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  • Albino Assasin

    Albino Assasin

  • The albino girl

    The albino girl

    Yes , I'm a different girl . I'm a albino girl and everybody looks bad at me." I'm ugly" my mom says that .I'm shy and alittle depressed . I thought that nobody can help me . but even yiur inhales and exhales makes me feel good . like I'm flying ... like I'm borning again ...World ! let me take his hand . Run with him to the rainbow . Let me , let him color me . Me ; The colorless girl ; the white girl .Let me hear him saying that I'm not ugly .Let me walk with him in the secretfull alley . I mean beach...:)

  • Albino (Perspective 1)

    Albino (Perspective 1)


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    McKenna is a strong-headed defiant girl who went for what she wants no matter what people think.she believes there is something called love and that it only made people stupid but she still longed for it. So she vowed to wait as long as it takes to find the right perfect man that was capable of sweeping her off her feet and together they would ride off into the sunset.But then she met Jason, a multi billionaire that swept her off her feet quite alright but instead of running off into the sunset, he dropped her inside a gutter.Now, McKenna has to pick herself up and become better and show Jason he made the worst mistake of his life by breaking her heart. Follow Jason and Mckenna on their Journey to forget each other. Mckenna out for revenge from the man that broke her heart and Jason determine to do the right thing by staying away from the innocent girl that almost made him break his one rule - he just doesn't do love.***********Jason walked towards the entrance Thokozani mentioned and met a woman there. She was an albino, tall with brown boots and yellow dress. Jason couldn’t make out her face from the distance he was standing.‘Are you the new help?’ Naya asked without looking up. She was placing plates on the tables.‘No…I am …’ Jason was puzzled that the albino had an accent‘Don’t just stand there, start setting dinner plate on the table. We have less than five minutes before dinner’ she said without waiting for Jason to introduce himself.Jason dropped his briefcase by the door and carried the pile of plates near the window and started distributing across the table. When he got close enough to her, he saw her face. She wasn’t an albino, she was white. And she was stunning.She looked up and stared at him.‘You don’t look like a help’ Naya said and her face was expressionless.‘Probably because I am not, I am Jason and I am your new boss’Naya stared at him and blinked twice.‘Do not forget to place the spoons beside the plates, boss’ and she went back to what she was doing, leaving a puzzled Jason to stare at her in shock.

  • Albino's Princess Soul

    Albino's Princess Soul


    • Jiwa yang berbeda.•Xie Liu merupakan mantan penjinak bom, yang bekerja dibawah perintah Negara. Namun, semenjak kejadian naas yang menimpa dirinya, Xie Liu berbalik melawan Negaranya.Disaat kematian merengut nyawanya yang penuh dendam, Xie Liu terbangun di tempat yang berbeda.Xie Lian, yang merupakan seorang Putri Mahkota dari kerajaan mengakhiri hidupnya, dengan cara melompat ke pusaran air pembuangan.Jika ada yang bertanya, Putri mahkota mana yang tidak dihormati, maka dengan lantang, Xie Lian akan menjawab "Aku".Xie Lian terlahir sebagai Albino, yang malah diyakini kerajaannya, bahwa Permainsyuri menyelingkuhi Raja, sehingga Xie Lian selalu mendapat perlakuan tidak pantas.

  • I Reincarnated into a Merchant's Albino Daughter

    I Reincarnated into a Merchant's Albino Daughter

    Aleksandra Bauer, a boy with the name of a girl was calmly living his high school life when he, all of the sudden, dies, and somehow managed to be reincarnated into another world, and gets reincarnated into a child's body. That child happened to be a seriously rich merchant's daughter. Now he's a girl with the mind of a boy. Wait, what?

  • A World of Reincarnators

    A World of Reincarnators



    Mizuki was an otherworldly beauty in her first world. Born as an albino, having the best grades in class while taking interest in technological advancement and music in her free time.Her parents who had died a year after her birth left her a large inheritance. Her aunt has tried to kill her for her money ever since it was decided that all the inheritance would go to her. 'Human greed is a vile thing.'Mizuki was not stupid by any means. The moment she realized her life was being targeted she left to live alone. The inheritance would let her live nicely until the age of 40 at the least but she was not content with that and started to do work in the stock market.Mizuki was now living in a moderately sized apartment near her school. She had multiple bodyguards that were receiving quite the large salary so she was not afraid of losing her life before even getting married.... But.. "Human greed really is a vile thing. Is it not?"Now in another world where power decides everything human greed is not the biggest problem she will face.But bare in mind reader. Reincarnation is not that uncommon. (art ain't mine)

