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The Profane Dungeon Is A Trap!

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Author: YokoyokoRPG

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"As a little lesson, try believing in things that are impossible. After all, how else can they become?"

Yroa is a petitely hung, sadistic, mischievous, yet charismatic male prostitute who was born with a face befitting that of a youthful goddess, something that should be bestowed to a woman—not a man.

However, instead of loathing it, he used this gift to its fullest, leading to a rather successful and lecherous life until his unfortunate end welcomed him in front of the inferno’s gate.

Unexpectedly, a sequence of salvations arrives, resulting in his second chance in life within the new world of Yassimhre as a Living Dungeon Core!

In a world where values are numbered, the sky of cultivation is limitless—while the Gods and Goddesses are gambling on how things will go in the grand scheme of emanation, how will he survive?


Reader discretion is advised: Explicit and mature content ahead!

If it isn’t obvious enough, the MC is a Trap, albeit an aggressive and dominant one instead of meek and submissive.

There’s no Yuri, Yaoi, nor NTR content, but a significant potential for Netori can be found. At the same time, a lot of straight Trapdom and Josou Seme. Occasionally, Femdom.

Average word count per chapter is 2000-4000 outside of the short prologue.

With it, the author wishes you a good day. May there be light, and the tale that follows it along the way.

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    17 chapters in, I think I can put my initial impression of the web novel for anyone who read this. Firstly, Yroa, the MC, is highly borderline functional psychopath. He isn't really evil since all he does aligns with his self interest first and foremost, and he definitely isn't a goody two shoes because of it. And all of that is plastered on a playful and mischievous protagonist who knows that he is gorgeous and adorable. it's basically like watching a sassy cat that knows dàmn well of the repercussions for pushing the ceramic mug off the table but still do it anyway cause he is adorable while doing so. Aside from his shenanigans, he is quick witted and experimentative. So far, he hasn't made any out-of-character or dumb decisions. I also like it that one way of gaining the currency points is to be sadistic and intimidating, which supports his overall character. 5/5 As for the story development, I think it's taking it deliberately with itself. The Prologue and Chapter 2 serves as a firm foundation for the MC's background and personality. He isn't instantly becoming a Dungeon Core because of that, which can be too edging at the time. The action scene is epic and not just magic and swinging back and forth, there's event going on it's doesn't stale. Have I mentioned that every chapter is big too? But then lies my complains. In one of the chapter where Yroa wants to know about the power system from another character, it's told in a very detailed manner way. It's realistic on how it's being laid out and Yroa is smart enough to digest all of it. But I'm not, and probably some readers too. Easy fix to this as a reader is to skim and just reread when you feel like it. Tho I laid out a comment summarizing it on those chapters, in case you too experience the same. Secondly, while each chapter is very big, the publishing can be very inconsistent and slow. So there's that too. With all that said, I'll just put in the summarized pros and cons of the story here in case that it's getting convoluted. Pros: - Comprehensive writing - Mature, Ruthless, and Mischievous MC - MC - Trap - Smûh - Unique and Amazing, detailed worldbuilding - Epic over-the-top action scene - Foreshadowing, a lot of em - Thick chapters Cons: - Slow pace - Can be info-dumpy - Inconsistent chapter release - So good you're wanting more - Surprisingly, not as smûh-focused That is all for 17 chapters, will probably make another review if it reached 100 chapters.

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    i'm a simple man if is see a Mischievous and sadistic straight trap that does whatever he wants and is hello cool while doing it i like it to the moon and back

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    Author YokoyokoRPG