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In the online game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as a textbook and a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad reasons, he is kicked from the team. After leaving the professional scene, he finds work in an Internet Cafe as a manager. When Glory launches its tenth server, he who possesses ten years of gaming experience once again throws himself into the game. Bringing with him the memories of his past and an incomplete, self-made weapon, his return along the road to the summit begins!
After fighting and scheming, who snatched away my glory? Under the tossing of the wind and rain, my dreams shall still appear as though they had never been shattered. In all its splendor, the path shall never be lost. Before the gazes of millions, this is where I return!

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    If you are REALLY curious about the meanings of character names, read below. Might be a little LONG. No spoiler. First of all, we should know that Chinese is a tonal language, while English assigns stress to one syllable of every word. Tone is one of the distinctive features of standard Chinese(Mandarin). If we neglect the four tones in the transcription of Chinese names, we may lose/misunderstand informations, sometimes are quite important. Just look at these names: Chén Guǒ(Boss), Wèi Chēn(God of shamelessness), and Wǔ Chén(Captain of Team Everlasting). We’ve got three “Chen”s here but they don’t share the same tone. Yep, there are still two of them alike, but if we write them down in ideogram, you’ll see that they are completely different(of course their meaning varies). Now we’re at around Chapter 800, as a Chinese fan who has run through the whole novel four times, if you already find it hard remembering Chinese names, well, keep working, cuz still loads of new names ahead. I mentioned this point just because I saw a comment saying their names are similar. In fact, not at all😂. Second, Chinese is a high-density language, it means it carries more information per syllable than English, besides, Chinese has an enormous amount of so called set phrases(Chinese idioms) which are in general consist of only 4 ideograms each, but can tell a whole story!(that’s an insane information density). For the fluency of reading, it’s not possible to translate their names accurately. The translator has had to trim. Butterfly Blu is a vey talented writer, his works are written with much literary skill, as well as naming. We know that names can convey something, and almost every author would use this technic. For instance, in the Beggar’s Opera of John Gay, we have Lockit, Macheath, Peachum, etc. Without knowing the meaning of the names, it will definitely be a great loss. So, enough talk, let’s get started. [1] 叶修[Yè Xiū], MC 叶秋[Yè Qiū], the younger brother In Asian culture, if we are brothers, our names are usually some how similar, as if to demonstrate that we are brothers. It’s kinda like the rhetorical figure anaphora😄 another example will be more obvious: 苏沐橙[Sū Mù Chéng] 苏沐秋[Sū Mù Qiū] (Sū is their family name, not Sū Mù.) They doesn’t need to rhyme, but “anaphora”. Here we can see 叶秋 and 苏沐秋 have a character in common—the last character [Qiū], means autumn. This is merely a coincidence.But in the case of “One Autumn Leaf” is not. *I’ll write word-for-word translation between【】 一叶之秋[yí yè zhī qiū]【One Leaf ’s Autumn】 The second and the last character are exactly the name of Yè Qiū. Or, it might be a combination of Yè Xiū and Sū Mù Qiū. We know that it’s Sū Mù Chéng who picked this name for YX. She knows YX’s real name from the very beginning, so maybe she wished that they could fight together in the Glory. And, “One Autumn Leaf” is a mistranslation, cuz the literal translation should be “The autumn of one leaf”, “one leaf” is actually an attribute of the word “autumn”. We shift the order, and the artistic conception changes. P.S.Chinese is an isolating(analytic) language, means it plays with word order, and lacks inflections in morphology. That’s one of the reasons why it has such a high information density. BUT! When Sū Mù Chéng picked this name, she made a typing error. She wanted to type “一叶知秋”[yí yè zhī qiū],the pronunciation is exactly the same as “一叶之秋”[yí yè zhī qiū], but you already found that the third character has changed. The third character “知” here means “know, foresee”, so the whole meaning changed completely, because “One Leaf ’s Autumn” is a noun phrase whilst the one with “know” is a sentence which means “From a falling leave we can tell this year/my life(here’s a pun) is coming to an end.” 【One leaf heralds autumn】This is precisely the set-phrase I mentioned above. Sū Mù Chéng preferred a poetic name, but her fingers slipped. So here we have 【One Leaf ’s Autumn】instead of 【One leaf heralds autumn】. Sad story. What about “Lord Grim”? Another mistranslation! 君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】 “Lord” in this context is the second person imperative when you address sb in a very respect way, kinda like “my lord” in English, but a little different. The sentence means “please don’t laugh”. It comes from a verse of a poetry of Tang Dynasty. The whole poetry is: (There are two translating versions) Version One: Grapewine I would like to taste, have to go yet I would crave. Thou dost not tease drunk soldiers of all, Long ago few come back from war. Version Two: Exquisite wine in cups that glitter at night, The pipa(a Chinese instrument) playing on horseback urges us to drink. Laugh not if we lie drunk on the battlefield. Since ancient times how many have ever returned from campaigns afar? So “君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】”are the last three words of the third verse. What the hell is “Lord Grim”?😂 When we see this name, we can perceive the solemn and stirring shadings, when YX just got kicked out of EE then bring out a Card with this name. And thinking about the pro league is just like a battle field, only very few of the players could enter the pro circle and those who win the cup are even fewer. Nevertheless, we can not ask more, cuz as the translator of the Anime of TKA said, it’s a pity that we cannot make subtitles very much “faithful”, the cross-culture translation is so hard. I bet some of you has already blamed that the English subtitles just flying through the screen and you can not catch up with them. If anyone is interested in the true meaning of their names(not only for characters but also the names of guilds are so beautiful), please give me a thumb or reply in the comment, to let me know if it’s worthy to continue. btw, My major is foreign languages and literature. I major in German and live in Italy currently. So please forgive my low Englisch level.😂

