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  • Hunter Academy: Revenge of the Weakest

    Hunter Academy: Revenge of the Weakest



    What do the words Third-Rate Villain mean? Doesn't every human being possess their own background story? Just because a game hadn't explored one's background story, does it mean those characters are irrelevant? In a world where video games come to life, Astron Natusalune is introduced as a seemingly insignificant character—a third-rate villain with a minor role. However, this ordinary facade belies a haunting past that has shaped Astron into the vengeful soul he has become. Someone who would do everything for his vengeance. What will occur if Astron's soul combines with one from Earth? Will he relinquish his position as a third-rate villain, or will he forge a new path? Driven by a singular purpose—to avenge his sister's tragic death and bring justice to a cruel world—Astron embarks on a transformative journey. Witness the journey of the Astron as the young boy experiences a profound shift in his own values as he witnesses firsthand the consequences of unchecked vengeance and the true complexities of morality. -----------------------------------0------------------------------------ Chapter length 1750-2500 At least one chapter a day. You can check my discord if you want. You will be able to see the illustrations here and engage in a conversation with me if I am available.

  • Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy

    Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy



    Faced with a certain death, Kyle has no other choice but to gamble. He was warned that he could perish in the Arcane Academy, but he gritted his teeth and took the risk... and because of his decision, he unveiled many secrets about this mysterious world, discovered many mystical practices, touched upon forbidden relics that would change his life, and gained the enmity of powerful existences. Thankfully, he didn't transmigrate alone. The Divine Extraction System was with him as he treaded his chosen Arcane Path… *** 14-17 chapters per week. Early chapters are now being edited for quality purposes. Please bear with me.

  • Adventure Academy

    Adventure Academy



    Explore the realmsverse, battle monsters of myth and legend, die trying... and then come back to life stronger with the advantage of hindsight! Rinse and repeat. Death holds no power over Will Wisdom, a boy who’d once been sacrificed to the altar of the gods of death only to reincarnate moments later. Will’s a teenager stuck with Extra-Life, a curse that lets him relive the same day of every death with all the gruesome details of his latest demise intact to help him survive in his next run of whatever realm, dungeon, or adventuring class he’s decided to challenge next. Returning to life after each harrowing encounter is a useful hack for a teenager enrolled in the legendary Academy, a school that teaches young adventurers to become the kind of heroes who chase after the big monster bounties and uncover the great mysteries of the Realmsverse. Mysteries such as finding the cult of evil ljósálfar who’d cursed Will with Extra-Life in the first place, and then exacting his revenge on these bright elf bastards! The Academy is the perfect place for Will to achieve his hopes and dreams too. Assuming he does well in Swords and Sorcery, Apprentice Alchemy, Dungeon Excursions, P.E., and a whole host of crazy training courses in his novice schedule. Will may need a little help with that. Welcome to the Academy, Will Wisdom—hope you live to see graduation day! *** Aside from daily chapter releases, I will release extra chapters every Sunday depending on power stones earned during the same week. 200 stones = 1 additional chapter! *** Temporary cover created with PixAI

  • Elite Mages' Academy

    Elite Mages' Academy


    What would you do if you were transported to an academy where becoming immortal was possible? Where magic spells and swordsmanship were your courses and fighting zombies and wars were your exams? Dawn Academy was no ordinary learning institution and Xiao Lin was about to find out how mysterious and exciting this magical academy really was. Join this self-professed gaming nerd as he embarks on a journey that takes learning to a whole other level. With flying dragons, high-tech systems, and alien livestock that makes your bowels explode, Xiao Lin’s freshmen adventure is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Alpha Academy BL

    Alpha Academy BL

    MATURE CONTENT Henri is the only child of the Royal family of Reinhold and is the heir to the throne. He is born as an anomaly, a male Omega in a world where male and female statuses are rigid. Males are Alphas and Females are Omegas, there is no in-between. There were no preparations made for unheard-of cases like his so he was brought up like an Alpha. Henri was homeschooled for most of his early life as the Prince but now he is required to attend the most prestigious college in Reinhold. He doesn't act like an Omega but looks like one and when he is thrown into a school full of Alphas after being sheltered his whole life, college isn't just about academics anymore. DISCLAIMER: The cover is not mine, all credits to the owner. If you'd like me to take it down, just let me know.

