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Sacrifice's Rise: I Became Invincible After Entering Godslayer Temple

Fantasy 690 Chapters 3.1M Views
Author: White_Ink

4.53 (44 ratings)

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John Foster, a top expert in a certain gaming studio, who once offended a trust-fund baby.
As a result, he was framed and bound with the worst talent-"Sacrifice", in the new game "GODSLAYER" upon the game's launch day.
John was the only one among the sacrificed who insisted on not deleting his character.
Supposed to be sacrificed to The Devil, John persisted in his quest.
After being killed multiple times, he still charged towards The Devil with his flesh and blood!
[Ding: You have been killed, losing 10 points of Weapon and Equip durability.]
[Ding: You have been killed, losing 10 points of Weapon and Equip durability.] ...
After multiple failures, John was surprised to find that his skills and Exp were improving rapidly as he fought The Devil!
A few months later, when players worldwide were busy leveling up, a system notification struck like thunder:
[Ding: 'Anonymous Player' successfully killed the World BOSS - Devil 'Azazel', earning the First Kill reward!]
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    First Review: Author here, Five Stars cuz I love this story. I have to say it's quite a challenge to create such a MC who you guys think is totally different from other novels. Well, what I suggest is, be patient, and he will definitely not let you down. I do really like the characters created in this novel, all of them more or less reflect someone I care about in my real life. So hope you guys enjoy this work of mine, and I will be so appreciate if you add it to your library, and of course, power stone is far more better.

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    basically this..........................

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    I love the book and I think that you will be able to improve over time so keap at it Ps:me personally I just get tired of some random chick popping into the story so no offense for any of the comments I may or may not have made in the book but other than that this is really good shame I don’t have any tickets to continue reading[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    Solid novel that is sadly marred by the usual drama and bs cliches. Started off well with mc becoming ridiculously op, but then it had to change direction once he hit the current limit of strength basically. Tbh I wish it took the power up arc more slowly and focused more on the details of his powers and abilities instead of skipping over that just to get to the trash parts filled with drama, etc. Nobody is perfect, so making a more realistic slightly flawed character is fine, but the annoying things were just building up too much for me to continue. People finding out his identity, him basically losing control of the situation because of that, him being selfless and helping random people and giving away stuff for no reason, etc. Dropped around ch 150

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    I usually don't write reviews for novels, but this one takes the cake as the best I've read this year. I'm already on chapter 20 , and I really hope the author keeps up the awesome writing and the MC's OPness.

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    novel had potential to be so much better.Hes too secretive to his closest friends and doesn't even disclose his level to them.His friends are in trouble and can go over there and save them in a flash and i mean that literally cause he was strong enough to kill the world boss but he instead takes a horse he can wipe out all the annoying people but instead leaves them to get stronger.Even though the people close to him don't know his level they know he is strong enough to kill a level 80 boss in one sword cut and thinks that he has been captured just cause he fought a guild, he could help his friends by leveling them up and giving skills but he doesn't give them skills or anything he just leaves them with their own skills and have them level up slower than they can if he actually gave a damn.He talks to long during fights and acts like those villains who tells you their whole plan before killing you.He is too op for the game the only thing thay could actually provide serious plot imo from chapter 56 (which is where i am) is after he gets emma and white feather to level 100 by actually helping them to best of his capacity and him revealing his level 700 level whilst everyone is still level 40 to the server the game starts to mix with reality and everyone gains the power of their characters cause i dont see exactly where this novel can get interesting from here on outTHESE ARE ALL MY PERSONAL OPINIONS EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT

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    so the story started out well. mc is op and so on. you don't know the mcs level at all but you do other players. he goes around stomping down high-ranking devils and master npc assassins, and then around 350. I think it gets really stupid and gets worse. the mc goes from face stomping to struggling. You have players around like 150 and 175, giving him trouble when he was stomping devils over lvl 1100 before. the main villain of the story that acts just like Draco Malloy from hp, a spoiled rich kid with an explosive temper and no brains, turns into an evil mastermind, which is annoying the mc also stops getting xp until he kills some mobs around 409 ish. so we know his level is massive so we guess he just can't get xp from the low lol mobs but everytime he has a chance to kill a mob that he could get xp from he let's them go or seals them and he also has a portalto a realm he coukd get xp in but he never goes. it's like the author made the mc too op and like around chapter350 decides to weaken him or have a lot of fights that come to a draw and the whole convulted mission dealing with storm city is so convoluted you just want to scroll chapters. if the author had kept the mc growing, it would be more interesting. also, the mc has way too many enemies now, multiple factions attacking him now at once, and he hasn't grown any. so early story, it's good late story. it's just obnoxious.