  • The Silver Queen

    The Silver Queen



    [Vol. 1, 2, 3, & 4]Vol. 1: Bergabung dengan Nightroad Zero membawa Axelia pada memori misterius. Pertempuran pertama di kota Maria, misi melindungi kota dan penduduk dari serbuan pasukan Exval rupanya menjadi awal 'panggilan' itu membisikinya. Di sisi lain, sang komandan Nightroad Zero memberi perlakuan khusus padanya, yang tak pernah ditunjukkan pada wanita mana pun. Meski Axelia bukan wanita dengan fisik sempurna. Vol. 2: Perjalanan ekspedisi Nightroad Zero harus berbelok ke barat. Mengirim bantuan lima batalyon pada kerajaan yang pernah membelot dari Kekaisaran. Satu legiun musuh sedang menggempur habis-habisan wilayah Gordian. Vol. 3: Diusir dari Kekaisaran, Axelia -si gadis buta albino- melakukan perjalanan menuju Bumi Utara untuk misi rahasia. Teman masa kecil, Aiden sang pemburu vampir, selalu mengikutinya. Vol. 4: Perang ini mungkin menjadi derap terakhir bagi Axelia. Pertempuran besar umat manusia melawan beratus-ratus ribu tentara vampir yang berasal dari berbagai ras monster: Dergon si raksasa, Herresi si iblis putih, Anjing Hades, pasukan Exval dan kelompok pembunuh bayaran dari Laut Timur yang ironisnya adalah manusia. ***SLOW UPDATE.

  • White Love In The Dark Sky

    White Love In The Dark Sky



    Berawal dari kesalahan dalam pendaftaran universitas baru, membawa Ran Yuki ke sebuah sekolah indigo. Ia bertemu Hirotada, seorang manusia albino yang pernah hidup dalam dua dunia, yakni dunia siluman dan dunia manusia. Pertemuan yang menjengkelkan dengan Hirotada menjadikan dirinya terlibat jauh dalam kehidupan dua dunia. Di satu sisi, ia jatuh cinta dengan seorang mahasiswa misterius bernama Yushimaru. Hari-hari Ran Yuki yang biasa berubah menjadi malapetaka, ia selalu diteror oleh kemampuan mata batinnya yang terbuka. Ran Yuki berusaha untuk lari dari sekolah indigo itu, akan tetapi setelah mata indigo nya terbuka, ia selalu melihat sosok hantu. Novel ini akan menjadi cerita yang sangat manis dan penuh komedi antara Ran Yuki dan Hirotada yang polos.

  • "tomorrow" I start asking what is tomorrow?  what awaits us tomorrow?

    "tomorrow" I start asking what is tomorrow? what awaits us tomorrow?

    "world" we are living in times of extreme pain where only love can win, where children are treated as objects and death as a journey north or south. there is no longer fear, only acceptance.

  • The Ghost-Out Wannabe

    The Ghost-Out Wannabe



    She looked at the new born baby she had waited so long to have... No one was going to take this child away from her. Will the little albino boy and his mother ever be able to lead a normal life in the face of the entrenched prejudice of those around them? TAKADINI is a story of astounding courage and a rare insight into the nature of change in societies and how just a few enlightened people who dare to question, can really make a difference.

  • I Am Not Possessed

    I Am Not Possessed

    Once, a very long time ago, two great kingdoms; Maviki of the dark skinned and Elionis of the fair skinned, were united but fate brought about a 100 year Blood War. Divided by hate but desperate for peace, the kingdoms agreed to never crossover into each other's territories. No trade or intermarriages were to be done so imagine the horror that be fell Eclipse of Maviki, when she gave birth to an albino girl. Thrown out of her village due to ignorance, Eclipse wonders in the darkest forest. It is there that she is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice that drastically changes the life of her daughter, Martina, and ultimately leads to the death of millions. ...She gazed into her brown eyes and cupped the side of her face. "I am not possessed. I'm the monster they created.""And who I'm I?" She shakily asked, not daring to break eye contact, even by blinking. Bringing her lips closer to hers, she whispered ever so tenderly, "You are my love."

  • Berawal Dari Dendam Melati : Istri Sang Tuan Muda Cacat.

    Berawal Dari Dendam Melati : Istri Sang Tuan Muda Cacat.