  • The Strongest Monarch In The Apocalypse Academy

    The Strongest Monarch In The Apocalypse Academy



    He found himself in a void, a completely white space. He couldn't remember anything, nor could see in this void. He was alone for an unknown time. Until... He saw projections of an individual's life who was called the Strongest Monarch. An individual who had the same features as his. But before he could confirm his identity, an unexpected event happened. He finally managed to leave the white void. But.... He woke up as a baby! Yes, a baby! Furthermore, the moment he was about to be born, he received memories, past life memories to be more exact. And according to them, he was in a world named Aevoria. What's more, Aevoria, unfortunately, was about to face a terrible disaster - An Apocalypse. And this would be the third Apocalypse that Aevoria would face. And the chances of survival were close to zero... Yet, the inhabitants knew nothing about it... Yet... There was a only vague prophecy about this upcoming doom. And a chosen one who would rise to stop it. There were three popular and powerful academies in this world, 'Chaos Academy', 'Origin Academy', and finally, the first ever built academy - 'Apocalypse Academy'. Previous Samiel's reason to change is laid within the Apocalypse Academy together with secrets of the third apocalypse. Samiel had many memories with the Academy. However, were they happy or sad? Or the other? Why was his memories from the time he graduated from the academy erased? He still has many things to discover about this world, his true identity, and the Apocalypse. Most of all... He would aim to become the strongest Monarch in the Academy, in the world! After all, in front of absolute power, everything is insignificant. But... Can he do it? However, there is another twist in this. He isn't the chosen one nor the hero who was mentioned in the ancient prophecy, and he also... ____________ More tags --> #fantasy; #rebirth; #mystery; #cultivation; #harem; #op; #war; #fantasy_romance #rare_bloodline; #universal_system; #mythical_races; #dragons; #demons #academy #beasttaming; #familiars; #dungeons; #abyss; #comedy; #dark; #world_building Note: The cover is mine. The image was created using AI. ____________ New Discord Link -> ____________ Check out my other novels: 1) "Master of The Universe" Link -> 2) "Aetheric Chronicles: Reborn As An Extra" Link ->

  • Gifted Academy: The Perfect Student

    Gifted Academy: The Perfect Student



    Coming out of the Ideal Human Project, Mizuhara Ayato was referred to as the 'perfect human'. However, life was not so simple for this unfortunate boy. Stuck between other genius students and a meritocratic high school, Mizuhara would find himself unable to live a calm life. Who really is Mizuhara Ayato? Apathetic, listless and uncaring, will anyone ever make Mizuhara feel something? Even in the harsh conditions of the Tachibana System, he shows no signs of struggle. Is he the ultimate proof that nurture is stronger than nature? *** Sara Fujiharu, the cutest girl in the school, is also known as the 'Seatmate Bully'. Every few weeks, the class seating changes and every time, Fujiharu-san gets a new target. What's her goal? To make the boy sitting next to her fall in love, and once she does, she destroys their heart, crushing their love. Why does she do this? I still don't know. It's March 23rd, the day of the seating change. So far, ten boys have fallen for her traps, her playful attitude, and her innocent face. Not a single boy so far has managed to brush off her attacks-and every single time; their weak hearts have been crushed. Now it's my turn. However, my heart is not so easily played with. ** ____ Official Discord:

  • Academy of Immortals

    Academy of Immortals


    The last thing Princess Roselyn Lightwood expected during her visit to the Mortal Realm was to suddenly get attacked by a sexy-as-hell vampire. Next thing she knew, she was trapped in the Shadow Realm because of the forbidden bite and was forced by the Shadow Council to attend the prestigious Shadow Academy or the 'Academy of Immortals' until they were assured she hadn't become an abomination. Dark Arts, History, Physical Training, and a bunch of Field Works weren't the only new troubles she had to struggle with in her life at the Academy. There was that stupid and sexy bloodsucker who was not only the reason behind all her misery but was also her new blood mate and it seemed like he had all the plans to complete their bond instead of breaking it to save both their lives. Then, there was the arrogant but equally hot Prince River, a dark fae royal, who turned out to be her destined soulmate but wanted nothing to do with her. And let's not forget the big brother, Crown Prince Felix, who despite having a fiance, made sparks fly every time he appeared in front of Roselyn, and his fiance seemed to not like those sparks at all. But along with these trouble-making men in her life, she also got a guardian/mentor, the last dark elf alive who was definitely off limits for several reasons but forbidden fruits had always been her favorite. And to complete the list, her family sent someone from her realm to look after her in the Shadow Realm and it turned out to be none other than Lord Caspian, a man full of mysteries and also Roselyn's betrothed. Life had never been easy for Princess Roselyn but it became a roller coaster ride after she got trapped in the Shadow Realm with her future in the hands of those who barely wanted to see her alive. Worst of all, she had a secret that could not only change her fate but the fate of both the Seelie and Unseelie realms, a secret that she needed to keep hidden. Just how she's going to survive? Would these men who kept pulling the strings of her heart prove to be her friends or would they become the reason for her end? ***** Warning:- Mature Content and use of strong language in the story. This is a Reverse Harem story where the Female Lead will have several love interests. Also, there will be MxM and FxF scenes too. - Disclaimer: The book cover ain't mine, credit goes to the original owner. Follow me on Insta for more novel-related updates: @nightsummer20

