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Guy Larks was famous in his original world for his widespread charity work in poverty-stricken and war-torn nations.
He was especially known for his efforts in developing schools and educational facilities for children, as well as teaching and nurturing many students.

So it was devastating news to learn that he wouldn't live past his 30th year.

But he was given a second chance! A new life in another world, as a down-by-the-dumps teaching apprentice in a world of magic and wonder. He was given no cheat, just a Repository of Knowledge holding all the information he could bring with him from his previous life.

In this new world, Guy rediscovered his life's true calling! Ride along on Guy's journey as he changes the world one budding mind at a time, as the greatest teacher this world has ever seen!

State of Story:
- Volume 1 - A Whole New World [COMPLETED][FREE]
- Volume 2 - Starting Anew [COMPLETED][LOCKED]
- Volume 3 - The Grand Experiment [COMPLETED][LOCKED]
- Volume 4 - Birth of the True World Sect [COMPLETED][LOCKED]
- Volume 5 - Legacy of the True World Sect [COMPLETED][LOCKED]
- Volume 6 - Worlds Beyond [ONGOING][LOCKED]


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This is a slice-of-life-ish story at its core. This is NOT a hot-blooded, high-octane novel filled with conflicts and fights around every corner. If that is the kind of story you are looking for, unfortunately, you will not find it here (at least not in the early chapters).

The MC is a modern man, with modern sensibilities. Conflicts are handled civilly, or avoided altogether. There will be fights, but the story does not revolve around it.

The MC is mature, and handles relationships tactfully. There will be a slow-burn romance in this story, and ABSOLUTELY NO HAREM. I despise that genre from the bottom of my heart!

I also have some LGBTQ+ elements planned for the future (with side characters).

English not first language. Writing mistake? Please forgive. Proofread many times before upload, problems not much. If issue, then point out mistake, I correct immediate. I am thank you for you're understanding :)

ALSO: I started writing this story with one intention in mind, and that was to act as a parody of existing novels with similar themes. However, around CH25, I realised that my work was becoming too derivative and boring. So I pivoted and decided to make my novel its own thing. I believe that my work has become better because of it.

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    This book is pure gold. Two Teachers, two students, and two systems. Author you are a amazing writer. Keep it up. I wish you good luck my friend.

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    Very interesting and good novel. It will pull you into the story almost instantly and has the potential to be one of the best novels in this platform.

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    I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story I love this story

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    Finally a good story about a teacher. All those other novels about teachers here are only about face slapping and getting the best disciples that are unnoticed by other because of (insert cheat ability) being dormant. In this story MC actually wants to tech kids no matter what their talent is because he is a proper teacher and not a "talent scout". Would love for the chapters to come out more often, but I can wait for this quality content. And to all those that stoped reading after romance was introduced I have only 1 question, who hurt you? There were only 2 interactions with romantic interest up to chapter 80, and even if you hate romance that much you can still read it just for the wholesome moments of MC teaching his students with passion and being fulfilled by it. Author please continue writing this story, I want to read it until the end.

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    I really enjoyed the novel, but after around chapter 60, it seems to have lost any sense of direction. There's no end goal. I have no idea where the novel is going, and not in a good way. It feels very uncomfortable to read a novel where the MC has no goal in mind for so long. I read up to chapter 120 at this point and it felt like a chore most of the time. And keep in mind that these are all long chapters so it feels a lot longer than the average 60 chapters in Webnovel. It's hard to explain the feeling of uncertainty that permeates the story. With no advancement of the story for so long and so much educational material crammed in, I can't continue reading. It's just not enjoyable anymore and I can't keep pretending it's not. Too much to read, not nearly enough progress in the story or characters. Such a disappointment too. It had so much potential

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    This is an incredible cultivation novel without face slapping and the cruelty that come in almost all the cultivation novel on this site. the only negative point is the development of the story is soo slow.

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    I would highly recommend this novel. I have never seen a novel that has been this detailed about magic and the system is also pretty unique in its own way which makes this even more interesting. It is refreshing to see such a competent main character that actually have passion about his job and is actually a great person with a great personality. I would love to thank the author for how well his story is coming along.

