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    See that star in her eye?

  • D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad

    D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad



    “Kat, you have a tail” said Lily“Look, Lily, it really isn’t that big of a concern” said Kat“You.Have.A.TAIL KAT” said Lily “How is this not a concern to you?” “Well, the dream I had was a bit weird as well, but if I’m honest, I’m mainly worried about the floating text that’s on fire” said Kat“THE What?” said Lily---------------------------------------------------Join Kat on her dimension hopping adventures as she fullfills her demonic duty and answers the call of the summoner. Each week Kat will get involved with new strange situations and oppurtunites that await her. During the week she'll have her best friend Lily, and perhaps a little help from Sylvie to figure out what's she supposed to do with her life now that she's becoming a demon.Chapters releasing daily~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Artwork by CristianAC: Discord:

  • Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

    Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet



    “How perverted is Si Ye Han's taste? He still wants me like this?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person’s eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second. Before her rebirth, she was in love with a different guy, so all she wanted to do was escape from Si Ye Han and hated him to his core after being locked up by him. After her rebirth, she looked differently at him, thinking that maybe he changed for the better? In the past, her mind was muddled. She let go of a stunning husband, was hurt by a scumbag and backstabber and most of all, was brainwashed by her most trusted friend. In the end, she was utterly alone. In her current lifetime, there are evil people scheming and eagerly waiting for her downfall. Sorry, but this girl won’t fall for the same tricks twice!

  • Housemates: The Good, Bad and Sexy

    Housemates: The Good, Bad and Sexy



    What happens when people live together? James and Mira have been friends since they were kids, so maybe they could live without killing each other, but what about Rachel and Noah? Having to live with her brother and his good-looking narcissistic best friend, Rachel wanted nothing more than to get rid of him. It was either he got rid of her or she got rid of him. There were no other options left for Rachel. But what if there were other options? ~~~ Mia has her life all figured out. She was able to rise to the top on her own. All she wanted was for her boyfriend to return so they could have their happily ever after, but what happens when a baby shows up from nowhere? ~~~ Chloe is the typical example of a cold CEO. She was always business-oriented and kept a straight face. A lot of men wanted her. But everyone knew she only had eyes for one boy.  How the very innocent Jeremy manage to steal her heart, no one knew.  They will all face problems. Will they overcome it? Add this book to your library. I assure you, you'll enjoy their individual stories.  The Good The Bad and the SEXY

  • I Don’t Want This Bad Ending

    I Don’t Want This Bad Ending



    [WPC#3: Bronze Tier Winner]In the famous romance novel “A Happy Ending” has a cliche plot of a heroine picking her favorite fish in the fishpond and becoming a happy female lead at the end of the story. The villainess, Evelyn Callie von Emsworth is the young lady of the Dukes House, a spoiled lady that craved for love, she bullies the heroine and died at the guillotine by the order of the Male Lead which she loves. While everyone had "A Happy Ending", only Evelyn was met with a tragic death. What will happen when a graduating college student died and become part of the famous novel “A Happy Ending” and became the tragic villainess of the story? Will she stay at the original plot? Or will she turn her fate and create another path? Will everything came to light and will the story deviate from the original? *** [EXCERPTS:] "I don't need a useless daughter," said Duke Keene. "Why can you just die silently?" Allan said. "You were the one who was always stalking me. Disgusting!" said Edickart. "You're the one who's playing with fire!" Cabel said. "Can you mind your own business?!" Silvester states. "I hate you and your whole family!" said Adley. "How can you do this, Lady Evelyn?! You're vicious!" said by the heroine, Elise. "Wait... I didn't do any of this!" Evelyn pleaded! But wait... What is this?! "There's something you need to know... The answer lies in your lost memories." "Wait... And who the f*ck are you?!" *** Find out how she will regain her lost memories and how the future will unveil for the future Villainess. "Hello, Author??? Yohoo~ there wasn't something like this written in your story?!" (√ # ` ×` )√ *turn table* "This is a scam! I need a refund for this stupid novel!!!" - P.s. picture, not mine. credit to the owner. Take note: THIS NOVEL IS A SLOW BURN.

