The mc learns that his sister the one he was being a edge lord about was there with him but without her memories, then his system tries to kill him because she was jealous and then it is revealed that mc has people living in his head, (This happens in the span of a chapter) Then there is the grammar, well let's just say thet it can be seen that the author is not a native english speaker and those mistakes kill my motivation to continue with the story.The author is Indian so the story has a lot of references to indian culture and religion. This does not bother me, but I would like to note it.Summery: The Mc is a depressed 'boo hoo'. I lost someone, and I know it was not my fault, but I still blame myself, and now i am haunted by her ghost and hear her voice in my head. [Highy unlikeable]The plot is all over the place.[It makes it seem that the author had no vision for the story, so he just wrote randomly]Random Drama that serves no purpose.[ Full of loop holes]Random Lore Drops [some chapters are some lore] ( I paid real money for a chapter, and it was just unimportant lore)2/5 Would not recommend the only reason it is not a 1 is because the world building is mildy interesting and the writing is not 'Young Master Chen: Courting Death' Terrible.

    View 0 Replies

    Disclaimer: I am writing this review considering that this is the author's first novel. Like some other fans, I was also paid by the author to write a good review(just kidding😉)... 1. Writing quality:- So, considering this is the author's first novel, the writing quality is good. After catching on to the recent chapters I can conclude that the author is not good at describing the characters, but he is showing major improvements from the 1st chapter. 2. Story Development:- The way the author executed his ideas was amazing since this whole 'Getting Isekaid in a novel/game I read/played' is a recent uprising cliche, the author did a great job of adding extra elements to make this interesting. This was also the first time I read a 13-chapter prologue. 3. Character Design:- Unlike others, this author is focused more on chapter design than world-building which is welcomed change. The fact that the author put effort into writing a 13-chapter prologue gives depth to the mc. He did a great job in making the mc relatable and many others(including me) found the mc quite similar to us despite his messed-up past. He feels more real, his love for his family, and his struggles all feel real. Update Stability:- The author is very much consistent, you can expect 1 or 2 chapters per day. World background:- There is not much to say as the prologue was focused completely on the main character, and he just recently got transported to the novel world. In a second review(if this book crossed 150 chapters), I will write a detailed review of the world background. My personal opinion:- This book and its author both have tons of potential to be tapped into. If you are like me who loves watching an author improve as each chapter passes by then you will love this. A quote I like very much from this book:- "If you can't find someone you can trust, then look for someone you can control." As per our agreement, you gibe me moneh I gibe you a 5-star review. So you better appreciate me author🤣🤣. (First time I wrote a review of 2k words)

    View 0 Replies

    bro u r writing a novel? should have told me i would have been the 1st to read it. .

    View 2 Replies

    Read up to Ch35 and I still did not feel invested whatsoever and found everything boring. The author tries to shove some psychological damage nonsense down your throat for about 10 chapters straight and I just didn't care. You get barely introduced to about 10 different characters and then are supposed to care about something that happened to the MC 20 years ago that just takes away from the main story progression. The story progression so far is him just coming up with random stuff from a 10 year old and everyone falls prey to the classic "just trust me bro". The only sort of knowledge I have about how the world and powers is from a info dump chapter that resembles a college students notes and doesn't flow well at all. Thanks for reading

    View 0 Replies

    keep writing bro. i like that mc didn't just die and reincarnated in ch 1 as usual but u're focusing on building his character habits to get us acquainted. IT'S GOOD THOUGHT. ps focus more on describing the appearance of characters and world building. As I noticed u were ignoring that.

    View 1 Replies

    good story though, but the downside is that u spend a lot of time explaining irrelevant things. i mean i skipped 5 chapters due to reading things that makes no sense. but the story is really good, keep it up

    View 0 Replies

    Probably one of the best reincarnated into a villain novels I've read in a while.

    View 1 Replies

    Don't even think about dropping this author, "VARNA" we shall see about this in future. 😁😁😁👍👍👍

    View 1 Replies
    LV 4 Badge

    what can I say ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/ the author paid me for the review(joking), it's a good novel give it a try !

    View 1 Replies

    Just have to say that the story is amazing, start is perfect and writing is 10/10 plus author knows how to joke

    View 1 Replies

    So far its very interesting. mc past suspense and characters are all perfect and also it would be good if the story picks up the pace ( right now it's a little slow). Also, pls update 3-4 times a week in future also. overall very great.

    View 1 Replies

    Everything about this novel is good but if the author could stop being a sloth it would be even greater.

    View 1 Replies
    LV 11 Badge

    Really good story, Amazing author, 100% recommend

    View 0 Replies

    in giving this 5 stars cause I like it but also your discord link is expired

    View 1 Replies

    An intriguing plot about MC's who goes through traumatic loss and is under depression, who then dies and is reincarnated as a villain. Written by an Indian author who is not shy about his desi references, the text is easy to follow with interesting cast. Just a note, the start of novel is real slow and in my opinion way too much time spent on first life. But if you get past it, the story picks up and promises to be a fun exciting adventure ahead.

    View 1 Replies

    Author DevilDarkness