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    The best non protagonist novel. It's plot is amazing. I love novel very much. Now, thanks for inspiring me Author laoshi. It helped me alot in my story's plot

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    LV 1 Badge

    Very good ☺️...................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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    Non typical novel about transmigration. It makes a little fun at cliche's before it evolves into its own novel. For those that love teacher type of novels, this a down to earth gem that i highly recommend.

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    LV 4 Badge

    I never seen any novel that as detail as this even though some of the story is inspired by other but still not to concentrated on that part. anyway i just wanted to say i love this book and keep ip the work.

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    LV 12 Badge

    I like the scientific view of magic in the story. Even though the setting of the story is of another novel, I still like it overall. I can't wait for more chapters. 🥰

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    This is the great novel of Teachers. This novel has broken the tradition of cliche Transmigrated Teachers novel of teaching method. The novel has gr8 orignal idea.

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    My heartfelt bow and thanks to the author for creating this novel, which inspires the individual to never give up on whatever he/she does, staying humble and trying to gain knowledge about anything wherever one goes, being helpful and kind to all, and the author tries his best to teach what a good teacher should be like. I am glad that this novel has some logic and reasoning for every incident whether good or bad happens and at the end of the day, it gives a refreshing feeling. In all the other novel genres, we are literally racking our brains or stop reading those novels midway altogether when any cringe moments or events or any repetitive chapters like protagonist being insulted by his wife or in-laws or being beaten by ridiculously powerful villains, which keep on coming after every 5 or 10 chapters. Thankful so far, this novel doesn't all of that.

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    LV 4 Badge

    Realmente es una gran novela✨ 😺 ........

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    this story is absolutely amazing, you can tell the author cares and adores this project, from the power system, to the research he's done, to the world the mc lives in and to all the characters who feels like living breathing people with their own lives and motives. the grammar is probably the best on webnovel and the story is relatively easy to follow. only cons are that the first 25 ch are basically a parody, but it was fun in its own right and shifted to an original story as natural as possible, other con is that the first 40 chapters are info dumpy as all get out, but author fixes that relatively quickly, the pro of the info dumps is the author's immaculate descriptions of everything from characters down to what the character has in his hands, so even though it was a chore to get through, it added wonders to this world, I loved this story, the chapters are also hella long... you can also learn a lot in this story too ps. don't expect too much in the way of action and powering up because it's mainly a slice of life magic teacher story who also has incredibly good righteous morals

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    I recommend this book totally. Its a very good slice of lifish novel with the MC being the very best, ideal teacher that could ever be. With that being said, I will drop this book now because of what he implied about India here (155). Hindus, Indians, we give our women equal rights as much as the Western world does. Its a crime being born a woman in the Middle East yet this SOB ignores that and puts forth a completely ignorant view of the Indian Society. Don't even talk about the past. There were no women rights in Europe as well. Even now, no Pope has ever been a woman whilst we have Goddesses and female priests. This is a stereotype created by Britain when it ruled us and now everyone believes it. India was exploited and we were amongst the most poor countries of the world, so after Independence, families decided to prioritize males to get most returns. It was pragmatic. Now when we have the means, everyone has equal rights. Similarly, any evil practices that you might have heard of were the result of times and not of culture. If you disagree, you may ask for clarifications and I will provide them to you. All in all, the stereotype irked me well enough that I read the same chapter thrice wondering what to do. So, I decided to not read it.

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    This work is an innovation for the cultivation novel, here MC has down to earth personality, MC doesn't go into seclusion, he teaches, and most importantly he doesn't have a system. He does have a Goldfinger exclusive to himself, and thankfully it's not something heaven-defying quirk. You who are reading my review should give it a try, this work will not disappoint you. What will disappoint you is the number of chapters you will finish every chapter and still want to have more. It would only solve one way that is author post more of his chapter more frequently.

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    I haven't really written a review before for a book and this isn't a professional review or anything. I just felt compelled to write this since your book is absolutely amazing. All throughout reading Library of Heavens Path I felt the way teachers searched for talented students and stuff just didn't agree with me and I never got through the whole thing. The important distinction made in this book between an actual teacher and a transmigrator thrust into the role of one due to the circumstances of the world is pure gold. Keep up the great work Author! 😁👍

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    LV 1

    Wonderful novel😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁............................................................................................................................................................😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    Author Junior_Sundar