  • Falling for the Bad Boy in the Reverse Harem Game [BL]

    Falling for the Bad Boy in the Reverse Harem Game [BL]



    The debuting singer Takeda Haruki would never believe he’d fall for a drawing. And it's a drawing of a guy out of all things! But when he finds himself dragged into a girl's harem game, Haruki soon finds out the drawing doesn't just live on paper and in his dreams, but in reality too! And he's still just! As! Attractive!Six handsome men wake up inside an experimental girl’s otome game, against their will.They’ll discover leaving is much harder than they think, but they have no intention of following the game rules!"Down with the system! We're on strike!"It's probably the only escape plan ever that involves so many alpha men pretending to be gay. But are they really pretending? Can fake love become real? And is that a love triangle in the distance?Find out now! Unlock the secret route of insanity, smut, and Haruki's true ending!COMPLETED NOVEL*****SMUT SCENES!SILLY AND LIGHT-HEARTED NOVEL, NOT ANGSTY!*****Hello, it's my first story! Please support this novel with votes and reviews. English is not my first language, feedback is appreciated!Se você lê em Português, procure no site por 'Crush pelo Bad Boy do Otome'.HinataPerolada

  • Bad Girl VS Bad Boy

    Bad Girl VS Bad Boy

    Romansa Anak Muda TEEN


    Gue Andrea Kellisha Winanta, cewek petakilan dan ga bisa diam. Senakal - nakalnya gue, gue ga suka sama yang namanya alkohol dan rokok. Kalau sampai gue liat cowok nge-rokok atau minum, sifat preman gue keluar. Hari pertama gue jadi siswi di SMA Jingga, gue lihat segerombolan cowok di kantin dan itu pun masih jam pertama. Sebenarnya waktu itu gue di hukum gara - gara terlambat sekolah. Tapi bodo amatlah, dan yah... sekarang gue di kantin lihat segerombolan cowok itu di meja pojokan, dan salah satu dari mereka nge-rokok. Gue sih ga masalah mereka bolos toh biasanya dulu pas SMP gue bolos, tapi ini salah satunya ada yang nge-rokok. Karena gue benci banget, mulai saat itu gue mulai ngibarin bendera perang. Dan saat itu hidup gue yang awalnya biasa aja, sekararang jadi luar biasa. maksud gue er... LUAR BINASA. Cover : Pinterest (Avatar Fan art)

  • QT: No to Bad Boys! Transmigrated as an Otome Side Character

    QT: No to Bad Boys! Transmigrated as an Otome Side Character



    Mo Aini's sister only plays the route of the bad boys in dating simulators. He was offered a deal to make her play all the other routes in exchange of 10K yuan per route. What he didn't expect when he signed the contract is that he would be transmigrated to the game as a side character! But as he push the bad boy character away from his sister's MC so that the other LIs could shine, the bad boy end up becoming clingy to him! --------------- Mo Aini: "A-Tian, can you stop bothering me? Don't you love the MC anymore?" Hu XXXtian of every game: "The MC doesn't love me anymore, so I'll keep bothering you." Mo Aini: "Why? Are you taking revenge on me for changing the MC's route? Hu XXXtian of every game: "No. Because it's fun! 233333333!" --------------- 1v1 (The canon, at least) Mo Aini is foul mouthed and dramatic, so expect a lot of strong language Gong/Seme/Top MC x Shou/Uke/Bottom ML Lots of side characters and ships The r18 part would be for later chapters, World 1: Route 3 to be exact (approximately Chapter 40-50). Still, there's some spice on the earlier chapters. *wink wink* Updates 1 chapter daily 7:00 am (UTC+8) WPC #211 Silver Prize Winner ~BRIBE ME, PLEASE~ Ok, I'm getting desperate and pathetic so now I'm willing to accept bribes. I get jealous easily of other books that have a huge following and get sad everytime, thinking what's the point of writing if I feel like no one's reading/appreciate it. 1 NEW 5 star review with genuine feedback (emojis and just saying compliments doesn't count) - 1 extra chapter 100 comments in a week (only those with TEXT count) - 1 extra chapter 5 NEW people voting for my other books- (so invite your friends haha) -1 extra chapter dedicated to them 50 votes in a week in any of my books - 1 extra chapter for all of them Magic Castle and up - Burst update If you love my stories and would want to read more of them, please show your support through one of these bribes. Thank you!