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    I have no intention to write a review cuz I finished this novel for almost 2 years, however, I just cross to the authors Weibo and find something he has to say about this story and readers. Here's his Weibo page if anyone is interested: http://weibo.com/p/1035051235627283/home?from=page_103505&mod=TAB&is_hot=1&noscale_head=1#_0 So here it is(I'm sorry if some of my translations are different from the novel cuz I basically didn't read it): Butterfly Blue: King's Avatar has a rather ****** storyline, an out-dated professional retired and started from the beginning then returned to the top. Stories like this aren't something new (Note: based on Chinese WN variety and non-gaming novels), and there are just two types of ending for them, either hero at miserable late years, which is more objective, realistic but sad; because of that I chose the other way, make it back to the top with glory. This kind of ending is more enjoyable, like most of the fairytales. However, in competitive sports, that's not that unrealistic, some people just have that kind of potential, keep their high-level performance way past their peak age. E.g. Micheal Jordan, returned to NBA at 32 in 1995, since then till 35 years old, these 3 years he kept the championship in his pocket, made others to feel the fear of domination again. In this case, Ye Xiu didn't do anything nearly crazy, but he is this kind of person - in the area of Glory competitive gaming, a premium player. What makes it even worse for others is that as a genius he also had the passion, concentration, and diligence which stronger than anyone, even in the last year of his pro-life, he led a team he gathered at retirement and fought so hard towards the championship. What he wanted was not leaving no regrets behind, he was way past that point, championship means nothing to him, he had that a long time ago, hell he actually dominated the league for ages, if he liked he would just say "Glory(the game) has no more challenge to offer me" and leave. He didn't, not because "Championship means everything to me", more important thing is that he loved the game. Quote Ye Xiu "I won't be bored with this game even for another 10 years." This kind of constant passion, for a story that's just one sentence, but to do it in real life, that's something different, that's harder than you can ever imagine. Myself, for example, writing novels for over 10 years, although interests keep me going, compare to where I was, I can't just say I'm still that passionate and aggressive - please don't bother to count my update frequency back then, I had worse update stability back then I know, but writing status and mood was much more active. So whenever people ask me if the MC is based on myself, I'll deny it directly without a second thought. How could it be? Characters in this story are way bigger and better than me. The reason I made them that way is that they are what I want to be. I'm so glad that my dream causes so many people's resonance. Thankfully Ye Xiu can be welcomed by so many people. (Skipped some of the otherwise concerned words) Last but not least, I'd like to point something out for all my beloved readers. This story and all the characters in are fiction, please keep rational love to them. There are a lot of things in your life such as health, family, work, study, friends, etc are more important. TKA, Ye Xiu and all other things in the story should just be something that amuses you from time to time, don't ever mind it too much. With this novel, they will always be here. If I don't change anything, then they will stay the way they are.