  • My System Academy

    My System Academy



    Eluard Kai found himself transmigrated to a magical world. A steward came over and declared that he was now the academy master of the school in front of him before disappearing to nothingness. "That damn steward said I am now the owner of this place then left me all alone! What the hell am I supposed to teach them anyway?!” He feared that some prodigious arrogant young master would come over and enroll when he himself didn’t know what he was supposed to do. "But this is a deserted academy, right? No one should come over here, right?" Unfortunately, his nightmare came about. "Academy Master, I am here to enroll in the Heavenly Magic Academy. Please allow my request in behalf of my lackluster talent." Eluard Kai almost blacked out until he heard a prompt in his head. [ A student requests to enter the Heavenly Magic Academy. ] [ Accept the request? ] --- Check out my other story, I'm Not An NPC!

  • Dragon Academy

    Dragon Academy

    Dragons are born in twins set, one dominant while the other is submissive. One can't survive without the other, the dominants are sent to military schools, they'll spend most of their life-controlling their Dragon side.While the other half goes to Dragon Academy, they'll learn how to cope with being submissive, they are categorized into littles, pets, or simply submissive. The older dominant would meet them there, teach them how to shift, protect them from all dangers, and finally claim them as theirs forever. Kaiden is a special case, a little who never regressed before, she also never cried, until crossing roads with Adrian, a fiery red dragon. This story is DDLG, CGL, Fluff.

  • Doms&Littles Academy

    Doms&Littles Academy

    The year is 2996 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing. Human aren't enslaved well maybe just a little, at the age of 16 all human get tested mentally and divided to categories: Dom/Sub, Daddy/Little, Mommy/little, Master/Pet, Master/slave.Sophia a 16 y old who's gonna just find out which category she is, Dimitri a vampire prince and well known Dom.Turns out she’s a little, her daddy is a mafia vampire prince. Her best friend is also a little and have his own daddy. They got other friends too, they are Doms and scary looking but are just Big Teddy Bears.They all go to Doms&Littles academy.This is our adventures

  • Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy

    Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy



    Do not Read This.

  • Hell's Academy

    Hell's Academy



    Howard awoke every morning with the taste of blood in his mouth. Every night before he went to sleep, the women sleeping next to him shot him to death so that he could reincarnate in the morning. They did experiments on him, all because he had horns on the top of his head. Finally, after years of experiments, they tossed him into the abyss. A place worse than hell called the Furnace. Down beneath the surface, the Furnace allows dreams to turn into reality, abilities to be amplified by a thousand fold, and for conquests to unfold. Howard, finally finding himself free in the Furnace, joins a team of reprobates from Hell's Academy, hoping to conquer the Furnace and build the ultimate kingdom in the darkest trenches of the world.

  • Celestial Academy of Mystics

    Celestial Academy of Mystics


    What if you wake up on the morning of your fifteenth birthday to discover a system screen floating over your head? It means you are a Mystic, one of the hundred people born each year who have access to the Celestial system and powers of the universe.What if when you go to get registered as a Mystic at their Academy you discover that all the slots are taken? There are already a hundred mystics in the system. You are a strange anomaly that has never happened in a billion years.Well, you must be none other than Xavier Xerxes. The weird teenager who was bullied for his strange white skin, long snowy hair and pink eyes is now also a Mystic who shouldn't exist. It couldn't have gotten any worse for him.Now he has to attend Celestial Academy to get basic training in leveling up and growing into the full potentials of his powers so he can slay demons and battle monsters from real to realm. He has the opportunity to grow from a human to an Immortal, saving the world along the way. Cool, right?But there's one little problem. Xavier doesn't do anything that could pass off as stressful. No, he prefers to read books in the library. He loves to write stories and poems. He cries through romantic movies. He has never walked farther than a meter in his life. No sporting activity whatsoever. He hates violence.Now they expect him to carry a sword. He is supposed to turn his body into a weapon of destruction, and his mind into a fortress of power. What the hell? How is he expected to survive a day at Celestial Academy when he has been home schooled since he was a child? How is he supposed to kill a bloodthirsty troll when he is scared of spiders? Exercise drills, push ups, war games...meditating? Never before in his life!Right. We all have to wait and see. Hopefully he'll find a way not to die on the first day.