  • My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy

    My Boyfriend is a Campus Bad Boy



    "Love or death? Which will you choose?" – "On this day, I will be your knight shining armor! I will always be at your back even the entire school hates you!" Sebastian Woo, a campus bad boy told her and quickly lifted her chin to meet his gaze. He kneeled at the ground, convinced a young girl to look into his round, brown eyes. "On this day, you will never be alone and afraid. I am here always by your side." A genuine yet bitter smile drawn on her pale lips. "I've been waiting for my night shining armor," Halora whispered. But, how long he will keep his real identity from Halora? Will he confess the truth or the faith will find a way to reveal Seb's strange power and past life? Would he rather choose to lie to the girl who captured his heart or tell the truth and will be vanished on earth? Discover and find out what will happen to the unique, interesting first love story of Halora and Sebastian. ctto, the artwork is not mine. (will be changed soon)

  • Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of the Underworld

    Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of the Underworld



    HIATUS || THIS NOVEL IS UNDER HEAVY EDITING.After her gruesome death, Seraphina Yue woke up 6 years in the past. "Bloody hell! Did I survive hell?"****In the past 6 years, Seraphina Yue lost her memories due to an unprecedented car crash. In those last 6 years of her life, she was haunted, tortured, she witnessed the few people she cares about dimmed with lifelessness and eventually was killed without knowing why they were after her. Alas, just as she thought she was dead, Seraphina Yue found herself waking up from where her nightmare began along with her forgotten memories in the past and the future occurrence.Was it a curse or a blessing in disguise? Was she dreaming or hallucinating? Was the truth she knew was the actual truth or just a whole circus of deceit? And lastly, was regaining her memories back would able to turn things around or will it only shamble everything all over again?-------Catch me on discord: BAJJ#2931Buy this pleb a Kofi -- photo not mine. All credits to the rightful owner.

  • The Bad Guy Kissed Me

    The Bad Guy Kissed Me

    "Oh c'mon! we'll see that you're fucking me or being 'fucked by me' yeah?" "Of course the 'bad guy' won't end up being 'fucked by you' that easily hmm?" Kim Taehyung is a psychopath werewolf who intends to hide his identity and hooks up with humans whenever he feels like, being the ultimate playboy of the university but, until a certain vampire comes to his territory to claim his whores introducing himself as the handsome guy. But not everything goes per plan everytime. Story will contain -Violence -Sexual contents/hard smut -Cursing -Self harm -BoyxBoy -Vampire- werewolf

  • iam bad 
iam bad 
iam bad

    iam bad iam bad iam bad

  • Bad meets Bad

    Bad meets Bad


    Amelia Black is known as the "rebellious girl" , she was the kinda girl your parents warned you not to hangout with. Also known as "Black Rose" the undefeated street fighter, Amelia's life revolves around pain and tragedy but she refuses to let it break her, instead it makes her stronger. It's time for a fresh start in a new town with new people.With her past catching up to her can Amelia keep her past all a secret or, will a certain Mafia boss unleash every secret Amelia has hidden?Vincenzo De Luca is the Don of the Italian mafia, his name is feared by many due to him being heartless, cruel, ruthless and not sparing a soul from his wrath. He has the looks, the money and has every girl panting and dropping for him but what happens when a certain Amelia black piques his interest?

  • Crazy Bad Girl

    Crazy Bad Girl


    Emilia Alfaro namanya. Anak kedua dari Rachel dan Marchel, adik dari Emilio Alfaro. Dia Emilia, gadis cantik dengan rambut pirang yang suka membuat onar di sekolahnya, SMA Antariksa. Mereka mengenal Emilia sebagai Bad Girl Antariksa setelah Mamanya -Rachel. Ada satu hal yang membuat Emilia menganggap hidup sempurnanya terasa buruk. Yaitu mempunyai pacar yang childish dan sangat manja. Dia Dario Alatas, cowok manja dan aneh itu entah bagaimana bisa menjadi pacar Emilia. Bahkan sampai saat ini gadis itu masih bingung. Tapi tak urung membuatnya menyadari jika ia menyayangi cowok childish itu. "Lia, jangan tinggalin Rio pokoknya!" Copyright © 2019 by crazygirloreo.