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    Hello, everyone! I'm one of the translators working under NomYummi on TKA, Jouissance! Just here to say that we hope you're enjoying our translations (and our bonus chapters) and we'll do our best to carry this through and give you the best translations! TKA will be going through a bit of refining in the near future and remember to check the Wikia, where additional information can be found (but beware of spoilers!) I myself am on chapter 1449 right now, and I can assure you that this novel just gets better and better, and even has an awesome prequel called Top Glory, so keep reading! Also, some very shameless advertising: There are two rather active discord channels that we know of (after I notified Nom of the existence of the comments section XD) The following link goes to the less spoiler-filled, more chat-based, slightly more tame (???) and very, very active discord with bots aplenty. https://discord.gg/PpRnvgK The following link goes to the more art/fanwork-based and nearly equally as active discord that has a NSFW section and shippers aplenty. https://discord.gg/GyHZgQT They have both been previously advertised, but we decided to make it official. I think there might be more - I know there's apparently a dead one derived from the reddit - but me and Nom know of and are on these two, haha. The next link takes you to the wikia! http://the-kings-avatar.wikia.com/wiki/The_King%27s_Avatar_Wikia And last but not least is our Patreon, where you can come to support us, read ahead and push us into releasing more often, haha! https://***.patreon.com/nomyummi Anyways, that's about all I have to say! Look forward to seeing you on the discord servers! All the best, Jouissance

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    Website : qidian china Views : 24.35 million Rating : 8.8(9235) Chapters : 1776 Status : completed Word count : 5.35 million author rank : platinum

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    Amazing world and detail. Not your generic type novel it actually has feelings and every character introduce is unique. To be honest it is most likely the best novel I've ever read in my life time.

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    First of all: if you are contemplating whether or not you should read this novel, just stop right now, don't have reservations and just read it because it's awesome and won't disappoint you. __________________________________________________________ Because TL;DR, here's two snippets of quotes from the passage summarizing what I'm going to say: "Ye Qiu! God Ye Qiu! If you only thought of him as a knowledgeable Glory player with incredible skill, then you were wrong, very wrong." (C. 540) "In the end, it was Little Cold Hands who reminded Chen Guo: 'you'd better not treat God Ye Xiu like soy sauce. If you treat him like soy sauce, the entire team will end up being soy sauce.' " (C. 643) . . . This is one of the best novels and the only one that I can really enthusiastically delve into. It's got a lot of Chinese culture in terms of mannerism, language (slang & idioms), and mostly its humour and gaming culture. There's a lot of comedy but it comes with a touch of realism in every aspect. Although the story is MMORPG-centered around the game called Glory, the author fluidly moves between in-game world and real life (so natural that you don't even bat an eye lol). You can also grasp the concepts easily. Pacing may seem a bit slow but the slice-of-life works really well in this case. The MC, Ye Xiu, is a God-tier, veteran player dubbed Textbook of Glory —but honestly, it's not all about his OPness, wouldn't even be accurate to label him so, right? He has unparalleled passion and love for Glory and he has the talent, skills, mechanism, knowledge and experience to go along with it. There are times when he displays his individual dominating prowess, but there are countless more times when he work behind the scenes to help his team and efficiently uses leadership skills to coordinate and command groups. So our God here is God because he is God: he has what it takes to start from pit-bottom up, wreak havoc among all the guilds and not give a ****, and his character is absolutely shameless (afterall, geniuses and gods are not like normal people, their flaws are hallmark reedemable features lol). His greatness is killing me... arghhh...

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    Once I picked up this book, I didn't stop reading it. The development, the plot, the characters, everything about this book is amazing. I'm completely hooked, good job to the translators and the authors. Thank you for all your hard work. Though, some arcs maybe be slow and not as interesting, I'm completely in love with the characters. The transition between the gaming world and the real world is fluid, it doesn't feel awkward at all. Honestly, I could write so much more but I don't want it to be too lengthy​. Just give this book a chance, especially if you're a MMORPG fanatic. So much shameless in here 😂😂😂😂.

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    我的天呐,Ye Qiu帅爆了!他的中文名是 叶秋 吗?这是我看过的最好的小说,听说在中国这本小说已经完结了。请问要怎么才能看到更多章节呢?哪怕是中文版本的也好。请起点中文版也一起上架谷歌商店吧。每天一章的速度太慢了,完全赶不上我读的速度。哦上帝,我简直要窒息了。从此Ye Qiu一生粉,作者简直是天才!