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    Good quality writing but the world this is set in isn't very detailed so far at first 20 chapters at least. After jumping from lvl 50 to lvl 600 in 2-3 chapters I pretty much lost interest in the story. Normal player characters are still in the 30-40 range at this point which makes this so ridiculous. OP character stories can be fun but in order to be so you have to go about it in a special way so that the audience doesn't get bored. The concept is here, but it needs so much more refinement to be enjoyable enough to keep reading for me. Would have much preferred the story to keep the MC's level gap much close say in the 15-20 range? Far enough ahead that in most games you would be completely incomparable to other characters. Like what is the MC going to do when he finally leaves his starting area? Instantly clear the entire game? Would have been way more enjoyable to see him beat like a weaker but still op boss. That way content later down the road seems actually interesting.

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    not to be mean but it reads like an American was trying to copy the writing style of an auto translated novel. it's interesting but......it's not so interesting that I'm willing to slog through that

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    After reading Ch13 MC is kinda CREEP making girls drunk then *** . Saying unclear relationship to others (STRANGER) even though they had *** but you know you can slowly put romance and harem but don't ruin this Novel. It's kinda force and you put on you synopsis that the character was related to your real life so is your Girls or Female Friends are easy to get. Is that what you try to say on your novel ? But I'll still read this to see if there is an improvement.THE REST IS OKAY.- MY HONEST REVIEW

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    it's good, but the locks on the chapters ruined it.

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    With this novel im 4/5 satisfied cuz author is forgetting about class and talents every 50, but thats all for the basics since everyone has their owns mindset and ideas

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    So I read decently into this story until about chapter 100. I consider myself an avid reader and enjoyer of OP MC novels but I’m gonna say something I don’t normally say. This one took it way too far. The MC basically becomes the strongest character in the entire world within 50 chapters and is constantly “hiding his strength.” I saw almost no potential in continuing at all. These kind of stories just don’t have any substance to them. There’s no suspense, nothing to look forward to. Overall I don’t see very many people enjoying this story unless I just didn’t read far enough in.

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    what happened to mc after chapter 36 he is being so nice that it just doesn't make sense some guilds came to help but he didn't need help bet he still owes them like he can one shot everyoneautor it's like u are trading 100 gold coins for something worthless like dirtlike if I was in his place I would never do that author is writing morals in novel but he's fricking God who can kill devil and u can't say like he have his morals he got like devils memories he knows what to do and not to he should been like tring to make himself stronger because he knows the secret but he's playing house with girls and FACESLAPPING playersbot I really liked it till chapter 36 so five stars like he's a God his favor is not something good intention can get did MC's iq decrease or authors I don't know what happened

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    so 237 chapters in I believe I've seen enough to give my judgement. Let's start with what i dont like(PS. quick warning some of the chapter contain Lemon/R18 content though they aren't a considerable part of the story, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED):inconsistent translation-some of the locations and names are translated as one thing and then the next chapter it refers to that as something elsegrammar-there are parts where the grammar and sentence structure are just offdescriptions-i find the descriptions of items to be vague and have a hard time picturing them, more often then not i google the item(using what the description of the item is I.E. special high grade sword that's of unholy origin I look up as demonic sword)weird inconstancies: there are some instances where the narrator says things like MCs game name another way to say MCs name in a sentence that are just weird, they reveal no new information and just serve to break up the story in an odd way Things i like:story concept: it has a compelling concept that I find myself interested in exploringCharacter development: the reader gets an increasingly revealing look into the MC allowing the reader to see new aspects of the character and his past without seeming unnatural or forcedsetting: the setting of the game is well developed and is a major source of intrigue that is handed very well, however the IRL setting is t well explored however this serves the story well leaving it at a secondary point for the current progression in the story.Overall i love the story and the things iIdont like are relatively minor and easy to skim past or ignore and i think it's worth a read.

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    great novel the only problem is it you will get addicted to it and finish the chapters in 1 or 3 days✨✨.hope the author maintain atleast 1 chapters per day streak.

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    This novel is fantastic so far I like how he is gaining his powers in real life faster then others. Othe novels with plots of game to reality make it difficult for the MC the survive in the real world, but this novel doesn’t! I also like his interactions outside the game I feel like they take up the right amount of space not too much or too little!

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    Overall a pretty good one, the author stays true to daily chapters. Look forward to reading more. Though the relationship part is kinda annoying but it's fine to me for now. [img=recommend]

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    I love the overall storyline the way the god of chaos background is slowly revealed we even find out more about his race . One thing I think you need to improve on is the romance it’s not very fleshed out at all. Also the real world needs to be expanded on to make it feel more real but the novel as far as I’ve read is decent and it’s hard to find good stuff on this app this is like diamond in the ruff that needs a bit of cuting and polishing

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    Author White_Ink