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The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

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Author: Cuttlefish That Loves DivingTranslator: Larbre StudioEditor: Larbre Studio


3.98 (143 ratings)

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I care not of my past and neither of my future.
Conquering all heroes and foes while looking with disdain at the horrors of the Samsara, I yearn only for a life of thrilling wonders!
History will repeat itself after many ages as the menace of the Great Calamity rises once more.
Which will rise with triumph in the face of adversity; the Golden Form of the Great Buddha or the invincible Heavenly Taoist Form?
Which will seize all glory amidst all struggles; The Buddha's Palms or the Seven Strokes of Heaven's Interception?
From the sanctum of the Shaolin Temple, Meng Qi's adventures and struggles through the Samsara begin as we follow his climb to claim the title of "the Unrivaled and the Invincible One"!

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    I'm very upset because of the translation quality. It seems the translator never read this novel before. This novel is filled with wisdom, tactics and plots, and there are many foreshadowings of important events at the beginning of the novel, but the translator knew nothing about them and gave wrong translation. Translator even translated "地榜" into "local ranking", WTF dear translator you won't give such a stupid translation even if you only read the first 50 chapters. Personally I don't want this novel translated, because readers need to know Chinese classical myth and many tradition wuxia novels, or they maybe feel confused. Chinese readers may understand settings immediately because we knew these stories since we are very young, but many English readers never know that. It's hard to translate it. I thought if it would really be translated, then we must have a very good translator. However, I feel disappointed. I don't believe this translator who didn't even read this novel. I have to say you are ruining a good novel. I'm sorry to be so rude and impolite, but I'm really upset. I'm a big fan of this author, so I hope his novels can be liked by more people. I don't want readers misunderstand and dislike this novel because of translation.

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    Author: Cuttle Fish that loves Diving Lvl of Author: Platinum Notable Works: Throne of Magical Arcana and Martial Arts Master Website: Qidian CN Status: Completed Views: 9.38+ million Recommendations: 2.72+ million Chapters: 1430+ Rating: 9.4/10 by 1317 readers Comments/discussion: 2454 A Xuanhuan novel by 'Cuttle Fish that loves Diving', what can I say except that I'm looking forward to it..........

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    Boasting. Boasting! BOASTING! Unrelated Statement. Epic Unrelated Statement. Ultimate Unrelated Statement! I will do stuff and things! Real big stuff! Real cool things!

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    I read and finished this novel some years back, it is one of the greatest novel ever and the author mixes all elements in a fantastic way. Reincarnation, Wuxia, xianxia, time warp everything. Spoiler: MC will only have one wife, and she is no damsel in distres , so badass that even late in the story when the MC is one of the worlds strongest on par with Buddha only his wife can bully him. No over the top power up bs where the main wins always. Enemies and allies has character development, schemes run deep and you’ll never know what happen. The ending was a little rushed but at the end it is a masterpiece of Chinese novel.

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    Another cultuvation novel which screams "Baby! I am cliched. " Maybe in sheldon style, when he says bazzinga. It will be weird. Anyway, Samsara. Sounds cool. Fingers crossed and hoping for some proper samsara action. Like sending people to become animals, ghosts, and deities. It will be hilarious. Like he kills someone and the enemy says " I am gonna haunt you as a ghost. " And the MC replies, " Ain't no doing all that **** homie. You are gonna be a playtpus and ponder your own eexistence" Btw samsara is a buddhist word. And he wants to kill Buddha. Isn't that like killing your own teacher. These guys don't even do their homework before posting a summary. Lol. Anyway. Outta here.

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    I come,I see,I vote..down to all romance novel..hail the cultivation novel.. I come,I see,I vote..down to all romance novel..hail the cultivation novel.. I come,I see,I vote..down to all romance novel..hail the cultivation novel..

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    Terrible translation quality, the story itself is interesting, but not worth suffering through the translation. If the translation team gets better, or replaced with someone better, I world recommend it.

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    Why do all protagonists have an obsession with deafeating Buddah😂 I mean I get demons since demons are meant to be the bad guys but on a more serious note this looks like an interesting novel.

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    Is the translator smoking weed or something? Otherwise I don't understand how the hell 一世之尊 translate to 'The Sage Who Transcended Samsara'. There is not a single Chinese character which is referring to 'Samsara' or 'Sage' or even 'Transcended'. Fully wrong. I have seen QI translators taking full liberty with translations. Seriously respect original text

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    Points to Ponder: What was the story about? -The story is about the journey of a young boy who goes through different trials and tribulations. He grows in strength, experience and personality while he makes new friends and enemies. Who is the main character? -Meng Qi Is the MC likable? -He is a funny guy. He often gets into trouble way over his head, but uses his wits and intelligence to survive. His dream is to be a cool and suave Young Master and to awe everyone with his charms. Unfortunately, he is often seen as a brute due to the martial arts skills he uses. Luckily he is starting to gain more cool skills to masquerade as a bishounen pretty boy haha. Did you like the book? -I like this novel very much. The fight scenes are intense. The lore and background is rich. The skill levels are well explained. The characters have depth, their actions will some times make you laugh or bring you tears. If you could change something, what would it be? -Some of the earlier chapters need editing & TLC because the grammar can be weird and the terms/jargons used are complicated. There should also be some Footnotes provided by the translation team. Would you recommend this book to another person? -Yes definitely! What type of person would like this book? -Anyone who loves reading martial arts or eastern fantasy novels would love it. Especially those who like a challenging novel with a complex lore and many martial arts.