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    I have read many gaming novels, in most of them the MC simply gets overpowered stats, items and spells which enable them to fight 1v1000. In this novel the MC has 10 years of experience of the game and starts again from scratch in the new server. It is explained how the MC outclasses the average player and it shows the way of thinking that professional players have. The translation quality is very good, it doesnt contain extraordinary adjectives and it's structured very well. The update stability is good aswell, they release the 12 chapters/week as mentioned. The character design is very nice, every character has his own personality, and the diverse personalities represent different kinds of players. As an example the MC who is known as the best player only cares about the competitive aspect of Glory, while other pro players care about the media. There are also pro players that had to retire because of injuries (Sun Zeping) or age (Wei Chen). But it is not only about pro players. There are aswell characters like Chen Guo who are passionate Glory fans. Another one is the initial noobish player Steamed Bun who relies on his instincts while playing. On the contrary there are players like Concealed Light who understand the theory but are unable to implement it on their playstyle due to lack of mechanical skills. The world building is the best part of the novel. Initially the novel is about the game glory with its cities, quests, dungeons, wild bosses and so on, while later on the focus is more on the pro league. I really like that the author describes everything so detailed, especially the relationships between clubs, club guilds and pro players, but also the in-game components like dungeoning, PKing, large scale fights. I recommend this novel to all gamers who have some interest in the way of thinking of a pro player or professional e-sports in general.

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    The story is as awesome as it can get, it's the most popular chinese novel on the western market, but the update stability is plain awful. The translator should be replaced with a more reliable one and when you are at it , it wouldn't hurt to also increase the chapters released to 10 per week or so, but firstly I would be happy if we just get the promised 7 per week

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    Unlike most novels this one feels professionally written. While the MC is of the OP variety he is truly talented rather than getting to hit an ‘I win’ button just to progress the plot. Translation quality is excellent. There is a large cast of characters but they will all come to feel like friends because they are given enough personality that even if they aren’t encountered for 50 chapters when you see them next you don’t wonder who that are but what they have been doing since you last saw them. A must read on this site in my humble opinion.

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    I would presume, like many, I'm here because I stumbled across the anime and just had to have more. Because this story is addictive, and it is such because it's good. Beyond good, it is outstanding. Amazing. Brilliant. Asonishingly well-developed, well-paced, well-characterised, well-written story. I've read 662 chapters so far, and it just keeps getting better. The translator has my utmost respect. I know nothing about the Chinese language, and without their wonderful efforts, such a tale would have tragically flown over my head, and I would presume many of the other readers' too. It's remarkable how the chapters get updated at a steady, daily rate. I thank them greatly. It's a good idea to be aware for native English speakers such as myself, that it can be somewhat challenging for the brain to comprehend at times, particularly at first. The gramatical errors are there in every chapter, and the sentence and paragraph structure may appear a little odd, but with practise and determination these minor details don't matter a single bit. After all, it's the content that we're here for. And the content is truly worth it. It took an entire week of reading from dawn till dusk (roughly) to get to here so far, and I'm eargerly looking forward to the next chapter. I'm only worried about the MCs health, honestly, with how much he smokes he's got to be looking for an early death. Oh well. xD

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    In the genre "Games" - This novel is a rare gem. In my opinion it is the best. (read most of the games novels, but this one is special. You are free to have you own opinion - me too.) I do have to remark, that some of you might need to 'toughen it out' in the middle of the novel - I heard a few people dropped it. Why? Because of some routine (grinding) gaming in between. As a gamer myself, I did not notice it that much. - Maybe because my instincts told me, that hard work is necessary in every aspect. And heroes do not fall from the skies. The MC is a 'God', and his skills are OP - in game. Honestly, he is also just a normal human with his flaws. He did not get his skills by luck, but by hard work from the start of 'Glory' onwards, which is the name of the Game in the novel. The flaws and antics of the MC and all the other characters, is what makes the novel charming. It does not only focus on the MC, and you fall in love with (almost) every character that is part of this world, and want them to have more "time" in the novel. I can recommend it to anyone that is interested in game novels. But also for those who like shameless MC's and for some comedic relief. Tiny spoiler: The MC has to make his character work and use all his insane abilities to make his plans possible. There is no sudden one time" killing a monster for finding the most OP equipment in game" or "having a secret class that makes the best gear ever to make up for skills" *cough cough* Rather, it is portrayed that only somebody with experience and insight in every class and crafting can do what our "God MC" does. And of course a ton of shamelessness! this is the most important skill! ;)