  • Werewolf Academy: The Alpha & Luna

    Werewolf Academy: The Alpha & Luna

    Hailey Woods gets marked by a wolf on her sixteenth birthday. Now a wolf-pup, she's forced to enter the Academia of the Moon, where people like her train to become full-functioning werewolves and manage their powers. Once she arrives at the Academy, she learns she's an outcast—even among her kind. It turns out the Moon Huntress, Diana, has special plans for her, and there's another girl that can't handle that Hailey's getting all the attention. Not to mention, why does she become all tingly when the gorgeous Elijah Ledger, the future alpha, is around?

  • OP Freak In Academy Of Mech

    OP Freak In Academy Of Mech


    Cross Milliams, a mysterious young man with a mysterious background, transferred into the Academy of Mech, in which all students were based through mana scores. However being the only manaless student in the academy put him in a pinch. Everyone was looking at him as if he was a freak. The cutest girl in their classroom did not even spare him a glance. He didn’t know that in this academy, mana score is the bases of popularity, which he had none. He was looked down! However, despite being a manaless, it turns out he was secretly OP in handling any Mechs! Cross academy life had just started.

  • Surviving In A Yandere Academy

    Surviving In A Yandere Academy



    Tenji is a young professor in Erīto, a prestigious sorcery academy in Meiji. As the only male among the professors, he receives disturbing attention from the female students and faculty members. He is known for turning down proposals from them, and in a bid to ease the situation, he strikes a deal with the headmistress.The headmistress entrusts him with a journal written in a foreign language that belonged to a dead transmigrator, an ancient sorcerer. Using his knowledge of the language acquired from his late grandfather and further research, he discovers a great enemy that threatens to break free from its thousand-year-old seal, which has started to weaken.Tenji realizes that he cannot carry the burden alone without the risk of losing control in the process and decides to train the students in the academy so they can defeat the enemy. However, he needs to find a driving goal for his selected yandere students, who have innocent looks that can fool anyone. Is it lovestruck? blood? justice? freedom? devotion? delusion?As Tenji trains his students and uncovers more information about the enemy, he realizes that this is not just a battle for their lives, but for the fate of the entire world. With his knowledge, skills, and the support of his students, Tenji and his students embarks on a dangerous and thrilling journey that will test their abilities and his will to stay in control of the darkness within. ***** Cover doesn't belong to me, just the text. ***** Discord server ***** NO HAREM, yandere, magic, superpowers, mystery, gore, OP teacher, Teacher MC, darkness...

  • Ero Academy

    Ero Academy


    Transmigrated in erotic game and having a lot of fun. A lot of R-18 chapter.I have come to know that the grammar and paragraphs sentencing of my novel were not good. So, I have made some updated To chapters. for additional arts and

  • Mystical Academy: Goddess's Rebirth

    Mystical Academy: Goddess's Rebirth



    >>>Warning Mature Content!!!The time that Nicholas lost his soul mate and the love of his life Adhiti, he was drowned into a depression and something more like a succubus messing in his head to cheat to his beloved. However, it's when until a sign was given to him and he found her. She looked so much like Adhiti. The girl that claimed to be Catastrophe Canfield. She's too different than Adhiti although they looked so much alike. Her goal is revenge and to find out the real plan behind Adhiti's death.The time that Nicholas left, they send her to the Inside World for her safety. But she's not safe anywhere. Adhiti as Catastrophe will learn who she really is and she will control the world and the whole universe to stop Abyss.

  • Reborn With The Magical Academy System

    Reborn With The Magical Academy System



    The Fire, Father of Legends has turned into embers. The era of gods has been forgotten, and soon the era of heroes will follow. The new era of men is tormented by the savagery and superstition of the unworthy heirs to humanity. As magic, once a source of wonder, becomes a weapon of war, Roderick, a veteran war mage seeks to change the course of fate. Forsaking conflict, he endeavors to create an academy dedicated to the peaceful study and exploration of magic. But tragedy strikes as the war mage dies before his dream can be realized. In a twist of fate, a god takes pity and reincarnates a man of science from another world to take his place, however, the house isn't empty and there is danger within the walls.