  • Bad meets Bad.

    Bad meets Bad.

  • The Secret of Bad Boy

    The Secret of Bad Boy

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY


    Gue ga nyangka kalau di tahun ajaran baru ini gue bakal sekelas sama cowok yang bener-bener gue benci, Si Pete! Gue yang cewek baik-baik ini harus sekelas sama cowok yang bandel, suka bolos, dan paling nyebelin sedunia! Bisa dibilang Si Pete ini bad boy. Camkan sekali lagi, BAD BOY!! Penderitaan gue nambah ketika gue sama Pete duduk semeja alias sebangku. Hari gue bener-bener hancur sama tuh anak! Sampai akhirnya gue tau rahasia besar dalam hidup Si Pete. Rahasia yang mengubah banyak hal, termasuk mengubah rasa benci gue.. (tonton TRAILERnya di IG @cerita.elin)

  • Bad Girl Meets the Bad Boy

    Bad Girl Meets the Bad Boy

    Girl and a boy with similar story meets each other to overcome their fate.

  • The Bad Boy And The Bad Girl

    The Bad Boy And The Bad Girl


  • Bad girls and Bad boy

    Bad girls and Bad boy


    Kisah pertemuan tiara dengan siluman kucing dri dunia lain, membuat tiara terjebak dlm situasi yg tidak masuk akal dgn jatuh hati kepada willan yaitu laki -laki yg menjelma menjadi siluman kucing. willan diutus untuk mencari sang putri di bumi yaitu putri caty namun ternyata takdir berkata lain sebelum willan menemukan sang putri kucing, willan ternyata bertemu dgn tiara lebih dulu, mereka awalx canggung dan sringkali bertengkar namun lama -lama pertengkaran membuat mereka berdua semakin dekat. Sementara sang putri ternyata berada dirumahx tiara tanpa sepengetahuan pangeran willan,sang putri melarikan diri karena sang raja memerintahkan agar sang putri segera menikah ,agar jelmaan siluman kucing mendapat penerus tahta selanjutx. Namun hal itu tdk di setujui oleh sang putri karena dirix menyukai orang lain yaitu pangeran willan, sang putri pun akhrx memilih untuk pergi meninggalkan istana kucing demi memperjuangkan cintax kepada sang pangeran. Pangeran willan dan putri caty berteman sejak kecil, perhatian sang pangeran kepada sang putri melebihi perhatian dri seorang ibu.Sang pangeran dan sang putri tidak pernah terpisahkan ,karena selalu bersama akhrnya dihati sang pangeran dan sang putri mulai tumbuh benih cinta. Sang putri melarikan diri dri istana tanpa memberitahu sang pangeran, pangeran sangat gelisah pikiranx sangat kacau,pangeran willan sangat panik iya tdk tau bagaimana keadaan dibumi, dalam pikiranx mungkin manusia di bumi lebih kejam, bagaimana sang putri bisa hidup disana gumam sang pangeran. Namun di bumi tdk ada yg bisa mnyakiti sang putri karena sang putri menemukan seorang teman yg baik hati dan penyayang yaitu tiara. Pertemuan tiara dgn jelmaan siluman kucing membuat hidup tiara banyak berubah, tiara terjebak dlm cinta segitiga diantara sang putri dan dirix. Akankah tiara bisa mempertahankan kisah cintax dgn sang pangeran kucing? ataukah tiara lbih memilih melepaskan sang pangeran demi menjaga persahabatanx dgn putri caty? agar dynasty siluman kucing selamat dri musuh, tunggu kisah lengkapx y next time .....

  • Is it bad to be a villain?

    Is it bad to be a villain?



    Reading a novel? Join us on Discord: Since ancient times there has been a difference between hero and villain, good and evil, salvageable and hopeless. But what if that difference depends on who is telling the story! Thanks to an unfortunate fate, I found myself in the world of cultivation. Instead of becoming a hero, as is usually the case in novels, I found myself in the body of a villain. My end was a foregone conclusion from the beginning, until the Gluttony system emerged. Humiliate, frame, steal the heroine, I would do anything to, the protagonist lost his temper and fell into despair. ********** I do not own the cover, all credits go to their rightful owner. English is not my native language. Hope you enjoy reading my work.