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    Completely captivated me! If you are looking for a passionate and blood-riling read filled with a big slap of humor, this could be it. Ye Xiu's overthrow from his throne of glory has killed me, when bonds that should have been considered unbreakable are broken. But the thirst for victory and glory has kept his spirit intact and pushed him forward, to usher a new era for himself. You feel and look in anticipation at Ye Xiu's climb, slowly see the piecing together of his goal. As he faces the rough bumps of his road, watch him push through using his experience, smarts, and hilariously, direct personality. Tear up in sadness and pride, as you see other pro gamers and Ye Xiu trade their everything for their team's future. Piece together unwritten bonds and relationships as the past of each character is revealed. Enjoy the heart-pounding-ness and exhilaration of winning, as though the achievements in the story are your own. Hear your heart break, at the burdens some carries. And watch as Ye Xiu struggles from an abyss to the heavens! I personally think this story would resonate more with athletes or people who wholeheartedly competed/competes. Since they would understand what it means to throw one's self to bask under the light of victory. It's always in their hearts what it means to keep finding another goal and surpass it. But generally, I think everyone would enjoy the journey of Ye Xiu's ascent to his rightful throne.

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    It has no bulls**t romance interfering with the plot! Or those goddamed damsels in distress. The characters feels alive and realistic. One of the best novel, I've read!!! It ruin all other gaming novels for me, since I'm F**king sure, none will measure up to this one!!!

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    I also considered dropping this novel by 200+ chapter due to dull, repetitive dungeoning and MCs OPness, but I persisted, and it pays me off. Before, I can’t count how many times I spouted a chapter as unnecessary, but turns out to be necessary. This novel got me attached to the side characters, more so to our beloved Happy. What’s interesting to this novel too is that no one can be considered villains; everyone had their own reasons why they struggle and fight, which are relatable and sometimes pitiful. The world building is excellent, story narration is flawless, and translation quality is top notch. This is the best web novel I’ve ever read.

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    I don't understand what is so appealing about this LN. Story is about one really good player beating old rivals-teammates. A lot of the mid chapters juat feel like fillers or grinding in the game, really boring imo.

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    I love that this story has a veteran as mc, with no cheats but his own skills. So no hidden teachers that make him even more op. What I love about this story is that the mc is in fact a teacher himself to newbies with lots of potential. This story starts withmc alone, and you will read his journy in the tenth server and back to the top, while he makes new friends and had new teammates along the way. Great story.

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    This is one of the best light novels out there. The world they live in is full of amazing little details, the character development is some of the best I've ever seen, I feel like I'm apart of team happy, with each victory in over joyed, with each defeat I feel it's weight on them. I feel melancholic everytime passed experiences with happy are brought up. The characters alone are more than enough of a reason to read this amazing story. Why are you still reading this review? Go read it already!!!!

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    About “one leaf autumn” in chinese it is“一叶之秋” “一”means :one “叶”means:leaf “之”is an auxiliary word “秋”:means:autumn it means “a leaf of autumn” about“一叶之秋”,it is said that Su Mu Cheng wrote a wrong word accidentally,she wrote“知”as“之”,but who knows if she is intentional.(。ò ∀ ó。)they have the same pronunciation. Su Mu Cheng'brother is Su Mu Qiu(苏沐秋),he is YeXiu' s good friend。 so,“一叶之秋”means : Su Mu Qiu is Ye Xiu'Su Mu Qiu,full of Bromance(ಡωಡ) Another view is that “秋” means Ye Qiu(叶秋),Ye Qiu is Ye Xiu' younger brother😱...... so which one would you support? and about the original name “一叶知秋”, “知” means:know。this idiom means that “One falling leaf indicates the coming fall.” and it is often used to express that:a small sign can indicate a great trend。 this idiom is from“《淮南子·说山训》:见一叶落而知岁之将暮”,written in Han dynasty,1st century BC.

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