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    Machine translation from chapter 777. A good novel, but it's impossible to read further. :( ___________________________________________________________

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    Dont bother reading it, a really good novel ruined by TL. TL terms keep going back and forth early on but then stabilise around 400 chapters in but for some reason TL changes at chapter 777 and since then everything is utter trash. The glossary terms are changed to more retarded equivalent and you struggle to even know whats going on. Had to drop at chapter 777 as its just not worth the brain damage you get from trying to read this god awful TL

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    Alternate Story Title: Worthy of Respect in One Age novelupdates.com/series/worthy-of-respect-in-one-age/ OH YEAH, FINALLY A NOVEL I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT TO MAKE A PROPER REVIEW ABOUT! Sorry, got a little excited. So yeah, I can state the nice stuff about this story. I am describing ch.1 which you can find on the NU link, so I don't think this needs a spoiler. This novel starts with the MC transmigrating without a gaining the body's memories, ending up a monk in Shaolin Temple and using his wits to not get exposed and exorcised. His body has a backstory he knows nothing of, and returning back to his family will get him exposed. The story starts in such a 'interesting' situation where MC has to use his IQ from the start, and I promise it just gets better. Initially the world seems to be in a wuxia setting, though it is slowly revealed to be more. But I'll reveal one more thing: The 'Samsara' is introduced quite early! ...OK, now I really can't say more without spoilers. As for the TL, I'll expect good things. Even though not one chapter is up, I'll give props to the translator for rewriting Title and Synopsis to appeal to English readers. The original synopsis on NU seems a bit vague on first sight. Can't say anything further, as this novel has no TLed chapters here. So there it is, this is a nice novel and I hope you'll give Energy Stones to it. ...Also, one last interesting thing. Do you like the author, 'Plagiarist', the writer of Carefree Path of Dreams and sequel to Warlock of the Magus World? The novel preceding Carefree Path of Dreams, Overgod Ascension was inspired/ plagiarized from this novel. Overgod Ascension is also known as a loose sequel to Warlock of the Magus World.

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    This read is like smoking cigarettes. They feel good, but definitely bad for your health. Why is it bad for your health? The way the translation is butchering my brain cells is...... i cant even..... PLEASE GET A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING EDITOR!! (Sorry would-be-editor, you’ll be puking blood much more than us readers) Or please change the goddamn translator.

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    CHECK THIS OUT BEFORE READING!! Translation quality for the first 778 chapters is a 3 out of 5. It's good enough but can be hard to understand at points. After 778, 0 out of 5, awful. It's incredible to me that a large company like QI would publish a translation that is essentially a slightly cleaned up machine translation. Names of moves, places, and people suddenly change. That combined with the overall awful translation makes one wonder if they are even reading the same novel. STAY AWAY unless and until the translation is fixed; otherwise, it's not worth it even when considering the quality of the story.

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    Dear readers, We are honored to share this fantastic novel The Sage Who Transcended Samsara with you here. In this novel, we will travel with Meng Qi and his friends to the World of Samsara to complete all kinds of tasks. Professional and carefull as us, there is still room for improvement. If you have any suggestion to our translation, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to hear from you and we will continue to perfect it. Thank you. Enjoy your reading! Transn September 12, 2018

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    Great novel ..one of the best but ****ty translator who change skill , charecter e.t.c name in every 10 chapter ..many missing info .also after 778 chapter they change translator who is worse then pervious one....pervious one was trash ..and now we have a noob translator...zzzzz What a waste...

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    Why qi, why, bring somebody who doesn't eve know the glossary of the novel and just doesn't even put the effort it deserves, just why? Ex:old:Heaven-killing Axe New: Scorpio axe WHAT THE HELL IS SIMIlAR BETWEEN THESE TWO WORDS OTHE THAN "AXE" another example is old " peerles master pro" and new ,friggin "guru". Please dont ruin this with a ****ty translation pls This novel deserves more effort

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    One of the best Chinese web novels recent years. Its not a quite traditional cultivation story. It should be really really hard to translate as its actually a wuxia story in a magic world. **: about the synopsis remember the mc's name and forget the rest

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    if only cuttlefish would get a translation that respects his skills

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    Author Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

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