    Seorang Gadis cantik yang tumbuh dengan kekurangan rasa kasih, Ayahnya membencinya karena terlahir Melati terlahir bukan sesuai dengan harapnya yang mendambakan seorang Putra."Dia sudah besar aku tidak perlu menimangnya seperti anak kecil karena seharusnya dia membuat ku bangga bukan mempermalukan ku, aku malu mengakuinya sebagai putriku dia tidak pintar ataupun berprestasi seperti putri atau pun Putra mu...," Mahesa dengan gaya angkuhnya.Sementara gadis manis yang berusia 6 tahun mendengar jelas setiap ucapan kebencian dari Ayah kandungnya sendiri pada dirinya. Tentu saja hanya rasa kecewa pada dirinya sendiri dan setiap ucapan ayahnya yang membandingkan dirinya dengan sepupunya yang lain selalu berhasil membuat Melati kecil menangis."Ayah selama ini apakah aku tidak pernah membuat mu bangga, aku akan berjuang untuk membuat mu menghargai keberadaan ku........," ucap Melati yang saat ini menangis di balik tembok. Sebenarnya melati tidak sengaja mendengarkan pembicaraan antara paman dan ayahnya."Bruk, trangtanngk...." suara barang jatuh yang tampak terbanting cukup keras."Siapa disana? ternyata kucing." ucap Bima yang terdengar khawatir langsung mengecek sumber suara merasa cukup lega karena bukan salah satu anak-anaknya yang berulang jika tidak mungkin mereka akan mendapatkan semprotan pedas dari kakaknya."Alhamdulillah Paman tidak melihat ku....," ucap Melati yang bisa bernapas lega setelah pamannya pergi membawa kucing kesayangannya itu."Sebaiknya Kakak jangan asal bicara, sangat tidak baik untuk perkembangan Melati jika sampai dia tahu, Kakak cobalah belajar menyayanginya allah memberikan Kakak seorang putri cantik dan baik cobalah untuk bersyukur." ucap Bima menasehati Kakak keempatnya yang cukup keras kepala itu."Dia bukan bayi lagi pula ada ibunya yang akan merawatnya....," ucap Mahesa yang menganggap tanggung jawabnya hanya mencari uang saja dalam keluarganya.Berawal dari Dendam Melati dengan Ayahnya sampai melati dijodohkan dengan seorang pria Albino yang cacat mampukan Melati bertahan dengan kondisi yang membingungkan ini ikuti terus cerita ini....

  • Beautifully Rare (Cities of Ravenholm Series 1)

    Beautifully Rare (Cities of Ravenholm Series 1)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE BEAUTY FAMILY URBAN

    In the City of Laurendale, those with albinism are killed because people believed they bring bad luck. Albinos are also said to be weak, another reason why the City's council wanted to get rid of the poor albinos. And because of a mistake she had done, Saoirse's mother, an albino, had no choice but to leave Laurendale before the council could ever learn of her daughter's existence after they slaughtered her whole family and other fellow albinos. And so Saoirse was born an albino-a person that has partial or complete loss of pigmentation (coloring) of the skin, eyes and hair. The disease is rare, but beautiful at the same time. And that makes her beautifully rare.

  • Diner of a Returned Hero - [Ver.English]

    Diner of a Returned Hero - [Ver.English]

    CharactersChoi, Kyeongho35 years old, his looks are somewhere in between normal and handsome. His temperament is stiflingly dull. He is very much content with whatever is given to him and is also subtly thoughtful of others. Possesses power that can even match the Demon King.AlbinoReal name is Carnis de Rufs. Kyeongho nicknamed him albino. Pet of the Lord God and the Guardian. He is the one who established the awakening system to protect the Earth. Possesses unexpected aegyo and clumsiness. SynopsisKyeongho returns to the Earth after 10 years of protecting the world of the spirits from the attack of Evildom. But it turns out that Earth has been attacked too? Can Kyeongho, who dreams of an ordinary life working at his mom’s restaurant, save the world from the monster attack?

  • novel¿lincoln?


    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 HAREM FAMILIA

    a new life was something the albino had fought for. not looking back, but thanking those who helped him get a new chance to be happy.After 6 years his old life will return, but now a widower and with a daughter. he was not prepared for "them" to come back in his a challenge to face so that your daughter is not harmed. the man with the plan had to come back.

  • Snake Life

    Snake Life


    And so from the originally normal albino Nelson's milksnake, I became an enlightened milksnake.I can now understand human language and is now aware of a lot of things than before.\IG/@han_pwq07/02/2020

  • Memoryless



    A beautiful albino boy wakes up in a temple completely confused, he doesn't have any memory of who he is or where he came from. He is like a baby who born again. Fortunately, a soldier who visit the temple found him and rescued him without knowing he will become the great love of his life.